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Caymas Boats: Your Ultimate Guide to Performance and Luxury

Caymas Boats is a relatively new brand in the marine industry, founded by legendary pioneer Earl Bentz. With a focus on innovative design and top-notch performance, Caymas has quickly gained traction among dedicated anglers and boat enthusiasts.

The company's CX series of tournament bass boats, including the popular CX 20 model, is designed specifically for hardcore tournament anglers who require uncompromising fishability and blistering performance. These boats come with a range of advanced features, making them an attractive option for those looking for a competitive edge in the world of bass fishing.

In addition to their bass boat line, Caymas also offers other fishing and recreational boat models, such as their 341 CC model for offshore fishing enthusiasts. The combination of innovation, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction has positioned Caymas as a brand to watch in the boating industry.

History of Caymas Boats

Caymas Boats was founded in 2018 with a dedication to creating high-quality custom fiberglass fishing boats. The company's factory is located in Ashland City, Tennessee, where each fishing boat is meticulously constructed to meet the needs of fishing enthusiasts seeking ultimate performance.

Earl Bentz's Legacy

The force behind Caymas Boats is Earl Bentz, a legendary figure in the marine industry. With over 50 years of experience in performance boating, Bentz has brought his extensive knowledge to Caymas Boats, ensuring a soft, dry ride and the ability to carry the weight of powerful outboards and modern amenities.

Earl Bentz has been a key player in the evolution of bass boats since the early days of bass boat manufacturing. His passion for performance, innovation, and quality craftsmanship is evident in the Caymas Boats lineup, which includes the revolutionary tournament bass boats, the CX 20 and CX 21.

Under Bentz's leadership, Caymas Boats has become one of the leading boat manufacturers in the United States. The company's commitment to the distinguished design and performance allowed Caymas Boats to grow and gain recognition among passionate boaters and avid anglers alike.

Boat Models

Tournament Bass Boats

Caymas Boats offers a range of tournament bass boats, specifically designed for hardcore anglers who demand uncompromising fishability and high-performance capabilities. One notable model is the CX 20, part of their CX series, which caters to the needs of tournament anglers.

These bass boats come equipped with features that enhance both fishing and boating experiences, such as large casting decks, ample storage for tackle and gear, and high-powered engines for smooth, fast rides on the water.

Center Console Boats

Center console boats are versatile vessels designed for a variety of activities, including saltwater fishing, day cruising, and watersports. Caymas Boats offers a selection of center console models tailored to meet the needs of boaters who require spacious, high-performing boats with advanced fishing features.

For instance, the Caymas 401CC is a popular center console model that delivers impressive performance and versatility. It comes with a powerful engine, plenty of storage for fishing gear, and comfortable seating for passengers, making it an excellent choice for those looking to balance fishing capabilities with leisurely boating activities.

In summary, Caymas Boats provides a range of tournament bass boats and center console models tailored to the specific needs and preferences of avid anglers and recreational boaters alike. With an emphasis on performance, versatility, and cutting-edge features, these boats strive to deliver unforgettable on-the-water experiences for all types of boating enthusiasts.

Key Features

Performance and Speed

Caymas boats are designed to provide excellent performance and speed, making them perfect for a smooth and fast ride during fishing, skiing, or cruising adventures. With a focus on performance and power, Caymas boats deliver agility and exciting experiences on the water.

Comfort and Luxury

Designed to provide maximum comfort, the Caymas 26 HB features a 9-foot beam and a spacious interior for an improved in-boat experience. Moreover, Caymas boats prioritize both functionality and luxury, ensuring that those onboard have an enjoyable time whether they're fishing, relaxing, or engaging in water sports.

Innovative Hull Design

The innovative stepped-vee ventilated tunnel hull of Caymas boats is engineered by world-renowned marine architect Michael Peters. This distinctive hull design delivers an unmatched performance and a smooth, dry ride even in rough conditions. By incorporating advanced design features, Caymas boats can maintain stability while offering a superior boating experience.

Engine and Power Options

Outboard Engines

Caymas Boats offers a variety of outboard engine options for their high-quality custom fiberglass fishing boats. These engine choices provide buyers with flexibility in terms of power, performance, and personal preferences.

Some Caymas boat models, such as the 34 CT, offer dual fuel tanks and engine packages up to 900 total horsepower. This allows the boat owner to select the right combination of engines to meet their specific needs, whether for competition or recreational use.

Popular outboard engine brands associated with Caymas Boats include Mercury and Yamaha. Depending on the model, buyers can choose from a range of Mercury and Yamaha outboards with various horsepower ratings. For instance, the Caymas 401 CC model can be powered by either quad Yamaha 425s or Mercury Racing 405s.

Some of the engine options available for different Caymas boat models are:

  • Mercury® 200 ProXS FourStroke
  • Yamaha® 200L SHO
  • Mercury® 225 ProXS FourStroke
  • Yamaha® 225L SHO

It is important for buyers to consult with an authorized Caymas dealer to confirm the availability of engine options, accessories, and features for their chosen boat model.

Suitability for Fishing

Caymas boats are designed with the needs of fishermen in mind, offering a wide range of features that cater to both casual and professional anglers. In this section, we discuss the boat's fisherman friendliness and its specific aspects that make it perfect for fishing activities.

Fisherman's Friendliness

The Caymas 341 CC is a top offshore fishing machine, boasting a maximum speed of 62 mph with its triple Mercury 300s, allowing for rapid movement on water to reach fishing spots quickly (source). The 401 CC model is explicitly designed for serious saltwater-tournament anglers, providing a massive cockpit and optional port and starboard dive doors that offer ample fishing space and easy access for boating fish (source). Apart from the capacity and speed, Caymas also understands the importance of convenience and storage solutions for a well-rounded fishing experience.

The 401 CC model is equipped with a rear-facing mezzanine seating, leaning post with a rod, and tackle storage. This model also comes with a twin 45-gallon transom livewell that features premium Hooker electric pumps (source).

Regarding the Caymas CX20 Pro, although specific information about this particular model was not found in the provided search results, the overall emphasis of Caymas boats on catering to the needs of both professional and recreational fishermen remains consistent.

With a line-up of boats that focus on fishability and angler-friendly features, Caymas boats stand as a dependable choice for fishermen who need a well-rounded, high-quality fishing boat.

Caymas Boats in 2023

In 2023, Caymas Boats continues to make a mark in the marine industry with their innovative fishing boat offerings. Led by the legendary Earl Bentz, the company has introduced new models geared towards hardcore tournament anglers who demand performance and fishability.

One of Caymas Boats' most notable models in 2023 is the CX 20. This tournament bass boat is 20'4" long, has a 96" beam, and features a 17" running pad. The unique design significantly enhances handling, performance, and reduces chine walking at top speed.

Another standout model is the CX 21 Pro. This boat was designed specifically for competitive anglers, with the perfect combination of speed, power, and stability. The CX21 Pro is a testament to Earl Bentz's goal of designing a boat that delivers unparalleled tournament-level performance.

In addition to the impressive specifications and designs, Caymas Boats models come with several advanced technology features, such as:

  • NMEA System
  • Dual Pro 4X15
  • Parallel Battery Switch
  • Air Circulation System
  • Boat Logic Mounts

These technologies ensure an enjoyable and efficient fishing experience for anglers, particularly in challenging tournament settings. 

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