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Hurricane Deck Boats: Exploring Top Models and Features

Hurricane Deck Boats have been an industry leader for over 45 years, perfecting the craft of creating versatile, fun, and innovative deck boats for watersports enthusiasts and families alike. These boats feature a unique design, offering ample space, comfort, and performance to accommodate various recreational activities on the water.

Their lineup includes a range of models to suit various needs and preferences, providing options for both fishing and cruising activities. With a focus on exceptional quality and customization, Hurricane ensures a satisfying boating experience for every owner. Notable for their stability, functionality, and stylish appearance, Hurricane Deck Boats offer a top-of-the-line choice for those looking to enjoy the best in boating capabilities.

Types of Hurricane Deck Boats

Hurricane Deck Boats offer a range of versatile and innovative designs suitable for various activities, such as fishing, skiing, and cruising. This section will explore the different types of Hurricane Deck Boats, including the Sundeck Series, Sundeck Sport Series, and Fishing and Adventure Series.

Sundeck Series

The Sundeck Series consists of a variety of deck boat models featuring spacious layouts and comfortable seating options. These boats are well-suited for entertaining family and friends, as well as engaging in water sports activities. Some notable features of the Sundeck Series include:

  • Integrated swim platforms
  • Multiple lounging areas
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Optional fishing amenities

Sundeck Sport Series

The Sundeck Sport Series offers a similar level of comfort and versatility as the Sundeck Series, but focuses more on sporty, modern designs. These boats are perfect for adventurous individuals who are looking for a balance between style, performance, and functionality. Key features of the Sundeck Sport Series include:

  • Sleek, streamlined hull designs
  • Ample storage space for gear and equipment
  • High-performance outboard engines
  • Additional options for customization

Fishing and Adventure Series

Lastly, the Fishing and Adventure Series combines the best of both worlds with deck boats designed for fishing trips and outdoor adventures. These models offer spacious fishing platforms, ample storage for gear, and multiple seating options to accommodate passengers comfortably. Notable features of the Fishing and Adventure Series are:

  • Fishing rod storage and holders
  • Livewells for keeping bait and fish fresh
  • Trolling motor compatibility
  • Convenient fishing platforms

To sum up, Hurricane Deck Boats offer a wide range of options, catering to the specific needs of water enthusiasts. Each series provides unique features, ensuring a delightful boating experience for all kinds of activities—from leisurely outings to thrilling adventures.

Popular Models

Hurricane Deck Boats offer a variety of models that cater to different needs and interests. Three popular models that stand out in their lineup are the SunDeck Sport 185 OB, SunDeck Sport 205 OB, and SunDeck 235 OB. These boats share common features, such as innovative and versatile design, while each offers unique specifications and amenities.

SunDeck Sport 185 OB

The SunDeck Sport 185 OB is an ideal choice for those seeking a compact and functional deck boat. With a length of 18 feet and 10 inches and a beam width of 8 feet 5 inches, it comfortably provides seating for up to 10 people. This model comes equipped with a powerful outboard engine, customizable to your preference in horsepower.

Some key features of the SunDeck Sport 185 OB include:

  • Swim platform with telescoping ladder
  • Bimini top for sun protection
  • Abundant storage compartments

SunDeck Sport 205 OB

Stepping up from the 185 OB, the SunDeck Sport 205 OB offers more space and additional amenities for a more luxurious boating experience. With a length of 20 feet and 3 inches and a beam width of 8 feet 6 inches, this model can accommodate up to 12 passengers.

Noteworthy features of the SunDeck Sport 205 OB include:

  • Freshwater sink and shower
  • Entertainment center with Bluetooth speakers
  • Optional fishing package with rod holders and live well

SunDeck 235 OB

The SunDeck 235 OB is the largest of these three models and is designed for those wanting a premium deck boat experience. Measuring 23 feet and 2 inches in length with a beam width of 8 feet 6 inches, this spacious boat can host up to 14 passengers.

The SunDeck 235 OB boasts exceptional features such as:

  • Enclosed head with a sink and portable toilet
  • Wraparound lounge seating with a removable table
  • Extended swim platform

Each of these popular Hurricane Deck Boats has its own unique appeal, catering to various boating enthusiasts. Whether it's the compact SunDeck Sport 185 OB, the versatile SunDeck Sport 205 OB, or the luxurious SunDeck 235 OB, all of these models offer an enjoyable and functional experience on the water.

Features and Amenities

Hurricane Deck Boats are known for their versatility and top-quality features for those who love boating, fishing, and watersports. In this section, we'll take a closer look at some of the key features and amenities that make these boats stand out.

Watersports and Swim Platform

Hurricane Deck Boats are designed with watersports enthusiasts in mind. They offer spacious decks, allowing for plenty of room for passengers and equipment. Many models are also equipped with tow bars, making it easy to enjoy a variety of activities, such as wakeboarding or water skiing.

In addition to their versatility for watersports, Hurricane Deck Boats feature swim platforms that enhance water access. These platforms often include comfortable, non-slip surfaces, making it safe and easy for swimmers, divers, and water lovers to board the boat after enjoying some time in the water.

Fishing Amenities

For those who love fishing, Hurricane Deck Boats offer a range of fishing-friendly features. Some models come equipped with rod holders, livewells, and tackle storage to keep your gear organized and easily accessible.

Additionally, the spacious deck areas provide ample room for casting lines and reeling in fish, while built-in seating allows for a comfortable fishing experience. These boats are designed to cater to both experienced anglers and casual weekend fishermen alike.

Outboard and Trolling Motors

When it comes to performance, Hurricane Deck Boats deliver. Many models are powered by outboard engines, which are known for their low maintenance requirements and longevity. Outboard motors also offer flexible power options, allowing boat owners to choose the right engine size and type to suit their needs.

In addition, some Hurricane Deck Boats can be outfitted with trolling motors. Trolling motors provide quiet, controlled movement, making them an ideal addition for fishing enthusiasts who appreciate the ability to silently approach prime fishing spots.

Hurricane Deck Boats offer a diverse range of features and amenities, catering to boating enthusiasts with various interests and preferences. Whether you enjoy watersports, fishing, or simply cruising on the water, these boats are designed to enhance your experience with their thoughtful, customer-focused designs. 

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