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Bertram Yachts: Unveiling Luxury and Performance in Modern Yachting

Bertram Yachts has been a respected name in the boating industry for decades, known for their rugged, versatile boats, which include sportfishing and flybridge yachts. Inspired by tradition and driven by excellence, this Miami-based yacht designer and manufacturer has been crafting seaworthy and innovative yachts since the 1960s, making them a leader in the world of sportfishing vessels.

Today, Bertram offers a diverse range of yachts, with models ranging in size from 20 feet to 72 feet. Their yachts are listed for sale in various countries, including the United States, Italy, Greece, France, and Spain, showcasing the global demand for these reliable and meticulously designed vessels. Aspiring yacht owners and seasoned sailors alike appreciate the craftsmanship and performance Bertram Yachts deliver, making them a cherished brand in the world of luxury boating.

History of Bertram Yachts

Dick Bertram

Dick Bertram was a competitive sailor and yacht broker who started a yacht brokerage firm in Miami in 1947. His love for sailing and experience in the yachting industry paved the way for the creation of Bertram Yachts. In 1958, his observations of a small boat's impressive performance in choppy waters off Newport, Rhode Island, led to the inspiration for his own line of watercraft.

C. Raymond Hunt

C. Raymond Hunt was a renowned naval architect who collaborated with Dick Bertram in designing the first Bertram Yacht. Hunt's innovative deep V hull design provided the boats with excellent performance even in rough seas, setting a new standard in the boating industry, ultimately contributing to the success of Bertram Yachts.

Miami-Nassau Race

The Miami-Nassau Race was a significant event in the history of Bertram Yachts. In 1960, Bertram's first boat, the Bertram 31, famously known as the Moppie, competed in the race. The Moppie performed exceptionally well, winning the race and setting a new record time. This victory helped establish Bertram Yachts as a reputable boat manufacturer, and the Bertram 31 went on to become a classic, highly sought-after model.

Since the early days, Bertram Yachts has continued to develop innovative and high-quality watercraft. In 1998, the company became part of the Ferretti Group, an Italian boatbuilding conglomerate, which further expanded Bertram's design capabilities and introduced new models such as the Bertram 360, Bertram 390, and Bertram 410. Today, Bertram Yachts remains a respected name within the boating industry, with their vessels known for their performance and quality craftsmanship.

Bertram Yacht Models

Bertram Yachts is known for its exceptionally versatile and seaworthy range of yacht models, featuring their signature deep-V hulls and unmatched attention to detail. This section will provide an overview of some popular Bertram yacht models.

Bertram Moppie

The Bertram Moppie is an iconic model that has a rich history and remains a popular choice among boating enthusiasts. Its deep-V hull provides a smooth and comfortable ride in challenging conditions, making it ideal for offshore cruising and sportfishing.

Bertram 61

The Bertram 61 is a prestigious yacht designed for luxury and performance. With its impressive LOA (length overall) of 61 feet, this model features a spacious interior and various amenities to ensure a comfortable experience on the water. The deep-V hull allows for excellent stability and handling, even at high speeds.

Bertram 28CC

Scheduled to launch in the Winter of 2021, the Bertram 28CC is a 28-foot center console model that's perfect for both leisure and sportfishing pursuits. Offering a versatile design, it caters to boating enthusiasts looking for a compact yet capable yacht.

Bertram 39CC

The Bertram 39CC is a larger center console yacht that offers an exceptional blend of style, performance, and comfort. Ideal for those who love fishing and watersports, this model combines a sporty design with a spacious layout.

Bertram 28XC

The Bertram 28XC is a capable and versatile crossover yacht designed to accommodate a range of watersport activities. From fishing to cruising, this model offers a spacious and comfortable layout suitable for families or groups of friends looking to enjoy their time on the water.

Bertram 50 Sport

The Bertram 50 Sport is a luxury yacht designed with performance in mind. Offering a fast, stable, and comfortable ride, this model is perfect for those who enjoy both cruising and sportfishing activities. With a well-appointed interior and top-of-the-line amenities, the Bertram 50 Sport provides a truly exceptional boating experience.

