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Guy Couach a Renowned Yacht Brand

Guy Couach is a renowned yacht brand with a rich history, dating back to 1897. Since its inception, the company has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing high-quality yachts, ranging from 11 meters to 50 meters in length. With a focus on engineering standards and construction quality, Guy Couach yachts have become a symbol of luxury and performance in the boating industry.

Based in Gujan-Mestras, France, Guy Couach Naval Shipyard is where the design offices and production workshops are located. Over the years, the shipyard has produced a variety of yacht models, catering to diverse customer preferences and needs. These yachts are available for sale through experienced yacht brokers and dealerships, primarily in France, Spain, Greece, Croatia, and Italy.

History of Guy Couach Boats

The story of Guy Couach Boats dates back to 1897 when Albert Couach founded a shipyard on Arcachon Bay in France. He was a pioneer in the manufacture of early marine engines during this time (source). The company continued to develop its expertise in building vessels, and in 1946, Guy Couach, Albert's grandson, joined the yard. This was when the company began constructing well-received commercial and military boats.

In addition to commercial and military vessels, Couach has a long history of building high-quality yachts. The brand currently offers a range of yachts for sale, with models varying in size from 22 feet to 164 feet (source). Their reputation for excellence has led to international recognition, attracting clients from around the world.

Over the years, Guy Couach Boats has participated in several notable projects. For instance, they were awarded a contract to build a 17-meter interceptor capable of speeds up to 60 knots in 2017. Couach delivered 54 units within twelve months for the famous Lürssen shipyard, which led to the development of a unique industrial tool allowing the construction of a 16.50-meter boat per week (source).

Today, the company remains a significant player in the boating industry, and its 120-year history is a testament to its commitment to innovation and excellence in boat manufacturing (source). With a diverse lineup of boats, Guy Couach continues to be a trusted brand among boating enthusiasts in France and beyond.

Couach Yacht Models

185 Fly

The 185 Fly is a popular model offered by Guy Couach. This luxury yacht is designed for comfort and style, providing an elegant experience for those on board. The 185 Fly features spacious living areas and multiple cabins for guests, making it perfect for family vacations or entertaining friends at sea. The well-designed layout, along with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, ensures a comfortable and enjoyable journey.


Another noteworthy model from Guy Couach is the 2100. This yacht offers versatility and performance, making it ideal for various activities such as cruising, fishing, or watersports. The 2100 includes ample deck space and comfortable accommodations, catering to the needs of both seasoned boaters and those new to the world of yachting. The balance of form and function in the 2100 ensures that it is a pleasure to sail.


The 2800 is a larger and more advanced yacht model in the Couach range. This impressive vessel offers luxurious amenities, such as multiple cabins with en-suite bathrooms, outdoor dining areas, and spacious sun pads for relaxation. The 2800 also features advanced navigation and communication systems, ensuring a safe and efficient journey. With its sleek design, the 2800 stands out among other yachts in its class, providing a truly memorable experience for those on board.

2800 Open

For those looking for an open-style yacht, Guy Couach offers the 2800 Open. This model combines the luxury and comfort of the 2800 with the additional space provided by an open design. The 2800 Open offers easy access to the water for swimming, diving, or fishing, and includes multiple sunbathing areas to enjoy the outdoors. With its combination of performance and spaciousness, the 2800 Open is an attractive option for those wishing to make the most of their time on the water.

Each of these Couach yacht models provides its unique features and benefits, catering to the diverse needs of their owners. With their high-quality construction and unparalleled attention to detail, Guy Couach yachts continue to be a top choice in the luxury yachting market.

Types and Features

Motor Yachts

Guy Couach produces a range of motor yachts built with lightweight yet strong composite materials, utilizing fiberglass, Kevlar, and carbon fiber Couach Yachts. These yachts prioritize performance, maneuverability, and comfort. Some popular motor yacht models include the 2800, 185 Fly, and 2100 YachtWorld.


The cruiser range from Guy Couach is designed for those seeking luxury and performance in a more compact package. With lengths ranging from 19 to 32ft Top Boats, these boats offer space for socializing, relaxation, and enjoying time on the water. Cruisers may come equipped with cozy cabins, well-appointed galleys, and ample deck space.


