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Contender boats are renowned for their durability, performance, and reliability. Established over 35 years ago, Contender has earned a reputation for constructing some of the world's finest semi-custom sportfishing boats. These vessels are meticulously handcrafted, with each model engineered to meet the high standards of professional and recreational anglers alike.

Buyers in the market for a Contender boat will find a variety of options, ranging from new to used models, and many available through reputable dealers and brokers. Websites such as Boat Trader, YachtWorld, and offer extensive listings for Contender boats, making it easy for prospective owners to find the perfect model to suit their needs.

Whether it's a day cruiser, tournament fishing vessel, or a versatile family boat, Contender has an array of models and configurations available to ensure that each customer finds their perfect match. With a long-standing reputation for quality craftsmanship and satisfying customers' demands, investing in a Contender boat guarantees a rewarding experience on the water.

Overview of Contender Boats

Contender boats are known for their craftsmanship and performance in the world of sportfishing. This section provides insights into the history and reputation of Contender boats, as well as the various types of boats they manufacture.

History and Reputation

With over 35 years of experience, Contender Boats has established a strong reputation in the sportfishing industry. The company focuses on careful engineering and meticulous hand-crafting techniques to build boats that are both durable and high-performing.

The long-established reputation of Contender boats comes from their attention to detail and commitment to quality. They prioritize the construction of boats that out-perform and out-last their competitors, a mindset that has earned them a loyal following.

Types of Contender Boats

Contender offers a range of boat models designed to cater to the needs of various types of sportfishing enthusiasts. Some of the popular models are as follows:

  • Day Cruisers: These boats are suitable for day-cruising, freshwater fishing, and saltwater fishing. A prime example is the Contender 27, which is built with a fiberglass deep-vee design, offering stability in various water conditions (Boat Trader).
  • Center Consoles: Center console boats are popular among serious anglers due to their practical design and versatile usage. Contender has a variety of center console boats available, such as the 2022 Contender 28 Tournament (Boat Trader).
  • Cuddy Cabins: These boats provide the option for overnight stays, offering comfort and versatility. The 2004 Contender 31 Cuddy is a classic example of this type of boat (Boat Trader).

In addition to these common types, Contender also offers various customizations depending on the needs and preferences of the buyer. Regardless of the model, Contender boats are designed to handle diverse fishing scenarios and provide a smooth and comfortable experience for the user.

Popular Contender Boat Models

Contender boats are a popular choice among enthusiasts due to their versatility, durability, and excellent performance. In this section, we will discuss some of the most popular Contender boat models, including the 39 ST, 32 ST, 35 ST, 25 Bay, and 30 ST.

39 ST

The 39 ST is a high-performance center console fishing boat known for its speed, stability, and range. It is perfect for anglers who enjoy offshore fishing or participating in competitive fishing events. With its spacious layout, the 39 ST offers ample storage and seating options, making it ideal for long days on the water.

32 ST

The 32 ST is a versatile model that seamlessly balances its sportfishing capabilities with a comfortable interior. It features a spacious cockpit, perfect for tackling larger catches, while also offering a comfortable and roomy environment for friends and family. The 32 ST is a popular choice for both casual and serious anglers alike.

35 ST

Featuring a balanced combination of comfort and functionality, the 35 ST is another popular choice among fishing enthusiasts. With a spacious design that allows for easy maneuvering and ample seating options, this model is perfect for both fishing and cruising. Its powerful performance capabilities make the 35 ST a great choice for long-range offshore fishing trips.

25 Bay

The 25 Bay is a versatile bay boat designed for shallow water fishing adventures. With its stable hull and efficient fuel economy, this model provides an excellent platform for exploring inshore waterways and backwaters. Its sleek design and high-quality construction make the 25 Bay a favorite among inshore anglers who prioritize comfort and performance.

30 ST

Last but not least, the 30 ST is a popular offshore fishing model that combines performance, durability, and comfort. The 30 ST is ideal for anglers looking for a dependable and user-friendly platform that can easily tackle rough offshore conditions. With ample storage, comfortable seating, and powerful performance capabilities, the 30 ST is a great choice for a wide range of fishing activities.

Boat Hull Types and Performance

When evaluating Contender boats for sale, it's essential to understand the boat hull types and their impact on performance. This section covers the two main hull types commonly found in Contender boats: Deep Vee and Planing.

