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Hewescraft Boats

Hewescraft is a renowned boat builder in the marine industry, offering a wide range of boats designed to cater to various needs and preferences. Known for their durability and functionality, Hewescraft boats are designed to handle unique situations and are built using high-quality materials and craftsmanship. They offer various models, with sizes ranging from 16 feet to 29 feet, making them suitable for different water activities and environments.

One of Hewescraft's popular boat lines is the Sportsman, which includes models such as the 180 Sportsman, 200 Sportsman, and 220 Ocean Pro HT. These boats are designed for anglers, ensuring exceptional performance and stability. In addition to their fishing boat options, Hewescraft also offers the River Runner, which boasts the same thick metal and tough welding as their ocean-going boats while providing super-shallow-running inboard jet power. The Evolution series is another remarkable offering from Hewescraft, combining the rugged hull of an Ocean Pro with bass and walleye tournament functionality.

With their extensive lineup of versatile boats, Hewescraft has earned a reputation for quality and reliability in the boating world. Whether it's for fishing, leisure, or exploring uncharted territories, Hewescraft boats are equipped to handle a variety of situations and provide a dependable and enjoyable experience for boating enthusiasts.

Hewescraft Boat Models

Hewescraft boats is a well-known manufacturer of quality fishing boats, built for various applications ranging from freshwater to saltwater fishing. In this section, we will be discussing some of the popular Hewescraft boat models.

180 Sportsman

The 180 Sportsman is a model within the Hewescraft Sportsman series, designed for freshwater applications. It is perfect for those looking for a practical and reliable fishing boat. The 180 Sportsman features:

  • A compact design that's easy to navigate through small bodies of water
  • Lightweight construction, allowing for easy maneuverability and better fuel economy
  • A spacious cockpit for comfortable fishing

200 Sportsman

Another model in the Sportsman series, the 200 Sportsman is a step up from the 180 model, offering a larger fishing space for those who need more room. This model features:

  • A wider beam for a more spacious cockpit, providing more elbow room for anglers
  • A higher freeboard, offering better protection from the waves and weather
  • A more powerful engine option

220 Ocean Pro HT

The 220 Ocean Pro HT is a popular Hewescraft model built to withstand the challenges of saltwater fishing. This boat is crafted for ocean fishing and has some key features, such as:

  • A hardtop design, providing protection from the elements
  • High sides and a deep V hull for a stable and smooth ride in rough waters
  • A roomy cabin for comfort and storage
  • A spacious fishing deck with ample storage for fishing gear
Specification 220 Ocean Pro HT
Length 22 feet
Beam 102 inches
Dry Weight 2,300 lbs
Fuel Capacity 100 gallons
Maximum Capacity 8 persons

Pacific Explorer

Designed for big water fishing, the Pacific Explorer is a top-of-the-line model that offers a comfortable and spacious experience for serious anglers. Key features of the Pacific Explorer include:

  • A large and stable platform, perfect for big water fishing
  • A fully-enclosed cabin, providing protection from harsh weather conditions
  • A high-performance engine option for better speed and power

Overall, these Hewescraft boat models have been specifically crafted to meet the needs of various anglers, whether it be freshwater or ocean fishing. With their well-designed features and reliable construction, these boats are sure to provide an enjoyable and successful fishing experience.

Design and Construction

Aluminum Fishing Boats

Hewescraft is renowned for its heavy-gauge aluminum boats that are specifically designed for fishing in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. The brand is the number-one selling aluminum boat in these regions, where fishermen take their gear and fishing very seriously. Hewescraft's time-tested designs ensure durability and performance in various fishing conditions.

Key features of Hewescraft aluminum fishing boats:

  • Sturdy hull construction for stability
  • Fish-friendly platform for angling convenience
  • Optimized layouts for better fishing experience


The Hewescraft Alaskan and Pacific Explorer models feature a pilothouse, offering optimal performance for big salmon and bottom fishing. These models stand out as best-in-class on the water, thanks to their world-class design and construction. The pilothouse design ensures protection from harsh weather conditions and increases comfort for anglers during long fishing excursions.

