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Aquila Boats: Unparalleled Performance and Luxury on the Water

Aquila Power Catamarans is a world leader in producing high-quality, innovative, and high-performing power catamarans. With over 40 years of manufacturing experience, the collaboration of multiple award-winning firms and designers has contributed to the creation of exceptional vessels that cater to a variety of boating enthusiasts.

Some of the most popular Aquila models include the 28 Molokai, 36 Sport, 44 Yacht, 54 Yacht, and the luxurious 70 series. These models offer diverse features, sizes, and pricing options, making them suitable for different buyers' needs and preferences. Whether it's for recreational or long-term cruising, Aquila boats deliver reliability, efficiency, and comfort to their users.

Notably, the Aquila 54 Yacht Power Catamaran comes with the option of 3, 4, and 5 cabin layouts, as well as "galley-down" designs and skipper's quarters, amplifying the level of luxury and customization available for potential buyers. Aquila's commitment to innovation and performance, combined with their attention to detail and quality, sets them apart in the power catamaran market.

Aquila Boats Overview

Aquila is a well-known brand in the world of luxury power catamarans, offering innovative design and exceptional performance. With over 40 years of manufacturing experience, Aquila partners with award-winning firms and designers to produce high-quality vessels.

These boats are designed with a focus on innovation, performance, and comfort. The catamaran hulls provide excellent sea-keeping stability as well as increased efficiency and safety, making them ideal for various water activities and long-distance cruising. Besides their remarkable design, Aquila boats stand out for their ample living space, combined with luxurious amenities.

Available in a range of sizes, Aquila power catamarans are suitable for different purposes, including day cruises, fishing, or extended voyages. For instance, the Aquila 28 Molokai Power Catamaran is specifically designed for fishing enthusiasts, with an agile and wave-slicing form that ensures confidence on the water.

Other popular models within the Aquila lineup include the Aquila 44, boasting excellent docking capabilities, and the Aquila 36, a mid-sized power catamaran suitable for family outings or social gatherings. All of these models come equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a variety of customizable options, allowing owners to tailor their boats according to their preferences and needs.

Popular Models

Aquila 44

The Aquila 44 is a luxury power catamaran featuring three cabins and three heads. This yacht is known for its spacious interiors, offering a comfortable living environment for extended cruises. The Aquila 44 has a well-designed flybridge that provides ample space for entertaining and enjoying the outdoors with friends and family.

Aquila 36

Another popular model in the Aquila lineup is the Aquila 36. This versatile power catamaran is perfect for a variety of water activities such as fishing, diving, or simply enjoying a day on the water. The Aquila 36 features two cabins and a large open deck space, making it an excellent choice for those who value both comfort and functionality.

Aquila 32

The Aquila 32 is a sporty power catamaran that offers a unique blend of comfort and performance. The 32 model boasts a spacious cockpit area, perfect for socializing or relaxing, as well as two cabins for comfortable overnight stays. Equipped with powerful engine options, the Aquila 32 delivers an exhilarating on-water experience and handles a variety of cruising conditions with ease.

Aquila 28 Molokai

For those seeking a more compact option, the Aquila 28 Molokai is an excellent choice. This power catamaran offers impressive performance capabilities while maintaining a comfortable and well-equipped interior. The 28 Molokai features a cuddy cabin design and provides ample storage for all of your gear, making it a great option for day trips or weekend getaways.

Design and Innovation

Aquila Power Catamarans is well-known for their innovative designs and quality, which sets their boats apart in the industry. They are driven by a strong commitment to creating state-of-the-art catamarans that offer exceptional performance and durability. One of the key aspects of Aquila's success is their focus on design and layout, which prioritizes comfort, space, and efficiency across their entire lineup.

Embracing groundbreaking features, Aquila boasts impressive windows and inviting open spaces, transforming their cabins into what feels more like a villa on the water than a traditional boat cabin. This comes as the result of the collaboration between multiple award-winning firms and designers, adding to the overall quality of their boats. The unique design elements, combined with their commitment to partner with best-in-class global suppliers, positions Aquila as a leader in innovation.

Some of Aquila's innovative features include:

  • Bridge-to-bow direct access for improved usability
  • Outboard options for versatile performance
  • Efficient use of space, providing maximum comfort

The company continues to push the boundaries of design, dedicating themselves to the constant evolution of their catamarans. Each model that comes to fruition exhibits Aquila's visionary approach, striving to exceed industry standards and provide the highest quality vessels for boating enthusiasts.

