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Gala Inflatable Boats: Your Ultimate Guide to Performance and Versatility

Gala Inflatable Boats is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality aluminum RIBs (rigid inflatable boats) and foldable inflatable boats. Known for their exceptional design and durability, these boats cater to a wide range of recreational and professional activities, such as search and rescue, law enforcement, and leisure boating.

The Gala product line includes various models, like the Atlantis series aluminum hull RIBs and the Galaxy Pro line specifically designed for professional use. Moreover, their extensive range of foldable boats, such as the Sprinter and Freestyle series, offer convenient and portable options for boating enthusiasts. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Gala Inflatable Boats has become a popular choice among boat owners and operators worldwide.

Types of Gala Inflatable Boats

Gala Inflatable Boats offers a variety of high-quality inflatable boats designed for different purposes and preferences. This section will cover the different types offered by Gala, including Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIB) models, Tenders, and Sport Boats.

RIB Models

Rigid Inflatable Boats or RIBs are versatile watercraft, combining the stability of a hard-hulled boat with the lightweight and easy-to-store nature of inflatables. Gala offers a range of RIB models, with sizes suitable for various applications, from recreational use to professional purposes:

  • GALAXY Trident Professional RIBs: These boats are designed for search and rescue, law enforcement, and other professional applications. They are durable, reliable, and efficient in various water conditions.
  • GALAXY Pilot Professional RIBs: Ideal for use as primary boats or yacht tenders, these RIBs are powerful, agile, and offer a smooth ride with a high level of comfort.
  • Atlantis Series: This series includes the <a href="">A240D, A270D, A300D, A330D, A360D, and A390D</a> models, designed as tenders for yachts. They combine a traditional RIB design with elegant and spacious styling to provide a highly functional and stylish tender option.


Gala Inflatable Boats also offers a selection of tenders, designed primarily for use as yacht tenders but also suitable for other applications. They focus on providing comfortable transportation options for passengers and cargo, as well as ease in storage and deployment. Popular Tender models include:

  • Silver Line Tenders: Ranking as the number 1 choice in the rigid inflatable tender class, the <a href="">Silver Line Tenders</a> feature a traditional RIB design combined with Gala's original styling to create high-quality, reliable, and elegant tenders for your yacht.

Sport Boats

For individuals who seek performance and thrills on the water, Gala Inflatable Boats offers a range of sport boats. These boats are designed for superior speed, handling, and maneuverability:

  • V-Series: The V-series sport boats include the <a href="">V330, V360, and V420</a> models, designed for performance enthusiasts who desire the perfect blend of speed, fun, and versatility. These boats combine a sporty appearance with improved handling and power for exhilarating rides on the water.

Features and Benefits

GALA Inflatable Boats offer a wide range of high-quality and versatile options for boaters. These boats come with several notable features and benefits that make them a top choice for anyone seeking a reliable and fun watercraft experience.

One of the most significant features of GALA Inflatable Boats is their aluminum hull construction. Boats like the ATLANTIS series offer Aluminum RIBs, which are lightweight and provide improved performance compared to traditional inflatable boats with wooden or fiberglass hulls 1.

GALA Inflatable Boats also utilize an innovative idea called Foldable Soft Hull (FSH) technology, which enhances the performance of foldable inflatable boats with keels. FSH features two substantial molded profile-hull steps that allow air to pass underneath the boat, reducing resistance, increasing speed, and providing a more enjoyable driving experience. This feature also contributes to fuel savings as less drag requires less power to maintain speed 2.

The wide range of available GALA Inflatable Boats offers users diverse options depending on their requirements. There are compact boats with fewer built-in features for those needing a smaller watercraft, as well as roomy boats that come with a full range of features for boaters who desire more amenities 3.

Furthermore, GALA Inflatable Boats showcase extreme maneuverability and significant speed potential, contributing to their popularity in various applications. These boats can easily be fitted with engines of different power levels, ensuring rapid access to the glider setting and a broad range of adaptability for users 3.

