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Hardy Boats: Unmatched Durability for Maritime Adventures

Hardy boats represent a long-standing tradition of quality, comfort, strength, and exceptional sea-keeping capabilities for boating enthusiasts worldwide. Founded in 1976, Hardy Marine has built its reputation as a reliable British boat manufacturer that consistently delivers high-quality motorboats and motor yachts. With a diverse lineup of vessels ranging from 18 to 46 feet, this renowned manufacturer caters to various boating needs and preferences, ensuring a rewarding experience for their customers.

Over the years, the company has solidified its position within the boating industry by focusing on excellent engineering, luxurious interiors, and uncompromising after-sales support. This commitment to customer satisfaction has helped the brand carve out their sizable niche in the global boating market. Moreover, Hardy boats maintain their versatility and robustness by exploring innovative designs and adopting state-of-the-art technologies, positioning them as a top choice for seafarers looking to embark on both leisurely cruises and ambitious adventures.

In recent developments, Cockwells acquired Hardy Marine's assets in 2020, continuing the legacy of producing well-loved and respected designs that speak to the growing market of discerning boat owners. As a testament to the enduring appeal of Hardy boats, the company's offerings can be found in various countries such as the United Kingdom, France, and Guernsey, showcasing the global appreciation for these reliable and luxurious maritime vessels.

History of Hardy Boats

Hardy Marine

Hardy Marine, a British boat manufacturer, was founded in 1976 by John Hardy. The company initially built small cruisers designed by Colin Mudie, which quickly gained popularity and led to increased production and expansion of the company's facilities [(source)]. In 2020, the assets of Hardy Marine were acquired by Cockwells, and they continue to offer the original well-loved and respected designs of Hardy boats [(source)].

Andrew Wolstenholme

In 1997, Hardy Marine introduced the Hardy 36, a semi-displacement boat designed by renowned naval architect Andrew Wolstenholme. This model showcased the company's commitment to speed and seakeeping ability, while also demonstrating its capacity to cater to the unique requirements of its customers [(source)].

The collaboration with Wolstenholme brought forth a new era of innovation for Hardy Marine, as they continued to evolve their designs to offer different types of boats that catered to a broader clientele base. Some of the notable models include:

  • Hardy 32: Designed as an aft cockpit cruising boat suitable for navigating the French canals, but also capable of crossing the English Channel or the North Sea with comfort and safety. [(source)]
  • Hardy 40DS: First showcased at the 2014 London Boat Show, this model is a testament to Hardy's dedication to craftsmanship and performance in the world of motor yachting. [(source)]
  • Hardy 62: A large motor yacht, the Hardy 62 further pushes the boundaries of the company's designs and engineering capabilities. This model underwent a 48-hour sea trial to ensure its seafaring prowess. [(source)]

From their humble beginnings to present day, Hardy Marine maintains a strong reputation for creating robust and reliable motor boats, with significant contributions from designers like Andrew Wolstenholme.

Different Models

Hardy Boats has a variety of models that cater to different needs and preferences. In this section, we'll discuss some of their popular models, including the Hardy 32, Hardy 36, Hardy 40DS, Hardy 42, Hardy 50, Hardy 65, and Hardy 65DS.

Hardy 32

The Hardy 32 is a compact and versatile vessel, perfect for cruising and exploring. With a length of 9.60 meters, a beam of 3.6 meters, and a height of 2.70 meters, it is designed for comfort and ease of use.

Features of the Hardy 32:

  • Weight: 7.50 tons
  • Ideal for coastal and inland waterways
  • Comfortable accommodation and living spaces

Hardy 36

The Hardy 36 is a slightly larger vessel, measuring 10.70 meters in length, with a beam of 3.80 meters and a height of 3.44 meters. This model offers a larger living area, making it ideal for extended cruising.

Features of the Hardy 36:

  • Weight: 9.0 tons
  • Spacious interior for comfortable living
  • Suitable for coastal cruising and longer voyages

Hardy 40DS

The Hardy 40DS is a deck saloon variant that offers even more spacious living areas, ideal for those who prioritize comfort and indoor space. However, detailed information about the Hardy 40DS can not be found from the provided search results.

Hardy 42

The Hardy 42 is designed to build on the reputation of the Hardy 36, offering a boat that is both sea-kindly and offers lively performance. With the ability to reach speeds of nearly 28 knots, the Hardy 42 is perfect for those wanting a performance-oriented vessel.

Features of the Hardy 42:

  • Top quality construction
  • Designed for comfortable cruising in heavy weather

Hardy 50

The Hardy 50 is another larger vessel designed for comfortable cruising, featuring ample living spaces and luxury accommodations. It offers smooth sailing, ensuring a relaxing experience even in harsh weather conditions.

Features of the Hardy 50:

  • Spacious interior designed for relaxing cruises
  • Built to withstand rough weather conditions

Hardy 65 & Hardy 65DS

The Hardy 65 and 65DS are the largest models in the Hardy range, with a length of 18.90 meters, a beam of 5.43 meters, and a height of 7.40 meters. These models offer the ultimate luxury cruising experience.

