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Bluewave Boats: Your Ultimate Guide to Top Performance

Blue Wave boats are a popular choice among fishing enthusiasts and casual boaters alike. Known for their versatile and high-quality design, these vessels offer a range of options to suit various needs and preferences. From center console boats perfect for fishing to bay boats that are well-equipped for a day of fun on the water, Blue Wave boats cater to a wide audience.

The marine industry has recognized Blue Wave boats for their smart design and quality construction. Notable features include efficient drainage systems, spacious rear casting decks, and strategically placed livewells. While some owner reports may not be entirely positive, it's important to research and compare specific models when considering a Blue Wave boat for your needs.

With sizes ranging from 16 feet to 28 feet, and an abundance of options for customization, buyers can find the ideal Blue Wave boat to suit their boating and fishing requirements. To ensure a good decision, interested buyers should explore available models, features, and owner experiences to make the most informed choice.

Blue Wave Boats Overview

Blue Wave Boats, located in the United States, is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality fishing boats. Known for their exceptional performance, these boats offer anglers a stable and dry experience on the water.

The company offers a wide range of vessel options, including boats designed for shallow, inshore saltwater fishing, as well as more versatile models that can tackle both inshore and offshore waters. The stability and high gunwales of these boats compared to other shallow water boats provide anglers optimal 360-degree fishing access around the vessel.

One popular model is the 2023 Blue Wave 2400 PureBay, which has been ruling the bay since 2007. This boat boasts impressive speed, fuel economy, and comfort for a high-performance bay fishing experience. Blue Wave also offers the 2023 1900 STL, a stable and easy-to-navigate option that is perfect for anglers who prefer a smaller platform.

In addition to their solid construction, Blue Wave Boats also prioritize safety and convenience features. For example, they include LED lighting to make nighttime navigation and bait selection easier, as well as the DT series of electrical components, which are designed to withstand submersion, engagement cycles, and vibration.

With their wide range of high-quality fishing boats, Blue Wave Boats has established a strong reputation among anglers in the United States, making the company a top choice for those seeking a reliable, well-built boat for their fishing adventures.

Popular Models

2600 Makaira

The 2600 Makaira is a popular Blue Wave boat model designed for versatility and performance. With a length of 25'6" and a beam of 9'2", this boat offers ample space and stability for a variety of activities, including fishing and cruising.

Some of the key features of the 2600 Makaira include a spacious cockpit, an efficient fuel system, and plenty of storage for fishing gear and other essentials. The model's modern and sleek design not only provides a stylish appearance but also enhances its performance and handling.

2800 Makaira

Designed for offshore adventures and serious anglers, the 2800 Makaira boasts impressive size and capabilities. This model has an overall length of 27'2" and a beam of 9'2", making it one of the largest offerings in the Blue Wave lineup.

Fishing enthusiasts will appreciate the 2800 Makaira's ample storage, multiple rod holders, and large baitwell. In addition to its fishing features, the boat also offers comfortable seating, making it an excellent choice for families who enjoy spending time on the water together.

2400 PureBay

The 2400 PureBay is an ideal option for inshore and coastal fishing trips. This model measures 24'5" in length and has a beam of 8'6", providing ample deck space and stability for a range of activities.

Some key features of the 2400 PureBay include a large casting platform, dry storage compartments, and an efficient fuel system. This boat is perfect for those seeking a balance of performance and practicality in their fishing boat.

2200 PureBay

For those in need of a slightly smaller option, the 2200 PureBay is a perfect choice for inshore fishing and family outings. With a length of 21'5" and a beam of 8'3", this boat offers enough space for recreational activities while maintaining excellent performance and handling.

Some notable features of the 2200 PureBay include a spacious live well, multiple rod holders, and comfortable seating options. This boat is a popular choice among hardcore anglers and casual boaters alike, thanks to its versatility and user-friendly design.

Boat Hull Types

When it comes to Bluewave boats, understanding the different types of boat hulls is essential, as they play a significant role in a boat's performance and capabilities. There are several boat hull types, including modified vee, deep vee, and tunnel hulls.

Modified Vee: The modified vee hull design features a sharper angle in the bow, which gradually flattens towards the stern. This configuration combines the stability of a flat-bottomed boat with the smooth and efficient ride offered by a V-shaped hull. The modified vee is suitable for various water conditions, which makes it a popular choice for anglers and recreational boaters alike.

Deep Vee: A deep vee hull features a sharper V-shape that goes the entire length of the boat. This design provides exceptional handling and stability in rough waters, making it an ideal option for offshore fishing and larger vessels. Boats with deep vee hulls are designed to cut through waves for a smoother ride, reducing the impact on passengers and improving overall comfort.

Tunnel Hull: A tunnel hull design incorporates a central tunnel between two separate hulls, creating a cushion of air for reduced drag and improved performance. This setup allows for excellent cornering and acceleration, making tunnel hull boats suitable for high-speed water sports and races. However, they tend to be less stable at slower speeds and in rough water conditions.

In conclusion, considering the different boat hull types is crucial when choosing a Bluewave boat. Each type offers unique advantages and characteristics that can enhance the boating experience depending on the intended use and water conditions.

Fishing Capabilities

Bluewave boats are known for their exceptional fishing capabilities in various environments, including both saltwater and freshwater fishing. Equipped with large casting platforms and abundant storage areas for fish and gear, these boats are designed to cater to the needs of avid anglers.

