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Cape Horn Boats: A Comprehensive Guide for Enthusiasts

Cape Horn Boats is a family-owned and operated business that has been crafting high-quality fishing vessels with a focus on power and comfort for both tournaments and family outings. With a deep-rooted tradition and passion for excellence, the company has quickly evolved into a trusted name in the boating industry.

Their extensive range of boats cater to a variety of needs, from saltwater fishing trips to exciting family adventures. With experienced craftsmanship and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, Cape Horn ensures its customers receive the best possible product. As the company continues to grow, the dedication to quality and customer satisfaction remains unwavering.

Innovative design, unmatched performance, and commitment to producing resilient, meticulously crafted boats have solidified Cape Horn's reputation as a top brand in the market. For those seeking a reliable, powerful, and comfortable boat, Cape Horn Boats remains an excellent choice.

History of Cape Horn Boats

The origin of Cape Horn Boats can be traced back to the efforts of Chris Fabbro and his father, Bob Fabbro, who recognized the need for a robust and practical fishing boat that could satisfy the requirements of avid fishermen while remaining affordable and low-maintenance. This vision led to the creation of the first Cape Horn boat, known as the Cape Horn 16 Classic (Cape Horn Boats).

Located in Florida, United States, Cape Horn Boats has grown from its modest beginnings in the Fabbro family garage to become a trusted and well-established brand in the maritime industry. Over the years, the company has maintained a strong family-oriented approach to its operations, which has played a significant role in the development of its boats and their reputation for performance and quality.

Today, Cape Horn Boats offers a range of vessels designed for various fishing requirements, from tournament-grade boats to more casual, family-friendly models. The company's commitment to quality engineering and craftsmanship is clearly evident in the design and construction of their boats, which are built to withstand the harshest conditions and cater to the needs of the most passionate fishermen.

As a testament to their ongoing success and dedication to the craft, Cape Horn Boats has managed to maintain a loyal customer base in Florida and throughout the United States, showcasing the appeal of their well-built and reliable fishing vessels. With a lasting legacy rooted in family and a commitment to excellence, Cape Horn Boats continues to be a leader in the fishing boat industry.

Cape Horn Boat Models

Cape Horn Boats is a family-owned and operated business specializing in building powerful fishing boats that are comfortable for family outings as well.

22 Series

The 22 Series is a popular model among Cape Horn Boats for its balance of size, performance, and versatility. It includes features such as:

  • 22' length
  • 8'6" beam
  • 60-gallon fuel capacity

These models are great for fishing trips and family outings, providing power, stability, and ample space for passengers and gear.

31 Series

The 31 Series offers a larger and more spacious option for anglers and families. Some key features include:

  • 31' length
  • 9'1" beam
  • 273-gallon fuel capacity

Larger than the 22 Series, the 31 Series provides increased comfort and capabilities for both fishing tournaments and long-distance cruising.

32 Series

The 32 Series is a top choice for those who need even more space and capability. This model offers:

  • 32' length
  • 9'3" beam
  • 290-gallon fuel capacity

Perfect for extended trips and larger groups, the 32 Series serves as a solid option for both fishing enthusiasts and recreational boaters.

34 Series

For those seeking the ultimate in performance and space, the 34 Series, also referred to as the 34T - Tournament, doesn't disappoint. Some notable features include:

  • 34'11" length
  • 9'3" beam
  • 275-gallon fuel capacity
  • 7700 lbs hull weight (no engines)
  • Maximum 900 HP
  • 23 degrees deadrise

With its impressive size, power, and innovative design, the 34 Series is suitable for avid anglers seeking a tournament-ready boat with ample space and comfort for family outings.

Design and Construction

Cape Horn Boats is renowned for its commitment to designing and constructing high-quality offshore boats. Their boats are known for being bigger and offering more standard features than many other boats on the market, making them premier choices for marine enthusiasts and anglers alike (Cape Horn Boats).

The company utilizes various boat hull types to suit different needs and preferences. One of the key designs they employ is the deep vee hull, which is ideal for cutting through rough water and providing a smooth, stable ride. This design is particularly beneficial for offshore fishing boats, as it can handle rough sea conditions with ease.

In addition to the deep vee hull, Cape Horn Boats also uses the modified vee hull design. The modified vee provides a balance between stability and smoothness, making it a versatile choice for those who want the best of both worlds. This hull type can comfortably navigate both calm and rough waters, making it suitable for a variety of boating activities.

When it comes to construction, Cape Horn Boats ensures durability and strength by using high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail. As described by PassageMaker, the Cape Horn 58 and 68 models, for example, are built with steel and aluminum alloy, which contribute to their impressive displacement capacity of up to 160,000 lbs.

The design and construction of Cape Horn Boats are focused on delivering performance, safety, and comfort to their users, which is evident in their various hull types and build quality. The company's dedication to these principles has established their reputation as a trusted name in the world of offshore boats.

