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Excel Boats: Unrivaled Performance and Quality on the Water

Excel Boats is a reputable boat manufacturer based in the United States, with factories in Mountain View, Arkansas and Union City, Tennessee. Known for their durability and excellent performance in various water conditions, their boats are designed for both outdoor enthusiasts and professional users. They offer a wide range of boats for shallow water and mud motor applications, catering to the needs of hunters, fishermen, or anyone who seeks adventure on the water.

Manufactured using high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology, Excel Boats takes pride in the durability and reliability of their products. These boats are specifically designed to withstand harsh conditions, making them perfect for use in places with shallow waters, swamps, or marshlands. Built with solid craftsmanship and attention to detail, customers can trust that these boats will deliver a smooth experience, whether used for leisurely weekend fishing or a fast-paced hunting expedition.

With a versatile selection suited for various purposes, Excel Boats has established a strong presence in the boating industry. The company's steadfast commitment to innovation and quality continues to attract boat enthusiasts from around the country. If you're considering a boat purchase for your next water-bound adventure or profession, an Excel Boat is worth considering for its combination of durability, performance, and dependability.

Boat Models

Excel Boats is a company known for producing high-quality watercraft. They offer a variety of boat models catering to different needs and preferences. Some of their popular series include the F4 Series, Bay Pro Series, Viper Series, and Stalker Series.

F4 Series

The F4 Series boats by Excel are designed for hunters and fishermen who require a versatile and durable watercraft. These boats are built with a flat front for easy access to shallow water and feature an innovative hull design that provides a smooth and dry ride. Key features of F4 Series boats include:

  • Welded aluminum construction
  • Side storage compartments
  • LED navigation lights
  • Bilge pump

Bay Pro Series

The Bay Pro Series from Excel Boats is targeted at anglers who prefer fishing in bay, coastal, and inland waters. These boats are designed with a deep V-hull that ensures stability and comfort in rough waters. Notable features of Bay Pro Series boats include:

  • Raised casting decks
  • Multiple rod holders
  • Live wells
  • Trolling motor mount

Viper Series

Excel's Viper Series boats are built for speed and performance. These sleek watercraft cater to those who enjoy water sports or simply prefer faster boats. Key attributes of the Viper Series boats include:

  • Fiberglass hull construction
  • High-performance engines
  • Seating arrangements for passengers
  • Built-in cooler compartments

Stalker Series

The Stalker Series from Excel Boats is designed with the serious outdoors enthusiast in mind, providing utility and reliability in various water conditions. These boats are built with a modified V-hull and feature a layout that maximizes storage and workspace. Essential features of Stalker Series boats are:

  • Front and rear casting decks
  • Bow storage compartments
  • Gun racks
  • Heavy-duty transoms

Excel Boats' various series cater to a wide range of needs, making them a popular choice among boating enthusiasts. Each series offers unique features and capabilities that are designed to meet the specific demands of different users.

Design and Construction

Excel Boats, a premiere aluminum boat manufacturer, specializes in designing and building boats for outdoor recreational enthusiasts. Their lineup includes various models tailored to meet the specific needs of boating enthusiasts, from performance bass boats to camo-patterned duck boats Excel Boats.

The design process of Excel Boats focuses on creating functional boats with reliable performance and adaptability to different conditions. Part of the company appeal stems from attention to detail and ensuring each boat has the features required for ultimate hunting or fishing experience Excel Boats.

One notable design feature of the Excel Boats is their bay boat pad lift hull, which offers quick acceleration and exceptional speed and turning performance Design Feature. In addition, the hull design is ideal for those in search of a stable and responsive boat capable of navigating various conditions with ease.

Excel Boats are constructed at their manufacturing plant in Mountain View, Arkansas. The facility follows a meticulous ten-step process to guarantee the highest level of quality in each boat Plant Tour.

Some key aspects of their construction process include:

  • Using marine-grade aluminum for a lightweight yet durable build
  • Implementing advanced welding techniques to ensure structural integrity and longevity
  • Applying a quality paint job with robust corrosion resistance

In summary, Excel Boats offers a range of high-quality, customizable boats designed and built to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts. With innovative hull designs and rigorous attention to detail in the construction process, these boats provide a superior level of performance and versatility Excel Boats.

