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Falcon Boats: Revolutionizing the Boating Experience

Falcon Boats is a renowned boat manufacturer based in Newberry, South Carolina, specializing in designing and crafting high-quality vessels for anglers of all skill levels. Their lineup includes bass boats and offshore vessels, offering exceptional performance, great handling, and remarkable usability. The combination of well-thought-out deck layouts, dependable construction, and attractive designs make Falcon Boats a popular choice among boating enthusiasts.

Anglers who choose Falcon Boats can expect superior performance, whether they're navigating inland waterways, backwater, or heading offshore. With models like the Falcon 22 Offshore, the company ensures a super-dry ride and top-notch handling, making it ideal for a variety of fishing environments. The attention to detail and more usable space than comparable boats in its size and class make Falcon Boats the go-to option for many passionate anglers.

Beyond performance, Falcon Boats understands the importance of accessibility and comfort for both novice and experienced anglers. Their lineup of vessels is designed with both functionality and style in mind, ensuring that every boating experience is enjoyable and fruitful. By offering quality vessels tailored to the needs and preferences of today's anglers, Falcon Boats continues to earn its spot among the top boat builders in the marine industry.

Falcon Boat Models

Falcon boats offer a range of models designed to cater to the needs of avid fishermen and boating enthusiasts. This section will discuss the various models, including the F185, F195, F205, F20 Predator, F215, and F21 Predator.


The Falcon F185 is an 18'5" boat designed to be compact and easily maneuverable while still offering ample fishing space. This model is a great option for those looking for a smaller, yet well-equipped fishing boat. The F185 provides ample storage and features a comfortable layout for a day on the water.


The Falcon F195 is a 19'5" model that offers excellent performance and stability. It is designed for the serious angler, featuring spacious front and rear decks and ample storage compartments. This model provides a well-balanced combination of size, performance, and features to cater to a range of fishing needs.


The Falcon F205 is a 20'5" model that offers a larger platform for fishermen who need additional space and amenities without the added bulk of bigger boats. This boat features a wide beam for added stability, and its design provides ample storage and fishing space.

F20 Predator

The F20 Predator is a 20'2" model specifically designed for competitive anglers. Boasting a sleek design and advanced features, this boat offers a high-performance platform for tournament fishing. The F20 Predator provides ample storage, large casting decks, and advanced fishing technology to assist anglers in their fishing pursuits.


Measuring 21'5" in length, the Falcon F215 is a larger boat that offers an impressive blend of performance, comfort, and features. This model's wide beam provides ample fishing and storage space, making it an excellent option for serious anglers looking for a spacious platform with the ability to navigate various water conditions.

F21 Predator

The F21 Predator is the 21' version of the Falcon Predator series, providing an even larger platform for competitive anglers. Designed to meet the demands of tournament fishing, the F21 Predator offers a spacious layout, advanced fishing features, and excellent performance capabilities. This model is well-suited for those seeking a high-performance fishing vessel built for competition.

Performance and Stability

Falcon Boats is known for its high-quality and performance-oriented bass boat models. Designed with a triple main beam stringer grid and a wide 99" beam, these boats offer enhanced stability and an improved ride on rough waters, making them suitable for both freshwater and offshore conditions [<a href="">Falcon Boats</a>].

The Falcon 22 Offshore is a prime example of the company's commitment to performance and stability. With its super-dry ride and well-thought-out deck layout, it provides more usable space than other boats in its size and class. The boat's size, handling, and draft make it equally at home in inland waterways, backwater, and even offshore environments [<a href="">Falcon Boats USA</a>].

Some key features of Falcon Boats that contribute to their performance and stability include:

  • 99-inch beam: Along with the triple main beam stringer grid, the wide beam provides increased stability, especially during high-speed turns or in rough waters [<a href="">Volunteer Boats</a>].
  • Outside-access rod lockers: Designed for easy access to tackle while standing outside the boat, this unique feature adds to the overall convenience and functionality [<a href="">BassFan</a>].
  • Tournament Edition models: Designed specifically for competitive bass fishing, Falcon's Tournament Edition boats feature even more advanced performance features and are optimal for freshwater use [<a href="">Falcon Boats</a>].