Fishing Features

Cape Horn Boats are well-equipped to cater to both saltwater and freshwater fishing enthusiasts. The boats are designed to provide a comfortable and efficient fishing experience, offering a variety of features to enhance your time on the water.

One essential aspect of any fishing expedition is an ample fish box to store the catch. Cape Horn boats come with optimally designed fish boxes, ensuring that your harvest stays fresh and ready for consumption or market. These fish boxes are made from high-quality materials that can withstand the harsh marine environment.

Another significant feature available in Cape Horn boats is a comprehensive livewell system. This system allows anglers to keep their bait alive and healthy throughout the journey, maximizing their chances of a successful catch. The livewell system in Cape Horn boats is designed to maintain optimal water quality and circulation, ensuring that your baitfish are healthy and active for longer periods.

Lastly, Cape Horn boats are equipped with an array of rod holders, strategically placed around the boat to maximize their utility. Such an arrangement enables anglers to manage multiple lines easily and efficiently during their fishing trips. The rod holders are durable and corrosion-resistant, ensuring that they can withstand the wear and tear associated with regular fishing excursions.

In summary, Cape Horn boats offer a range of essential fishing features aimed at providing anglers with the tools they need for successful fishing trips. The combination of spacious fish boxes, state-of-the-art livewell systems, and abundant rod holders ensures that Cape Horn boat owners enjoy a comfortable and productive fishing experience.

Performance and Handling

Cape Horn Boats are known for their exceptional performance and handling in various sea conditions. These boats offer outstanding stability, maneuverability, and speed to provide a smooth and comfortable experience to the anglers and boaters aboard.

Equipped with powerful outboard engines, Cape Horn Boats deliver impressive top speeds and exceptional fuel efficiency. For instance, the Cape Horn 34XS is powered by a pair of 425-hp Yamaha XTOs, achieving a top speed of more than 65 mph. At 4,500 rpm, the boat cruises comfortably at 47 mph with a fuel burn of 44 gallons per hour, resulting in a range of just over 300 miles with its 275-gallon fuel capacity.

Outboard Engines:

  • Yamaha XTOs - on Cape Horn 34XS
  • Other outboard options - on various Cape Horn Boats models

Outboard-4s engines are an ideal choice for those seeking a smoother and more environmentally friendly option. The 4-stroke technology offers greater efficiency and reduced emissions compared to traditional 2-stroke engines. Outboard-4s engines provide a more refined and quieter performance, ensuring that passengers can enjoy their time on the water without any compromise in power and speed.

Overall, the performance and handling of Cape Horn Boats are designed to cater to the needs of both recreational and serious anglers. The combination of powerful outboard engines, meticulously crafted hull designs, and innovative features contribute to a safe and enjoyable boating experience.

Amenities and Comfort

Cape Horn Boats are designed with attention to detail, ensuring that owners and their guests experience the highest level of amenities and comfort. One of the main features of these vessels is their spaciousness, with ample room for all on board to move about and enjoy the boating experience.

Storage is another essential element for a comfortable boating experience. Cape Horn Boats' models offer extensive storage options, with compartments at various locations throughout the vessels that cater to the diverse needs of boaters. The 36XS model, for example, has seating options that double as storage spaces, contributing to both comfort and functionality.

Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene on board is crucial, and Cape Horn Boats have addressed this concern by incorporating features such as a sani-pottie and holding tank. These facilities ensure that waste is efficiently managed, contributing to a more pleasant boating experience for all.

When it comes to the availability of water, Cape Horn Boats are equipped with a raw water washdown system and freshwater system, catering to the different needs of boaters. The raw water washdown system allows for easy hosing down of the deck and other surfaces, while the freshwater system supplies potable water for drinking and other needs.

Additionally, a built-in drink cooler is a standard amenity on Cape Horn Boats, allowing beverages to be kept chilled throughout the journey. This feature adds to the overall convenience and enjoyment of those on board.

In summary, Cape Horn Boats offer a range of amenities that aim to enhance comfort, convenience, and enjoyment for boaters. With ample storage, sani-pottie and holding tanks, water supply systems, and a built-in drink cooler, these vessels are well-suited to satisfy the diverse needs of those who love the boating lifestyle.

Electronics and Lights

Cape Horn Boats pay great attention to the electronics and lighting on their vessels, ensuring a high level of functionality and safety for boat owners. The boats are equipped with a well-designed electronics area, allowing for easy access and operation of the essential devices on board.

One of the key features on Cape Horn Boats is the T-top, which provides essential protection against the elements, allowing boaters to navigate the waterways in comfort, regardless of the weather conditions. The T-top is a common element in many Cape Horn models, such as the 32T and 34XS, and serves as a fitting place for mounting various electronics and navigation equipment.

