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Four Winns Sailboat: Expert Tips and Buying Guide

Four Winns is a well-known yacht builder that has been manufacturing high-quality runabouts, bowriders, cruiser yachts, and tow sport boats since 1962. Known for their sleek design and impressive performance, Four Winns boats cater to the needs of discerning mariners who aspire to own sophisticated and refined vessels. The company's range of boats varies in size from 18 to 47 feet, providing options for boating enthusiasts with different preferences and requirements.

In recent times, Four Winns has continued to push the boundaries of innovation with the introduction of the TH36, a departure from their traditional monohull designs. Conceptualized by the renowned Italian firm Garroni Design Studio, this catamaran boasts a sleek exterior, ample on-deck space, and impressive cruising capabilities. The TH36 demonstrates Four Winns' commitment to meeting the evolving needs and tastes of its clientele.

Whether it's a day on the water with family and friends or a more adventurous boating expedition, owning a Four Winns sailboat ensures that mariners cruise in style and elegance. Recognized globally for their attention to detail and craftsmanship, Four Winns boats have demonstrated that they are a top choice for anyone looking to make a statement on the water.

Four Winns Brand Overview

Four Winns is a renowned boat manufacturer, specializing in building quality runabouts, bowriders, cruiser yachts, and tow sport boats since 1962. The company is based in the United States, and it has gained a strong reputation for its versatile and stylish boats that cater to various boating enthusiasts worldwide. The Four Winns brand is currently owned by the French boat company Groupe Beneteau, but it still operates out of Cadillac, Michigan, where it was initially founded.

The company's lineup of boats includes various series and models, one of which is the H-series. In 2022, the H-series underwent a complete revamp, embracing a whole new chapter for Four Winns. The redesigned bowrider lineup embodies both exquisite luxury and superior functionality. These vessels are purpose-built, catering to the diverse requirements of modern-day boating enthusiasts and water sports lovers.

Four Winns boats focus on integrating form, function, and style into every vessel they create. The brand strives to deliver instinctive boating experiences and redefine the time spent on the water, ensuring precious moments with loved ones can be enjoyed to the fullest. The company prides itself on innovation, quality craftsmanship, and an unyielding commitment to excellence, which has solidified its status as a highly sought-after boat brand.

Over the years, Four Winns has evolved to accommodate the changing trends within the industry while staying true to their core values. Their wide range of boats continues to offer superior performance, luxurious amenities, and cutting-edge designs that appeal to a broad spectrum of boating enthusiasts.

In summary, the Four Winns brand is synonymous with quality, versatility, and style. With a heritage spanning over six decades, this American boat manufacturer has played a vital role in shaping the boating industry and providing outstanding vessels for countless boating enthusiasts.

Model Lineup and Prices

Four Winns is a leading manufacturer of high-quality sailboats designed for various recreational activities on the water. The brand offers a diverse lineup of boats, which are categorized into Bowriders, Cruisers, Runabouts, and Watersports Series.


The Bowriders series consists of versatile and stylish boats that are perfect for family outings, day trips, or water sports. Their roomy bows also allow for additional seating comfortably. Some popular models in the Bowriders series and their starting prices are:


Four Winns Cruisers are designed for relaxation and entertainment. These boats are built for leisurely cruises with family and friends, featuring comfortable amenities such as spacious cabins, ample seating, and versatile entertainment options. Cruisers can range in size from 22 to 44 feet in length. Some models and their starting prices include:


Runabouts are smaller boats that offer plenty of speed and agility for water sports and weekend adventures. These boats are perfect for those who enjoy fishing, skiing, or wakeboarding. Popular Runabout models and their starting prices are:

Watersports Series

The Watersports Series combines performance and style, delivering excellent wakeboarding, surfing, and skiing experiences. These boats are powerful and agile, designed for fun and action-packed days on the water. Some popular models in the Watersports series and their starting prices are:

It's essential to note that the prices listed above are starting prices for 2023 models and are subject to change. Physical accessories and upgrades may also affect the final pricing for each model.

Hull Types and Design

Four Winns is well-known for its innovative hull designs, particularly the Stable-Vee® Hull. Introduced in 1993, the Stable-Vee® running surface revolutionized the boating industry with its simple yet effective design that provides smooth and stable handling on the water [source].

One of the prominent design features of Four Winns sailboats is the Modified Vee hull, which offers a balance between stability and speed. It features a flatter bottom aft section and a sharper V-shaped bow, enhancing the boat's performance and fuel efficiency, while providing a comfortable ride in various sea conditions [source].

Another hull type in the Four Winns lineup is the Deep Vee, designed for larger boats and offering excellent performance in rough waters. The deep V-shape of this hull cuts through waves, providing a smoother ride and better handling at higher speeds.

In addition to these traditional single-hull designs, Four Winns has ventured into the world of multi-hulls. They recently unveiled a prototype of their first catamaran, the TH36 [source]. Though this model is still in development, it showcases the company's dedication to exploring new hull concepts and expanding their product offerings.

Regarding hull movements, Four Winns sailboats integrate both planing and displacement features into their designs. Planing hulls are designed to lift the boat out of the water as it accelerates, minimizing drag and increasing speed. On the other hand, displacement hulls are built to move smoothly through the water at lower speeds. Four Winns manages to combine the advantages of both types in some of their models, offering versatile boats suitable for a range of activities [source].

In conclusion, Four Winns sailboats are known for their innovative design and hull types ranging from Modified Vee to Deep Vee and even multi-hulls. By incorporating planing and displacement features into their boats, they offer versatile vessels that cater to a variety of activities and conditions on the water.

Propulsion Systems

Four Winns sailboats offer a variety of propulsion systems to cater to different preferences and applications. The company recognizes the importance of providing their customers with options that allow them to optimize their sailing experience.

One popular choice for propulsion in Four Winns boats is the Inboard/Outboard (I/O) engine system. Combining features of both inboard and outboard engines, I/O systems are commonly found in Four Winns models. They offer exceptional maneuverability and come in both gas and diesel options, making them a versatile choice for boaters.

Inboard engines are another option for some Four Winns boat owners. While less common compared to I/O systems, inboard engines provide boat owners with more interior space and a central, low center of gravity. The power options are similar to I/O systems, with both gas and diesel engines available to meet individual needs.

A growing interest in sustainable boating has led to the development of electric propulsion systems for Four Winns boats. Recent sea trials conducted by Vision Marine and Beneteau showcased a Four Winns H2 OB powerboat outfitted with Vision Marine's innovative E-Motion™ 180E (180 hp) electric propulsion system source. This demonstration highlights the potential for electric power in the future of Four Winns boat models.

Four Winns also makes it possible for owners to select from various prominent engine manufacturers, such as Mercury and Yamaha. Both companies offer a range of engines with different power ratings and features, which further enhances the ability for boat owners to customize their propulsion setups according to their preferences.

To sum up, the Four Winns sailboat propulsion options include:

  • Inboard/Outboard engines (Gas or Diesel)
  • Inboard engines (Gas or Diesel)
  • Electric propulsion systems
  • Engine manufacturers: Mercury and Yamaha

By offering a multitude of propulsion options and collaborating with renowned engine manufacturers, Four Winns ensures that boat owners can find the optimal propulsion system tailored to their unique requirements and desires.

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