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Grady White Boats: A Comprehensive Guide for Enthusiasts

Grady-White boats are renowned for their exceptional quality and performance, making them a top choice for both avid anglers and boating enthusiasts alike. Established in 1959, Grady-White has built a reputation for designing and manufacturing versatile and reliable saltwater fishing boats, paving the way for a wide range of options such as dual consoles, center consoles, and cabin-style boats. The brand is committed to accessibility and user-friendly experiences for all, making it an excellent choice for those who value both functionality and luxury.

One of the key features that sets Grady-White boats apart from the competition is their focus on innovation and state-of-the-art engineering. Employing cutting-edge technology and materials, Grady-White boats boast superior performance, with some models offering high-performance motors reaching up to 1,275 horsepower. Furthermore, the company prides itself on delivering a comfortable and enjoyable boating experience, ensuring that passengers have ample space and amenities for extended trips out on the water.

Whether someone is in the market for a casual day on the water or an intense fishing expedition, Grady-White offers a wide range of models and sizes to suit various needs and preferences. With their dedication to quality and performance, it's easy to see why so many boating enthusiasts admire and trust Grady-White boats for their on-water adventures.

Overview of Grady White Boats

Grady-White is a renowned boatbuilding company known for designing and producing high-quality fiberglass boats. Since its inception in 1959, the company has been manufacturing boats in Greenville, N.C., and has gained a legendary reputation within the industry for its commitment to excellence and innovation 1.

The company offers a diverse range of 25 boat models, catering to various requirements and preferences. These boats are divided into four main categories: center console, dual console, express cabin, and walkaround cabin layouts. Designed to excel in coastal conditions, Grady-White boats are ideal for inshore and offshore fishing, family cruising, entertaining, and overnighting 2.

Some key features of Grady-White boats include:

  • Exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail
  • Designed for ultimate comfort and fishability
  • Known for their smooth rides and exceptional handling capabilities
  • Highly customizable to suit individual preferences and needs

One of the latest additions to Grady-White's lineup is the 281 Coastal Explorer. This model measures 27 feet, 7 inches in length and has a 9-foot-4-inch beam. It's designed to run efficiently on a single Yamaha XTO 450 engine or dual 300s, with the latter offering improved maneuverability 3. The 281 Coastal Explorer exemplifies Grady-White's commitment to innovation and thoughtfully designed features, making it well-suited for a variety of boating adventures.

In summary, Grady-White is a distinguished yacht manufacturer that has set high standards in the marine industry. With a vast range of models and a dedication to quality, Grady-White boats are designed to make your coastal adventures memorable and enjoyable.


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Boat Models and Features

Grady-White boats are known for their versatility and durability in saltwater fishing. This section will discuss their various boat models and their unique features.

Center Console

Center console boats are designed for serious anglers who also enjoy family leisure and cruising. Grady-White offers a wide range of center console boats, including:

  • Fisherman 180
  • Fisherman 216
  • Fisherman 236
  • Fisherman 257
  • Canyon 271
  • Canyon 306
  • Canyon 326
  • Canyon 336
  • Canyon 376
  • Canyon 456

These boats are built for offshore and inshore fishing and have various features tailored to enhance the fishing experience. Their Coastal Explorer series, such as the 251 CE, are designed specifically for shallow water fishing, with low gunnels, large casting decks, and shallow drafts.

Dual Console

Grady-White's dual console boats combine fishing capabilities with family-friendly amenities and comfort. Some notable models in this category include the Freedom series:

  • Freedom 275
  • Freedom 235
  • Freedom 307

These boats feature spacious bow seating, a cabin, and entertainment areas. The versatile design caters to both fishing enthusiasts and families seeking leisure and cruising opportunities.

Express Cruiser

Grady-White's express cruiser lineup is built for overnighting and long-distance cruising in comfort, while still maintaining its fishing heritage. The most well-known model in this category is the Express 330.

This boat offers a spacious cockpit, ample fishing amenities, and a comfortable cabin with sleeping accommodations, a galley, and a full head. The Express 330 is perfect for anglers who want to fish offshore and bring the family along for a comfortable, extended stay on the water.

In summary, Grady-White boats offer a wide range of options for anglers and families alike. From center consoles to dual consoles and express cruisers, there's a Grady-White model designed to meet the needs of any saltwater boating enthusiast.

Hull Types and Propulsion Systems

Grady White boats feature an exclusive hull design known as SeaV²®, which provides better performance, stability, and smoothness in various water conditions. This hull type, designed by C. Raymond Hunt Associates, combines the characteristics of both deep-V and modified-V hulls to effectively slice through waves while maintaining a comfortable ride for passengers.

Deep-V hulls, known for their superior performance in choppy waters, offer exceptional handling and comfort at high speeds. Modified-V hulls, on the other hand, provide stability and fuel efficiency at lower speeds, making them suitable for a wide range of boating activities. The SeaV²® hull merges these two hull types, maximizing performance across diverse conditions, and ensuring an enjoyable boating experience for Grady White boat owners.

