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Bavaria Yachts: A Comprehensive Guide to Models and Performance

Bavaria Yachts, a renowned yacht manufacturer based in Germany, is celebrated for producing high-quality sailing yachts and motor boats. With an extensive range of vessels available, from small sailboats to luxurious motor yachts, they cater to a wide variety of boating enthusiasts.

With popularity spanning countries like Spain, Croatia, United Kingdom, United States, and Italy, Bavaria Yachts has made a name for itself in the nautical industry. Their commitment to craftsmanship and precision engineering ensures that every yacht leaving their shipyard is a work of art, combining both aesthetic appeal and exceptional performance.

When it comes to Bavaria Yachts, potential buyers have a plethora of options to choose from. Bavaria offers both new and used vessels on the market, ensuring there is a yacht to suit various budgets and personal preferences. Their range includes models such as the Bavaria SR41, the Bavaria 37, and the Bavaria Cruiser 46, amongst others.

History and Background

Bavaria Yachts is a German shipyard, established in 1978 in the north of Bavaria, south of Würzburg. The company's founder, Winfried Herrmann, started manufacturing yachts in the small town of Giebelstadt, far from any navigable waters. This seemingly odd location ultimately proved revolutionary for the industry, as it allowed Herrmann to think outside the box and redefine what yacht building could be (Discover Germany).

The company's first yacht, the Bavaria 707, was 7.07 meters long, 2.48 meters wide, and featured 28 square meters of sail area. Today, Bavaria Yachts is proud to have one of the most successful and widely produced sailing yacht series in the world. An example of this success is the company's Cruiser 46 model, which has been built over 900 times (Bavaria Yachts).

Throughout its history, Bavaria Yachts has undergone ownership changes. The company was first sold in 2007, then again in 2009 to Anchorage Advisors and Oaktree Capital Management (Network Yacht Brokers Barcelona).

Over the years, Bavaria Yachts has built a strong reputation within the yachting industry. Much of their success can be attributed to its talented team of employees. The company strives to foster a culture of innovation, dedication, and passion, which is reflected in the quality and performance of their yachts. The skilled workforce at Bavaria Yachts is a considerable asset, and their experience in the field enables them to continuously push the boundaries of yacht design and engineering.

Sailing Yacht Models


The Bavaria C38 is a sailing yacht model designed for both comfort and performance. This yacht features an innovative hull design that promises increased stability and speed, while providing ample space for living and entertaining below deck. The C38 is also equipped with a large cockpit, giving its occupants easy access to all necessary controls, as well as ample seating for those who wish to enjoy the sun and sea.


Another standout model in the Bavaria Yachts sailing lineup is the C42. This yacht boasts a more spacious design, allowing for increased comfort while maintaining high performance on the water. With a focus on stability and maneuverability, the C42 is perfect for sailors who enjoy spending extended periods at sea. Thanks to its optimized design, the C42 offers an attractive balance of living and storage space, ensuring a comfortable sailing experience for both short and long voyages.


For those seeking an even larger, more luxurious option, the Bavaria C57 might be the perfect choice. This impressive sailing yacht offers a vast living area and multiple cabin configurations, making it ideal for larger groups or those who desire extra privacy. The C57 also features a graceful, functional design that prioritizes ease of use, even for less experienced sailors. Its innovative sailing capabilities and advanced technology ensure that the C57 will deliver excellent performance, regardless of your destination.

Each of these Bavaria sailing yacht models offers a unique combination of comfort, performance, and innovation, ensuring that every sailor can find their perfect match.

Design and Attention to Detail

Bavaria Yachts is known for its aesthetically pleasing and functional designs, with a focus on quality and attention to detail. The company's sailing and motor yachts reflect a blend of modern and innovative design elements, catering to the highest standards and offering an enjoyable experience at sea.

The design process behind each Bavaria yacht involves the collaboration of skilled naval architects and product designers who work together to create a vessel that combines sleek aesthetics with practical functionality. One notable design collaboration is with Italian designer Maurizio Cossutti, who contributed to the design of the Bavaria C-Line.

Attention to detail is evident in the build quality and styling of Bavaria yachts. The interiors are designed with family comfort in mind, incorporating features such as spacious living areas and intelligently designed storage solutions.

Bavaria's commitment to quality is demonstrated through its adherence to strict construction standards and the use of high-quality materials. The company ensures that its yachts meet the rigorous demands of the modern sailor while maintaining a luxurious feel and aesthetic.

Family and Cruising Features

The Bavaria Yachts offer an impressive blend of family-friendly and cruising features, making them an ideal choice for groups and sailing enthusiasts alike. One striking example is the Bavaria 32 Cruiser, which is designed to deliver both an enjoyable family experience and notable performance capabilities.

When it comes to accommodating families, the Bavaria Cruiser 46 boasts spacious interiors and multiple cabin options. This vessel, as well as others in the Bavaria Yachts lineup, provides a relaxing environment for families, allowing them to spend quality time together on the water in comfort and style.

In addition to comfort, cruising characteristics are abundant in Bavaria Yachts. With efficient hull designs, responsive steering systems, and balanced sail plans, these yachts are well-suited for long-distance journeys or casual outings with friends. The focus on performance ensures a lively and engaging sailing experience for all on board.

Their sailing yachts also offer a contemporary style that reflects a subtle mix of elegant lines, modern materials, and functional living spaces. With an emphasis on creating a harmonious balance between appearance and utility, Bavaria Yachts successfully cater to both family and cruising needs.