Engines and Performance

Aquila boats offer a variety of engines and propulsion systems, providing boaters with the power and efficiency they need for different applications. Both outboard and inboard engines of diesel and gas types can be found across the Aquila range.

The Aquila 36 Sport Power Catamaran, for example, features the Aquila Hydro-Glide Foil System (AHG) which enhances performance, consumption, and handling by up to 30% gains in fuel efficiency and 25% gain in speed compared to a non-foiling boat. The AHG is compatible with the base engine package of 2 x 300-hp outboards (BoatTEST).

Engine options available for the Aquila 54 Power Catamaran include standard twin 360-hp Volvo D6 diesels or for those seeking more power, the Cummins 550 power package. With the Volvo Penta engines, the boat can reach a projected top speed between 24 and 28 knots and maintain a comfortable cruise between 18 and 20 knots, offering a range of 480 nautical miles (Power & Motoryacht).

Aquila Power Catamarans have been designed from top to bottom for ultimate performance and efficiency. The hulls and propulsion systems are engineered to provide excellent handling and speed capabilities across choppy lake waters or rolling seas (Aquila).

Amenities and Guest Accommodations

The Aquila boats offer a remarkable blend of luxury amenities and guest accommodations to ensure a comfortable and unforgettable experience on the water. One such exemplary boat is the Aquila Yacht Charter, which boasts a variety of features catered to guests' needs and desires.

Guests can enjoy dedicated wellness facilities on board, including a spacious Jacuzzi and massage area for relaxation. The Aquila catamaran also features a cinema room, perfect for entertainment during downtime, and a party deck equipped with a DJ booth, an advanced AV system, smoke machines, and lights to create a vibrant atmosphere.

The Aquila sailing yacht offers four generous suites, accommodating up to 10 guests. These suites provide ample space for relaxation and rest during yacht charters. The motor yacht version of the Aquila can comfortably host up to 12 guests in its five suites.

For on-board dining and meal preparation, Aquila boats are equipped with a well-appointed galley. The galleys include modern appliances and ample storage to prepare delicious meals for guests throughout their journey.

One of the standout features of these boats is the flybridge. The Aquila boats' flybridge offers a perfect vantage point for guests to take in the panoramic views, either while sailing or anchored. The space features comfortable seating, sunbathing areas, and a bar for socializing and enjoying the scenic surroundings.

In summary, the Aquila boats offer a comprehensive set of amenities and guest accommodations that cater to various needs and preferences, making them an ideal choice for those seeking luxury, comfort, and memorable experiences on the water.

Pricing and Dealers

Aquila boats are available in a wide range of prices to suit various budgets. The prices start from $172,283 for entry-level models and go up to $6,691,736 for highly specialized and bespoke models (YachtWorld). These luxury power catamarans come in different sizes and are designed to cater to a variety of boating needs, from fishing boats to yachts.

There are several Aquila boat dealers throughout the United States who offer these high-quality power catamarans. One example is MarineMax Clearwater, which offers various Aquila models for sale like the 2020 Aquila 44 for $795,000 and the 2021 Aquila 70 Luxury at $4,987,000 (Boat Trader). These dealerships provide not only sales services but also support and advice to help customers choose the perfect Aquila boat for their needs.

Some factors that influence the cost of an Aquila boat include:

  • Model and size of the boat
  • Customization and optional features
  • Pre-owned or brand new models
  • Delivery and taxes

It is essential for potential buyers to research and compare different dealers to find the best deal for their desired Aquila boat. Visiting official Aquila dealerships and their websites can provide valuable information on current models, available inventory, and ongoing promotions.

Boat Hull Types

Aquila boats are known for their exceptional design and performance. This section will discuss various boat hull types, focusing on those relevant to Aquila boats.

Boat hulls can be mainly categorized into two types: displacement and planing. Displacement hulls move through the water by pushing it aside, while planing hulls lift the boat to glide on the water's surface. Each hull type has sub-variations, offering different performance characteristics suitable for various boating activities.

When it comes to Aquila boats, most models feature catamaran hulls, which fall under the planing category. Catamaran hulls consist of two separate hulls joined by a deck or bridge. These hulls provide several advantages, such as a smoother ride, increased stability, and better fuel efficiency compared to monohulled boats (

For instance, popular Aquila models like the 28 Molokai, 44 Yacht, and 36 Sport have catamaran hulls, offering a comfortable and stable ride for recreational and luxury boating purposes (YachtWorld).