Flybridge models from Guy Couach are built for style, comfort, and performance. These yachts offer an elevated helm, providing superior visibility for the captain while also creating a spacious lounge area for guests with unobstructed views of the surrounding environment. Some popular flybridge models include the 2200 Fly YachtWorld.

Mega Yachts

For those requiring the ultimate luxury experience, Guy Couach's mega yachts are unparalleled. The manufacturer offers a full range of luxury performance yachts up to the 5000 Fly, including seven Fly and two Open models Couach Yachts. These custom-designed vessels offer incredible space for hosting grandiose events, luxurious amenities, and state-of-the-art technology while delivering powerful performance on the water.

Yacht Construction and Design

Couach Yachts, a well-established company founded in 1897 by Albert Couach, specializes in the semi-custom luxury yacht market. With a history that spans over a century, the shipyard is located in Gujan-Mestras, France, and is known for its advanced construction processes and innovative designs (source).

The construction of Couach yachts is distinguished by the use of exotic composite materials, with size options ranging from 13.65 to 50 meters. The focus on high-quality materials combined with modern construction techniques ensures exceptional performance and durability (source).

In addition to their material choices, Couach Yachts puts significant effort into hull design. Planing hulls are often employed, which allow for increased speed and stability at high speeds. These hull types are characterized by their deep V-shape, which cuts through the water and improves handling in rough sea conditions (source).

Couach's yachts offer a variety of hull types, including:

  • Planing hulls: These hulls enable the yacht to glide on the water's surface, reducing drag and increasing speed.
  • Deep Vee hulls: Featuring a sharper angle at the bow, this hull type is known for its excellent performance and handling in rough seas.

Incorporating modern technology and design, Couach Yachts stay ahead of industry trends to provide their clients with cutting-edge vessels. The shipyard houses design offices and production workshops, which facilitate seamless communication between the team of designers, engineers, and craftsmen. This integrated approach to construction ensures that each yacht is built to the highest standards of quality and performance (source).

Ultimately, when it comes to yacht construction and design, Couach Yachts maintains a superior level of craftsmanship, blending advanced materials, innovative design, and extensive expertise in hull types to create luxurious yachts that are both functional and stylish.

Propulsion Systems and Performance

Guy Couach boats are known for their performance and innovative propulsion systems. A variety of propulsion options are available in their yachts, catering to different preferences and usage requirements.

One of the most common propulsion systems found in Guy Couach boats is the diesel inboard engine. Inboard engines are installed within the hull of the boat, providing a compact and efficient option for yacht owners. They typically offer better fuel efficiency and lower emissions compared to outboard engines, making them a popular choice for long-distance cruising and luxury yachts 1.

Another propulsion option for some Guy Couach yachts is the V-drive system. A V-drive is a type of inboard engine arrangement where the engine is positioned facing aft, with the transmission towards the bow. This configuration allows for better weight distribution and enhanced maneuverability, as the engine is placed closer to the center of the boat. V-drive systems are often used in performance-oriented vessels, such as those designed for high-speed and agile water activities 2.

For those looking for a more versatile propulsion option, inboard/outboard engines can also be found in some Guy Couach boat models. Also known as stern drives or I/O systems, inboard/outboard engines combine the benefits of both inboard and outboard motors. They offer improved maneuverability and better fuel efficiency while maintaining the power and speed capabilities of traditional outboard motors 3.

Overall, Guy Couach boats offer a range of propulsion systems tailored to different operational requirements and preferences, ensuring optimal performance for each vessel type and usage scenario.


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Pricing and Availability

Guy Couach boats are available in various conditions, ranging from new to used yachts. The availability of these vessels can be found on multiple platforms, such as and YachtWorld.

When it comes to pricing, the cost varies significantly depending on factors like the year, model, and overall condition of the yacht. On the more affordable end, a Guy Couach boat may be priced at around $16,157, while the most luxurious models can cost up to a staggering $14,243,213.

Buyers interested in new vessels will find several options to choose from, with a 37m-long 2020 Guy Couach model listed at A$9,191,348. For those looking at used yachts, the website is a good resource, with one Guy Couach Boat for sale in Australia listed.

In summary, Guy Couach yachts can be found for sale on various platforms, with a wide range of pricing options for new and used vessels. Buyers are advised to carefully assess the condition and specifications of the particular yacht they are interested in and should consider their individual needs and budget when making a purchase decision.