Deep Vee

The Deep Vee hull type is known for its sharp, deep V-shaped hull that cuts through the water, providing a smoother ride in rough seas. This hull design is prevalent in Contender boats, such as the 32 ST and 35 ST models.

The primary advantages of the Deep Vee hull include:

  • Smooth and comfortable ride in rough waters
  • Excellent seakeeping and handling capabilities
  • Better stability at high speeds

However, the Deep Vee hull may not be as fuel-efficient as other hull types, and it may require more power to achieve the same speed compared to planing hulls.


Planing hulls are designed to lift the boat out of the water as it gains speed, reducing drag and maximizing fuel efficiency. Contender has introduced this hull design in their 30-foot boat, the 30ST model, which is their first boat to feature a stepped hull – a design that adds increased performance, range, and fuel economy.

The main benefits of planing hulls include:

  • Higher top speeds
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Faster acceleration

Keep in mind that while planing hulls offer increased speed and efficiency, they may not perform as well as Deep Vee hulls in rough water conditions.

In conclusion, Deep Vee and Planing hull types both offer distinct performance advantages for Contender boats. While Deep Vee hulls provide a smooth ride in rough seas, Planing hulls maximize fuel efficiency and speed. When choosing a Contender boat, consider your intended use and the conditions you'll be encountering to select the best hull type for your needs.

Contender Boats Features

Contender boats are known for their versatility, high-quality construction, and exceptional performance. In this section, we will explore some of the key features that set these boats apart.

Center Console

The center console design of Contender boats provides ample space for seamless movement and accessibility. This allows for a 360-degree fishing experience and ensures that the captain and anglers have quick access to all areas of the boat while navigating or fishing.

Sport Fishing

Contender boats are purpose-built for sport fishing, offering features such as an efficient hull design for a smooth, dry ride and catering specifically to the needs of hardcore anglers. With ample storage and dedicated spaces for tackle and equipment, Contender boats make for an excellent choice for sport fishing enthusiasts.

Overnight Cruising

Though predominantly designed for fishing, Contender boats also offer comfortable amenities for overnight cruising. Select models have cabin spaces, including comfortable berths and adequate headroom, ensuring a restful experience for those spending the night on board.

Day Cruising

Contender boats are also popular choices for day cruising, thanks to their functionality and performance. Comfortable seating, ample shade, and quality sound systems create a relaxing atmosphere for enjoying a leisurely day on the water.


Walkaround models in the Contender lineup provide additional versatility for anglers and boaters. The full walkaround design facilitates easy access to all areas of the boat, ensuring a safer and more efficient fishing experience.

Wider Beam

Contender boats are known for their wider beam, creating a stable and spacious platform for fishing and cruising activities. This feature enhances the overall comfort and performance of the boat, providing additional room for amenities and activities on board.

Forward Seating

Many Contender boats feature comfortable forward seating, which is ideal for entertaining guests or relaxing while underway. These seating areas often include cushioned benches, backrests, and storage compartments, contributing to a comfortable cruising experience.

Rod Holders

Anglers will appreciate the well-placed rod holders on Contender boats, which cater to various fishing styles and techniques. These rod holders ensure that fishing gear is always within reach, making it easier to switch between setups and respond quickly to changing conditions.

Trolling Motor

Some Contender boats are equipped with trolling motors for precision maneuvering during fishing activities. These motors provide quiet and efficient propulsion, allowing anglers to approach their target species without disturbing them.

Buying Contender Boats

Contender boats are known for their high-quality craftsmanship and outstanding performance on the water. When looking to purchase a Contender boat, buyers have the option of choosing between new vessels and used boats for sale.

New Vessels

Contender offers a range of semi-custom sportfishing boats that can be tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of each buyer. These new vessels are carefully engineered and meticulously hand-crafted to ensure the finest quality and performance.

Buyers can find new Contender boats available through dealers, as well as on websites like Boat Trader and YachtWorld. Both platforms offer extensive listings that can be filtered by factors like location, price, and specifications, helping buyers find the perfect boat for their needs.

Used Boats for Sale

In addition to new vessels, there is a thriving market for used Contender boats. These second-hand boats can offer significant savings and may already come with additional accessories and modifications installed by previous owners.

