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Fountain Boats: Unrivaled Performance and Luxury on the Water

Fountain Powerboats is a renowned manufacturer of high-performance center console offshore fishing boats, sport boats, and catamarans. Known for their exceptional speed, safety, smoothness, and handling capabilities, Fountain boats have made a lasting impact on the boating industry. Combining innovative design, advanced technology, and a rich history, the company has earned its reputation for producing some of the world's finest vessels.

With a diverse range of models available, Fountain boats cater to a variety of boating enthusiasts, from casual fishermen to competitive speedboat racers. Notable models such as the 38SCX center console and the 47 Lightning performance boat showcase Fountain's dedication to engineering excellence and their commitment to providing a luxurious, high-performance experience for their customers. Regardless of the model, owners can expect exceptional quality and performance when investing in a Fountain boat.

History of Fountain Boats

Fountain Powerboats was founded by Reggie Fountain in late 1979, with money he had earned from real estate investments over the years1. Initially based in a former used car dealership in Washington, North Carolina, near the shores of the Pamlico River, the company quickly expanded and gained a reputation in the boatbuilding industry.

Fountain borrowed design elements from Paul and Darris Allison of Allison Boats2, and introduced innovation to the offshore performance powerboat market. The company was among the first to incorporate notched transoms and pad bottom design in their offerings2. These design elements, combined with Reggie Fountain's passion for racing, contributed to the rise of Fountain Powerboats as an industry leader.

The early models of Fountain boats were contract-built by Bill Farmer and Don Able from Excalibur Boats in Sarasota, Florida3. The first model they produced was a 31-footer, later extended by two feet and renamed the 10 Meter Executioner3. This model set the stage for the unique and easily recognizable "Fountain" look, characterized by a beak-like bow.

As the company progressed, Reggie Fountain formed a partnership with Fabio Bruzzi, a fellow racer4. Together, they developed a unique surface drive for high-performance speedboats, which was soon integrated into many of Fountain's boat designs4.

Throughout its history, Fountain Powerboats has held a commitment to innovation and performance, thanks to the vision and dedication of Reggie Fountain. The company continues to have a lasting impact on the powerboat industry, with many enthusiasts cherishing the history and unique designs that it offers.


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Popular Fountain Models

Fountain boats are well-known for their speed, safety, and smooth handling. This section covers some of the most popular models, including the 42 Lightning, Center Console Series, 32 Nx, 38 Sc, and 34 Sc.

42 Lightning

The 42 Lightning is a classic, iconic model from Fountain Powerboats. This stern drive V-bottom performance boat is designed for thrill-seekers and is considered one of the fastest boats in its segment. Its sleek design and powerful engines make the 42 Lightning an optimal choice for boating enthusiasts looking for speed and performance on the water.

Center Console Series

Fountain's Center Console Series includes a range of offshore fishing boats. Known for their smooth handling and safety, these boats are perfect for those who enjoy fishing and cruising. With models such as the 34 CC and 38 Center Console, the Center Console Series offers versatility to suit various boating needs.

32 Nx

The 32 Nx is a popular, sporty model designed for both fishing and leisure. The 32 Nx boasts a comfortable interior with ample seating, making it ideal for a day on the water with friends and family. Its advanced hull design ensures a smooth, stable ride even in choppy conditions.

38 Sc

The 38 Sc is another noteworthy model from Fountain Powerboats. This outboard center console boat is known for its head-turning style and impressive performance. With a fast and efficient design, the 38 Sc combines speed, stability, and style, attracting boating enthusiasts who appreciate both performance and aesthetics.

34 Sc

The 34 Sc is a slightly smaller sibling to the 38 Sc, offering similar performance and style in a more compact package. This outboard center console boat provides a great blend of speed, comfort, and functionality. The 34 Sc appeals to boaters who want a high-performance boat suitable for fishing and leisure activities without compromising on style or performance.

Boat Hull Types

Fountain boats offer a variety of hull types, each suited for specific boating activities and water conditions. The primary hull designs manufactured by Fountain include deep vee, modified vee, and catamaran.

Deep Vee: Deep vee hulls are the most common type of hull found in Fountain boats. This hull design features a sharp, narrow entry which allows the boat to cut through waves easily, providing a smooth ride in rough water conditions. The deep vee hull is well-suited for offshore fishing, saltwater cruising, and other activities requiring stability and efficiency in choppy waters source.