Pilothouse advantages include:

  • Protection from the elements
  • Improved visibility and control
  • Comfortable cabin space for resting and storage


Although not explicitly titled as "Canvas" models, Hewescraft boats such as the Adventure Specialized series provide fisherman with canvas tops to shield from the elements. These tops are easy to install and remove, making them an added convenience for the anglers who face unpredictable weather conditions. Canvas tops are functional and versatile, enhancing the overall fishing experience on Hewescraft boats.

Canvas benefits:

  • Weather protection
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Versatility for various fishing conditions

The design and construction of Hewescraft boats showcase a perfect blend of durability, functionality, and ease-of-use. By focusing on aluminum fishing boats, pilothouse models, and versatile canvas options, Hewescraft meets the demanding requirements of fishermen in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, ensuring a top-performing and reliable fishing experience.

Fishing Features

Saltwater Fishing

Hewescraft boats are designed with saltwater fishing in mind, offering time-tested designs and world-class construction to ensure durability while fishing for bottom-dwelling species and big salmon in the ocean. Noteworthy models for saltwater fishing include the Alaskan and Pacific Explorer, as they are considered best-in-class performers in the water.

Freshwater Fishing

The Hewescraft Pro V, a popular choice for freshwater fishing enthusiasts, features an extended transom that provides a spacious fishing cockpit. This design keeps everyone on board safe, giving ample space for essential fishing features. With massive rod, tackle, and fish storage, the Hewescraft Evolution model is also an appealing option for freshwater anglers, catering to those fishing for walleye and bass in the Midwest.

Sport Fishing

Hewescraft boats offer a variety of sport fishing features to fit a range of fishing preferences. The 2022 Hewescraft 270 Alaskan is designed with comfort and space in mind, making it a suitable option for sport fishing enthusiasts across different terrains.

Features of Hewescraft Fishing Boats

Some of the sought-after fishing features Hewescraft boats offer include:

  • Rugged construction for durability in various water conditions
  • Sizeable rod, tackle, and fish storage options
  • Spacious fishing cockpit areas
  • High-performance aluminum hull designs
  • Models compatible with saltwater, freshwater, and sport fishing environments

Hewescraft's range of aluminum fishing boats aims to deliver a dependable and enjoyable fishing experience in both saltwater and freshwater conditions, with specialized models available to cater to the diverse interests of anglers.

Cruising Capabilities

Hewescraft boats are well-known for their versatility and durability, offering a range of options for both day and overnight cruising. This section will discuss the cruising capabilities of these boats and how they cater to different types of cruising experiences.

Overnight Cruising

Hewescraft offers several models suitable for overnight cruising, such as the Pacific Cruiser. This large ocean-going vessel is designed to provide maximum comfort and safety during extended stays on the water. The pilothouse on Hewescraft boats has been designed with several features that make them ideal for overnight cruising, including:

  • Well-appointed cabins with comfortable sleeping quarters
  • Fully equipped galley for meal preparation
  • Enclosed head with shower facilities
  • Ample storage space for personal belongings

These amenities help ensure that passengers have a comfortable and enjoyable overnight cruising experience on a Hewescraft boat.

Day Cruising

In addition to overnight cruising capabilities, Hewescraft also offers models suitable for day cruising. Popular choices for day cruising include the Hewescraft Sea Runner and Ocean Pro, which provide a balance of comfort and functionality for day trips on the water. Key features of these models that cater to day cruising include:

  • Spacious cockpit for fishing or leisure activities
  • Comfortable seating options for passengers
  • Ample storage space for gear and personal belongings
  • Optional canvas enclosures to protect from the elements

Whether you're looking for a casual day on the water or a more adventurous experience, these Hewescraft models cater to a variety of day cruising needs.

In conclusion, Hewescraft boats offer a range of options for both day and overnight cruising, providing comfort, safety, and versatility for all types of on-water adventures. With functional and well-appointed pilothouses and feature-rich designs, these boats cater to a variety of cruising experiences.

Engine Options


Hewescraft boats can be powered by Honda outboard engines, known for their reliability and fuel efficiency. These engines run on gasoline and have a well-designed fuel system to optimize performance in various conditions.

