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Freeman Boats: A Comprehensive Guide to Models and Performance

Freeman Boatworks is a renowned custom boat manufacturer, known for their exceptional performance, quality, and comfort in the offshore boating industry. They take great pride in their reputation for setting the standard in offshore performance and continuously strive to evolve and improve their offerings. As part of the Freeman family, customers can have confidence in the excellence of the boats they invest in.

One of the distinguishing factors of Freeman boats is their ability to meet the specific needs and preferences of their clients. This high level of customization allows for a truly unique boating experience, while still adhering to the quality and performance standards set by the company. With a selection of models to choose from, Freeman Boatworks caters to a wide range of boating enthusiasts, from sport fishing aficionados to those seeking a luxurious, leisurely journey on the water.

Freeman boats have consistently received positive reviews and attracted attention from boat dealers and brokers such as Boat Trader and YachtWorld. The availability of both new and used Freeman boats for sale in various countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Bahamas, Costa Rica, and France, further illustrates the global reach and demand for these top-notch vessels.

Freeman Models

Freeman Boatworks offers a range of high-performance boats for offshore fishing and cruising. Known for their quality, comfort, and performance, Freeman boats have become a popular choice for discerning boaters. This section will explore three notable Freeman models: the Freeman 42 LR, the Freeman 37 VH, and the Freeman 47.

Freeman 42 LR

The Freeman 42 LR is a 42-foot long-range center console boat designed for serious offshore anglers. With its innovative design, the 42 LR offers exceptional performance, fuel efficiency, and a smooth, dry ride.

Key features of the Freeman 42 LR include:

  • Twin or quad outboard engine options
  • Fuel capacity of 610 gallons for extended range
  • Ample storage for fishing equipment and additional gear
  • Spacious cockpit with ample seating arrangements for guests

This model is an excellent choice for those who demand top performance and versatility on their offshore adventures.

Freeman 37 VH

The Freeman 37 VH is a versatile 37-foot center console boat that's equally adept for both serious angling and recreational cruises. Combining speed, efficiency, and a comfortable ride, the 37 VH is an ideal option for those seeking a well-rounded vessel.

Some noteworthy features of the Freeman 37 VH are:

  • Standard twin outboard engine configuration
  • Optional triple or quad engine upgrades for increased speed and performance
  • 430-gallon fuel capacity
  • Large, open cockpit for fishing, entertaining, or relaxing

The 37 VH is a popular choice for those who demand a combination of performance, comfort, and versatility in a center console boat.

Freeman 47

The Freeman 47 is the largest center console in the Freeman lineup, offering an unparalleled offshore experience. With a 47-foot length and a refined hull design, the Freeman 47 delivers top-tier speed, stability, and handling even in the most challenging sea conditions.

Notable features of the Freeman 47 include:

  • Twin, triple, or quad outboard engine options for maximum performance
  • Spacious cockpit layout for fishing or entertaining
  • Comfortable seating arrangements for guests
  • 800-gallon fuel capacity for extended range

The Freeman 47 is an excellent option for those who seek the ultimate in offshore performance, coupled with the amenities and space needed for entertaining and extended trips.

Each Freeman model is built with attention to detail and the highest quality materials, ensuring every boat provides the best possible experience for its owner.

Boat Features

Catamaran Design

Freeman Boats are known for their high-performance offshore fishing catamarans. They provide a smooth, fast ride in various sea conditions thanks to their twin-hull design and streamlined shape. The catamaran design increases stability, allowing operators and anglers to enjoy a safe and comfortable fishing experience.

Center Console

Freeman's center console design offers an excellent command center for the boat's captain. Featuring a spacious deck, it provides plenty of room for multiple anglers to fish comfortably. The layout also incorporates a fantastic coffin box, rocket launchers, and rear-facing seating options, enhancing the overall fishability of the boat.

Outboard Engines

Freeman Boats utilize outboard engines, which contribute to the vessel's impressive performance. The use of outboard engines allows the boat to reach higher speeds and maintain exceptional fuel efficiency. The integration of these engines with the design of the boat ensures a smooth, stable ride and easy maneuverability.

Gas Power

Operating with gas power, Freeman Boats offer a reliable power source for every adventure. Utilizing gasoline as the primary fuel for their outboard engines ensures readily available fuel and easy refueling, while also contributing to the boat's impressive speed and performance capabilities.

With these features, Freeman Boats offer a combination of comfort, fishability, and performance, making them an excellent choice for those looking for a high-quality offshore fishing vessel.