In summary, GALA Inflatable Boats excel in various aspects, including their durable aluminum hull construction, innovative FSH technology, the wide range of available boat designs, and their extreme maneuverability and speed potential. These features and benefits make GALA Inflatable Boats a top choice for boating enthusiasts seeking quality, versatility, and enjoyment on the water.

Engine Options

Gala Inflatable Boats offer a variety of engine options to suit different performance requirements and budgets. When selecting an engine for your Gala inflatable, it is essential to consider factors such as boat size, intended usage, and horsepower requirements.

The engine options for Gala inflatables range from modest 15 horsepower engines to more powerful 150 horsepower engines (Boat Trader). The smaller horsepower engines are suitable for compact, functional models, while the bigger-ticket boats demand higher-performance options.

When looking for the right engine, it's crucial to ensure that it aligns with the boat's maximum horsepower rating. For instance, the Gala A330L has a maximum engine horsepower of 30, while other models may have different capacities. Exceeding the recommended engine power may lead to unforeseen consequences or even damage to the inflatable boat.

Additionally, some Gala inflatable boats feature optional packages that can further enhance their performance. For instance, the Gala V360 offers an electric package with options like horn, navigation lights, and bilge pump for added convenience and safety.

In conclusion, selecting the right engine for your Gala inflatable boat depends on the model, size, and performance requirements. By considering these factors, you can find a suitable engine option that maximizes your boating experience.

New and Used Boats

Gala Inflatable Boats offers a variety of new and used boats catering to various boating purposes. Being popular for their Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIB), Inflatable, and other watercraft offerings, Gala boats have been manufactured as early as 2022 and continue to launch new models up to 2024.

When considering purchasing a new Gala boat, buyers can find a wide range of available options with diverse configurations and features. Some notable series in their lineup include:

  • ATLANTIS: Aluminium hull RIBs
  • ATLANTIS-LITE: A240 - A360 Tenders
  • ATLANTIS Aquahelm: A300Q-A360Q
  • ATLANTIS Tenders: A300L, A330L
  • ATLANTIS Deluxe: A360L, A400L, A500L and more

The company continuously develops new technologies and materials to enhance user experience, making their new offerings increasingly popular.

In the used boat market, Gala boats maintain a high level of interest due to their quality builds and reliable performance. With the proper maintenance, these used boats can present a more affordable yet still efficient option for buyers.

When exploring used Gala boats, keep in mind that factors such as the boat's age, customization, and overall condition can significantly impact its price. It is crucial to have a thorough inspection and gather detailed information for each vessel before deciding on a purchase.

Finally, when searching for new and used Gala boats, it's beneficial to carefully consider the primary purpose and intended usage of the vessel. Whether it's casual cruising, water sports, or saltwater fishing, Gala Inflatable Boats offers a wide array of options to suit a variety of needs.

Contact and Support

GALA Inflatable Boats cater to various needs, such as recreational activities, professional usage, and suitable tenders. To ensure an excellent customer experience, the company provides multiple ways to get in touch and access support.

For general inquiries and support, GALA Inflatable Boats encourage customers to reach out through their contact form. Providing essential information such as name, email, company name, phone number, and a detailed message helps the support team address the issue more effectively.

For customers who prefer direct contact, GALA has an International Distribution Centre & Headquarter located at GMI Marine Distribution, 176 Rivermede Rd., Unit 2, Concord, ON, L4K 3M7, Canada. To reach out via phone, they can be contacted at 1-905-7608519 or via email at [email protected] More information can be found on their website.

GALA Inflatable Boats boast a distribution network that spans across regions, such as:

  • Canada
  • Caribbean
  • Mexico
  • USA

To find the nearest dealer, customers can visit the Boat Trader website or other marine dealership websites, like Sprint Marine, which offers a selection of Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) with aluminum hulls from GALA, including the ATLANTIS Lite A240, A270, A300, and A330 models.

Overall, GALA Inflatable Boats provide multiple avenues for customers to reach out, ensuring they receive the support and assistance needed when selecting a suitable boat or addressing any concerns related to product usage and maintenance. 

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