Grady White boats come equipped with various propulsion systems, typically relying on outboard engines. Outboard engine types include both 4-stroke and 2-stroke options, each with its pros and cons. Four-stroke outboards are usually more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly, while two-stroke outboards are generally lighter and simpler in design.

Moreover, certain Grady White boat models may feature inboard/outboard propulsion systems as an alternative. These systems combine the advantages of both inboard and outboard engines, offering better fuel efficiency and maneuverability.

When it comes to fuel options, Grady White boats most commonly use gasoline for their propulsion systems. Diesel engines, while not as common, can also be found in some models, especially those designed for longer voyages or commercial usage.

Finally, Grady White boats often possess a shallow draft and a wider beam, making them suitable for various water types ranging from calm bays to offshore waters. These characteristics, combined with the unique SeaV²® hull and versatile propulsion options, make Grady-White boats a popular choice among boating enthusiasts.

Fishing and Cruising Capabilities

Grady-White boats are known for their versatility, providing a wide range of options suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, as well as cruising. One of the key features of Grady-White vessels is their center console designs, which provide a command center for anglers and allow for 360-degree access to the water, making them ideal for sport and off-shore fishing trips (source).

When it comes to fishing, Grady-White offers several models tailored to the needs of anglers. The Fisherman series includes center console fishing boats ranging from 18 to 26 feet. These boats are popular choices for inshore and offshore fishing and offer spacious decks, livewells, and fish boxes to enhance the experience, with options like the Fisherman 180 or 257 in their lineup.

For saltwater fishing enthusiasts, Grady-White's Canyon series offers larger center-console boats designed for offshore angling. These boats range in size from 27 to 45 feet, boasting features such as advanced fish-finding technology, ample rod storage, and livewells for bait (source). Some of the notable models in this series include Canyon 271, 306, and the flagship 456.

While Grady-White boats excel in fishing capabilities, they don't compromise on cruising comfort. The Dual Console series offers boats designed for family fun and cruising, featuring comfortable seating, ample storage for water sports equipment, and the ability to entertain guests (source). Models such as Freedom 275 demonstrate the balance between the ability to enjoy a day on the water and engaging in watersports, while still having the necessary features for a successful fishing trip.

Moreover, those interested in overnight cruising can find options within Grady-White's Walkaround Cabin and Express Cabin series, which provide accommodations for extended stays on the water. These boats feature cabins with sleeping quarters, galley kitchens, and enclosed heads, ensuring a comfortable stay while enjoying fishing and cruising (source). Some options within these series include Adventure 218, Gulfstream 232, and Marlin 300.

In summary, Grady-White boats cater to a variety of needs for both fishing and cruising enthusiasts. With options for center console fishing boats, saltwater angling, family cruising, and even overnight stays, their diverse fleet offers an ideal match for any boater.

Popular Grady White Boats

Freedom 275

The Freedom 275 is a versatile dual console model that adapts well to a range of water activities. It is designed to provide maximum comfort and performance, with a soft and smooth ride even in rough waters. Some features of this boat include:

  • Spacious bow seating, perfect for relaxing or socializing.
  • A fully enclosed head compartment, providing convenience for longer outings.
  • A dedicated area for fishing, equipped with rod holders and a fish box.

Freedom 235

The Freedom 235 is another popular dual console model from Grady White, offering an ideal balance of size, functionality, and performance. Its features include:

  • A roomy cockpit and bow seating area, with comfortable cushions and storage.
  • A well-equipped fishing station, complete with rod holders, a baitwell, and fish box.
  • A compact head compartment, for convenience during day trips or overnight excursions.

Freedom 307

The Freedom 307 is a larger dual console model, boasting a wide array of amenities alongside a smooth and gentle ride. Notable features of this model include:

  • Expansive seating options in the cockpit and bow, suitable for entertaining large groups.
  • Impressive fishing capabilities, including integrated rod storage and multiple fish boxes.
  • A comfortable cabin with sleeping accommodations and a full head, perfect for overnight stays.

Express 330

The Express 330 is a spacious express cabin model, designed for both fishing and cruising adventures. It offers a comfortable ride and plenty of room for both relaxation and fishing equipment. Features of this model include:

  • A roomy cockpit and aft deck, with space for multiple anglers or a large group of passengers.
  • A fully enclosed pilothouse, providing protection from the elements and a fantastic view.
  • A comfortable cabin with a galley, sleeping accommodations, and a full head, suitable for longer trips or overnights.

While Grady White boats may not reach a length of 45 feet, they offer a range of exceptional models to cater to different needs and interests. The Freedom and Express series boats provide a perfect combination of cruising comfort, family-friendly features, and impressive fishing capabilities.

