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Cutwater Boats: A Comprehensive Guide for Buyers

Cutwater Boats is a renowned yacht builder known for designing versatile and innovative vessels that cater to a wide variety of boating enthusiasts. With a strong focus on ensuring that their boats are equipped with every feature necessary for a successful adventure, Cutwater Boats has become a popular choice among boaters who prioritize comfort, functionality, and performance. Whether it's off-grid cruising, fishing with friends, or enjoying watersports with family, a Cutwater boat promises a memorable experience on the water.

The Cutwater lineup includes a range of yacht models that span from 24 feet to 48 feet in length, with a mix of new and used yachts available for purchase from reputable brokers in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. These boats come with an array of amenities and features, such as spacious cabins, modern helms, and efficient hull designs, ensuring that every voyage is a smooth and enjoyable experience.

History of Cutwater Boats

Cutwater Boats is a renowned boat manufacturer based in the United States, known for designing and producing versatile, high-quality boating vessels. The brand was introduced as a recent addition to the family boating arena, with a fresh perspective on how cruisers should offer a comprehensive and pleasurable experience for boaters1.

The term "cutwater" has historical roots and refers to a style of vessel used for centuries. The Vikings first employed cutwater boats as early as the 9th century, designing them for use in rough waters with a sharp prow for cutting through waves2. Later, the British Royal Navy also utilized cutwater boats during the Napoleonic Wars2.

In modern times, Cutwater Boats has developed various models to suit diverse boating needs. Some of the popular models that were produced until the end of the 2022 model year include the C-24 CW and C-24 DC1. In response to shifting market demands, Fluid Motion, the parent company of Cutwater Boats, introduced its third brand, Solara, which focuses on day boating activities1. This strategic move positioned the Solara brand to cater to the open Cutwater 24 models perfectly1.

Cutwater Boats' adaptability and dedication to providing an enjoyable boating experience have quickly established the brand as a go-to choice for boating enthusiasts across the United States.


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Cutwater Boat Models

Cutwater Boats is known for offering versatile, high-quality boats in a range of sizes and styles, suitable for various budgets and activities [<a href="">source</a>]. This section will cover some popular Cutwater boat models: C-248 Coupe, C-32 CB, C-32 C, and C-28.

C-248 Coupe

The C-248 Coupe is a popular Cutwater model featuring an open layout that provides ample space for entertainment and relaxation. Its design prioritizes safety, thanks to high freeboard and secure side decks, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all.

Key features:

  • 24-foot length
  • Spacious and comfortable cockpit
  • Forward V-berth for overnight stays
  • Swivel helm and companion seats

C-32 CB

The C-32 CB is a versatile performance cruiser with a spacious and luxurious interior. This model offers a smooth ride thanks to its double-stepped hull design and efficient Yamaha outboard propulsion.

Key features:

  • 32-foot length
  • Command Bridge with additional seating and sun pad
  • Modern galley with refrigerator, stove, and microwave
  • Private stateroom with queen-sized island berth

C-32 C

The C-32 C is a well-appointed cruiser that provides ample space and modern amenities for comfortable vacations on the water. This model is perfect for day trips or overnight excursions with its comfortable stateroom and functional design.

Key features:

  • 32-foot length
  • Private double stateroom with en-suite head
  • Convertible dinette for additional sleeping space
  • Expansive cockpit for fishing or entertaining


The C-28 is a compact and efficient cruiser that doesn't sacrifice comfort or amenities. Designed for weekend trips or coastal cruising, this model delivers excellent performance without compromising on living space.

Key features:

  • 28-foot length
  • Functional galley with refrigerator and stove
  • Private double berth and convertible dinette for overnight stays
  • Spacious cockpit perfect for fishing or socializing

Design and Features

Boat Hull Types

Cutwater Boats offers a selection of boat hull types that cater to different needs and preferences. These types include:

  • Deep Vee: Known for their excellent handling in rough seas, deep vee hulls provide a smooth and comfortable ride. The sharp bow entry and steep deadrise angle allow them to cut through waves, reducing pounding and providing a drier ride.

  • Modified Vee: A compromise between deep vee and flatter hulls, modified vee designs offer a balance of stability and performance. They are versatile and suitable for a wide range of boating activities.

  • Semi-Displacement: Semi-displacement hulls are designed for efficient cruising at moderate speeds. They combine elements of both planing and displacement hulls, offering stability and fuel efficiency.

Performance and Economy

Cutwater Boats aims to provide their customers with boats that deliver both performance and economy. By using innovative design techniques and quality materials, they achieve efficient and reliable performance. One example is the use of a single diesel engine combined with a well-designed hull, resulting in lower fuel consumption and increased cruising range.

Laminar Flow Interrupters

One of the signature features of Cutwater Boats is the use of laminar flow interrupters, which are strategically placed along the boat hull to improve handling and overall performance. These interrupters help to break up water flow and reduce friction, allowing the boat to glide more smoothly and efficiently through the water. This innovative feature contributes to the excellent performance and economy that Cutwater Boats is known for.

Popular Uses


Cutwater boats are a popular option for fishing enthusiasts due to their design and functionality. Equipped to handle various water conditions, these boats offer the stability and features required for a successful day of fishing. Some key features of Cutwater boats that make them suitable for fishing include:

  • Spacious cockpit area: Ample space for fishing gear storage and casting lines.
  • Rod holders: Strategically placed rod holders that contribute to an organized and effective fishing experience.
  • Raw water washdown system: Allows for easy cleaning of fishing gear and decks.

