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Century Boats: Exploring the Evolution and Reliability

Century Boats is an American boatbuilding company with a rich history dating back to 1926. Known for their high-quality, classic boats, Century has consistently catered to the needs of anglers and families who demand innovation, luxury, and reliability from their vessels. With a legacy to uphold, the company continually strives to maintain and improve the integrity of the Century Boats brand (source).

Founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and later relocating to Manistee, Michigan, Century Boat Company established itself as a major nationwide supplier of racing and pleasure boats. Significant changes occurred in 1995 when Yamaha took over the company, and in 2012, when it was sold to Allcraft Marine of Florida. Today, Century offers a wide range of boat models and sizes, with vessels measuring from 16 feet to 33 feet in length, catering to various boating enthusiasts (source).

The Express Series is a popular line of Century Boats, designed to deliver comfort and features demanded by offshore anglers and river cruisers alike. With stylish design and performance in mind, these boats are perfect for extended trips or simply enjoying a peaceful day on the water source.

History of Century Boats

Century Boats, known for its high-quality, classic boats, has a rich history that dates back to 1926 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The company was founded by two brothers, James and William Welch, who had a talent for building wooden plank hulls designed for speed, satisfying both anglers and families who sought innovation, luxury, and reliability from their boats1.

In 1928, Century Boat Company moved to Manistee, Michigan, where it remained for over 60 years. During its time in Manistee, the company became a major nationwide supplier of antique and classic boats, solidifying its place as an influential force in the United States boating industry2. In the 1930s, Century's Hurricane model held the world's Outboard Speed record of 50.93 miles per hour. By 1937, the company had expanded its offerings to include 28 distinct models catering to various tastes and preferences2.

Yamaha took over the company in 1995, followed by Allcraft Marine's acquisition in 2012. After the purchase, Century Boats relocated its manufacturing plant to Zephyrhills, Florida3. Today, Century Boats continues to uphold its legacy by offering a full line of saltwater fishing boats ranging from 22 to 32 feet, including express, walkaround, center console, and dual console models to meet the demands of boating enthusiasts and tournament anglers everywhere4.

Popular Century Boat Models

Century Boats has a rich history of producing high-quality, reliable power fishing boats that cater to the needs of anglers and families alike. In this section, we will discuss three popular Century Boat models: the 2600 Center Console, the 3200 Center Console, and the Coronado.

2600 Center Console

The Century 2600 Center Console is a versatile and powerful boat, designed to provide a smooth and comfortable ride. This model is ideal for both fishing enthusiasts and families looking for a day of fun on the water.

Features of the Century 2600 Center Console include ample seating, plenty of storage space, and a stylish design. The console also offers a range of optional equipment, allowing buyers to customize the boat according to their needs and preferences.

3200 Center Console

The 3200 Center Console is another popular model in the Century Boats lineup, providing more space and power than the 2600 model. This boat is designed with serious anglers in mind, featuring an array of fishing amenities and advanced technologies to maximize success on the water.

The 3200 Center Console also offers plenty of comfort and convenience features for family outings, making it a versatile choice for those seeking the best of both worlds. With its combination of power, performance, and luxury, the 3200 Center Console is sure to impress.


Lastly, the Century Coronado is a classic boat model that has stood the test of time. Originally introduced in the 1950s, the Coronado has been a popular choice among boat enthusiasts ever since.

The Coronado's sleek design, powerful engine, and luxurious interior have made it a beloved model among Century Boat fans. With a rich history and iconic status, the Century Coronado continues to impress and inspire boat enthusiasts to this day.

Boat Hull Types and Performance

When it comes to boat performance, the hull design plays a crucial role. There are several hull types, each with unique features and capabilities that cater to specific needs of the boater.

Deep Vee Hulls are known for their excellent performance in rough waters, providing a smooth and comfortable ride. These hulls have a sharp V-shape that allows them to cut through waves efficiently, reducing impact on the boat and its passengers. Typically used in larger, high-performance boats, Deep Vee hulls are ideal for offshore boating and sportfishing activities.

Modified Vee Hulls are a variation of the Deep Vee, providing a balance between stability and performance. With a slightly flatter design at the bottom, Modified Vees offer improved stability in calm waters without sacrificing their ability to handle rough seas. These hulls are suitable for a range of boating activities, including recreational cruising and fishing.

Shallow Draft Hulls are designed for use in shallow water environments, such as rivers and lakes. These hulls have a relatively flat bottom and reduced draft, making it easier to navigate in areas with minimal water depth. Shallow draft boats can be found in various styles, including pontoon boats and flat-bottomed fishing boats.

The Average Beam refers to the width of the boat at its widest point, which directly impacts its stability. Wider beams provide increased stability in calm waters and more space for passengers and storage. However, a wider beam may reduce fuel efficiency and overall speed.

Flat Hulls are known for their excellent stability, especially in calm inland waters. These hulls have a flat bottom that provides a wide, stable platform for activities like fishing and leisure activities. However, flat hulls are not recommended for use in choppy or rough water conditions, as they may result in a less comfortable ride.

Fiberglass is a popular material used in the construction of boat hulls, offering durability, strength, and a low-maintenance surface. Boats made from fiberglass, such as Century Boats, are often lightweight and have improved fuel efficiency compared to other materials. Additionally, fiberglass boats are generally more resistant to corrosion and the effects of UV light exposure.