Used Contender boats can be found for sale by both dealers and private sellers. Websites like and Boat Trader feature a wide selection of used Contender boats, allowing potential buyers to compare options and find the best deal to suit their budget and requirements.

When purchasing a used Contender boat, buyers should be aware of any potential maintenance or repair needs. Thoroughly inspecting the boat's condition and consulting with experienced marine surveyors can help ensure that the boat remains a reliable and enjoyable investment for years to come.

Contender Boats Pricing

Contender Boats Cost

Contender boats are known for their quality, performance, and durability. The prices for these vessels can range from a more modest $45,123 to $1,074,500 for sophisticated, luxurious yachts (YachtWorld). Factors that can affect the cost of Contender boats include model, age, size, and equipment.

For example, a 2023 Contender 44 FA is priced at $1,190,000, while a 2004 Contender 31 Cuddy is priced at $199,900 (Boat Trader). Buyers interested in purchasing a Contender boat should research the specific model they are considering in order to determine the fair market value and any additional costs related to customization or equipment.


Contender boats can be found through various dealers across several locations. A good starting point for finding Contender boats for sale is online marketplaces such as Boat Trader, YachtWorld, and These platforms provide detailed listings that include boat specifications, pricing, and dealer contact information.

Buyers can also find Contender boats for sale at certain dealers within their local area. For example, those looking for Contender boats in New Jersey may refer to listings on Boat Trader to zero in on available inventory at local dealers.

In addition to dealerships, Contender Boats has its own website, which offers information on their semi-custom sportfishing boats and allows buyers to connect with a local representative who can provide further assistance on available models, pricing, and purchasing.

Fishing with Contender Boats

Contender Boats are known for their exceptional performance, quality, and versatility. Designed for fishing enthusiasts, these boats offer great experiences in various fishing environments.

Saltwater Fishing

Contender Boats are well-suited for saltwater fishing, providing stability and durability to withstand the challenges of the open sea. They are built to deliver a smooth and comfortable ride in various sea conditions, making them a popular choice for anglers targeting offshore species. With their reliable performance, Contender Boats enhance the overall saltwater fishing experience.

Freshwater Fishing

Although primarily designed for saltwater, Contender Boats can also be used for freshwater fishing. Their design and performance allow anglers to access and navigate various waterways with ease. Many freshwater anglers appreciate how these boats can maneuver through shallow waters, providing access to hard-to-reach fishing spots.

Inshore and Offshore Fishing

Contender Boats cater to both inshore and offshore fishing requirements. For inshore fishing, the Contender 25 Bay is particularly popular, offering a versatile platform for fishing in bays and other protected waters. Built for calm days and shallower waters, this model is ideal for navigating inshore fishing spots.

Offshore anglers often prefer larger Contender Boats, which can handle rougher seas and extended trips. These boats are built to provide comfort and safety, allowing anglers to focus on the excitement of the catch. With their impressive capabilities, Contender Boats are a top choice for both inshore and offshore fishing adventures.

Outboard Engines

Contender boats are known for their performance and versatility, and a significant factor contributing to these qualities is the choice of outboard engines. Outboard engines come in two main types: four-stroke (4S) and two-stroke (2S).


Four-stroke outboard engines have gained popularity due to their efficiency, reliability, and environmental friendliness. These engines perform the four cycles of intake, compression, power, and exhaust within two engine revolutions, resulting in a smoother, more balanced operation. Some of the most popular 4S outboard engines for Contender boats include Yamaha and Mercury brands. For instance, the 2000 Contender 28 Center Console is powered by twin 2008 Yamaha 200 HPDI 4S outboard motors.


Two-stroke outboard engines have a simpler design and tend to be lighter, which can contribute to better overall performance. These engines complete the four cycles within a single engine revolution, making them powerful for their weight. However, 2S engines are less fuel-efficient and emit more pollutants than 4S engines.

Contender boats utilize both 4S and 2S outboard engines, depending on the model and purpose. While 4S engines have become more popular due to their efficiency and environmental benefits, 2S engines still have their place in the market. Choosing the right outboard engine for your Contender boat will depend on factors such as speed requirements, fuel consumption preferences, and boating activities.

Contender Boats in the United States

Contender boats are known for their high quality, performance, and versatility. In the United States, there are various options available for those interested in purchasing a Contender boat, whether new or used.

