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Antaris Boats: A Comprehensive Guide to Models and Features

Antaris Boats is a renowned brand in the maritime industry, known for its luxurious and comfortable sloops and cabin boats. They take pride in their skilled and dedicated team that works together to create vessels that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional. Ranging from 5 to 11 meters in length, Antaris boats are built at their own shipyard in Woudsend, ensuring consistent quality and attention to detail.

From day cruising to overnight stays, Antaris boats are designed with the needs and desires of modern boaters in mind. They focus on providing the perfect balance between comfort and safety, while still maintaining excellent performance capabilities. This has made the ingenuity of Antaris boats highly sought after among maritime enthusiasts, leading to a strong reputation in the industry.

The versatility of Antaris boats cannot go unnoticed, as they provide options with inboard and outboard engines, as well as diesel and gas propulsion systems. They have achieved great success in crafting exquisite motor yachts and power-sloops that cater to a wide array of tastes and preferences, making them a top contender for individuals and families looking to invest in their ideal watercraft.

History of Antaris Boats

Antaris Boats, a reputable and established boat manufacturer, was founded in 1989 in the Netherlands under the name Adria. The company is the brainchild of Mark and Laura van der Wilgen, and the first sloops were built at a beautiful water sports location in Ossezijl (source). Driven by a passion for water sports and a commitment to quality, Antaris has become a well-known name in the boat-building industry.

In 2003, Antaris introduced new boat models to its range, further strengthening its position in the market. The company's focus on innovative design and high-quality construction has helped Antaris to maintain a strong reputation in the industry. By 2007, Antaris continued to expand its production facilities, allowing for an even greater variety of models to be built and ensuring they maintained their high standards.

In addition to its dedication to quality and innovation, Antaris boats are also well-known for their timeless and elegant designs. This reputation has allowed them to gain a solid customer base and maintain a positive image in the industry (source).

Some of the models from Antaris include the Antaris Connery 20, Antaris Connery 22, Antaris Connery 25, Antaris Connery 29, and the Antaris 520. Older models such as the Antaris RB (Rainbow) and Antaris Family tenders are still sought after on the used boat market (source).

Today, Antaris Boats is a part of Aquatec Industries, a group that also includes brands like Maril and Makma. This collaboration with other leading boat manufacturers in the Netherlands further demonstrates Antaris' commitment to producing top-quality and innovative boats for water enthusiasts around the world.

Yacht Models

Marelibre 900 Widebody

The Marelibre 900 Widebody is a spacious and comfortable yacht model from Antaris Boats. It features a wide beam, providing ample space for passengers to relax and unwind. The large cockpit area has plenty of room for entertaining guests, while the cabin below offers sleeping accommodations for up to four people. The Marelibre 900 Widebody is well-suited for those who enjoy spending time on the water, either for leisurely cruises or weekend getaways.

Marelibre 940

The Marelibre 940 is another popular model in the Antaris line-up. This yacht offers plenty of space for both relaxation and entertaining, with a large cockpit area and a comfortable salon below deck. The Marelibre 940 features three separate staterooms, providing sleeping accommodations for up to six people. With its stylish design and attention to detail, the Marelibre 940 is an excellent choice for those looking for a versatile yacht that combines luxury, comfort, and performance.


The Sixty6 is a sleek and modern yacht with a unique design that catches the eye. This model stands out with its large windows and spacious interior, providing an open and airy atmosphere on board. The Sixty6 can sleep up to six people, offering ample space for guests to enjoy their time on the water. This yacht is ideal for those who appreciate innovative design and are looking for a blend of style and function.

Antaris X

The Antaris X is a versatile yacht model that offers a perfect balance between comfort and functionality. With a functional cockpit featuring an L-shaped sofa and a comfortable round seating area at the rear, the Antaris X is designed with socializing in mind. The clear steering position provides the captain with an excellent view all around, while the standard artificial teak adds a touch of luxury. The Antaris X can sleep four people and is an ideal choice for those looking for a comfortable and user-friendly yacht.

Design and Style

Antaris Boats have been a symbol of style and design since their inception in 1989. Known for their luxury sloops, the brand focuses on providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience for its users. With a range of boats that cater to both leisurely lounging and high-speed sailing, Antaris has established a reputation for elegance and innovation in the boating industry.