In conclusion, Falcon Boats' focus on quality, performance, and stability has resulted in a lineup of bass boats that can excel in both freshwater and offshore fishing environments. The combination of structural features, layout design, and specialized editions caters to a wide range of anglers, making Falcon Boats a trusted name in the industry.

Activities and Uses

Falcon boats are versatile and offer a wide range of activities to engage in. These boats are popular for their high-quality construction, making them suitable for various types of water conditions and usage preferences.

One common activity with Falcon boats is freshwater fishing, particularly in the pursuit of bass. These boats are designed with features such as a stable platform, ample space for gear, and excellent maneuverability to make the angler's experience enjoyable and successful. The specialized Falcon Bass Boats cater specifically to this purpose.

Bay cruising is another popular activity that can be performed with Falcon boats. With their combination of comfort, reliability and performance, these boats are ideal for a day out on the water. Families and friends can enjoy a leisurely cruise or anchor up for a swim, a picnic, or to take in the surrounding scenery.

Besides bass fishing and bay cruising, Falcon boats are also suitable for the following activities:

  • Water sports: Their agility and power make them ideal for water skiing, wakeboarding, and tubing.
  • Offshore fishing: The Falcon 22 Offshore model is designed for this purpose, with features such as a wide foredeck and full-length coaming bolster to support the angler while working the fish.
  • Day cruising: Falcon boats can accommodate small groups for a day out on the water, providing a comfortable and safe experience.

Overall, Falcon boats offer versatility and dependability to cater to a wide range of activities and preferences, making them a popular choice among boating enthusiasts.

Design and Features

Falcon Boats is known for its versatile and high-performance vessels, specifically designed to cater to a variety of fishing environments. One of their popular models, the Falcon 22 Offshore, offers a perfect blend of design elements that cater to both inshore and offshore fishing.

The Falcon 22 Offshore is a catamaran, characterized by its twin hull design, which provides increased stability and exceptional handling in a variety of water conditions. The boat's overall length measures 22 feet and 6 inches, with a beam of 8 feet and 6 inches. It offers a draft of 14-1/2 inches, making it ideal for navigating shallow waters, like those found in bass and bay fishing areas. This boat supports a maximum horsepower of twin 150s, ensuring a powerful and efficient performance on the water source.

Some of the noteworthy features of the Falcon 22 Offshore include:

  • Twin 22-gallon livewell tanks, allowing for ample bait storage source
  • A spacious 670-quart fish box, perfect for storing catches of any size
  • A center console layout with a leaning post, adding comfort and convenience for the angler
  • A fold-down dash panel, optimizing space and offering easier access to controls
  • A sliding cooler and tackle station, providing a functional and efficient storage solution

The boat also features comfortable forward bow seating and a contoured transom wall with a bench seat, ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable experience for anglers and passengers alike. In addition, the Falcon 22 Offshore is equipped with a dual Talon anchoring system, adding stability when fishing in various conditions source.

In conclusion, riders can customize their Falcon boats with the help of catamaran specialists, tailoring the design and features to their specific needs and preferences. The Falcon 22 Offshore catamaran is a prime example of the brand's commitment to quality, functionality, and versatility, making it an ideal choice for anglers interested in both bass and bay fishing as well as offshore adventures source.

Falcon Dealers and Locations

Falcon Boats is a well-established brand known for their high-quality, high-performance, and tournament-worthy boats. To cater to a wide range of customers, Falcon Boats has several dealers across different locations.

In the United States, customers can find Falcon Boats dealers through the dealer locator on their official website. This tool allows potential buyers to search for a dealer near their location. Falcon Boats continues to add new dealers to their network, so customers are advised to check back regularly for updates.

For those looking to purchase Falcon Boats outside the United States, there are international dealers available as well. In Australia, Chapman Marine Group and Euronautica are some of the dealers offering Falcon Boats.

When selecting a Falcon Boats dealer, customers should consider factors such as proximity to their location, available inventory, and customer service. Online platforms like Boat Trader can also assist in locating Falcon boat dealers and providing information on boat prices, photos, and other relevant details.

Whether you are a seasoned boater or a first-time buyer, finding the right dealer plays an essential role in your boat purchasing experience. By using available resources and taking into account location and dealer options, potential buyers can ensure they are making an informed decision when selecting a Falcon Boats dealer. 

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