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Crowline Boats: A Comprehensive Guide for Enthusiasts

Crownline Boats is a well-known manufacturer of a variety of watercrafts, including bowriders, cruisers, fishing boats, and sport yachts. Their innovative design philosophies have set them apart from other boat manufacturers, offering sporty, sophisticated, and classy vessels that cater to boating enthusiasts' diverse preferences and needs. Continually looking for ways to take their boats to the next level, Crownline has managed to make a distinguished mark in the boating industry. (source)

The company's lineup includes models like the Crownline Surf Series, which are designed to provide an exceptional experience for water sports enthusiasts, as well as cruisers and bowriders that cater to families and leisure boaters alike. With a wide range of new and used Crownline boats available for sale across different countries and through various dealerships and private sellers, potential buyers have plenty of options to choose from, tailoring their purchase to their unique requirements and budget.

To further enhance the boating experience, Crownline Boats offers a range of customization options and features in its lineup. This allows buyers to personalize their craft to suit their specific boating preferences, resulting in a truly unique and enjoyable on-water experience. The brand has earned a solid reputation for its commitment to high-quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and impressive performance, turning Crownline Boats into a top choice for many boating enthusiasts around the world.

History of Crownline Boats

Crownline Boats is a renowned United States-based boat manufacturer known for its innovative and stylish watercraft. The history of Crownline boats can be traced back to 1946 when brothers John and Lowell Crownover founded the company in Missouri (source). Over the years, the company expanded its offerings and established itself as a notable name in the boating industry.

In the early years, Crownline focused on developing versatile recreational boats, including ski boats, pontoon boats, and luxury cruisers (source). Their dedication to innovation and quality design allowed the company to create watercraft that truly stood out from the competition.

Today, Crownline boats continue to push the boundaries of design and functionality, boasting a range of sleek, sophisticated, and sporty watercraft (source). This commitment to excellence has earned Crownline a reputation for producing some of the most exciting and progressive boats on the market.

Types of Crownline Boats

Crownline Boats offers a variety of boat types to suit the needs and preferences of boating enthusiasts. Some of their popular boat types include bowriders, deck boats, and cruisers.


Bowriders are sporty boats designed for families and watersports enthusiasts. The Crownline Eclipse Series is a perfect example of a bowrider, offering versatile performance for water activities such as skiing, wakeboarding, and kneeboarding. These boats generally range from 19 to 30 feet and are designed with both style and performance in mind.

Deck Boats

Deck boats, like the Crownline E Series, combine the features of a bowrider with the spaciousness of a pontoon boat. These boats are perfect for entertaining and recreational activities, as they offer a large deck area for passengers to move around freely. According to the listings, deck boats are a popular choice among Crownline boat buyers.

Deck boats are available in a variety of sizes, with some models offering outboard or sterndrive options for propulsion.


Crownline cruisers combine unique styling with innovative features for effortless livability. The Crownline Cruisers collection includes various boat series such as the XSS series, EXS Series, and E Series. They offer a more luxurious experience designed for overnight trips and longer adventures on the water.

Cruiser models often include a comfortable cabin, ample seating, and more advanced navigation options to cater to the needs of those spending extended periods on the vessel. The prices for new cruisers typically start at around $47,995.

Innovative Design and Features

Crownline Boats are known for their innovative design, offering a unique combination of sporty style, sophistication, and class. The key focus of their design team is to constantly look for ways to take their boats to the next level, resulting in some of the most progressive boats on the market today (Crownline Boats).

One of Crownline's distinctive features is the electric fold-down arch, which comes standard on their Cross Super Sport (XSS) Series. This design element not only enhances the boat's aesthetic appeal but also provides added functionality and ease of use (Hern Marine).

Another important aspect of Crownline's design is the well-crafted head compartment found in many of their models. The spacious and comfortable head compartment offers both privacy and convenience, featuring an electric flush head in some XSS Series models (Hern Marine).

Storage is also a key focus in Crownline Boats. Their innovative design approach incorporates ample storage options throughout each boat, enabling all passengers to stow their belongings securely and comfortably. This thoughtful approach ensures that every aspect of the boating experience is considered, enhancing overall enjoyment on the water.

Performance and Boat Hull Types

Crownline boats are known for their impressive performance and innovative hull designs. One of the key factors contributing to their performance is the patented F.A.S.T. TAB® Hull Design. This unique hull design improves slow-speed stability, time-to-plane acceleration, and fuel economy, making the boating experience enjoyable and efficient for both novice and experienced boaters.

Boat hulls can be classified into several types, with each having its advantages and performance characteristics. The most common boat hull types include modified Vee, deep Vee, monohull, and planing hulls. Let's take a closer look at these hull types and how they impact the performance of Crownline boats.