Console and Comfort Features

Excel Boats designs and manufactures a range of aluminum boats catering to freshwater fishing and day cruising enthusiasts who seek comfort and convenience on the water. One of the key features of these boats is their state-of-the-art consoles.

The Viper F4 series from Excel Boats offers both side and center console options. These consoles are equipped with a fuel gauge, speedometer, and tachometer to keep the boat's performance easily monitored. The switches on the console control the navigation and anchor light, bilge pump, and accessories, all backed with resettable breakers. Additionally, a 12-volt plug allows for effortless charging of accessories, and an optional LED headlight ensures visibility during night-time outings.

Another popular model from Excel Boats is the F4 Pro Center Console, a deluxe-loaded option designed for shallow water use. This boat features a massive, crash-resistant bull nose bow, and its console is crafted from .125 gauge 5086-grade aluminum, making it highly durable and reliable in various conditions.

The Excel Boats Stalker 2072 Side Console, on the other hand, is designed as an all-season fishing and hunting boat. Its side console configuration caters primarily to those who prefer additional space and easy navigation on the water.

When it comes to comfort, Excel Boats ensures that their designs offer plenty of space and strategically placed amenities. Most models include features such as:

  • Flip-up rear jump seats with under-seat storage
  • Deluxe center console with rod holders
  • Leaning post for added support and comfort
  • Dual front storage compartments for easy access to essential items
  • Locking rod boxes to secure your fishing gear
  • Two live wells to maintain the vitality of caught fish

In summary, Excel Boats is a reputable manufacturer of aluminum boats with a strong focus on integrating console and comfort features for an enhanced freshwater fishing and day cruising experience. With options such as the Viper F4, F4 Pro Center Console, and Stalker 2072 Side Console, there are suitable choices available for every boating enthusiast.

Performance in Shallow Waters

Excel Boats' F4 Shallow Water series is designed to provide exceptional performance in shallow water environments, whether navigating through logs, mud, or various forms of vegetation. These boats are specifically crafted to optimize the efficiency of surface-drive motors, such as Mud Buddy1.

Due to their slick bottom, F4 Shallow Water boats effortlessly glide over skinny water and obstacles with minimal resistance2. A few key features of these boats contribute to their high performance in shallow waters:

  • Triple Taper Chine: This feature allows the boats to roll into turns with limited slip, ensuring smooth and sharp maneuvering3.
  • Acceleration™ Pad Hull: This technology reduces drag in the water, resulting in better overall performance4.
  • Pro Hull Reinforced Floor: This addition provides increased strength and durability, suitable for navigating challenging shallow waters5.

F4 Shallow Water boats are also known for their ability to plane quickly and turn on a dime, setting them apart from competitor models6. With a combination of unique features and design elements, Excel Boats' F4 Shallow Water series offers reliable and efficient performance for those venturing into shallow waters.


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Fishing and Hunting Capabilities

Excel Boats cater to outdoor recreational enthusiasts, offering a variety of boats for different conditions. Their line-up includes center console, hunting boats, performance bass boats, and aluminum bay boats designed for both fishing and hunting activities.

The F4 Shallow Water series boasts a step deck transom design, specifically engineered for optimal performance from surface-drive motors like Mud Buddy. These boats glide effortlessly over shallow water, logs, mud, and vegetation, providing anglers and hunters seamless access to hard-to-reach spots.

For those who prioritize fishability and sturdy construction, Excel's Bay Pro line is a reliable choice. Their sharp handling and quick planing allow for enhanced mobility while fishing, as well as ample onboard space for gear and equipment.

Excel Boats also offers the Stalker series, which is designed for year-round fishing and hunting. The Viper hull can handle choppy waters, making it suitable for a variety of fishing environments, including open bodies of water.

In rough water conditions, Excel Bay Boats demonstrate outstanding capabilities. Manufactured by the nation's leading producer of aluminum bay boats, these vessels are designed specifically for hunting and fishing purposes.

Some key features of Excel Boats include:

  • Durable construction for both hunting and fishing activities
  • Designs optimized for different water conditions and environments
  • Performance-enhancing features such as quick planing and sharp handling
  • Ample space for gear and equipment storage

Excel Boats combine practicality and efficiency, making them a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts seeking versatile and dependable vessels for their fishing and hunting expeditions.