For optimal visibility during nighttime navigation or while fishing, Cape Horn Boats feature spreader lights. These strategically placed lights illuminate the deck area and surrounding waters, enhancing safety and convenience on board.

The electronics area on Cape Horn Boats is designed to accommodate various essential marine electronics, such as GPS, fish finders, and communication devices. Boat owners can rely on easy access and operation while on the water, maximizing the boating experience.

Overall, the integration of electronics and lighting on Cape Horn Boats contributes significantly to the overall boating experience, providing safety, convenience, and reliability for both novice and experienced mariners alike.

Seating and Fishing Options

Cape Horn Boats offer a variety of seating and fishing options catering to the needs of both fishermen and recreational boaters. The "XS" in their model names stands for extra seating or extra storage, marking an emphasis on fishability and comfort on their boats (Sport Fishing Mag).

The leaning post on Cape Horn Boats is designed to provide comfortable seating while maintaining full fishability. The rear-facing seat often houses a built-in 60-gallon livewell, with a second 20-gallon livewell located within the transom, providing ample bait storage for avid anglers (Salt Water Sportsman).

Coaming bolsters are featured throughout Cape Horn Boats, offering additional comfort and safety for those onboard. These cushioned elements provide support when fishing or enjoying a day out on the water.

In addition to seating and fishing options, Cape Horn Boats come equipped with trim tabs. These adjustable hydrofoils help to optimize boat performance by enabling users to control the angle of the hull in relation to the water's surface. This feature contributes to improved fuel efficiency, speed, and overall handling.

Whether prioritizing extra seating and storage or a well-equipped fishing experience, Cape Horn Boats has designed their models to cater to various preferences while maintaining their signature focus on quality and performance.

Warranty and Customer Support

Cape Horn Boats provides a solid warranty and customer support for their customers. When purchasing a Cape Horn boat, you can expect a 10-year hull warranty, giving you peace of mind that your investment is protected for an extended period of time. This warranty covers any defects in materials and workmanship related to the hull and transom of the boat.

In addition to the hull warranty, the transom of Cape Horn boats is also covered under this 10-year warranty. This means that if you encounter any issues with either the hull or transom during this period, Cape Horn Boats will be ready to assist and ensure that your boat remains in top condition.

The customer support provided by Cape Horn Boats is also worth mentioning. Their contact page provides various ways to get in touch, including a contact form and their office phone number. They are always ready to help you, whether it's with a warranty issue, finding the right boat, or simply answering any questions you may have about their products or services.

Another aspect that can give Cape Horn boat owners peace of mind is the fact that Cape Horn boats are known for their long-lasting and unsinkable construction. Their boats are designed to last over the years, and they take pride in creating reliable and safe boats that can withstand various conditions.

In summary, the warranty and customer support offered by Cape Horn Boats provide boat owners with assurance and confidence in their investment. The 10-year warranty covering the hull and transom, along with their helpful and responsive customer support, demonstrate Cape Horn's commitment to delivering high-quality boats and services to their customers.

Popular Models

Cape Horn Boats has a variety of popular models for those passionate about offshore fishing. The company continually refines its models to provide the highest quality and performance for all fishing enthusiasts.

One of their beloved choices is the 24 XS, a model that combines speed, stability, and space to create an ideal fishing platform. It showcases excellent design and has been well-reviewed by numerous customers.

The 32 XS is another remarkable option. This model is larger and offers even more space and comfort for those long hours spent out on the water. It's appreciated for its high-performance capabilities and is considered a top choice among Cape Horn's offerings.

Cape Horn's 23 Cape Bay is designed for both inshore and offshore fishing, ensuring versatility for different types of anglers. Its rugged and refined design allows for enhanced performance and stability, even in challenging conditions.

Lastly, the Cape Horn 31 T is a solid option for those looking for a tournament-ready center console fishing boat. It features twin outboard engines and a spacious layout, allowing for better maneuverability and fishing experience.

These popular models highlight Cape Horn Boats' dedication to producing top-tier vessels suitable for various fishing adventures. With a wide range of options, there's a model that meets every angler's needs.

Price and Dealers

Cape Horn boats are well-known for their quality and durability, making them a popular choice among anglers and boating enthusiasts. When it comes to purchasing a Cape Horn boat, prices can vary depending on the model, location, and dealer.

On the lower end of the price spectrum, Cape Horn boats can be found for as low as $25,900, while more sophisticated and luxurious models can reach up to $850,000. Some popular Cape Horn models include the 24 XS, 24XS, 32 XS, 17OS, and 21, which can be found on websites such as YachtWorld.

Finding a Cape Horn dealer is essential for ensuring quality service and support. Many dealers are located across the United States, including Maryland. One way to find a trusted dealer is by visiting the official Cape Horn Boats website, where you can request information on dealers near you. Another option is browsing listings on popular boat sale platforms, such as Boat Trader or, to find dealers offering Cape Horn boats for sale in your desired location.