Family Cruising

Family cruising is another popular use for Cutwater boats, as they are designed to accommodate groups with varying interests and ages. Whether it's a day trip or an extended holiday, Cutwater boats have the appropriate features to keep the entire family engaged and comfortable. Key amenities that make Cutwater boats ideal for family cruising are:

  • Comfortable seating: Ample seating with cushioned, adjustable chairs for both the captain and passengers.
  • Large swim platform: Easily accessible swim platform for water-based activities such as swimming or snorkeling.
  • Entertainment system: Audio and visual entertainment options to keep everyone entertained during the journey.

Overnight Cruising

Overnight cruising presents the opportunity to explore new destinations and fully experience life on the water. Cutwater boats are designed to provide a comfortable and convenient overnight stay. Features that contribute to an enjoyable overnight cruising experience on Cutwater boats include:

  • Sleeping accommodations: Comfortable sleeping arrangements, such as a forward berth or convertible dinette, ensure a good night's rest.
  • Galley facilities: Fully equipped kitchens that offer the convenience of preparing meals onboard.
  • Enclosed heads: Private restroom facilities with showers, enhancing comfort and privacy during overnight stays.

Overall, Cutwater boats cater to various boating activities, making them suitable for fishing, family cruising, and overnight cruising alike. With a functional design and an array of features, these boats provide versatility and comfort for any adventure on the water.

Engine and Mechanical Specifications


Cutwater boats offer a range of outboard engine options, providing versatility and efficiency to meet the needs of different boat owners. One popular choice is the Yamaha F250 4-stroke outboard engine, which delivers exceptional horsepower and fuel efficiency. Some key features of this engine include:

  • Fuel type: Gasoline
  • Horsepower: 250 HP
  • Engine type: 4-stroke

This Yamaha F250 outboard engine is known for its reliable performance and low maintenance requirements, making it a great choice for those who want to spend more time on the water and less time on engine maintenance.

Inboard Diesel Engines

For those who prefer inboard diesel engines for their Cutwater boats, there are options available that offer economical and smooth operation. Inboard diesel engines are known for their durability, fuel-efficiency, and low noise levels. Some general features of inboard diesel engines include:

  • Fuel type: Diesel
  • Engine configuration: Varies depending on the model

Specific engines may vary depending on the model of Cutwater boat, but in general, inboard diesel engines provide reliability and power while minimizing operational costs.

When it comes to maintenance and repairs, Cutwater boat owners can rely on experienced mechanics who have specialized knowledge of both outboard and inboard engines. They can help ensure that engines are running at peak performance and maintain the longevity of these vital components.

Onboard Comforts and Accommodations

Cutwater boats offer a range of comforts and accommodations designed to make their vessels both practical and enjoyable. The C-30 Command Bridge model, for example, accommodates six guests in three separate berths. This layout provides exceptional privacy and comfort, even on extended cruises.

The boats are also designed with planing hulls, which allow for smooth and efficient cruising. This feature, coupled with their medium-depth draft, enables Cutwater boats to navigate various waterways with ease. Their wider beams contribute to better stability and more interior space, enhancing the overall onboard experience.

In addition to spacious interiors, Cutwater boats also offer several outdoor seating options to enhance the cruising experience. On the foredeck, flush hatches open to reveal cushioned, secure observation seats, and a central forward lounge provides a comfortable area for relaxation.

Pilothouse designs are another key feature of Cutwater boats, adding a level of versatility that appeals to various boating needs. The C-30 S model is a great example of a sports cruiser with a functional, well-appointed pilothouse. These pilothouse designs offer excellent visibility, control, and protection from the elements, while still allowing for easy communication with passengers in the cockpit or cabin.

In terms of onboard amenities, Cutwater boats come fully-equipped and ready to cruise. The models are offered in different packages, such as the Northwest Edition and Luxury Edition, which include various premium features tailored to the needs and preferences of boaters.

In summary, Cutwater boats provide a comfortable and versatile experience, with a focus on onboard accommodations, practicality, and performance. The thoughtful design and features make these vessels well-suited for a range of boating adventures.

Buying and Owning a Cutwater Boat

Dealers and Pricing

When considering the purchase of a Cutwater boat, it's important to find a reputable dealer that offers a variety of models and pricing options. Prices can range from $78,888 for lower-priced models to $425,113 for the largest and most advanced boats1. Be sure to research and compare different dealers to ensure you're getting the best possible deal.

Boats for Sale

There are several platforms where you can find Cutwater boats for sale. Popular websites such as Boat Trader,, and YachtWorld offer various Cutwater models in different sizes, ranging from 24 feet to 48 feet2. These websites make it easy to filter your search results according to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring that you find the perfect Cutwater boat for your needs.

Service and Maintenance

Owning a Cutwater boat comes with the responsibility of proper service and maintenance to ensure its longevity and peak performance. Cutwater Boats emphasizes the importance of joining their family of boaters, which could potentially provide a support network and resources for maintaining your boat3. Before purchasing a Cutwater boat, inquire about dealer-offered maintenance plans, or seek recommendations for local service providers with Cutwater boat experience. Additionally, consider the feasibility of towing and trailering the boat for services, as this may impact your overall cost and convenience of ownership. 

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