Performance and Specifications

Bavaria Yachts is known for producing high-quality sailing yachts and motorboats that prioritize performance, speed, and comfort. With a strong focus on innovation, Bavaria Yachts manufactures over 600 vessels per year at their 200,000 m² site in Germany, leveraging the skills of their talented workforce for each build (Bavaria Yachts).

Size is an important aspect of Bavaria Yachts' offerings, with ample living and storage space found in various models. For instance, the Bavaria 36 Cruiser includes 6ft 3in of headroom in the saloon, making it impressively spacious for a 36-footer (Sail Magazine). Similarly, the Bavaria C46 offers abundant volume below without compromising sailing comfort, proving that larger size doesn't necessarily mean diminished performance (Yachting Monthly).

Speed is another crucial element of Bavaria Yachts designs, ensuring excellent performance for both sailing enthusiasts and motorboat aficionados. In general, increased waterline length can contribute to higher speed potential, as seen in the Bavaria Cruiser 46 Standard. It has a waterline length of 41' 10" (12.74 m), which can have a positive impact on its overall speed capabilities (

In terms of displacement, many Bavaria Yachts models have a moderate to lightweight build. For example, the Bavaria Cruiser 46 Standard has a light displacement of 27,778 lb (12,600 kg), allowing for better sailing performance and ease of handling. The displacement figures typically vary based on model size and specifications (

When it comes to fuel options, Bavaria Yachts motorboats tend to utilize diesel engines which are known for their efficiency and torque, making them ideal for cruising. Diesel engines are also considered more reliable and easier to maintain than their gas counterparts, ensuring dependable performance for Bavaria Yachts owners over the long term.

Prices and Popular Models

Bavaria Yachts offers a wide range of models catering to different needs and preferences of sailors. The prices for these yachts vary greatly, starting from around $47,223 and going up to $802,950 for the more expensive models(source).

One of the well-known models among Bavaria Yachts lineup is the 42 Cruiser. This popular model is designed for comfortable cruising and easy handling, making it an appealing choice for sailors.

Other notable models in Bavaria Yachts' offering include the Cruiser 46, C38, and C42. The Bavaria C38 has a starting price of €199,900 while the R40 Fly is available from €466,300.

Furthermore, Bavaria Yachts has an impressive range of motor yachts like the R40 Coupe and R55. The R40 Coupe starts at a price of €596,000 and the R55 has a length overall (LOA) of 17.7 meters, accommodating larger groups(source).

In the United States, Bavaria Yachts prices vary based on the model and location. For instance, a 2018 Bavaria C57 in Long Beach, California is priced at $799,000, while the 2023 Bavaria C38 in San Diego, California has a price tag of $348,883(source).

Global Presence

Bavaria Yachts has a strong global presence with a considerable number of yachts for sale in various countries. The company's yachts can be found in Spain, Croatia, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Italy, among other locations.


In Spain, Bavaria Yachts has a significant market presence with numerous sailing and motor yachts available for sale. The country's beautiful coastal regions and marinas make it an ideal destination for yacht enthusiasts to enjoy their boats and explore the diverse sailing experiences available.


Croatia is another popular location with a booming market for Bavaria Yachts. With its stunning coastline, crystal-clear waters, and numerous picturesque islands, Croatia offers yacht owners unique opportunities to explore the Adriatic Sea and take advantage of the high-quality sailing conditions.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is home to a large number of Bavaria Yachts, offering a variety of sailing and motorboat options for yacht enthusiasts. With its long maritime tradition, the UK provides ample opportunities for exploring its extensive coastal waters and experiencing the rich sailing culture present in the country.

United States

Bavaria Yachts also has a presence in the United States, where sailing and motor yachts are available for sale along the coastline. Additionally, the US offers yacht owners a vast array of destinations to choose from, ranging from the picturesque New England coastlines to the tropical waters of Florida and the Eastern seaboard.


In Italy, Bavaria Yachts are available for those looking to explore the country's stunning coastlines and enjoy the Mediterranean's charm. Italy's long coastline, islands, and picturesque marinas make it a perfect destination for yacht owners interested in enjoying the Mediterranean lifestyle and discovering the region's rich history and culture.

Bavaria Yachts in the Yachting Community

Bavaria Yachts, a renowned German boat manufacturer, has made a significant impact in the yachting community over the years. Known for its sailing yachts and motorboats, the brand combines innovation and quality, making it a popular choice among families and sailing enthusiasts alike.

One of the main reasons for Bavaria Yachts' success is its attention to detail and commitment to continuously improve its products. The company constantly releases new models that cater to various needs, such as cruising, racing, or family fun. The designs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional and comfortable, making them suitable for both novice and experienced sailors.

When it comes to family yachting, Bavaria Yachts stands out as a top-choice due to its focus on safety, ease of use, and spacious living areas. Models like the Bavaria C38 and Bavaria C42 have gained popularity thanks to their family-friendly layouts and features, as well as their ability to provide excellent sailing performance.

The yachting community recognizes Bavaria Yachts for their participation in various boat shows and events, which showcase their latest innovations and connect with loyal customers. These events create a sense of belonging among Bavaria Yacht owners, as they are able to share their experiences and passion with like-minded individuals.

In conclusion, Bavaria Yachts holds a strong presence within the yachting community due to its focus on customer satisfaction and its wide range of high-quality sailing yachts and motorboats. With particular appeal to families, the brand's commitment to safety, comfort, and performance ensures continued success and respect in the world of yachting 

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