Honda outboard engines come with different power ratings depending on the model and specific needs of the boater. Some popular options include:

  • Honda BF40, a 40HP 4-stroke engine
  • Honda BF90, a 90HP 4-stroke engine
  • Honda BF150, a 150HP 4-stroke engine

These engines offer several features that benefit Hewescraft boat owners, such as:

  • BLAST (Boosted Low Speed Torque) for better hole shots
  • Lean Burn Control for better fuel efficiency
  • NMEA 2000 compatibility for easy integration with other electronics


Another popular choice for Hewescraft boats are Yamaha outboard engines. Yamaha engines are known for their performance, durability, and fuel efficiency. Like Honda engines, Yamaha outboards also run on gasoline and have an advanced fuel system to provide optimal performance.

Yamaha offers a wide range of engine options for Hewescraft boat owners, some of which include:

  • Yamaha F70, a 70HP 4-stroke engine
  • Yamaha F115, a 115HP 4-stroke engine
  • Yamaha F200, a 200HP 4-stroke engine

Yamaha outboard engines come with several useful features for Hewescraft boat owners, such as:

  • Variable Camshaft Timing (VCT) for improved low and mid-range torque
  • Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) for better fuel efficiency and reliable starts
  • Command Link Plus compatibility for easy integration with other electronics

Both Honda and Yamaha engine options offer excellent performance and efficiency for Hewescraft boats, allowing boaters to enjoy their time on the water without worrying about engine reliability or fuel consumption.

Regional Popularity


Hewescraft boats are highly popular in Alaska, especially among fishermen who rely on their durability and performance in the challenging Alaskan waters. These boats are often considered the top choice for those seeking a heavy-gauge aluminum boat designed for fishing in the region1. Owners of Hewescraft boats in Alaska have reported confidence in their boat's construction and sturdiness when tackling the variety of conditions experienced on Alaskan waters2. The Alaskan models, in particular, have earned a strong reputation for their time-tested designs and world-class construction1.


The Pacific Northwest is another region where Hewescraft boats have established a strong presence. As the number-one selling heavy-gauge aluminum boat in the Pacific Northwest, Hewescraft boats have become synonymous with reliable and high-quality fishing vessels3. The popularity of these boats in the area stems not only from their sturdy construction and fish-friendly platforms4, but also from the fact that they are designed to handle varying water conditions, making them suitable for coastal and inland fishing alike.

On the Water

When out on the water, Hewescraft boats such as the Alaskan and Pacific Explorer models are lauded for their superior performance and ability to tackle a range of fishing conditions1. These boats are built to withstand years of bottom fishing and salmon fishing, making them a popular choice among saltwater fishermen1.

In Summary

In regions such as Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, Hewescraft boats have earned a strong reputation among fishermen and boating enthusiasts alike. Their popularity is based on their time-tested designs, world-class construction, and ability to handle challenging water conditions. With a solid presence on the water, Hewescraft boats continue to be a leading choice for those seeking a dependable and high-performing vessel for their fishing adventures.


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Buying Hewescraft Boats

New and Used Boats

When considering a Hewescraft boat purchase, buyers can choose between new and used options. Hewescraft boats have a reputation for durability and versatility, making them suitable for both freshwater and protected waters1.

For new Hewescraft boats, buyers can visit the official Hewescraft website to explore the range of models available, including the popular Sportsman and Ocean Pro models2. Prices for new boats vary depending on the model, size, and customization options.

Alternatively, many used Hewescraft boats are available for purchase. These boats can be found on websites such as Boat Trader and boats.com34. When shopping for a used boat, buyers should pay attention to factors like boat condition, hours of use, maintenance history, and asking price.

Professional Boat Dealers

Working with professional boat dealers can help ensure a smooth and successful purchase experience. These dealers have industry knowledge and can assist buyers with selecting the right Hewescraft boat, securing financing, and providing ongoing support and service after the purchase.

When searching for a Hewescraft boat dealer, it's important to choose one with a solid reputation and experience in the industry. Buyers can find dealers through resources such as the Hewescraft website, local marinas, or online directories.

In summary, purchasing a Hewescraft boat involves selecting between new and used options, and working with a professional boat dealer for a successful buying experience.






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