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Back Cove Boats: Your Ultimate Guide to Quality and Performance

Back Cove Yachts is a renowned yacht builder that specializes in crafting downeast style motoryachts. These yachts are built in Maine, United States, combining traditional design with modern technology and convenience for an unparalleled boating experience. With a range of models available, Back Cove offers something for every boating enthusiast.

The company's lineup includes both new and used yachts, ranging in size from 26 feet to 41 feet. Among their innovative designs is the award-winning 34O, which is Back Cove's first-ever outboard-powered model. This particular model features a revolutionary hull design utilizing the company's proprietary Trailing Edge Lifting Surface (TRELIS), resulting in improved performance and efficiency on the water.

When searching for a Back Cove yacht, potential buyers can find a variety of options available on popular platforms such as YachtWorld and Boat Trader. These platforms offer a wide range of prices to accommodate different budgets, making it easier for individuals to find the perfect Back Cove boat to suit their needs.

Back Cove Boats Overview

History and Origin

Back Cove boats are renowned for their signature Downeast style, embodying traditional Maine values of quality, ingenuity, and nautical sensibility. Built in Rockland, Maine, by over 200 of the state's finest boat builders, these luxury yachts can be found navigating almost every body of water in the United States, from the coasts to inland lakes and rivers(source).

Their modern 240,000 square foot facility is responsible for crafting these timeless vessels, reflecting Maine's rich boat-building heritage and outstanding craftsmanship(source).

Boat Models Range

Back Cove boats cater to a diverse range of needs and preferences, offering various models for buyers to choose from. Some of the most popular models in their lineup include the Back Cove 34O, 41, 37, 30, and 372(source). These boats are priced between $119,370 and $1,093,000, depending on the model and its features(source).

One notable model, the Back Cove 372, is a single-engine cruiser designed with couples in mind. This boat boasts a standard Side-Power bow thruster and an optional stern thruster, making it easy to maneuver. Additionally, the 372 offers excellent visibility from the helm and companion seat, thanks to a large tri-pane windshield framed with glare-reducing black mullions(source).

Back Cove boats are available with horsepower options ranging from 240 to 1,200 HP, depending on the model and desired performance(source). This versatility ensures that there is a perfect Back Cove boat for every boating enthusiast.

Key Features and Design

Hull Design Types

Back Cove yachts are well-known for their exceptional hull design, which contributes to their stability, fuel efficiency, and performance. The two main hull designs found in Back Cove boats are Deep Vee and Modified Vee. Deep Vee hulls provide an excellent ride quality in rough seas, while Modified Vee hulls offer a balance between stability and performance, suitable for various boating conditions.

Propulsion Systems

One of the significant features of Back Cove boats is their propulsion systems. Most models offer either inboard or outboard options. Inboard engines are generally more fuel-efficient and offer better maneuverability, while outboard engines provide more space in the cockpit and swimming platform areas. Some models, like the Back Cove 34 Outboard, use outboard 4-stroke engines for improved performance and fuel efficiency.

Cockpit and Helm

The cockpit in Back Cove boats is designed for functionality and comfort, often featuring versatile seating options like fold-down benches, a U-shaped settee, and easy access to the swim platform. The helm station offers excellent sightlines and intuitive controls for a comfortable boating experience. Many Back Cove models also come with upgraded electronics and navigation systems to enhance the captain's situational awareness and control.

Cabin and Interior

Back Cove boats are renowned for their elegant interiors and attention to detail. The cabins often have a queen-sized island berth, providing comfort and convenience for those staying overnight on the boat. Additionally, the salon offers a U-shaped settee for socializing and dining, as well as ample storage for prolonged trips.

Overall, the various design features present in Back Cove boats provide a comfortable and enjoyable boating experience for their owners. Each boat's design and layout cater to both functionality and aesthetics, making Back Cove yachts a favorite choice among boating enthusiasts.

Popular Back Cove Models

Back Cove yachts are known for their craftsmanship and impressive performance. In this section, we will highlight three popular Back Cove models: the Back Cove 34O, 39O, and 41.

Back Cove 34O

The Back Cove 34O is a popular model for those seeking a mid-sized yacht with ample amenities. This model is powered by a pair of Yamaha 300s but offers the option for 350 hp Yamaha or Suzuki engines. The 34O's hull is designed specifically for outboard propulsion, resulting in cruise and top-end speeds approximately 10 knots faster than traditional single diesel Back Cove models.

Back Cove 39O

Not listed in the recent search results, the Back Cove 39O is still worth mentioning as another popular model within the Back Cove range. Continuing the line of outboard-powered yachts, the 39O boasts increased performance and fuel efficiency compared to its inboard counterparts. The yacht is spacious, luxurious, and versatile, ideal for a variety of boating experiences.

Back Cove 41

The Back Cove 41 is the largest model in the range and is an excellent choice for those looking for a luxurious yacht. This model showcases the brand's quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and performance capabilities. The 41 features a spacious interior with multiple layout options to suit various preferences and requirements of potential owners.

Performance and Capabilities

Back Cove boats are known for their impressive performance and capabilities, proving to be versatile and reliable vessels on the water. In this section, we will cover aspects such as top-end speed, fuel efficiency, handling, and stability.

Top-End Speed

Back Cove boats offer impressive top-end speed across their models, allowing for swift travel on open waters. For instance, the Back Cove 39O is equipped with 3/350-hp Suzuki 4.4L V6 engines as standard, while optional upgrades include 3x 300-hp Yamaha 4.2L V6 or 3x 400-hp Mercury Verado 2.6L V6 engines [source]. The choice of engines enables boat owners to find the perfect balance between speed, power, and fuel efficiency for their specific needs.

