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Havoc Boats: Innovative Features and Unmatched Performance

Havoc Boats is an Arkansas-based company specializing in the construction of high-quality aluminum boats. Known for their performance and versatility, these boats are designed to navigate remote timber holes, backwater sloughs, and various fishing environments with ease. The company's commitment to excellence is evident in its wide range of models, catering to the diverse needs of boat enthusiasts in the United States.

With options such as hunting boats, mud boats, fishing boats, and flat bottom boats, Havoc Boats ensures that there is a perfect fit for every adventure seeker. Their boat selector guide simplifies the process of finding the right boat for each customer's unique requirements. Additionally, Havoc Boats enjoys a solid reputation among its clients and has a strong presence online, especially on social media platforms like Facebook.

For those interested in Havoc Boats, new and used models are available for sale on various platforms such as Boat Trader and From contemporary boats built in 2016 to the latest 2023 models, there is a wide selection to choose from, providing boat enthusiasts with plenty of options to satisfy their needs and preferences.

Havoc Boats Overview

Havoc Boats is an Arkansas-based company specializing in the design and manufacturing of high-quality aluminum boats. Their diverse range of products is designed to accommodate various needs, including fishing, hunting, and recreational boating1.

The company was founded by Tim Scott, a well-known figure in the aluminum boat industry2. Havoc Boats places a strong emphasis on quality and performance, making them a popular choice among boat enthusiasts.

Havoc Boats offers a wide variety of models to suit different preferences:

  • MSTC: Built for remote timber holes and backwater sloughs1.
  • Fishing boats: Ideal for both freshwater and saltwater fishing3.
  • Mud boats: Designed to navigate through shallow waters or muddy environments1.
  • Flat bottom boats: Perfect for shallow water areas and providing stability for fishing1.

Moreover, Havoc Boats allows for customization of their products. This level of personalization enables customers to make their boat truly unique4. Some of the customization options include:

  • Color and graphics
  • Seating arrangements
  • Storage solutions
  • Accessories and electronics

In conclusion, Havoc Boats is a reputable company within the aluminum boat industry, offering a diverse selection of boat models and customization options2. Boasting a strong commitment to quality, performance, and customer satisfaction, Havoc Boats has become a leading name in the market.


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Types of Havoc Boats

1756 MSTC

The 1756 MSTC is a versatile model perfect for various recreational activities. This boat features a spacious layout, allowing for a comfortable fishing or hunting experience. The 1756 MSTC offers durability and stability while navigating diverse waterways.

MSTC 1753

The MSTC 1753 is designed for anglers and hunters looking for a reliable and functional boat. With its sturdy construction and thoughtful design, the MSTC 1753 can handle various conditions while providing comfort and practical features for its users.

1756 MRST

The 1756 MRST is a model that combines durability with versatility. This Havoc boat is ideal for those who require a dependable vessel for hunting, fishing, or other outdoor activities. Its robust build and thoughtful design aim to enhance the user's overall experience on the water.

1756 DBST

The 1756 DBST is a popular choice among Havoc Boats enthusiasts, thanks to its rugged design and functionality. This boat is ideal for anglers and hunters who require a vessel capable of maneuvering in tight spaces and various water conditions. The 1756 DBST offers stability, durability, and ample storage.

VJ 1550

The VJ 1550 is a compact and efficient Havoc Boat model, designed for recreational and utility purposes. This lightweight boat offers excellent maneuverability, making it a suitable choice for those who require a smaller vessel that does not compromise on quality and functionality.


The MSTC series of Havoc Boats is built for hunters and anglers alike. This boat line includes the 1756 MSTC and the 1753 MSTC mentioned earlier. The MSTC series focuses on delivering durable and versatile boats that can handle diverse water conditions and activities.


The MRST series, including the 1756 MRST, also provides a range of versatile and sturdy boats for outdoor enthusiasts. This line prioritizes functionality and comfort, ensuring a pleasant experience for its users during fishing, hunting, or other recreational activities.

Fishing Features

Havoc Boats are known for their versatility and durability, which makes them an excellent choice for fishing enthusiasts. These aluminum fishing boats offer various features that cater to both freshwater and saltwater anglers.

One outstanding feature is the large casting deck found in their 1756MR model. This spacious platform allows anglers ample room for casting their lines and reeling in their catch. Additionally, the ample rear trunk space provides extra storage for tackle, equipment, and other necessities for a successful day of fishing.

