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Cigarette Boat: Performance and Luxury Defined in Sleek Design

A cigarette boat, sometimes referred to as a go-fast boat, is known for its long, narrow platform and sleek design. These boats are specifically engineered with planing hulls, enabling them to reach impressive speeds of over 50 knots. Typically ranging in length from 28 to 48 feet, these speedboats offer an adrenaline-fueled experience on the water.

The term "cigarette boat" gained popularity in the 1960s, largely due to the contributions of Don Aronow's Cigarette Racing Team. This team played a significant role in defining the class of go-fast boats and brought the cigarette boat into the mainstream, making it a staple for those seeking high-speed adventures on the water.source

Often utilized for day cruising, watersports, overnight cruising, and fishing, cigarette boats continue to captivate boating enthusiasts with their impressive performance capabilities and sleek aesthetics. These boats represent the pinnacle of speed and style in the marine industry, offering an unmatched experience for thrill-seekers and boat aficionados alike.source

History of Cigarette Boats

The origin of cigarette boats can be traced back to the early 1960s when a man named Donald Aronow built his first boat with a unique hull design. He named this creation "The Cigarette" due to its long, sleek appearance that resembled a cigarette and it served as the foundation for building more cigarette boats in the future (Boating Geeks).

These boats, also known as go-fast boats, gained popularity during the 20s and 30s. Their controversial history and impressive speed made them a prized item for many boat collectors (Cox Marine). The term "cigarette boat" eventually replaced the older term "rum runner" as these high-speed vessels were utilized for both rum running and cigarette smuggling (Lake Wizard).

In the 1970s, the Cigarette Racing Team was formed, further popularizing these boats across the United States. Initially, the team focused on producing consumer boats starting with a 28-foot model. However, their most iconic early model was the 20-foot Cigarette, which showcased a distinct narrow and deep design that quickly became a classic (Wave To Wave).

In recent years, cigarette boats have evolved from their earlier designs but maintained their reputation for high speeds and sleek appearances. They continue to be sought after by collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate their historical significance and distinct style (Power & Motor Yacht).

Cigarette Boat Models

Cigarette boats, known for their high performance and striking designs, encompass a range of models in their lineup. Some popular models include the 515, 38 Top Gun, 41 Nighthawk, 42X, and the 59 Feet. These models are built for speed, luxury, and unforgettable experiences on the water.

38 Top Gun

The 38 Top Gun is a classic Cigarette model, combining performance with the brand's iconic style. Ideal for adrenaline enthusiasts, it features a spacious cockpit area and state-of-the-art technology that ensures a comfortable and thrilling ride.

41 Nighthawk

The 41 Nighthawk presents a sleek, stealth-inspired design for those who demand both performance and luxury. Equipped with advanced technologies and luxurious amenities, it offers a thrilling experience along with uncompromised comfort.


For those who seek the ultimate in power and speed, the 42X is a perfect match. Boasting an impressive top speed, the 42X is an ideal choice for offshore racing enthusiasts as well as pleasure boaters who crave a powerful yet luxurious vessel on the water.

59 Feet

A breathtaking addition to the Cigarette model lineup, the 59 Feet yacht offers unmatched luxury and style. This yacht is designed with the latest methods and technologies to provide an exhilarating and comfortable experience for its passengers.

The Cigarette brand takes pride in offering a diverse range of performance boats, catering to the needs of various boating enthusiasts. Whether it's the 515 or the 38 Top Gun, each model offers a unique blend of speed, luxury, and style that has come to define the essence of Cigarette boats.

Design and Construction

Cigarette boats, also known as go-fast boats, feature a unique design with long, narrow platforms and lightweight construction. These boats are specifically built to achieve high speeds with planing hulls that allow them to attain speeds of over 50 knots (Boating Geeks).

The design of a cigarette boat typically includes a deep vee or modified vee hull, which helps them maintain stability at high speeds and in rough waters. Deep vee hulls offer an increased deadrise angle, which allows them to slice through waves, while modified vee hulls have a flatter hull shape towards the stern, providing more stability and efficiency at lower speeds (Pontooners).

Cigarette boats are built with advanced materials such as carbon fiber to ensure they are lightweight and strong. This combination of strong, lightweight materials and advanced hull design allows these boats to achieve impressive speeds while maintaining stability and safety. Boat builders, such as Cigarette Racing, consistently innovate to provide performance-oriented boats with unprecedented quality.

These boats are designed by a collaboration of artisans, craftsmen, and engineers, who work hand-in-hand to create top-of-the-line vessels that cater to diverse customer needs. Cigarette boat builders focus on producing high-quality, performance-oriented boats that stand out from the mass production market (Moran Yacht & Ship).

In conclusion, the design and construction of cigarette boats prioritize speed, efficiency, and stability. Their unique design, combined with the use of advanced materials and engineering techniques, has established them as the premier choice for enthusiasts seeking high-performance boats.

Performance and Propulsion

Among cigarette boats, performance and propulsion are key factors that set them apart and make them desirable for enthusiasts. These high-performance boats are known for their impressive speeds, achieved with the help of optimized hull designs and powerful motors.

Cigarette boats can utilize various types of propulsion systems like outboard, outboard-4s, inboard or inboard/outboard, depending on the owner's preferences and the intended usage. Outboard motors, for instance, provide easier access for maintenance and can offer enhanced maneuverability. Inboard motors, on the other hand, might provide more stability and can be beneficial for those who prefer a more traditional setup.

Fuel plays a significant role in the performance of these boats. High-performance cigarette boats often rely on high-octane gasoline to deliver the necessary power to achieve their top speeds. The choice of fuel can also impact the efficiency and maintenance longevity of the propulsion systems.