Fuel Efficiency

The fuel efficiency of Back Cove boats is one of the key advantages they offer. For example, the Back Cove 39O has a fuel capacity of 500 gallons, providing ample range for extended cruises [source]. Innovations such as cored fiberglass topsides help in reducing the boat's overall weight, thereby improving fuel efficiency. The Back Cove 34O has a 10% lighter displacement compared to its 32-foot single-diesel counterpart due to this material choice [source].

Handling and Stability

Back Cove boats are designed with handling and stability in mind, ensuring a comfortable experience for both novice and experienced boaters. Their hull designs provide excellent tracking and control, even in challenging conditions. The Back Cove 39O, for instance, offers a draft of 3 feet, enabling it to handle shallow waters with ease [source]. With ample horsepower options, Back Cove boats can be tailored to fit the desired level of responsiveness and control for different boating activities.

Pricing and Dealers

When considering purchasing a Back Cove boat, it is important to be familiar with the various aspects related to pricing and dealers. This section will cover the cost range of Back Cove boats, current boats for sale, and the yacht brokers and brokerages that deal with these yachts.

Cost Range

The cost of Back Cove boats varies depending on the model and features. Prices can range from $93,421 for the lower-end models up to $1,094,000 for the most advanced and luxurious yachts(source). Models available include yachts from 26 feet to 41 feet in length.

Boats for Sale

There are several options for finding Back Cove boats for sale, including websites like YachtWorld, Boat Trader, and These platforms offer a variety of new and used yachts for sale, with a selection of popular models including the 34O, 37, 41, 30, and 372.

Yacht Brokers and Brokerages

When searching for a Back Cove boat, it is beneficial to consider working with specialized yacht brokers and brokerages. These professionals have the industry knowledge and connections to help potential buyers navigate the yacht purchasing process.

There are some yacht brokerages, such as Back Cove Yachts’ dealer locator, that can help find authorized dealers across different regions. These dealers can provide assistance with purchasing new or used yachts in countries like Canada and Guernsey.

Working with specialized yacht brokers and brokerages when purchasing a Back Cove boat ensures that buyers receive expert guidance and have access to a wide range of options within their budget and preferences.

Onboard Amenities and Extras

Entertaining Spaces

Back Cove boats are well-known for their spacious and comfortable interiors, designed with entertainment in mind. The Back Cove 372, for example, features an aft-facing cockpit seat with a folding armrest, creating the perfect seating arrangement for guests to socialize and enjoy their surroundings.

Moreover, the redesigned helm pod and new bi-fold door & window system contribute to the seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living spaces, making it an ideal environment for both casual gatherings and more formal occasions.

Galley and Appliances

The galleys on Back Cove boats are well-equipped with all essential appliances needed for an enjoyable and convenient onboard experience. A convection microwave is a standard feature, making meal preparation efficient while minimizing the need for multiple appliances onboard.

Additionally, the galley ensuring easy and unobstructed access to the dining and living areas, allows for seamless entertaining and meal service.

Storage Solutions

When it comes to storage, Back Cove boats utilize every inch of space to provide practical and accessible solutions. Owners can take advantage of the cleverly designed compartments throughout the boat to store everything from clothing, linens, and provisions to safety gear and equipment.

These storage solutions help to keep the living spaces clutter-free and organized, enhancing the overall onboard experience.

Water Toys and Accessories

Back Cove boats are designed to maximize the enjoyment of time spent on the water, and this extends to the provision of storage and accessibility for water toys and accessories. With ample deck space for storing items such as paddleboards, kayaks, and inflatable watercraft, owners can easily embark on a variety of water-based activities.

Moreover, the thoughtful design of these boats ensures that accessing and launching these water toys is a breeze, allowing you to make the most of your time on the water while creating unforgettable memories with family and friends.

Types of Back Cove Boats

Downeast Boats

Back Cove boats are well-known for their Downeast style, which combines traditional design elements with modern technology for a comfortable and efficient cruising experience. One popular model in this category is the Back Cove 372, which is an updated version of the Back Cove 37.

Downeast boats like the Back Cove 372 are typically powered by a single diesel engine that provides efficiency and ease of maneuverability. They are designed for overnight cruising and day cruising, with comfortable accommodations and well-appointed living spaces.

Some key features of Back Cove Downeast boats include a medium-depth draft, wide beam, and the use of outboard-4S drive systems. These boats are available through various yacht brokerages.

Express Cruisers

Back Cove also offers a range of Express Cruisers, which are designed for speed and performance while maintaining the elegant aesthetics the brand is known for. These boats are perfect for day cruising and entertaining guests, with comfortable seating areas and ample amenities for a day on the water.

Express Cruisers typically feature gas propulsion systems, providing a balance between power and fuel efficiency. They also include spacious cabins for overnight stays, making them versatile options for a variety of boating activities.

Motor Yachts

Motor Yachts by Back Cove combine luxury and performance for a truly exceptional cruising experience. These yachts are the flagship models of Back Cove's fleet, such as the Back Cove 41, which offers an efficient single diesel engine and straight shaft, as well as thrusters, a generator set, and reverse cycle heat and air conditioning systems.

With their medium-depth draft and wide beam, these yachts are perfect for extended cruising and long-range trips. Their spacious accommodations and top-notch amenities make them ideal for overnight cruising and entertaining guests in style. 

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