Boat Prices and Dealers

Grady-White boats have a reputation for being high-quality, reliable, and versatile vessels that cater to both fishing enthusiasts and families. Prices vary depending on the model, age, and condition of the boat.

Those interested in purchasing a Grady-White boat can find both new and used boats for sale on platforms such as Boat Trader. On these platforms, it's possible to find a range of boats at different price points, fitting various budgets and needs.

Prospective buyers can also visit Grady-White's official website to explore their wide variety of models, including center consoles, dual consoles, and walkaround cabins. The manufacturer provides detailed information about each boat, helping potential buyers make an informed decision.

Finding a Grady-White dealer is another essential step in the buying process. Dealers have extensive knowledge of the products, and they can help guide buyers through the entire process. In addition, many experienced yacht brokers specialize in the sale of Grady-White boats, ensuring potential buyers find the ideal boat that suits their preferences and requirements.

To summarize, prospective buyers can easily explore Grady-White boat models on the manufacturer's website or platforms like Boat Trader, which offers new and used boats for sale. Reaching out to authorized dealers or experienced yacht brokers is an excellent way to streamline the buying process and find the perfect Grady-White boat.

International Presence

Grady-White Boats, based in Greenville, North Carolina, has always aimed to maintain a strong international presence by working with excellent dealers in various countries. This strategy has not only helped the company diversify markets but also enhanced its brand image.

Grady-White has an extensive reach, with its boats being available for sale in multiple countries. As of 2023, the company's yachts have been listed for sale in countries like the United States, Italy, Canada, Greece, and Mexico. The number of Grady-White yachts for sale on YachtWorld includes 252 new vessels and 443 used yachts, showcasing the brand's global demand.

The international growth of Grady-White is complemented by a diverse line-up of boat models, ranging in size and length from 18 feet to 37 feet. These boats appeal to a wide variety of boating enthusiasts, offering options such as inboard and outboard drive systems depending on the model. Customers seeking Grady-White boats can find them through local dealers and boat sellers, such as Boat Trader in the United States.

As the company looks ahead to 2024, Grady-White will continue to expand its international network and explore new markets. This focus on a strong global presence will ensure the brand remains relevant and desirable to boating enthusiasts worldwide.

Marine Industry Reputation

Grady-White Boats, founded in 1959, has a long-standing reputation for quality and reliability in the marine industry. The company specializes in building fiberglass offshore, sport-fishing, and family-fishing boats, ranging from 18 to 45 feet in length1.

One of the key factors contributing to Grady-White's solid reputation in the marine industry is their exceptional customer satisfaction. The company has consistently been ranked highest in the fiberglass category in several third-party marine industry studies2. As a testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction, Grady-White was one of the first companies to be recognized for top excellence in its category during the 2001 National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Awards3.

The company's excellent marine industry reputation is also reflected in the leadership of Grady-White. Kris Carroll, president of Grady-White Boats, was inducted into the NMMA Hall of Fame in 20204. This prestigious recognition highlights her tireless advocacy for the marine industry and her significant contributions to the success of Grady-White Boats.

In terms of quality and reliability, Grady-White Boats are designed and built with safety in mind2. The company's commitment to their customers, and to producing top-notch marine products, has led to their boats being highly sought after by both recreational and professional boaters alike.


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Grady-White boats are considered unsinkable and have a reputation for quality, reliability, safety, and performance. As a potential Grady-White boat buyer, there are various resources available to help you make the right decision, including yacht brokers, specialized listings, and valuable information online.

YachtWorld is one of the largest online marketplaces for yacht listings, featuring numerous Grady-White boats for sale. It can be an excellent starting point, giving a comprehensive overview of various Grady-White models, their specifications, and pricing.

In addition to YachtWorld, there are specialized brokerages for buying and selling Grady-White boats. For instance, Boat Trader is another resource, offering an ample selection of Grady-White boats for sale listed by dealers and private sellers.

For Grady-White boat owners and enthusiasts, the Grady White Boat Owner's Forum - Grady White Forum, is a great resource. Here, you can interact with other Grady-White owners, ask questions, and gain valuable insights from their experiences. It can prove helpful for prospective buyers to learn more about specific models and make an informed decision.

An important aspect of the boat-buying journey is understanding the different Grady-White models and their features. The official Grady-White website provides detailed information on their full range of center and dual-console saltwater fishing boats. It also offers handy tools like the Grady-White boat comparison tool for easy side-by-side comparisons of various models.

Finally, online publications such as Boating Mag provide boat tests, videos, and information on Grady-White boats. This resource can give buyers a comprehensive understanding of the performance and capabilities associated with specific Grady-White models.

In summary, resources like YachtWorld, specialized yacht brokerages, listings, online publications, and forums offer a rich source of information regarding Grady-White boats. Leveraging these resources to their full potential will help prospective buyers make informed decisions and find the perfect Grady-White boat to suit their needs. 

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