Apart from the large casting deck, Havoc Boats also provide multiple upgrade options, allowing users to customize the boat to their specific fishing needs. Anglers can add accessories such as trolling motors, fish finders, and rod holders to enhance their fishing experience.

Some of the other fishing features available in the Havoc Boats lineup include:

  • Recessed trolling motor trays, providing a convenient and secure place to stow the motor when not in use.
  • Integrated rod storage solutions, ensuring easy access to fishing equipment.
  • Durable aluminum construction, making the boats lightweight yet resilient against harsh aquatic conditions.

In conclusion, Havoc Boats deliver exceptional performance and customization options, making them a top choice for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. With a vast range of fishing features, these boats cater to the needs of anglers with different preferences and skill levels.

Performance and Design

Havoc Boats is known for its high-performance aluminum fishing and jon boats. They primarily focus on building boats with top-notch quality and performance, ensuring a great experience for their customers.

The company utilizes 5086 alloy aluminum to construct the hulls of their boats. This material is known for its durability and ability to withstand harsh conditions. The boat floors are also made of aluminum, adding to the overall strength of the boats. Moreover, the boats are designed with an 8°, 100 gauge hull and 90 gauge interior parts, which contribute to their impressive performance and stability on the water 1.

One of the popular models in the Havoc Boats lineup is the DBST series. This model range is the company's best-selling series nationwide, thanks to its exceptional performance and various size options 2. Some standard features included in the DBST series are:

  • Aluminum floor
  • Basic flotation
  • Aluminum transom & bow
  • Havoc recessed switch panel
  • 800 gph bilge pump
  • MSTC rear bench storage

Havoc Boats also offers a variety of options for those interested in mud boats or flat bottom boats. Their Hunting Series, Mud Motor Series, and Flat Bottom/Jet Series cater to different customer needs and preferences, providing high-performance boats for various activities 3.

In summary, Havoc Boats' emphasis on performance and design is evident in their aluminum fishing and jon boat offerings. Their use of durable materials, such as 5086 alloy aluminum, and thoughtful design features contribute to the brand's success and the satisfaction of its customers.





Customer Service and Contact


Havoc Boats is a leading aluminum boat manufacturer in the industry. They offer excellent customer service for their aluminum boat customers. Potential buyers can search for information on their boats from their main website.

Request Information

A customer considering their first Havoc boat or looking for answers on their existing Havoc boats can rely on the company's commitment to providing professional assistance. Their Contact Us page provides a form for submitting any inquiries, including warranty and service questions.

Contact Seller

For further assistance on warranty and service issues, customers should contact the authorized dealer where they purchased their boat. Havoc Boats can also be reached by phone during their normal business hours, Monday - Friday 7am-3:30pm CST at (870) 858-1018.

Customers seeking more information about Havoc Boats can also visit their Facebook page for updates and further contact details.

On the Water Experience

When it comes to spending time on the water, Havoc Boats provide an exceptional experience for both seasoned boaters and first-time enthusiasts. With their meticulous construction process and attention to detail, these boats are designed to perform at the highest level in diverse water conditions.

The aluminum construction of Havoc Boats ensures a lightweight, yet sturdy and durable structure. This allows the boats to glide through the water smoothly and handle obstacles present in various waterways including swamps, rivers, and even saltwater fishing environments. As a result, Havoc Boats are an ideal choice for those who appreciate versatile performance on the water.

In addition to their impressive maneuverability, Havoc Boats offer stability and comfort for passengers. With spacious seating arrangements and practical storage solutions, these boats provide ample space for all your gear and personal belongings. This thoughtful design contributes to the overall on-the-water experience, allowing boaters to stay out longer and comfortably enjoy their time on the water.

Havoc Boats offer a wide range of engine options, from modest 40 horsepower engines to more powerful 150 horsepower options. These variations cater to the specific requirements and preferences of different boaters. With these choices in power, owners can adjust their on-the-water performance to meet their unique needs, whether it be for fishing, hunting, or simply cruising the open water.

It's also worth mentioning the commitment of the Havoc Boats team to customer satisfaction. Their dedication to providing quality service shows in their meticulous manufacturing process, as well as their responsiveness and support for those who trust them with their boating experiences. This level of dedication enhances the overall on-the-water experience for owners of Havoc Boats.

In conclusion, the on-the-water experience with Havoc Boats is characterized by versatility, performance, and comfort. From their innovative aluminum construction to the various engine options and attentive customer service, Havoc Boats cater to a range of boating needs and preferences in order to offer an enjoyable time on the water. 

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