  • Modified Vee: Modified Vee hulls have a V-shaped bottom with a flatter section towards the stern. This design provides a smooth and comfortable ride in various water conditions, while also offering improved stability and fuel efficiency.
  • Deep Vee: This hull type has a sharp V-shaped bottom, which allows for better handling and a smoother ride in rough water conditions. Crownline's F.A.S.T. TAB® Hull Design is inspired by this design, adding fin-assisted safe turn features to enhance performance.
  • Monohull: Monohulls have a single hull and are the most common type of boat hull. Their simplicity and versatile designs can adapt to various boating conditions, water activities, and performance requirements. The majority of Crownline boats fall into this category.
  • Planing: Planing hulls are designed to lift the boat as it gains speed, reducing drag and allowing for higher speeds and improved fuel efficiency. The F.A.S.T. TAB® Hull Design incorporates elements of planing hulls, which help Crownline boats achieve better time-to-plane acceleration and overall speed.

Understanding the different hull types and how they impact performance can help boaters make informed decisions when choosing a Crownline boat that best suits their needs and preferences. Crownline's innovative F.A.S.T. TAB® Hull Design combines the best features of various hull types to offer a versatile and high-performance boating experience.

Popular Models

Crownline Boats offers a wide range of models to cater to various boating needs. Some of the popular models in their lineup include the 290 XSS, 260 XSS, 264 CR, and their outboard boats. These models are designed to provide an enjoyable and satisfying boating experience for families and boating enthusiasts alike.

The 290 XSS is an outboard model that boasts impressive looks and performance. It is perfect for those looking for a versatile boat that can handle both leisure and sport activities. This model features a spacious layout and comfortable seating, making it an ideal choice for families and groups of friends who enjoy spending time on the water.

Another popular model is the 260 XSS, a bowrider that provides ample space and style for a fantastic day out on the water. With its sleek design and impressive performance, the 260 XSS is perfect for watersports, cruising, or simply relaxing with friends and family. Its luxurious seating and various amenities cater to the needs of every passenger on board.

For those seeking a combination of comfort and performance, the 264 CR is an excellent choice. This cruiser offers elegant, contemporary styling and a smooth ride, making it perfect for extended trips or weekend getaways. With its spacious cabin and numerous features, the 264 CR ensures a comfortable and enjoyable journey for its passengers.

In addition to these popular models, Crownline also offers a range of outboard boats designed to offer flexibility and convenience. These boats are perfect for families or individuals who enjoy various water activities, such as fishing, wakeboarding, and cruising. With their impressive performance and stylish designs, Crownline's outboard boats are a popular choice for many boating enthusiasts.

Propulsion Systems

Crownline Boats offers a variety of propulsion systems to suit the needs and preferences of boaters. The company's line of boats features outboard, inboard/outboard (also known as sterndrive), and inboard engines.

Outboard engines are popular among many Crownline models, with 11 outboard models available in the 20- to 30-foot range. These engines are typically easier to maintain and offer better fuel efficiency than their inboard counterparts. Outboard-4S or four-stroke engines have become increasingly popular due to their quieter operation and reduced emissions.

Inboard/outboard, or sterndrive, engines can be found in 12 of Crownline's sterndrive models, ranging from 20 to 30 feet. Sterndrive propulsion offers the advantage of improved handling and maneuverability, and the option for boaters to trim the drive for optimal performance.

Inboard engines, often seen in larger boats such as cruisers, are featured in some Crownline models like the 220 SS. These engines are typically more powerful and provide a smoother ride, making them ideal for boating activities that require power and stability.

When it comes to fuel types, Crownline boats predominantly utilize gasoline engines. Additionally, Crownline partners with Mercury Marine as their exclusive supplier of engines, ensuring quality and reliability across all propulsion options. While electric propulsion is not currently offered for Crownline boats, the continued advancements in marine technology may lead to more eco-friendly options in the future.

Boating Activities Suited for Crownline Boats

Crownline boats are designed to cater to a variety of boating activities, providing an enjoyable experience for the whole family. Activities that can be enjoyed on these versatile boats range from day cruising to watersports to both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

Day cruising is a popular activity for Crownline boat owners due to the comfortable and spacious seating arrangements found in their Eclipse Series. These sport boats provide the perfect setting for a leisurely day on the water, offering ample storage for food, drinks, and other essentials while exploring beautiful lakes or coastal waters.

For those who enjoy watersports like skiing and wakeboarding, Crownline boats are an excellent choice. The smooth, stable ride and strong towing capabilities provided by the F.A.S.T. Tab Hull Design make these boats ideal for a thrilling day of fun on the water, perfect for both beginners and experienced watersport enthusiasts.

When it comes to fishing, Crownline boats have got you covered for both freshwater and saltwater angling. With ample storage for fishing gear and plenty of room for casting lines or setting up a comfortable fish-fighting station, these boats are an angler's dream. For those seeking to add some excitement, their boats can accommodate ski and wakeboard enthusiasts, allowing for a perfect day of mixed activities.