A popular platform for finding Contender boats for sale in the United States is Boat Trader. Listings can be found for various models, such as the 2023 Contender 44 FA, with prices ranging from $199,900 for a 2004 Contender 31 Cuddy to $1,190,000 for a newer model. Financing options are available for qualified buyers.

Another source for Contender boats in the United States is, where 168 boats are listed for sale. This inventory includes the Contender 44 CB, a new 2023 model that combines the fishability of the 44ST with room to escape the elements.

Buyers can also search for Contender boats on YachtWorld, which currently lists 136 yachts for sale by experienced brokers, including 42 new vessels and 94 used yachts. These boats are available not only in the United States but also in Australia, Guadeloupe, Puerto Rico, and the British Virgin Islands.

Contender boats can be easily customized to suit the needs of individuals looking for fishing, diving, or leisure activities. For instance, the 24S model found on has a fuel capacity of 130 gallons, providing ample range for day trips and achieving over 2.5 mpg at 30 mph when powered by a single Yamaha F300 engine.

In summary, there are multiple platforms to find Contender boats for sale in the United States, providing potential buyers with a wide range of options to choose from based on their preferences and budget. 

Q&A With Contender Owners Club

Good afternoon, everyone! It’s a pleasure to be here with three members of the Contender Boat Owners Club. With us, we have Alex, a contender boat builder from Fort Lauderdale; Brenda, an avid saltwater sportsman from Florida; and Steve, an ambassador for the Fish and Wildlife Foundation. We're here to delve deep into the world of Contender boats. Welcome to you all.

Alex: Thanks for having us, Charlie. It’s great to be here representing Contender.

Brenda: Pleasure's mine, Charlie. Nothing gets me more excited than talking about Contender boats.

Steve: Hello, Charlie. It's always a delight discussing the undeniable passion behind the Contender models and their connection to wildlife foundations.

Charlie: Let’s kick off by asking a fundamental question: for someone looking at Contender boats for sale, what should they primarily focus on when choosing a Contender boat model?

Brenda: Firstly, you want to identify your purpose. If you're an avid saltwater sportsman like me, you'd probably look for features like offshore fishing towers, custom leaning posts, and additional fishing accessories. Also, the hull design is crucial. I prefer the deep vee for rough waters, but the modified vee can be more stable for some.

Alex: And from a boat builder’s perspective, I'd say the generally wider beam of some Contender models offers more stability. But then, you'd also want to consider the cuddy cabin options and the size of the boat. We have available boats ranging from smaller models suitable for inland waters to the larger Contender yachts ideal for deep-sea fishing.

Steve: Adding to that, a connection to foundations like the Fish and Wildlife Foundation can be an added advantage. Purchasing certain models might mean a part of the sale supports wildlife and marine conservation efforts in Florida.

Charlie: That’s insightful. What about engine options?

Alex: Ah, Yamaha engine options are among the most popular for Contender boats. They offer a full suite of powertrains suitable for different boat sizes and purposes.

Charlie: What are some options or features that most people might not be aware of when they see Contender boats for sale?

Brenda: Many aren’t aware of the customizability that some boat builders, especially in Fort Lauderdale, offer. You can have custom fishing accessories, different seat layouts, and even a tailor-made offshore fishing tower.

Alex: Exactly! And let's not forget about the custom leaning posts. They can make a day out fishing far more comfortable.

Charlie: Steve, given your affiliation with the Fish and Wildlife Foundation, how do you see Contender boats benefiting the foundation’s goals?

Steve: Well, Contender has always had a strong relationship with the wildlife foundation. Every boat, especially the Contender yachts, is built with an understanding of the marine ecosystem. Many boats for sale have a portion that goes back into conservation efforts. So, when you buy a Contender, you're also contributing to preserving Florida’s rich marine life.

Charlie: It’s amazing to see such a harmonious relationship between fishing and conservation. Thank you all for shedding light on the world of Contender boats. It's clear that there's an undeniable passion behind every Contender model on sale.

Brenda: Absolutely, Charlie. It's more than just a boat; it’s a lifestyle.

Alex: And a commitment to quality and sustainability.

Steve: Here's to more fishing adventures and a thriving marine ecosystem!


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