The shallow draft of Bluewave boats enables them to easily navigate in flats and shallow water areas, making them ideal for inshore fishing. For instance, non-tunnel Blue Wave models with a jackplate and a 200 HP engine can achieve speeds of around 50 mph while maintaining a draft of approximately 10 inches, according to 2 Cool Fishing Forum.

One of the key features of these boats is their spacious live wells, which are designed to accommodate ample live bait. The 2800 Pure Hybrid model, for example, comes standard with two pressurized live wells with a total capacity of 45 gallons, divided between a 35-gallon aft well and a 10-gallon forward well. An optional 75-gallon live well is also available for those in need of additional bait storage.

Blue Wave boats are not only suitable for inshore fishing but also cater to offshore anglers. The Blue Wave 2800 Makaira features a large cockpit that rivals many 30- to 33-foot center consoles on the market, providing ample space for offshore fishing activities. With a deadrise of 18 degrees, a dry weight of 3,650 lbs (without engine), a 1 ft 5-inch draft, and a fuel capacity of 135 gallons, this model is built to handle the challenges of the open seas.

Boat Types And Usage

Blue Wave boats offer a variety of types designed for different purposes. Among the most popular are bay boats, center console boats, and those suited for day cruising. Each type is specifically designed with features that cater to the needs of the boating enthusiast.

Bay boats, such as the Blue Wave Pure Bay, are well-suited for fishing activities. They feature large casting platforms, generous fish boxes, and lockable rod storage. These boats are celebrated for their legendary ride alongside ample dry storage space, making them a top choice for both experienced and beginner anglers.

Center console boats, on the other hand, are designed for versatility. Featuring a console in the center of the boat, these vessels provide 360-degree access around the boat, catering to activities such as fishing, water sports, or simply cruising. Blue Wave center console boats prioritize stability, comfort, and ample storage options for fishing gear, personal items, and more.

For day cruising, Blue Wave boats offer a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Their spacious layouts, ample seating, and smooth rides make them an ideal choice for relaxing on the water with friends or family. While these boats may not have as many dedicated fishing features, they still provide fantastic opportunities for leisure activities and exploration.

Propulsion Systems

When it comes to propulsion systems for Blue Wave boats, it is important to consider available options for optimal performance and efficiency. Among the various propulsion systems utilized in the boating industry, outboard engines, in particular 4-stroke outboard engines (outboard-4s), are popular choices to power Blue Wave boats.

Outboard engines are placed externally on the stern, ensuring easy access for maintenance, and delivering efficient performance. The outboard-4s engines provide a cleaner and quieter operation compared to older 2-stroke models. These engines offer better fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and a smoother ride, making them a preferred choice for boaters.

A few key benefits of outboard-4s propulsion systems include:

  • Exceptional power-to-weight ratio
  • Lower noise levels and vibrations
  • Enhanced fuel efficiency
  • Environmentally-friendly operation due to reduced emissions

Blue Wave boats, designed for versatile applications, can be found with outboard-4s engines in various power ranges. These propulsion systems deliver top-notch performance and reliability, contributing to the overall boating experience. Blue Wave models, such as the 1900 STL and 2000 Classic, are examples of boats equipped with efficient outboard-4s engines.

Pricing And Dealers

Blue Wave boats offer a range of models with varying prices, catering to different budgets and preferences. For instance, a 2023 Blue Wave 2200PUREBAY is available for $86,936 while the 2022 Blue Wave Boat Pure Hybrid Series 2800 Pure Hybrid is priced at $112,712 (Boat Trader) (See Dealer Cost). When considering the purchase of a Blue Wave boat, it is essential to research and compare different models and dealers to find the most suitable option.

There are numerous Blue Wave boat dealers spread across the United States, offering a variety of choices to customers. Using platforms like Boat Trader, potential buyers can locate nearby dealers and view available boats for sale. These dealers provide information on boat features, specifications, and pricing, making it easier for customers to make informed decisions.

When purchasing a Blue Wave boat, it is important to consider factors such as dealer reputation, customer reviews, and available services such as boat maintenance and repair. Additionally, potential buyers should be aware of dealer-specific promotions or discounts that may significantly influence the final cost of purchase.

New Vessels

Blue Wave continues to expand its offerings with innovative new vessel designs that cater to the ever-changing needs of fishing enthusiasts. The introduction of the 2600 Makaira in 2022 as part of their Hybrid Series is a testament to the company's commitment to providing versatile, high-performance fishing boats for all types of anglers.

The 2600 Makaira takes inspiration from its larger sibling, the 2800 Makaira, incorporating many of the same sought-after features. Equipped with rod lockers built into the cap, a flip-up aft bench seat, comfortable bow seating, and a tempered glass windshield, this new model offers everything one would expect from a premium Blue Wave boat.

In addition to the Makaira line, Blue Wave has also introduced the option for customers to customize the color of their fishing boats. The new Navy Blue option, available in 2022, can be selected for the entire hull or simply used as an accent, offering boat owners a truly unique aesthetic for their vessel.

With continual developments and enhancements, Blue Wave remains dedicated to meeting the evolving demands of their diverse clientele. It's evident that boating enthusiasts can expect to see more exciting additions to Blue Wave's lineup in the years to come. 

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