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Donzi Boats: Performance and Design Excellence Explored

Donzi Boats, a renowned powerboat manufacturer, has been creating memorable experiences on the water for over five decades. Since its founding in 1964, the company has become synonymous with blending vintage style and modern technology, carving out a unique niche in the boating industry. Donzi's range of powerboats caters to boat enthusiasts who appreciate both performance and elegance, as their one-of-a-kind designs never fail to turn heads.

The heart of Donzi's line-up lies in their Classic series, consisting of timeless models cherished by many boating aficionados. These iconic boats have withstood the test of time, maintaining their allure and appeal across generations. In addition to their Classic series, Donzi also offers a variety of other boat models, striving to meet the diverse needs and preferences of their clientele.

As a testament to their quality and popularity, Donzi boats continue to be sought after, with both new and used models available for sale in various countries. With a wide array of options, Donzi remains a top choice for those searching for a unique, performance-driven powerboat that combines both style and substance.

Donzi Boats History

Donzi Boats, a renowned powerboat manufacturer, was founded by the legendary marine racer Donald Aronow in 1964 in the United States. The inception of this brand introduced a new era in the powerboat industry, offering high-performance boats that were both innovative and visually appealing.

Aronow's passion for speed and racing led him to establish Donzi Marine, and the brand quickly gained international success. Within just a year, he sold the company to Teleflex Inc. in mid-1965 (source). Following this, Aronow founded Magnum Marine in 1966, where he won his first World Championship driving two 27' Magnums in 1967.

The original Donzi "Sweet 16" racer, created in 1964, was a standout model that set the stage for the brand's further success. Over time, Donzi Powerboats has produced more than 25 fiberglass powerboat models, ranging from 16 to 43 feet in length (source).

Donzi Boats are designed with a primary focus on turbocharged performance and exceptional engineering. A testament to their quality, these boats have been described as the "Ferrari of the powerboat world" (source).

Throughout the years, while experiencing some gaps in production (mainly during the late 1970s and early 1980s), Donzi Boats have remained a prominent name within the powerboat industry. They continue to produce a diverse range of models, including sportfish yachts, speed boats, and center console boats.

Today, Donzi Marine operates from their facility located in Washington, North Carolina, and maintains a strong reputation for producing top-quality powerboats. These boats offer thrilling experiences while retaining the timeless design and performance that the brand initially became known for in the 1960s (source).

Types of Donzi Boats

Donzi is a renowned powerboat manufacturer known for producing high-quality, stable, and speedy boats suitable for a range of conditions and activities. This section will examine the different types of Donzi boats available, categorized into Performance Boats, Center Consoles, and Runabouts.

Performance Boats

Donzi's Performance Boats are designed with speed, stability, and superior handling in mind. These V-bottom boats come in various sizes and models, tailored to meet the needs of boating enthusiasts.

  • 22 Classic: A widely recognized model in the Donzi Classic series, the 22 Classic is an iconic, high-speed boat with outstanding handling and performance. Featuring a powerful engine, this sleek and agile V-bottom boat is suitable for both experienced and new boaters.

  • 38 ZRC: The 38 ZRC is another popular Donzi Performance Boat, offering a combination of speed, comfort, and style. With state-of-the-art design and engineering, this boat is perfect for adrenaline-fueled rides while maintaining a comfortable cruising experience.

Center Consoles

Center Console boats by Donzi offer versatility and functionality, particularly for anglers and water sport enthusiasts. These boats feature a central control station, providing easy access to all parts of the vessel and usually include sizable storage spaces and fishing amenities.

  • 28 ZX: The Donzi 28 ZX is an excellent example of a center console boat built for performance and enjoyment. It boasts ample seating, storage, and fishing features while delivering the speed and handling that Donzi is known for.

  • 32 ZF: The 32 ZF model is another exceptional center console offering from Donzi, designed to accommodate a range of activities from fishing to water sports. It comes equipped with all the necessary amenities, ensuring a successful day on the water.


Runabout boats are smaller, versatile vessels typically used for leisurely pursuits. Donzi offers a variety of runabouts suitable for different needs and preferences.

  • Donzi Sweet 16: The Donzi Sweet 16 is a stylish and compact runabout, perfect for day trips, watersports, and family outings. Combining performance with ease-of-use, this boat offers a dynamic and enjoyable boating experience.

Popular Donzi Boat Models

One of the popular Donzi boat models is the 38 ZSF, an offshore fishing boat that offers both speed and comfort. This model features a large cockpit and advanced fishing amenities, making it perfect for fishing enthusiasts.

Another well-known model is the 35 ZF Cuddy, a center console boat that provides a perfect balance between fishing and leisure. It includes features like a spacious cuddy cabin for overnight stays and ample storage for fishing gear.

The 28 ZX is a high-performance boat known for its speed and sleek design. This model features a comfortable cabin and can cater to families who enjoy spending time on the water.

One of Donzi's most iconic models is the 22' Classic. This timeless boat design offers vintage styling combined with modern technology. It never fails to turn heads and is a favorite among boating enthusiasts.