Overnight cruising is also a possibility with Crownline boats, especially for those looking to embark on a weekend adventure. Many models offer additional features like an enclosed cabin, providing a safe and cozy space for rest and relaxation after a fun-filled day on the water. Crownline boats truly cater to a wide range of activities, offering something for everyone to enjoy during their time on the water.

Size Range and Average Beam

Crownline boats offer a variety of sizes and styles to cater to different boating needs. Within their lineup, you can find boats ranging from around 18 feet to 35 feet in overall length. This variety ensures that there is a suitable option for everyone from first-time boaters to experienced captains.

The smaller end of the Crownline size range includes models like the Crownline 180 BR, which is a versatile bowrider that measures 18 feet in length. Designed to be an entry-level model, it's perfect for water sports enthusiasts and families looking for an affordable yet high-quality boat.

As you move up in size, there are other models like the Crownline 210 SS with an overall length of 20 feet 10 inches, and the Crownline 220 SS bowrider that measures 21 feet 10 inches in length. These models provide more space and additional features for added comfort on the water.

In terms of beam width, Crownline boats typically offer generous space for their size. For example, the Crownline 210 SS has a beam of 8 feet 2 inches, while the larger 220 SS has a beam of 8 feet 6 inches. This wider beam translates to increased stability and provides ample room for passengers and gear.

Crownline Boats Pricing

Crownline Boats is a renowned company known for its premium quality boats, offering a wide range of options from bowriders, deck boats, cuddy cabins, to cruisers. When considering the cost of purchasing a Crownline Boat, there are several factors that can influence the pricing.

As a potential buyer, it's essential to know that the prices of Crownline Boats can vary based on features, amenities, and designs. According to YachtWorld, Crownline boats can range from $9,172 for more modest options, up to $287,919 for more luxurious models. The price also depends on the specific model and its age.

For instance, when browsing for Crownline boats for sale on Boat Trader, you can find various listings for different models:

  • 2001 Crownline 262 Cruiser - $33,250
  • 2018 Crownline 264 CR - $88,900
  • 2008 Crownline 270 BR - $46,500


Please note that the aforementioned prices are subject to change, and it's always best to refer to the latest listings when researching the cost of a Crownline Boat. In conclusion, the price of Crownline Boats depends on factors such as model, age, and features. To make an informed decision on which boat is right for you, consider these factors and keep an eye on the latest listings for the most up-to-date pricing information.

Buying New and Used Crownline Boats

Crownline is a well-known manufacturer of boats, offering a wide range of new and used vessels for sale. Whether you're interested in a power bowrider, a cruiser, or a deck boat, Crownline offers various boat types and models to suit your needs.

When searching for new Crownline boats, there are several reputable dealerships and online platforms where you can find these high-quality vessels. One such platform is YachtWorld, where you can find 57 new Crownline vessels among a total of 213 yachts listed for sale.

Used Crownline boats can also be found on several platforms, offering a more budget-friendly option for those looking to invest in a Crownline boat. has an extensive listing of 484 used Crownline boats available for sale, including various models and conditions to suit a wide range of preferences and budgets.

When buying a Crownline boat, it's important to consider the condition of the vessel. By assessing factors such as the boat's age, usage, and maintenance history, you can make an informed decision about the best Crownline boat for your needs.

In addition, many online boat sale platforms offer detailed search options, allowing you to filter your search based on criteria such as boat type, length, price, and location, making it easier for potential buyers to find their ideal Crownline boat.

Crownline Boat Dealers and Support

Crownline Boats is a renowned manufacturer of bowriders, cruisers, fishing boats, and sport yachts. As a potential owner, it is essential to find reliable dealers that can offer support and expertise during the purchasing process. In this section, we will discuss how Crownline Boat dealers help in making an informed buying decision and the support they provide to customers.

One of the first steps when considering a Crownline Boat is to locate a dealer near you. A visit to the Find a Dealer page on the Crownline Boats website helps you find authorized dealers in your area. These dealers offer tremendous support by showcasing various Crownline models, providing test drives, and assisting in the purchasing process.

Once you have located a Crownline Boat dealer, you can rely on their expertise to guide you through the available options to match your boating lifestyle. Dealers know the product line well and can advise on the right boat for you, whether it's for family outings, fishing with friends, or hosting large parties. They can also help you navigate financing options, ensuring that you acquire your dream boat without putting a strain on your budget.

In addition to purchasing guidance, Crownline Boat dealers offer essential support services to boat owners. This support includes regular maintenance, warranty repairs, and access to a comprehensive range of genuine Crownline parts and accessories. By maintaining a close relationship with your dealer, you can ensure that your new boat remains in prime condition for years to come.

Furthermore, Crownline Boat dealers strive to create a community around their products. Owners can benefit from networking opportunities with other owners in their region or worldwide, organizing events or trips together, and learning from their collective experiences. Participating in gatherings or online forums with other Crownline enthusiasts can lead to lasting friendships and valuable insights into maintaining and maximizing the enjoyment of your vessel. 

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