Engine Options and Performance

Century Boats offer a variety of engine options to suit the needs of different boaters. The most common engine type in their lineup is the outboard motor, which provides the ideal balance of power, efficiency, and space-saving design.

Outboard engines come in both 2-stroke (outboard-2s) and 4-stroke (outboard-4s) variations. While 2-stroke engines tend to have a higher power-to-weight ratio, more modern 4-stroke engines boast better fuel efficiency and generally lower emissions. 4-stroke engines also tend to be quieter and easier to maintain than their 2-stroke counterparts.

In addition to outboard engines, some Century boat models may come equipped with inboard engines. These types of engines are mounted within the boat's hull, providing a quieter and smoother ride as well as increased maneuverability. However, they can also take up more space within the boat and may require more maintenance compared to outboard options.

Gas-powered engines are a popular choice for Century boat owners, as they offer a powerful performance and are widely available. The boats are designed to work seamlessly with Yamaha motors, making them a reliable choice for Century enthusiasts.

When it comes to performance, Century boats are designed for optimal speed and efficiency. For example, the Century 2400 CC model equipped with twin 150-hp Yamaha four-strokes can reach a top speed of 47 mph while maintaining reasonable fuel consumption rates. This combination of performance and efficiency is key to the overall appeal of Century boats and contributes to their reputation for purebred performance.

Activities and Usage

Century Boats are versatile vessels designed to cater to various water activities. They excel in both saltwater and freshwater environments, making them suitable for different types of fishing, cruising, and watersports.

Day cruising on Century Boats is an enjoyable experience, thanks to their comfortable seating arrangements and amenities. They provide ample space for socializing, relaxing, and taking in the beautiful scenery. For those interested in saltwater fishing, these boats come equipped with features such as rod holders, bait wells, and spacious casting areas.

Freshwater fishing enthusiasts will also appreciate the adaptability of Century Boats. With their stable and durable construction, they can easily navigate narrow rivers and lakes. Additionally, they are designed to handle various fishing techniques and equipment.

For overnight cruising, Century Boats offer comfortable cabins, providing a restful night's sleep. The thoughtful design of these boats also ensures proper storage and space utilization for extended trips on the water. Moreover, many models come with built-in cooking facilities, making longer journeys more convenient and enjoyable.

Watersports aficionados will find Century Boats to be excellent platforms for activities such as wakeboarding, waterskiing, and tubing. These boats have the power and performance needed to create ideal conditions for watersports, ensuring a thrilling experience.

In summary, Century Boats cater to various water activities and offer a well-rounded experience for boating enthusiasts. Their adaptability to different environments, coupled with the thoughtful design elements, makes them a reliable choice for those looking to pursue diverse on-water interests.

Buying a Century Boat

Century Boats is a reputable manufacturer with a long history of producing high-quality, luxurious, and reliable power fishing boats. Their legacy dates back to 1926, and they have constantly evolved to maintain and enhance the brand's integrity, delivering a top-notch lineup of boats for anglers and families.

New Vessels

When purchasing a new Century Boat, buyers can expect a range of advanced features and exceptional performance for both casual and professional fishing. The company offers a wide variety of models, including the popular Century 2900 Center Console, which boasts first-class amenities like Captain's lounges, an enclosed head, and rigid coolers.

With the current year being 2023, Century Boats continues to introduce new and innovative designs for those seeking luxury, comfort, and functionality in a fishing vessel. Potential buyers can review the latest Century Boats Product Lineup and choose the boat that best fits their needs and preferences.

Boats for Sale on Boat Trader

For those considering pre-owned boats, Boat Trader offers a platform to find a variety of Century Boats for sale. These used vessels come in different sizes, prices, and conditions, allowing buyers to find a suitable option within their budget.

Current listings include a 1969 Century Cheetah priced at $14,500 and a 2019 Century 24 Resorter going for $123,000. Buyers should be thorough when assessing the condition and features of these older models to ensure they find the right fit for their boating needs.

Ultimately, whether you opt for a new or used Century Boat, you will experience the blend of innovation, luxury, and reliability that Century Boats are known for.

Additional Features

Century Boats are not only known for their fishability, luxury, and reliability, but also for their desirable additional features. Many of these boats provide a perfect balance between functionality and comfort, making them ideal for both fishing trips and leisurely outings in places like Florida.

One notable feature is the performance stereo system found in some models. This high-quality audio system enhances the onboard experience for passengers, providing entertainment and ambiance during day cruises or while fishing.

A popular design in the Century Boats lineup is the walkaround style. Walkaround boats allow passengers to easily move around the entire boat with ease, providing full access to the fishing platform and other essential boat areas. This design not only offers convenience for anglers but also enhances safety when navigating through rough waters.

In addition to these features, Century Boats also include advanced storage solutions and factory-installed electronics that enhance the overall experience for users. Some of the features available on their boats are port and starboard rod boxes, removable tilt-out tackle box, and two 184-quart fish boxes. These well-thought-out designs make Century Boats versatile and adaptable for a variety of activities.

To sum it up, Century Boats cater to the needs of both avid anglers and recreational boaters. The diverse range of features, combined with the company's dedication to quality and performance, makes Century Boats a sought-after option for boating enthusiasts in Florida and beyond. 

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