Features of the Hardy 65 & 65DS:

  • Weight: 43.0 tons
  • Spacious and well-appointed accommodations
  • Designed for maximum comfort and performance at sea

Design and Construction

Hull Design

Hardy boats are known for their intricate hull designs. The current range of Hardy boats includes various models, designed by Andrew Wolstenholme, which comprise the 26, 32, 36, 36DS, 40DS, 42, 50, and the flagship 65. They offer both semi-displacement and displacement hulls, catering to different boating requirements.

Semi-displacement hulls provide a balance between speed and stability, while the displacement hulls are designed for maximum efficiency and comfort during long-range cruising. Hardy boats' hulls are designed with scalability in mind, ensuring the boat's performance matches its size and purpose.

Quality and Strength

Hardy Marine takes pride in the quality and strength of their boats' construction. They utilize advanced design technology to achieve accuracy, continuity, and the best possible use of space, resulting in a well-built and long-lasting product (Hardy Marine).

From hull construction to fittings and finishings, Hardy boats are made to withstand harsh marine conditions while maintaining a high level of comfort and luxury. The weight of each model, such as the Hardy 32 at 7.50 tons and the Hardy 65DS at 43 tons (Cockwells), is indicative of the sturdy construction and quality materials used in their production.

Some key features of Hardy boat's construction include:

  • High-quality fiberglass material for hulls and superstructures
  • Precise manufacturing process, enhancing the durability of the end product
  • Attention to detail for a refined finish and comfortable user experience

In conclusion, the design and construction of Hardy boats make them a reliable choice for boating enthusiasts who value quality and durability. With expertly designed hulls and top-notch construction techniques, these boats stand out in the marine industry for their craftsmanship and performance.

Performance and Features

Speed and Range

The Hardy 65 is powered by twin 800hp MAN i6 engines, which provide it with impressive performance capabilities for a boat of its size. With these powerplants, the Hardy 65 can reach a maximum speed between 25-30 knots, while offering a comfortable cruising speed of 10-20 knots depending on the conditions and desired fuel efficiency ('^_^')/. The boat's large fuel capacity of 1,611 gallons ensures that it has a substantial range for extended voyages.


On the Hardy 65, the expansive flybridge deck offers multiple areas for dining and relaxing, providing an excellent spot for socializing and enjoying the outdoors while underway or at anchor. The flybridge also features ample stowage for a RIB, making it convenient for owners to store and launch tender boats as needed ('^_^')/.


The saloon in the Hardy 65 is a welcoming and comfortable space for both entertaining and day-to-day living aboard the vessel. It offers various layout options depending on the owner's preferences, with a range of different seating configurations available. The saloon area can accommodate anywhere from 6 to 10 berths, providing suitable accommodations for guests or crew members alike ('^_^')/.

Popular Uses


Hardy boats are known for their hardiness and reliability, making them ideal for cruising adventures. The manufacturer offers a range of yachts, including both new and used vessels, which vary in size from 18 feet to 46 feet, providing options for different preferences and requirements (source).

One of the standout features of Hardy boats is their comfortable interiors, which often include air-conditioning, making them suitable for cruising in various climates. In addition to comfort, these boats are designed to provide a smooth ride in offshore waters, thanks to their deep V-hull design (source).

French Canals

The French canals are a popular destination for cruisers and Hardy boats are well-equipped for these types of voyages. The versatility and size range of Hardy boats make it possible for boaters to explore the narrow and shallow waterways of the French canal system.

A smaller model, like the Hardy Mariner 25, would be a suitable choice for navigating the French canals due to its size and maneuverability. The smaller dimensions allow for easy passage through locks and bridges, while still offering a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

In conclusion, Hardy boats offer a versatile range of vessels suitable for both cruising and exploring the French canals. The combination of comfortable interiors, smooth rides, and reliability make them a popular choice for boaters looking for the perfect boat to embark on their adventures.

Wildlife Excursions

Hardy Boat Cruises offers a variety of wildlife excursions, providing visitors with an authentic experience exploring the Maine Coast. The company is dedicated to the environment, sustainability, and conservation, which can be seen in the eco-tourism experiences they offer.

Monhegan Island Ferry Service

The Monhegan Island ferry service provided by Hardy Boat Cruises presents a unique opportunity to visit the beautiful and remote Monhegan Island. Located approximately 12 miles off the coast of New Harbor, the island is a haven for wildlife and offers spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Season: May to mid-October
  • Duration: Approximately one hour each way
  • Departure: New Harbor

Visitors can explore the picturesque island, which hosts an artistic community and unspoiled nature trails, offering a fantastic opportunity to spot various seabirds, seals, and other wildlife.

Seal and Eagle Watching

Hardy Boat Cruises also offers Seal and Eagle Watching tours that focus on observing the majestic Bald Eagles and Harbor Seals in their natural habitat. These tours provide an informative and engaging experience, showcasing the region’s diverse marine life and coastal landscapes.

  • Season: May to mid-October
  • Duration: Varies by tour type
  • Departure: New Harbor

During these excursions, knowledgeable guides will share valuable insights about the unique ecosystem and wildlife found in and around Maine's coast, providing guests with an educational and unforgettable experience.

In summary, Hardy Boat Cruises wildlife excursions offer visitors the opportunity to explore and learn about the diverse ecosystems and wildlife of the Maine Coast, making it a must-try experience for nature enthusiasts of all ages.  

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