In the world of cigarette boats, there are various models that cater to different preferences in performance and propulsion systems. For example, the 2022 Cigarette 515 showcases the brand's commitment to performance-oriented designs while featuring impressive speed and power capabilities. By exploring the range of options available, buyers can find the ideal combination of performance, propulsion, and fuel efficiency that meets their needs and preferences.

Boat Types and Activities

Cigarette boats, also known as go-fast boats, come in two primary hull categories: V-bottom (mono hull) and catamaran (twin smaller "sponson" hulls with a "tunnel" between them) Discover Boating. These high-performance watercraft are designed for speed and quick maneuverability, making them popular for various boating activities.

One common activity that utilizes cigarette boats is day cruising. Thanks to their impressive speed and agile turning abilities, these boats provide an exhilarating experience for those looking to enjoy a day on the water. Equipped with comfortable seating and ample space, they're perfect for small groups seeking adventure.

Another popular activity is watersports. Due to their speed, cigarette boats are well-suited for water skiing, wakeboarding, and other high-speed water activities. Their sleek design allows for minimal resistance, enabling them to easily cut through the water and generate thrilling wakes for watersports enthusiasts.

Center console cigarette boats offer enhanced visibility and accessibility when it comes to fishing expeditions or navigating open water. Their practical design, combined with their speed, makes them a popular choice for offshore fishing and exploring remote locations.

Additionally, cigarette boats are available in various cruiser configurations, which provide a comfortable, luxurious experience for extended cruising adventures. These cruisers often come equipped with modern amenities, such as sleeping quarters, small kitchens, and restroom facilities, making them ideal for those who enjoy overnight trips or long-distance voyages.

Various boat brands manufacture cigarette boats, each bringing their unique touch to the high-performance boating world. Renowned for their superior craftsmanship and stunning designs, these boat manufacturers continue to innovate and break new ground in the realm of speed and luxury.

Hull Types and Draft

When discussing cigarette boats, it's essential to explore their hull types and draft, as these factors impact their performance and usability. Cigarette boats, also known as go-fast boats, have a specific design that includes a long, narrow platform or body and a planing hull, enabling them to attain high speeds of over 50 knots (Boating Geeks). In this section, we will discuss the main boat hull types, focusing on the planing hulls used in cigarette boats and their medium-depth draft.

There are five common boat hull types:

  • Round-bottomed hulls: Handle well in rough water and are mostly used in sailboats.
  • Flat-bottomed hulls: Provide excellent stability in calm inland waters, found in fishing boats.
  • Multihulls: Offer high stability and buoyancy, commonly seen in catamarans.
  • V-Shaped hulls: Known for speed and comfort in choppy waters, found in powerboats.
  • Pontoon hulls: Combines speed and stability, used in pontoon boats.

Planing hulls, as used in cigarette boats, are designed to generate lift as the boat gains speed, allowing it to rise above the water and reduce drag. Planing hulls can deliver high speeds, better fuel efficiency, and improved handling when compared to non-planing hulls (

Cigarette boats typically have a medium-depth draft, which refers to the depth a boat's hull extends below the waterline. This is a critical parameter, as it affects the boat's drag, stability, and suitability for various water depths. In the case of cigarette boats, the deeper draft generates drag, requiring more powerful outboard motors for reaching top speeds. However, these boats may be less suitable for shallow waters due to their deeper draft (

Cigarette Boat Dealers and Prices

Cigarette boats are known for their luxury and high-performance capabilities. When looking to buy a Cigarette boat, it's essential to be aware of the dealers and the various price points available on the market.

There are several notable dealers selling Cigarette boats, such as YachtWorld and Boat Trader. These dealerships offer a wide variety of models and prices, catering to different budgets and preferences. Potential buyers can find boats for sale on these websites and contact the dealers for more information.

When it comes to prices, Cigarette boats have an assortment of price points, ranging from a relatively lower-priced model at around $34,594 up to the most advanced and largest yachts in the world for as much as $4,715,000 (YachtWorld). This variety in pricing allows buyers to find a Cigarette boat that suits their specific requirements and budget.

Some notable examples of Cigarette boats for sale include the 2023 Cigarette 515 with a price tag of $2,292,000, and the Cigarette 42X (2023), available upon request. These luxury vessels showcase the performance-oriented nature of Cigarette boats and their exceptional rough water handling capabilities.

Furthermore, for those who are interested in the used boat market, there is an abundance of Cigarette boats available across various dealers. It's essential to research and compare prices, as well as assessing the boat's condition to ensure the best value for money.

Popular Models and Features

When discussing Cigarette boats, there are several popular models and features that are worth mentioning. One such model is the Cigarette 515, which is a performance-oriented boat designed with cutting-edge technologies and methodologies. This boat is known for its innovative form and quality construction.

Another standout model is the Cigarette 39 GTS, a versatile and powerful vessel that has become a popular choice among boating enthusiasts. Some key features of the 39 GTS include its high-performance capabilities and the comfortable cockpit design equipped with custom upholstery. This model incorporates the signature "cool breeze" fabric, ensuring that the boat's interior remains cool even when exposed to sunlight.

When it comes to new vessels, Cigarette continues to push the envelope with its designs and features. An example of this innovation is the Mercedes-AMG Cigarette 41-ft Nighthawk AMG Black Series, which debuted in 2021. This boat is inspired by the GT Black Series sports car and offers top-notch performance, speed, and versatile handling. It comes with a price tag of $325,000.

In conclusion, Cigarette boats offer a range of models and features designed to cater to various preferences and performance needs. Whether you're interested in a classic performance boat like the 515 or a newer model like the 39 GTS, there's a Cigarette boat that is perfect for your boating adventures. 

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