In summary, remember that prices and dealer availability for Cape Horn boats may fluctuate depending on factors like location, model, and demand. By conducting thorough research and contacting reputable dealers, finding the perfect Cape Horn boat at the right price becomes a more seamless and enjoyable experience.

Boat Types and Uses

Cape Horn Boats is a renowned boat manufacturer known for their expertise in designing and building boats that cater to various needs and uses. They offer a range of boat types, including center console, trawler, and shallow draft models.

The center console boats from Cape Horn are highly popular among anglers and day cruisers. These boats feature a central helm station, providing a 360-degree view and easy access to all sides of the boat. This makes it easier for fishermen to move around freely while managing multiple fishing lines.

For boating enthusiasts who seek comfort and stability for longer journeys, Cape Horn's trawler boats offer a great choice. Trawlers are known for their wider beam and high load-carrying capacity, ensuring a smooth ride for overnight cruising. These boats are also designed for fuel efficiency and are perfect for those planning extended trips at sea.

Cape Horn's shallow draft boats are designed to operate in shallow waters, making them ideal for exploring coastal or inland waterways. These boats typically have a flat bottom and can navigate through areas with minimal water depth without getting stuck.

With all these exceptional boat types, Cape Horn Boats ensures that they meet the diverse requirements of boating enthusiasts. Whether it's day cruising, fishing, or overnight cruising, their range of boat models cater to every need.

Latest Updates and New Vessels

Cape Horn Boats has consistently shown dedication to the design and production of high-quality fishing vessels. Their manufacturing process, executed by Fabbro Marine Group, is focused on building durable and long-lasting boats by individually applying layers of fiberglass material for hull construction (J.D. Power).

One of the latest additions to their line of vessels is the 31T, an advanced design using modern technology to deliver better ride quality and dryness. This boat is built to perform well offshore, capable of covering over 100 miles with speed and efficiency.

Another noteworthy vessel is the 2023 Cape Horn 22 OS, a saltwater fishing boat designed to provide optimal fishing experiences. With a price of $129,500, this boat is accessible to serious fishing enthusiasts who want a high-performing vessel (

Cape Horn Boats offers a variety of models to fit the needs of different anglers. Their tournament-tested designs, such as the 24XS and 24OS, have surely won the approval of numerous fishermen. Constant updates and improvements on their vessels illustrate Cape Horn's commitment to using the latest technology and meeting the evolving needs of fishermen.

Trailering and Storage

Trailering a Cape Horn boat is relatively straightforward due to their well-designed hulls and balanced weight distribution. This makes them easy to tow and maneuver on a trailer, ensuring a smooth transport experience.

When storing a Cape Horn boat, attention should be given to the bilge pump system. It is essential to keep this area clean and free of debris, as it helps prevent water buildup and potential damage to the boat's components. Regular inspection and maintenance of the bilge pump will ensure its continued effectiveness and prolong the boat's life.

A useful feature in Cape Horn boats is the macerator fish box, which assists in managing fish waste during fishing trips. When considering storage, it is crucial to efficiently clean the macerator fish box to prevent odors and maintain overall cleanliness. This process involves flushing the macerator with a proper cleaning solution and water to keep it in good working condition.

While preparing a Cape Horn boat for trailering and storage, it's essential to consider the following points:

  • Secure all loose items within the boat to prevent damage during transport.
  • Inspect the boat's hull for any signs of stress or damage before and after trailering.
  • Properly inflate the trailer tires and check the wheel bearings for smooth operation.
  • Make sure the boat is centered and evenly balanced on the trailer for safe transportation.
  • Regularly inspect the bilge pump, macerator fish box, and other essential components for optimal performance.

By following these guidelines, owners can ensure that their Cape Horn boat remains in excellent condition during both transportation and storage.

Tilt Wheel and Other Details

One significant feature of Cape Horn boats is the tilt wheel hydraulic steering, which enhances the steering experience and makes it easier for the boat operator to navigate through various water conditions. This feature is just one of the many standard fishing amenities that Cape Horn boats offer to enhance the overall fishing experience for professional anglers.

Along with the tilt wheel, Cape Horn boats include other details to improve the user experience. Some of these features include:

  • Flush mount hardware
  • Raw water washdown
  • Freshwater system with a 20-gallon capacity

These additional details help make the boat more versatile and adaptable for various fishing situations, increasing the efficiency of anglers as they focus on their catch.

Moreover, Cape Horn boats are designed with a focus on performance. For example, the Cape Bay model offers a level of performance with no bow rise on take-off, referred to as an "even keel." This design allows for easier launching in shallow waters without having to trim the engine upward, making it the preferred choice among professional anglers. 

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