Design and Construction

Hull Design

Bertram Yachts are known for their innovative and high-quality hull designs. The hulls are molded, infused vinylester with a Kevlar keel providing strength and durability while maintaining a lightweight construction. The Bertram 61, for example, is designed as a homage to the Bertram 54 from the 1980s, incorporating modern mechanical, electronic, and construction systems while retaining the classic lines of the original model 1.

Beam and Draft

The beam and draft of Bertram yachts vary depending on the specific model. However, they generally have wide beams for increased stability and accommodating spacious interiors. Sport-fishing models, like the Bertram 35, often boast a lower draft to allow for better maneuverability and access to shallow waters 2.

Bertram Boat Models and Specifications

Model Beam Draft
Bertram 35 12' 5" (3.78 m) 2' 6" (0.76 m)
Bertram 50 16' 5" (5.00 m) 4' 6" (1.37 m)
Bertram 61 18' 3" (5.56 m) 5' (1.52 m)


  1. Canyon Bound: Bertram 61


Bertram Yachts for Sale

Bertram Yachts is a renowned brand in the boating industry, known for producing versatile and seaworthy yachts. This section will cover information on available Bertram Yachts for sale and how to connect with a Bertram yacht broker to make your purchase experience smooth and efficient.

Bertram Yacht Broker

A Bertram yacht broker specializes in the sale of new and used Bertram yachts. Working with a reputable broker can save you time and effort when looking to buy a yacht, as they have extensive knowledge of the brand and can help you find the perfect vessel to meet your needs.

There are several online platforms available where you can find Bertram yachts for sale. One popular website is YachtWorld, which lists 298 yachts for sale, including 31 new vessels and 267 used yachts. These yachts are available across various countries, including the United States, Italy, Greece, France, and Spain.

Another valuable resource for Bertram yachts for sale is Boat Trader, which offers 164 Bertram boats for sale as of now. This includes 20 new vessels and 144 used boats, with the oldest model dating back to 1961 and the newest being a 2024 model.

Specific Bertram Models

If you are looking for specific Bertram models, YachtWorld provides listings for different models, such as:

  • Bertram 46
  • Bertram 35

These are just a few examples of the wide range of Bertram yachts available for purchase. Utilizing a knowledgeable yacht broker will ensure that you find the best yacht to suit your requirements, making your experience enjoyable and hassle-free.

In conclusion, Bertram Yachts is a prestigious brand that offers a variety of seaworthy vessels for sale. By working with a specialized Bertram yacht broker, you can streamline your search and ultimately enjoy a safe and pleasant boating experience on the water with your new yacht.

Bertram Yachts Experience

When it comes to luxury and fishing boats, the Bertram Yachts brand stands out for its tradition of excellence and delivers a unique experience to boat enthusiasts.

Guide to Bertram Yachts

Bertram Yachts is known for making rugged, versatile boats, including sportfishing and flybridge yachts. The company began in 1960 when founder Dick Bertram built the first Bertram yacht, the 31-foot Moppie. Over the years, the brand has expanded its offerings and caters to various boating needs with models ranging from 20 feet to 72 feet in size.

Boat Shows

Attending boat shows offers a pleasant opportunity for boat enthusiasts to experience Bertram Yachts up close. Potential buyers and curious visitors can mingle with accomplished yacht brokers and receive valuable insights into the various Bertram Yacht models available for sale. This experience allows them to make more informed decisions when considering buying or upgrading their yachts.

Fishing Boats

Bertram Yachts is highly regarded for their superior fishing boats. The sturdy construction of their vessels ensures that they can withstand challenging conditions and reach remote fishing spots with ease. Known for their exceptional handling and performance, Bertram Yachts are a favorite among avid anglers seeking the ultimate fishing experience.

Luxury Yachts

In addition to their renowned fishing boats, Bertram Yachts also offers top-of-the-line luxury yachts designed for leisure and relaxation. These magnificent vessels boast spacious accommodations, state-of-the-art technology, and sophisticated design elements that guarantee an unforgettable experience for their owners and guests. Whether used for personal enjoyment or entertaining clients, Bertram Yachts exudes luxury and sophistication on the open sea. 

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