For those looking for speed and performance, the 32 ZF and Donzi 38 ZR models are excellent choices. The 32 ZF is a center console boat with twin high-powered engines, providing superior performance on the water. The Donzi 38 ZR is a racing boat that offers a combination of speed, style, and comfort.

The 3250 LXC is a versatile boat model that boasts a spacious layout and comfortable accommodations, making it ideal for family cruising, while still retaining Donzi's signature performance capabilities.

Lastly, the Donzi 38 ZRC is a sit-down performance boat that exhibits impressive speed and handling characteristics. This model features a state-of-the-art cockpit design and high-powered engines, making it perfect for those who love fast-paced boating.

In summary, Donzi offers a diverse selection of boat models to suit various preferences and needs. From fishing and family fun to high-performance boating, Donzi's line-up contains something for every boating enthusiast.

Boat Design and Features

Hull Types

Donzi boats predominantly feature two types of hulls: the deep-vee and the modified vee. The deep-vee hull, known for its excellent performance in choppy conditions, provides a smooth and comfortable ride, making it ideal for offshore boating and high-speed activities. On the other hand, the modified vee hull offers a balance between stability and efficient performance, making it suitable for various activities such as fishing and overnight cruising1.

Power Systems

When it comes to power systems, Donzi boats offer a range of options to cater to different boating preferences. Inboard, outboard, and inboard/outboard (I/O) engine configurations are available, with Mercury being a popular choice for outboard engines2. Gas and diesel fuel options are also available, depending on the boat model and engine type.

Materials and Construction

Donzi boats are constructed with high-quality materials such as fiberglass and stainless steel3. These materials not only enhance the boat's durability and performance but also ensure easy maintenance and longevity. The use of stainless steel hardware further strengthens the overall build quality and resistance to corrosion.

Material Application
Fiberglass Hull and deck structure
Stainless steel Hardware and fittings

In summary, Donzi boats offer a combination of top-notch design features and reliable power systems to cater to various boating activities. With a selection of hull types suited for different conditions, high-quality materials, and a range of power options, Donzi boats are a popular choice among boating enthusiasts.


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Activities and Uses

Donzi boats are versatile and offer a range of activities for boating enthusiasts. These boats can be used for watersports, day cruising, saltwater fishing, and freshwater fishing. Due to their sleek design and performance capabilities, they provide an enjoyable experience for both leisure and sport activities.

One of the popular activities with Donzi boats is watersports. The long and slender build of the boat, coupled with its impressive speed, makes it suitable for activities such as wakeboarding and water skiing. For example, the Donzi 38 ZRC can reach top speeds of over 120 mph, adding excitement to any water activity.

Day cruising is another enjoyable activity with Donzi boats. The boats' design and comfort features make them ideal for spending a day out on the water. Some Donzi models, like the Z 22 Cuddy, even offer comfortable seating and cabin spaces for added relaxation during your cruise.

For anglers, Donzi boats prove to be a great option for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. The narrow beam of the boats allows for easy maneuvering, and their impressive speed lets you cover a vast area in search of the perfect fishing spot. Whether you're pursuing fish in saltwater environments or exploring a freshwater lake, Donzi boats can adapt to various fishing circumstances.

In conclusion, Donzi boats are a popular choice for various activities on the water. From exhilarating watersports to relaxing cruises and fishing trips, these boats provide the versatility and performance needed to enjoy all that the open water has to offer.

Buying a Donzi Boat

New vs. Used

When considering purchasing a Donzi boat, buyers should weigh the pros and cons of buying a new or used vessel. New Donzi boats come with the latest features, technologies, and design improvements. However, they typically have a higher price tag than their used counterparts. For instance, a new 2023 Donzi 22 Classic is priced around $149,999, as shown on Boat Trader.

On the other hand, used Donzi boats can offer significant savings, allowing buyers to get into a high-quality boat at a more affordable price. For example, a 2000 Donzi Z 22 Cuddy is listed for $12,450 on Boat Trader. Additionally, used boats may have aftermarket upgrades or accessories included, increasing their overall value.

Authorized Dealers

When purchasing a Donzi boat, it is crucial to work with an authorized dealer. Authorized dealers have access to the latest inventory, manufacturer knowledge, and factory warranties, ensuring buyers receive the best experience possible when purchasing a new vessel.

Donzi boats are listed for sale on various platforms, such as YachtWorld and Prices for Donzi boats on YachtWorld range from $13,352 on the more affordable end, up to $2,204,640 for luxurious yachts.

When working with a dealer, buyers can expect:

  • A comprehensive selection of new and used Donzi boats available for sale.
  • Knowledgeable staff who can help identify the best model based on buyer preferences and needs.
  • Assistance in obtaining financing, insurance, and necessary documentation for a seamless purchase process.

In summary, when buying a Donzi boat, buyers should consider whether a new or used vessel is right for them and work with a reputable, authorized dealer to guarantee the best experience possible. 

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