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Arvor Boats: A Comprehensive Guide for Enthusiasts

Arvor Boats, a reputable yacht brand, is known for providing fishing enthusiasts and boat lovers alike with a variety of high-quality vessels to suit their needs. With several models listed by experienced brokers in countries such as the United Kingdom, Spain, and Australia, these boats have gained a global presence in the boating market. Their impressive design and functionality cater to both leisure activities and serious fishing expeditions.

The Arvor line of boats offers different models tailored for a range of boating experiences. Ranging from smaller sport fishing vessels to larger weekenders, each model exhibits reliability, fuel economy, and practicality. With their durable construction and well-thought-out design, these vessels have become the top choice for many avid fishermen and boating enthusiasts seeking an efficient and enjoyable experience on the water.

In addition to their popularity in the United States, Arvor Boats have also gained recognition across the United Kingdom as the most sought after small fishing boats. Boasting accolades such as "Best Small Fishing Boat" in 2002, the Arvor brand maintains a strong reputation for excellence in the boating industry. Prospective buyers and boating enthusiasts can trust that an investment in an Arvor boat will provide them with years of satisfaction and enjoyment.

History of Arvor Boats

Founding and Early Years

Arvor Boats was founded in 1999 with the introduction of its first vessel, the Arvor 20. The company initially focused on manufacturing small fishing boats, quickly gaining popularity in the United Kingdom. The Arvor 20 was designed with function and reliability in mind, making it an ideal choice for fishing enthusiasts. In 2002, Arvor boats were voted "Best small fishing boat," a testament to their quality and performance.

Expansion and International Presence

As the company continued to grow, it introduced new boat models to meet the diverse needs of its customer base. Some notable models include the Arvor 230AS, Arvor 250AS, and Arvor 280AS.

In addition to expanding its range of vessels, Arvor also increased its international presence. The brand found success in various countries, including Australia, where Arvor Boats Australia was established. Australian boating enthusiasts welcomed the traditional design with a modern twist that Arvor boats offered. Arvor's innovative approach to boat manufacturing allowed it to make a significant impact on the Australian market.

Moreover, Arvor boats have made their mark in France, with their quality construction and vinyl-ester barrier lamination that protect against osmosis when moored. This feature, along with additional epoxy coatings applied before antifouling, contributes to the high rating Arvor boats receive in the secondhand market.

Throughout its history, Arvor Boats has built a reputation for producing reliable, functional, and high-quality fishing boats that cater to the needs of its customers, both in its home country and abroad. The company continues to adapt and innovate its designs, staying true to the core principles that have made it a success since its founding in 1999.

Popular Arvor Boat Models

Arvor 250 AS

The Arvor 250 AS is a popular model among fishing enthusiasts. This boat offers ample space for fishing activities and is designed with multiple rod holders. The 250 AS also features a livewell with an electric pump, a windlass, and a trolling valve as standard equipment. The Arvor 250 AS provides quality craftsmanship and reliability, making it a perfect choice for anglers.

Arvor 190

The Arvor 190 is another popular model among fishermen, offering a good balance of size, performance, and features. This boat has a comfortable cabin, a large cockpit, and is known for its fuel efficiency. Like other Arvor models, the 190 comes with multiple fishing amenities, such as rod holders and substantial storage space for both tackle and equipment.

Arvor 20

The Arvor 20 is a smaller boat in the Arvor lineup, providing a more compact option for those who prefer a more easily manageable vessel. Although smaller in size, the Arvor 20 still offers versatile fishing features such as rod holders and ample space for gear. Its design and performance make it a popular choice among small boat fishermen.

Arvor 18

Lastly, the Arvor 18 is a compact yet highly functional boat, perfect for those who want an affordable and easily manageable vessel for fishing activities. Its smaller size makes it convenient to navigate through narrower waterways, while still offering essential fishing amenities. The Arvor 18 is designed for those who desire efficiency and space-saving features while enjoying their angling adventures.

Features and Specifications

Inboard Diesel Engines

Arvor boats are known for their inboard diesel engines, which provide both power and efficiency. The Arvor 25, for example, is powered by a 220 hp MerCruiser shaft drive diesel engine. This efficient engine allows the boat to reach top speeds of up to 29 knots at 3600 rpm while maintaining optimum cruising speeds of 24 knots at 3000 rpm. A 300-liter fuel capacity ensures a considerable range for long fishing trips.

Sport Fishing Capabilities

Arvor boats have been designed with sport fishing enthusiasts in mind. The 810 Arvor model offers a robust and practical heavy-duty fishing boat, suitable for different fishing conditions. Key features of this boat include:

  • Robust design: Arvor boats are built with durability and reliability in mind, making them ideal for any fishing excursion.
  • Spacious cabin: The Arvor 230 AS has a comfortable and spacious cabin, a V-berth, and a chemical WC, ensuring a pleasant stay during extended fishing trips.
  • Livewell: Arvor boats are equipped with a livewell, allowing you to store caught fish and maintain their freshness during your trip.
  • Fishing features: These boats come with specialized fishing features, such as rod holders and bait stations, to provide a complete sport fishing experience.

In summary, Arvor boats are designed to meet the needs of fishing enthusiasts, offering powerful inboard diesel engines and remarkable sport fishing capabilities. Their comfortable cabins and reliability make them a great choice for anyone looking to have a successful fishing trip.

Buying an Arvor Boat

New Boats

When considering the purchase of a new Arvor boat, potential buyers should note that the boats are manufactured in Poland and have been marketed under the Quicksilver brand since 1999. Arvor boats are well-known among fishermen due to their excellent equipment, which includes multiple rod holders, a livewell with an electric pump, a windlass, and a trolling setup.

Arvor boats can be found for sale in various countries, such as the United Kingdom and Spain. Prices for new boats may vary depending on the specific model, size, and features. Be sure to confirm the pricing and availability with a trusted dealership, such as

Used Boats

For those looking to purchase a used Arvor boat, there are several options available in locations like the United Kingdom and Spain. Used boats can offer significant savings compared to new boats, but it is essential to ensure that the boat is in good condition before closing a sale. Potential buyers can search for pre-owned Arvor boats through various platforms, such as and boat sales platforms.

To help navigate the used boat market, it may be helpful to consult with a knowledgeable yacht brokerage, like Wind Rose Yacht Brokerage, to guide buyers in finding an appropriate boat at a competitive price.

Lastly, when purchasing a used Arvor boat, remember to factor in currency exchange rates if the transaction takes place in a foreign country. While most boat sales platforms display the pricing in the local currency, it's essential to calculate the final cost in the buyer's preferred currency to avoid unexpected expenses. 

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