Modified Vee: A modified vee hull combines the sharp entry of a deep vee with a flatter bottom. This design offers a smoother ride in both calm and mildly rough water conditions while retaining the capability to handle challenging environments. Due to their versatility, modified vee hulls can be found in a diverse range of Fountain boats designed for various boating activities, such as freshwater fishing and watersportssource.

Catamaran: Fountain also offers catamaran hulls, which consist of two parallel hulls connected by a single deck. This design provides enhanced stability, making it suitable for day cruising and long-distance ocean expeditions. Catamarans have ample space for passengers and equipment and are known for their efficient performance and excellent fuel economy source.

In summary, Fountain boats provide a range of hull types, ensuring optimal performance and comfort for various boating activities and water conditions. By choosing the right hull type, you can enjoy a smooth and efficient ride while supporting your preferred boating experiences.

Fountain Boat Uses

Day Cruising

Fountain boats are ideal for day cruising thanks to their advanced hull designs and smooth ride. These boats provide a comfortable and thrilling experience on the water. Whether you choose an outboard or stern drive, V-bottom or cat, Fountain boats offer a variety of models suitable for leisurely day cruising. The 38SCX, for example, has a next-generation T-Top that extends to the gunwale sides and features a protective three-piece ventilated glass windshield.

Saltwater Fishing

For anglers seeking a high-performance fishing boat, Fountain boats excel in saltwater fishing applications. With center console designs and sizes ranging from the 34SC to the 38SCX, these boats offer plenty of space for fishing gear and ample room to move about while casting lines. Fountain boats provide a reliable platform for chasing offshore species and navigating the demands of saltwater environments.

Freshwater Fishing

Fountain boats are not only limited to saltwater fishing, but they also make suitable vessels for freshwater fishing. With stable hulls and diverse design options, these boats adapt well to lakes and rivers. The well-designed center consoles provide ample storage for tackle and gear, while the spacious deck areas give anglers room to cast and maneuver. Additionally, Fountain boats offer easy access to shallow water when targeting freshwater species.


Given their impressive performance capabilities, Fountain boats are also perfect for watersports enthusiasts. The boats' speed and handling make them fantastic for towing wakeboarders and water-skiers alike, ensuring a thrilling and enjoyable experience for all. The various models, like the Performance Series, provide ample power for watersports, ensuring a fun-filled day on the water.

Overnight Cruising

Although primarily designed for high performance and day use, some Fountain boats, such as the 40 PC, are well-suited for overnight cruising. These models offer more space and comfort, with sleeping accommodations for longer trips. So, while they may not be specifically designed for extended journeys, the versatility of Fountain boats allows them to be adapted for occasional overnight cruising when needed.

Propulsion Systems

Fountain boats have various propulsion systems to choose from, each with their own advantages and intended uses. They can be powered by different types of engines, including outboard-4s, inboard/outboard, inboard, and outboard-2s. Both gas and diesel engines can be used, depending on the specific system and boat type.

Outboard engines are a popular choice for many boaters, and two main types of outboard engines exist: 2-stroke (outboard-2s) and 4-stroke (outboard-4s). The 2-stroke engines are generally lighter and provide more power, while 4-stroke engines are known for their fuel efficiency and quieter operation.

Inboard engines are installed within the vessel itself and connected to the boat's propellers via a driveshaft. These engines are often found on larger boats and provide a great balance of power and efficiency. Inboard engines can run on either gas or diesel fuel.

Inboard/outboard, also known as sterndrive or I/O systems, are a hybrid solution combining the best of inboard and outboard engines. They have the maneuverability of outboards while delivering the power of inboards. Both gas and diesel options are available for inboard/outboard systems.

In addition to the traditional propulsion options, alternative systems like electric motors and hybrid solutions are becoming increasingly popular as the boating industry adapts to environmental concerns and changing trends. For example, the <a href="">Aura 51</a> from Fountaine Pajot is a pioneering electric catamaran.

Boaters should consider the following factors when choosing a propulsion system for their Fountain boat:

  • Size and weight of the boat
  • Intended use (recreational, racing, long-range cruising, etc.)
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Initial and maintenance costs
  • Environmental impact

By evaluating these factors and understanding the different propulsion options available, boaters can make an informed decision and select the best system for their Fountain boat.

