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Godfrey Pontoon Boats: Ultimate Guide for Buyers

Godfrey Pontoon Boats has been a trusted name in the boating industry for over six decades. Known for their quality craftsmanship and versatility, these boats are designed to bring families and friends together, creating cherished memories on the water. With a variety of models available, Godfrey Pontoon Boats cater to everyone from casual boaters to serious enthusiasts, providing a perfect platform for various on-the-water activities.

The company offers a range of pontoon boat layouts, including options for cruising, entertainment, fishing, lounging, and more. Their attention to detail and commitment to innovation have earned them a loyal customer base who appreciate the enduring quality and top-notch design of these vessels. One of the hallmarks of Godfrey Pontoon Boats is their customizability, allowing owners to choose from numerous options to tailor their boating experience to match their preferences and budget.

For those looking to invest in a Godfrey Pontoon Boat, it signifies making a choice that prioritizes fun, leisure, and bonding with loved ones. With these boats, people can make lasting connections and unforgettable memories as they embark on their journey to explore the open water.

Godfrey Pontoon Boats History

Godfrey Pontoon Boats has a rich history in the recreational boating industry dating back to 1903. The company has gone through several changes and mergers over the years, and it is now part of the Nautic Global Group since 20051. The Godfrey Marine name continues to represent a range of high-quality pontoon boats, known for their durability and ability to bring people together.

Over the years, the company has produced various pontoon boat series such as Aqua Patio, Parti Kraft, Sanpan, and Sweetwater1. These boats cater to a wide spectrum of boaters, from beginners to seasoned veterans looking for luxury or performance. Each series is designed with specific features and options tailored to different types of boating experiences and customer preferences.

Godfrey's manufacturing facility is located in Elkhart, Indiana2. Their dedication to producing top-quality boats has garnered a loyal fan following. People appreciate the company's commitment to craftsmanship, which is evident on their social media pages where they have over 12,000 followers2.

The Godfrey pontoon boats are customizable, catering to various price points and budgets3. They provide a custom boat builder option on their website, allowing customers to design and price their ideal pontoon boat. Alternatively, potential buyers can work with a dealer to configure the right boat based on their preferences and financial considerations.

In conclusion, Godfrey Pontoon Boats has a long-standing history of producing dependable and high-quality pontoon boats. Their various series cater to a wide range of boaters, and the company's commitment to craftsmanship and customization make it a preferred choice for many boating enthusiasts.


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Popular Models and Features

Aqua Patio

Aqua Patio is a well-known line of pontoon boats produced by Godfrey Pontoon Boats. These boats are designed for comfort, style, and functionality, catering to a variety of leisure and recreational activities.

A popular feature of Aqua Patio boats is their spacious, comfortable seating. With U-shaped pit-style seating at the rear and split bench seating with lounge options at the bow, these boats provide ample space for relaxation and entertainment. Additionally, some Aqua Patio models offer a stern sun pad and easy swim deck access for those looking to take a dip in the water.

Other Model Lines

In addition to Aqua Patio, Godfrey Pontoon Boats offers several other model lines with unique characteristics and features:

  • SanPan: This luxurious pontoon boat line is designed for those seeking a premium boating experience. SanPan boats feature high-quality materials, top-of-the-line technology, and refined aesthetics, resulting in a truly elevated experience on the water.

  • Sweetwater: A versatile line of pontoon boats catering to both leisure and fishing activities. Sweetwater boats offer various seating arrangements and additional features, such as fishing rod holders and livewells, catering to anglers' needs.

Each model line and boat within the Godfrey Pontoon Boats range offers unique features and configurations to suit different consumers' needs and preferences. Regardless of the chosen model, all Godfrey pontoon boats are designed to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience on the water.

Performance and Motor Options

Godfrey Pontoon Boats offer a variety of performance and motor options to cater to different boating needs. One of their key performance technologies is the GTP™ Triple Tube technology, which features oversized, 6-inch lifting strakes for optimal pontoon performance 1. This state-of-the-art center tube design allows for:

  • Greater horsepower
  • Improved top speeds
  • Increased passenger capacities
  • Intelligent weight distribution for better stability

When it comes to motor options, outboard gas engines are typically used for pontoon boats. The power and size of the motor depend on the specific model and purpose of the boat. For example, fishing pontoons may require smaller motors, while high-performance tritoons may require more powerful engines 2.

Selecting the right motor is crucial for optimal performance, especially for performance pontoons with three tubes and underwater shapes optimized for increased lift. As Evinrude's Eckman states, "Propeller choice is even more crucial for powering tri-toons" 3.

Some popular motor options for Godfrey Pontoon Boats include Yamaha outboard engines, available in different horsepower ratings depending on the boat model 4. It's essential to consider the boat's size, purpose, and intended use when choosing the appropriate motor to ensure the best overall performance.






Deck and Layout Choices

Godfrey Pontoon Boats offers a wide range of deck and layout options to suit various boating needs and preferences. Known for their innovative and versatile designs, these pontoon boats aim to provide comfort, function, and style for every occasion.

Their pontoon boats come in various sizes and layouts, allowing customers to choose the perfect fit for their boating activities. Among the popular size ranges are 21 to 24-foot lengths, offering ample space for entertainment and relaxation. Some of the layouts include wet bars and tables that elevate the onboard experience (source).

Innovative design features are also a highlight of Godfrey Pontoon Boats. For example, the Sundeck series features an open center deck layout, extended swim platform, and a sundeck with a water slide, providing all-day comfort and fun for the whole family (source).

When it comes to customization, customers have plenty of options to tailor their pontoon boat to suit their needs. One approach is to select from dozens of available layouts and features, such as stand-alone lounge areas, customizable seating arrangements, and even storage options for equipment and personal items (source). Configuring and pricing these options can be done conveniently, typically through the boat builder's website or by working with a dealer.

Godfrey Pontoon Boats is not the only brand offering deck and layout choices for their pontoon boats. Other popular companies, such as Harris Boats and Hurricane Deck Boats, also provide a variety of options for customers to choose from.

In summary, the deck and layout choices offered by Godfrey Pontoon Boats (and other brands) cater to different boating preferences and requirements. These options ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for users while maintaining versatility and functionality.

Buying a Godfrey Pontoon Boat

New Boats for Sale

When considering the purchase of a new Godfrey Pontoon Boat, there are several factors to keep in mind. Godfrey offers a wide range of pontoon and tritoon boats, designed to cater to the preferences of different boaters. The lineup includes various models and sizes, with passenger capacities ranging from 12 to 18 people and maximum horsepower between 300 and 800 1.

New Godfrey boats come with a warranty and the latest features, ensuring you have peace of mind about the quality and performance of your pontoon. During seasonal sales events, potential buyers can save up to $5,000 2. To choose the right Godfrey boat, potential buyers can use the 3D Boat Designer tool, which allows you to customize your pontoon according to your needs and preferences.

Used Boats for Sale

Buying a used Godfrey Pontoon Boat can be a cost-effective option for those who want to enjoy the boating experience without the price tag of a new boat. Used boats often come with more features or amenities for less money, making them an appealing option for budget-conscious buyers 3.

It's important to thoroughly research used boats, including checking for damage, wear, and proper maintenance history. Consider factors such as the age of the boat, hours of use, and overall condition during your evaluation. Utilize reputable boats-for-sale websites, like Boat Trader and, where you can find Godfrey pontoon boats for sale and compare their prices, features, and specifications.

Before purchasing a used boat, ensure a thorough inspection is performed, potentially with the help of a marine surveyor or mechanic. This can help you avoid costly problems in the future while also providing assurance that you're making a sound investment in your boating experience.


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