Bay Pro Models Comparison

Excel Boats offers a range of Bay Pro models catering to the needs of professional and recreational anglers. The Bay Pro series, known for its performance, functionality, and craftsmanship, features four main models: Bay Pro 183, Bay Pro 203, 220 Bay Pro, and 230 Bay Pro.

Bay Pro 183

The Bay Pro 183 is a versatile and robust model with a 0.160-inch thick hull. It comes with flip-up jump seats with storage, a deluxe center console with rod holders, a leaning post, two livewells, and over 31 cubic feet of storage. The Superliner™ interior coating provides secure footing, while twin floor drains keep the interior dry.

Bay Pro 203

Although specific information for the Bay Pro 203 was not readily found, it is likely similar to the other Bay Pro models with various configuration options to suit the needs of different anglers. The 203 model might offer more space for fishing and storage compared to the Bay Pro 183 model.

220 Bay Pro

The 220 Bay Pro model features a wide, deep, tough, and fast design. It includes many standard features, such as livewells, rod holders, and ample storage area. This model caters to multi-species fishermen and provides the space necessary to accommodate their needs.

230 Bay Pro

The 230 Bay Pro is an elite bay boat with a smooth running and fast design. This model boasts numerous features and options that cater to professional multi-species fishermen. The 230 Bay Pro represents the top tier within the Bay Pro series, providing the most extensive list of amenities and the largest overall size among the four models.

In comparison, the Bay Pro series models offer performance, functionality, and fishability for anglers with varying requirements. The 183 and 203 models cater to those who require a more compact boat with ample storage, while the 220 and 230 models provide additional space and features suitable for multi-species fishermen.

Regional Availability

Excel Boats, known for their high-quality aluminum bay boats, fishing boats, and hunting boats, are produced in various locations across the United States. The company has factories in both Mountain View, Arkansas, and Union City, Tennessee.

In the state of Utah, Excel Boats has a distributor located in West Jordan, Utah 84088. This facility allows customers in the region to find and purchase Excel Boats with ease. It is also worth noting that the company offers camo color options, making their boats ideal for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts in the area.

Residents of North Carolina, Illinois, and Texas can also purchase Excel Boats through an extensive network of dealers. A dealer locator is available on the Excel Boats website, which can be used to find the nearest dealer in these states.

Here is a quick breakdown of dealer availability in the following states:

  • Utah: West Jordan (7956 South, 1530 West)
  • North Carolina: Multiple dealers (searchable through the dealer locator)
  • Illinois: Multiple dealers (searchable through the dealer locator)
  • Texas: Multiple dealers (searchable through the dealer locator)

In conclusion, Excel Boats maintains a strong presence in several regions throughout the United States, including Utah, North Carolina, Illinois, and Texas. With multiple dealers and distributors in each of these states, enthusiasts of outdoor recreational activities have easy access to Excel Boats' products.

Buying Options

When considering purchasing an Excel boat, there are several options available for potential buyers. One of the primary sources for finding Excel boats for sale is the Excel Boats official website. Here, buyers can explore the various models offered, including bass boats like the Excel Tournament Ready Bass Boat EX 200 and bay boats such as the Excel Bay Pro Models 183, 203, and 220.

Another popular option for finding Excel boats for sale is Boat Trader, which provides detailed information on a range of Excel boats, as well as the option to search for and locate nearby Excel boat dealers. Boat Trader offers various services such as selling your boat or receiving cash offers from dealers.

Potential buyers can also explore the inventory on to find Excel boats for sale in their area. includes detailed information about each boat, and buyers can refine their search using filters such as location, price range, model, and year.

In summary, there are multiple buying options for those interested in purchasing an Excel boat:

  • Excel Boats official website: Explore various models and learn more about the company.
  • Boat Trader: Locate Excel boat dealers, compare prices, and connect with sellers.
  • Browse a wide selection of Excel boats for sale in your area, and use filters to narrow down your search.

These platforms offer potential buyers the opportunity to find the perfect Excel boat tailored to their needs and preferences, as well as options to sell their boats and get help with financing and insuring their purchase. 

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