Fountain Boat Categories

Fountain Powerboats is known for designing and manufacturing high-performance boats that cater to various needs, from sport fishing to cruising. This section provides an overview of the main categories of Fountain boats.

High-Performance Boats

When it comes to speed and performance, Fountain excels with their racing-inspired models. Boats like the 42 Lightning are popular among enthusiasts looking for speed on the water. These high-performance boats are designed with powerful engines, streamlined hulls, and advanced technology to ensure the best performance possible.

Sport Fishing Boats

Fountain also offers a selection of center console offshore fishing boats, which provide a perfect combination of speed, safety, and fishing amenities. These boats are tailored to the needs of avid anglers, featuring ample storage, rod holders, bait stations, and more. The 34 CC and 38 Center Console are excellent examples of Fountain's dedication to the sport fishing market.


For a more leisurely experience, Fountain produces some cruisers that offer a comfortable and enjoyable ride. Models like the 38 SC allow boaters to enjoy a smooth trip on the water, with comfortable seating, ample amenities, and the performance one would expect from a Fountain boat.

Wider Beam Boats

Some Fountain boats feature a wider beam for added stability and space. This feature is particularly useful in sport fishing and cruising models, as the extra space allows for more amenities, improved stability, and enhanced handling. The 43 NX is an example of Fountain's wider beam boats, providing a stable and comfortable experience on the water.

Fountain Powerboats delivers a variety of boat categories, each designed to cater to specific needs and preferences. Their impressive range of high-performance, sport fishing, cruising, and wider beam boats showcases the brand's dedication to providing exceptional marine experiences for all types of boaters.

Buying a Fountain Boat

New Vessels

Fountain boats are known for their high-performance capabilities and quality designs. New vessels can be found at the official Fountain Powerboats website, where interested buyers can explore contemporary models, including center consoles, sportboats, and catamarans. It is essential for prospective purchasers to research the best suitable models based on their requirements beforehand.

Prices for new Fountain boats may vary depending on the model, features, and customization options a potential buyer chooses. For those in the United States or Canada, contacting local Fountain dealerships can help provide accurate pricing and availability information for 2024 models.

Boats for Sale

For those interested in purchasing a pre-owned Fountain boat, various listings span across several reputable websites. Boat owners can find Fountain boats available for sale on YachtWorld and Boat Trader, with prices ranging from $34,695 up to $1,313,110, depending on the model and its condition.

Another notable source for used Fountain boats is United Yacht, which offers a broad range of Fountain boat models from different model years. The median price for these used boats is approximately $82,500.

Several factors should be considered while buying pre-owned Fountain boats. Here are some crucial aspects to evaluate:

  • Model year
  • Overall boat condition
  • Maintenance records
  • Ownership history
  • Engine hours

Considering these factors can help a buyer ensure that they are making an informed decision about purchasing a used Fountain boat.

Fountain Boat Dealers

Fountain Powerboats, a leading manufacturer of high-performance center console, sport boats, and catamarans, takes pride in their extensive network of dealers who are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and product expertise. Fountain dealers are located across the United States, making it easy for prospective buyers to find a dealer nearby.

To find a Fountain dealer convenient for you, the company provides a "Find a Dealer" search tool on their website. By selecting the product of interest and entering your location, this tool helps in locating the nearest Fountain boat dealer to assist with your needs.

Fountain dealers are known for their commitment to quality and service, meeting the standards set by Fountain Powerboats. They can assist both new and experienced boaters in finding the perfect Fountain boat model to meet their needs. Dealers might offer a variety of services, including:

  • Showing new Fountain boat models
  • Assisting with the purchasing process
  • Providing financing options
  • Delivering after-sales support, such as maintenance and repairs

Fountain boats can also be found on popular boat sale platforms, such as Boat Trader and YachtWorld. These platforms showcase both new and used Fountain boats available for purchase, typically provided by Fountain boat dealers or individual owners.

In summary, Fountain boat dealers play a significant role in helping customers find the perfect Fountain boat to match their needs. With dealers located throughout the United States and various platforms to help buyers find available boats, finding a Fountain boat has never been more accessible.

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