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In-Depth Review: Glastron Boats – Models, Engines, Pros & Cons, and Their Competition

Greetings, nautical enthusiasts! Today we set our sights on an iconic name in the boating world: Glastron. With over six decades in the industry, Glastron has carved a niche for itself in providing a diverse array of boats that are high-performance, innovative, and, quite frankly, fun. Let's delve into the specifics, shall we?

Glastron Boats – Models and Engines

Glastron offers a comprehensive selection of models designed for every kind of boating enthusiast – from those seeking a tranquil fishing trip to those chasing the adrenaline rush of water sports. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, these were the primary model categories offered by Glastron:

  1. Bowriders: Renowned for their spaciousness and versatility, Glastron's Bowriders range from the compact and sporty GT series (including the popular GT 180 and GT 205), up to the premium GS series, which combines comfort and power.

  2. Deck Boats: Glastron's Deck Boats, such as the GTD series, are characterized by their wide bow and open deck layout. These boats offer ample space for socializing, making them perfect for family outings or parties.

  3. Cruisers: Ideal for longer trips and overnighting, Glastron's GS 259 and GS 279 are compact but comfortable cruisers. They feature cozy cabins with sleeping quarters, a galley, and a head.

When it comes to engines, Glastron offers a variety of options in collaboration with renowned marine engine manufacturers like Mercury Marine and Volvo Penta. Depending on the model, you can select from a range of sterndrive or outboard engines, providing horsepower anywhere from 90HP to 380HP.

Pros and Cons

As with any product, Glastron boats come with their own set of advantages and potential drawbacks.


  • Versatility: With a range of models catering to various boating activities, Glastron ensures there's something for everyone.

  • Innovation: Known for pioneering the Aqualift hull, Glastron boats are designed for speed, stability, and smooth handling.

  • Reliability: Partnering with top-notch engine manufacturers, Glastron boats offer dependable performance.

  • Aesthetics: Glastron boats have a distinctive and stylish look, which, along with their functionality, contributes to their appeal.


  • Price: Glastron boats, particularly their higher-end models, can be pricey, making them less accessible for some boating enthusiasts.

  • Maintenance: Depending on the model and engine type, maintenance costs can be high, especially for the sterndrive models.


Glastron boats face stiff competition from other established brands. Some of their main competitors include:

  • Bayliner: Known for affordable entry-level boats, Bayliner provides stiff competition to Glastron's Bowriders and Deck Boats.

  • Chaparral: Offering a wide range of models, Chaparral competes directly with Glastron's Bowriders and Cruisers. Their boats are known for luxury and performance.

  • Sea Ray: This brand is a high-end competitor, known for its premium sport boats and cruisers. Their Sundancer series competes directly with Glastron’s Cruiser line.

  • Four Winns: Like Glastron, Four Winns also offers a comprehensive range of boat models. They're known for their innovative design and high performance.

In conclusion, Glastron boats have a rich heritage and continue to offer a diverse selection of high-quality, high-performance boats. However, as with any substantial purchase, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons based on your specific needs and budget. Happy boating!

Q&A With Glastron Boat Club

Good morning! I’m Charlie from Sea magazine and today, I have with me three members of the Blastron Boat Club: Ben from Harrison Township, Michigan, Alice from El Dorado Hills, California, and Olivia from Deer Park, Texas. We’re here to discuss the ins and outs of finding the right Glaston Boat model. Thank you all for joining us!

Ben: Pleasure to be here, Charlie! Our club is all about sharing insights, especially when there are so many Glastron boats for sale in various parts of the country.

Charlie: Absolutely. Let's start with configurations. We've heard there are three unique deck configurations. Can you shed some light on this?

Alice: Certainly! The three unique deck configurations in the Glastron build cater to different needs. One is geared toward fishing, equipped with fishing seats and optimized space. The second is for day cruising with spacious bucket seats and deluxe features, and the third is tailored for watersports and fun, especially popular in areas like Florida.

Charlie: Fantastic. Now, Ben, being from Michigan, a place often considered as the 'broad top city' of the marine industry, what would you say is the most popular Glaston model there?

Ben: Around Harrison Township, the express cruiser with its cuddy cabin is popular. It’s a great boat for families looking for day cruising or even a weekend getaway. It offers a mix of fun and comfort.

Olivia: Down in Texas, especially around Deer Park, the fishing model with the unique deck configurations is a hit. It's not just about having fishing seats, it's about having the right space and equipment for a good fish and ski experience.

Charlie: Alice, any insights from California?

Alice: In El Dorado Hills and surrounding areas, people lean towards the watersport models. They come equipped with a bimini top and are powered mostly by Volvo Penta outboards. The vast California waters are perfect for this style.

Charlie: For those boaters on a budget, what are some tips when they search for Glastron boats for sale?

Ben: I'd suggest looking in states like Minnesota or Wisconsin. Boats there are often garage-kept, in great condition, and have low hours. And of course, always verify the vessel's condition and check if it comes with a trailer.

Olivia: I’ve also seen some great boats in clean condition in Arizona and Washington. If someone is looking to purchase and get an offer today, they might find sellers who are ready to negotiate as the season wraps up.

Alice: Another tip: always check the length and power unit of the boat. Especially if it’s located in states like Pennsylvania or New York, where the waters can be a bit rougher.

Charlie: Speaking of location, how do prospective buyers ensure they're getting a good price given the range in the market?

Ben: Price often depends on the model, owner, and how equipped the boat is. Boaters should do their research, perhaps even reach out to companies or clubs like ours. Always be updated about what's in stock, especially if selling is high during a particular week or season.

Alice: And sometimes, you might just find a gem in states like Florida where there's a vast market of boats for sale.

Charlie: As we wrap up, any final thoughts?

Olivia: Whether you're in Texas, Michigan, California, or any other part of the country, the key is to find a boat that suits your family's needs. Whether it's for fishing, day cruising, or just pure fun, Glastron offers something for every boater.

Charlie: Thank you all for your insights. It seems like, with a bit of search and understanding, finding the right Glastron boat is a journey in itself. Safe boating!

Ben, Alice & Olivia: Thank you, Charlie! Safe travels on the waters!

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