Performance and Capabilities

Sport Fishing

Freeman boats are known for their high-performance offshore fishing capabilities. Operators and anglers frequently praise these catamarans for their exceptional fishability, spacious decks, and dedicated fishing features such as coffin boxes, rocket launchers, and rear-facing seating1. For those in search of speed, the Freeman 34VH can reach a top speed of 65 mph while maintaining 1.4 mpg at 50 mph2.

Saltwater Fishing

These boats are specifically designed to excel in saltwater fishing conditions. With features such as livewells capable of holding up to 53 gallons each and optional tuna tubes, Freeman boats enable anglers to tackle major fishing expeditions2. Their smooth and fast ride in various sea conditions makes them a popular choice for saltwater fishing enthusiasts.

Shallow Draft

Freeman boats' shallow draft allows them to navigate more easily and access hard-to-reach fishing spots. This feature contributes to their versatility and effectiveness, especially for those targeting inshore fishing or exploring areas with shallow waters.

Wide Beam

The wide beam on Freeman boats provides increased stability and ample space, which is essential for comfortable fishing and cruising experiences. The added room on the deck allows for better on-board movement and additional storage options, further enhancing the overall performance of these boats in various fishing scenarios.


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Buying a Freeman Boat

New Vessels

Freeman Boatworks builds high-quality, performance-oriented boats, with the newest model year being 2023. If you're looking for a new Freeman boat, it's essential to know that the wait time for a custom-built vessel is around three years1. For those wanting a faster option, consider exploring used boats or reach out to boat dealers and brokers for any new models they may have in stock.

Used Vessels

There are 36 used Freeman boats for sale listed on Boat Trader, mainly in the United States. These boats date back to 20162. Both private sellers and professional boat dealers offer these used vessels, allowing potential buyers to search for the boat that meets their needs and budget. For a quick comparison, a 2018 Freeman 37VH costs around $625,000, while a 2020 Freeman 42LR is priced at $1,349,0003.

Boat Dealers

Boat dealers can provide valuable knowledge and assistance when purchasing a new or used Freeman boat. Most of the used Freeman boats listed on Boat Trader are offered by professional boat dealers2. These dealers can help guide you through the buying process and provide insights about the different Freeman boat models, such as the versatile Freeman 434.


Working with yacht brokers, such as United Yacht Sales, can also be beneficial in finding the perfect Freeman boat. Their professional services cover a range of Freeman boat models, including the 37-foot and 42-foot versions3. A broker can help you navigate the yacht market and offer advice on which Freeman boat will best meet your needs.

Private Sellers

For a more personal buying experience, consider purchasing your Freeman boat from a private seller. Boat Trader features several used Freeman boats listed by private sellers2. When dealing with private sellers, make sure to thoroughly inspect the vessel and evaluate its performance, maintenance history, and any upgrades that have been made.


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Boat Hull Types and Activities

Power Catamarans

Power catamarans are a popular boat hull type for various recreational boating activities. They feature two parallel hulls and offer stability, buoyancy, and speed, making them a top choice for offshore performance. Freeman Boatworks, for example, utilizes state-of-the-art vented hull technology for their Freeman 37VH power catamaran, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience on the water.

Outboard-4s engines are commonly used with power catamarans, contributing to their performance, fuel efficiency, and sustainability. These engines provide ample power for a variety of activities on the water, from cruising and sportfishing to watersports and entertaining guests.

Recreational Boating

Recreational boating activities encompass a wide range of interests and boat hull types. Here, we explore some suitable hull types for various activities:

  • Fishing: Flat-bottomed hull boats offer great stability in calm inland waters, making them an ideal choice for fishing trips. They provide a steady platform for anglers and are generally lightweight and easy to maneuver.

  • Sailboats: Round-bottomed hulls handle well in rough water and are often found on sailboats. Their design allows sailboats to smoothly glide through the water with minimal resistance, providing a comfortable and enjoyable sailing experience.

  • Speed and Comfort: V-shaped hulls are common on powerboats and deliver a combination of speed and comfort in choppy waters. Their design allows them to slice through waves and provide a smoother ride compared to other hull types.

  • Pontoon Boats: Pontoon hulls are fast and stable, offering a spacious deck ideal for entertaining and enjoying various recreational activities on the water. With their buoyancy and stability, pontoon boats are perfect for lazy days spent cruising and relaxing on the water.

Each boat hull type offers unique attributes that cater to different recreational boating activities. From fishing and sailing to powerboating and leisure cruises, there is a hull type suited for every activity and preference. 

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