To help understand the variations in hull design, here are the main sub-varieties of displacement and planing hulls:

  • Displacement hulls: these hulls include full displacement, semi-displacement, and round-bottom hulls.
  • Planing hulls: these hulls include flat-bottom, deep-vee, modified-vee, and multihull (catamaran and trimaran) designs.

Selecting the appropriate hull type for a particular boat relies on various factors, such as the boat's purpose, desired performance, and overall design. As the Aquila boats are mainly focused on providing a smooth and comfortable ride for leisure and luxury purposes, the catamaran hull design best suits their needs

Boats for Sale

Aquila offers a wide range of luxurious power catamarans that cater to the specific needs of boat enthusiasts. Many Aquila boats are currently available for sale. Some popular models include the Aquila 28 Molokai, 44 Yacht, 36, and 32, among others.

One option for finding Aquila boats for sale is through websites like Boat Trader. Here, you'll find numerous listings, including a 2018 Aquila 44 priced at $655,000. Another noteworthy option is the YachtWorld website, where boat prices range from $172,283 on the lower end to $6,691,736 for highly specialized, bespoke models. also offers various Aquila boats for sale, like the 2021 Aquila 36 Cruiser in Wyckoff, New Jersey, priced at $649,000, and the 2016 Aquila 44 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, for $785,000. The wide range of prices and specifications available makes it convenient for buyers to find the right Aquila boat for their needs.

The official Aquila website also showcases a lineup of current models, like the Aquila 44 Yacht, Aquila 54 Yacht, and Aquila 70 Luxury. You can find your nearest Aquila dealer by visiting their website at

Events and New Vessels

Aquila often participates in marquee boat shows to showcase their latest models and innovations. One such event is the Miami International Boat Show, where Aquila has been known to debut their new vessels. In 2023, Aquila made a grand appearance at the show, highlighting their prowess in the power catamaran industry.

Among the new vessels from Aquila is the Aquila 54 Power Catamaran, which is designed to redefine luxury yachting. This vessel exemplifies the combination of style, performance, and innovation that customers have come to expect from Aquila. Another model that generated buzz in recent times is the Aquila 42 Yacht, which had its global debut at an earlier Miami International Boat Show.

Alongside these new models, Aquila offers a range of power catamarans that cater to diverse customer requirements. Below is a brief overview of some popular Aquila models:

  • Aquila 28 Molokai: A compact power catamaran, which is ideal for day adventures and exploring shallow waters.
  • Aquila 32 Sport: Designed for sporty performance, this model combines practicality with innovative design features.
  • Aquila 36: This versatile catamaran is perfect for weekend getaways and offers ample space for entertainment.
  • Aquila 44 Yacht: A popular model among yacht enthusiasts, the Aquila 44 offers a luxurious experience without compromising on performance.

With a commitment to continuously pushing the boundaries of design and engineering, Aquila maintains its position as a global leader in exclusive power catamarans. Keep an eye out for their participation in future events and the unveiling of new vessels that capture the imagination of yacht enthusiasts around the world.

Usage and Experiences

Aquila boats are ideal for a variety of activities, including overnight cruising and sport fishing. The versatility and performance of these power catamarans cater to both experienced boaters and newcomers alike.

One of the key appeal factors of Aquila boats is their smooth handling and wave-taming capabilities. This is showcased in the Aquila 32 Sport Catamaran, which offers the precise handling associated with larger Aquila models. Catering to overnight cruising, the Aquila 32 Sport provides a comfortable and efficient option for users who are interested in longer journeys.

For more extensive cruising experiences, the Aquila 70 is an excellent option. This boat is ideal for long-distance coastal trips, trips to the Bahamas, island hopping excursions, and even offshore journeys and ocean crossings. The Aquila 70 ensures that the comfort and amenities of home are available onboard, making it an ideal live-aboard yacht.

When it comes to sport fishing, the beam and deck space provided by Aquila boats create a perfect atmosphere for anglers. With plenty of room to move around, set up fishing equipment, and store caught fish, Aquila power catamarans ensure enjoyable fishing experiences.

In summary, Aquila boats are suitable for a wide range of activities, from overnight cruising to sport fishing adventures. Their comfortable designs, ample space, and high efficiency make them a popular choice among boaters interested in both leisure and recreational activities. 

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