Yacht Dealers and Brokerages

When looking for Guy Couach boats, it's essential to consider the services provided by various yacht brokers and boat dealerships. These specialists help buyers navigate the yacht market and can offer professional advice and assistance throughout the purchasing process.

One notable brokerage for Guy Couach boats is YachtWorld. They list 61 Guy Couach yachts for sale, including 8 new vessels and 53 used yachts. Their extensive network covers multiple countries like France, Spain, Greece, Croatia, and Italy.

Another platform to find Guy Couach boats is This website features a diverse selection of yacht models, from overnight cruising to mega yachts and motor yachts. In addition, their comprehensive database enables potential buyers to explore a wide range of vessels.

For those interested in superyachts, Yacht Harbour provides a catalog of Guy Couach yachts, highlighting the most luxurious and high-quality options available. They focus on delivering premium vessels and offer detailed information on each listed yacht.

Using a specialized broker like YATCO can also be advantageous for buyers looking for both new and used Guy Couach yachts. YATCO showcases a variety of models, ranging in size from 13.65 meters to 50 meters, offering semi-custom luxury yachts built in composite.

In conclusion, there are various reputable yacht brokers and boat dealerships to choose from when searching for Guy Couach boats. These entities make the purchasing process easier by connecting buyers with suitable vessels according to their preferences and requirements.

Popular Regions for Guy Couach Boats

Guy Couach yachts are known for their excellent craftsmanship and performance. These luxury vessels have a strong presence in the Mediterranean region, particularly in countries such as Spain, Greece, Italy, and Croatia.


In Spain, Guy Couach boats are well-represented, with several models available for sale. Dealerships and yacht brokers in the country have a variety of new and used yachts listed on their platforms. Some notable locations in Spain where these boats are popular include the Balearic Islands and the Costa del Sol. This region's pleasant climate, stunning coastlines, and numerous marinas make it an ideal destination for sailing enthusiasts searching for a Guy Couach yacht.


Greece is another popular region for Guy Couach boats. The country's pristine waters, picturesque islands, and rich maritime history make it a prime location for yachting. YachtWorld lists several Greek yacht brokers and dealerships with a range of new and used Guy Couach yachts for sale. The Greek islands such as the Cyclades, the Ionian Islands, and the Dodecanese are particularly attractive destinations for those interested in purchasing a Guy Couach vessel.


With its extensive coastline, Italy is yet another prime destination for Guy Couach boats. Italian buyers can find a variety of Guy Couach models through reputable yacht brokers and dealerships across the country. The Italian Riviera and the Amalfi Coast are some of the most popular regions for these boats, offering buyers unparalleled opportunities to explore Italy's stunning coastal landscapes aboard a reliable and elegant Guy Couach yacht.


Croatia has also become a popular destination for Guy Couach yachts. The Adriatic Sea, with its clear waters and beautiful islands, makes Croatia an attractive option for those in search of a new or used Guy Couach boat. Croatia boasts numerous marinas and yacht brokers offering a range of Couach yachts for both sale and charter. Favored destinations in the country include the Dalmatian Coast, Dubrovnik, and the beautiful islands of Hvar and Korčula.

Superyachts and Pleasure Boating

Guy Couach is known for its wide range of luxury performance yachts, which cater to both the superyacht and pleasure boating markets. These boats are built using lightweight yet strong composite materials such as fiberglass, Kevlar, and carbon fiber, resulting in improved performance and durability1.

The range of Guy Couach yachts includes vessels that vary in size and specifications. The smallest is the Hornet 1300 speedboat, measuring 13.65 meters in length, while the largest is the 5000 Fly. In total, there are seven Fly models and two Open models to choose from1. These yachts are designed to meet the various expectations of customers, with options for large-scale production or custom-built boats2.

Some key features of Guy Couach superyachts and pleasure boats include:

  • Performance: Known for their exceptional performance, these yachts are designed with precision and attention to detail2.
  • Narrow beam: The streamlined designs of these vessels make them suitable for navigating tight spaces or passing through waterways with limited room3.
  • Customization: Buyers have the option to personalize their yacht to their exact preferences, ensuring a unique boating experience2.

To purchase a Guy Couach yacht, experienced yacht brokers and boat dealerships in various countries, including France, Spain, Greece, Italy, and Croatia, offer listings for new and used vessels3. Prospective buyers can explore different models and ensure they find the perfect yacht for their superyacht or pleasure boating needs.


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