The interior design of Antaris boats emphasizes comfort, functionality, and spaciousness. For instance, the Antares 9 model features two separate cabins with doors, a galley, and a head complete with shower. The wraparound windows in the pilothouse ensure panoramic views and ample natural lighting, creating an airy, open atmosphere for passengers. Furthermore, the convertible co-pilot seat can rotate to face either direction, offering flexibility and adaptability for different cruising scenarios.

In terms of exterior design, Antaris boats often showcase a moderate draft and narrow beam, attributes that contribute to their suitability for overnight cruising, day cruising, and even water sports ^3^. This streamlined design not only enhances the boat's aesthetic but also improves its performance and maneuverability in various water conditions.

The brand's commitment to design and style is evident in the flagship of the Antares fleet, the Antares 11. At just over 36 feet in length, this weekend cruiser focuses on comfort, space, and innovation while prioritizing safety and seaworthiness. With ongoing developments by Beneteau Powerboats, Antaris continues to push the boundaries of style, design, and performance, meeting the needs and expectations of boating enthusiasts across the globe.

Hull Types and Power Options

Antaris boats are known for their unique and functional designs. One of their models, the Antaris X, features a comfortable cockpit with L-shaped sofa and a spacious round seating area at the rear. Standard hull colors are available in RAL 9010 (pure white) or RAL 1013 (off white), giving customers the option to choose based on their preferences.

Boat hull types can greatly influence a boat's performance, stability, and overall usage. Some common boat hull types include:

  • Round-bottomed hulls: suitable for sailboats, with good handling in rough waters
  • Flat-bottomed hulls: offering stability in calm inland waters, perfect for fishing boats
  • Multihulls: highly stable and buoyant, mostly used in catamarans
  • V-Shaped Hulls: provide speed and comfort in choppy waters, common in powerboats

Regarding power options, Antaris boats can be outfitted with a range of propulsion systems. In general, boat propulsion options include inboard, outboard, 4S drive, and gas systems. Each power option offers different advantages and levels of efficiency:

  • Inboard: The engine is housed within the boat's hull, generating power internally. This configuration is quiet and efficient, making it ideal for cruising or enjoying leisure activities on the water.
  • Outboard: An outboard engine is mounted on the boat's transom, offering increased maneuverability and easier maintenance. Outboard-powered boats are well-suited for water sports and agile navigation.
  • 4S Drive: A 4-stroke engine provides a smooth and quiet ride, making it a popular choice for recreational boating. These engines tend to be more environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient compared to their 2-stroke counterparts.
  • Gas Propulsion Systems: Gas-powered engines are a common choice for recreational boats, providing ample power and reliable performance. Modern gas engines have become increasingly fuel-efficient and environmentally conscious.

Both power options and hull types should be considered when selecting the appropriate Antaris boat model. Customers should evaluate their intended usage, location, and desired performance to make the best decision for their boating experience.

Antaris Dealers and Availability

Antaris boats are known for their quality and unique designs. The Dutch shipyard provides a range of models including the Antaris Connery tender series, RB (Rainbow), and Family tenders. In order to purchase an Antaris boat, one needs to find an authorized dealer to ensure authenticity and reliable after-sales support.

Finding an Antaris dealer can be done by visiting their official website. This provides a comprehensive list of dealers that are authorized to sell Antaris boats, ensuring buyers receive genuine products and the high level of service they can expect. Most of the dealers are located in Europe, with a focus on the Netherlands, where the shipyard is located.

While Antaris boats are primarily found in European countries, it may be possible to find dealers or brokers in other territories, such as the United States or the United Kingdom. Conversion and shipping costs may be higher, and availability may be limited, but buyers can still have their desired Antaris boat delivered to their location from an authorized dealer.

One notable dealer for Antaris boats is YachtWorld, which offers a range of both new and used Antaris models for sale. The prices for Antaris boats on YachtWorld range from $13,069 to $105,471, depending on the model and condition of the boat. There is also a selection of boats available on, with 32 boats currently listed for sale.

In conclusion, those who are interested in purchasing an Antaris boat can find dealers andboats through the Antaris website and platforms like YachtWorld and Keep in mind that availability can vary depending on the location, with more options in Europe than in the United States or the United Kingdom. It is important to work with an authorized dealer to ensure authenticity and quality customer support.

Yacht Brokerage and Dealerships

Antaris is a renowned yacht brand that offers both new and used boats to customers. These high-quality vessels are listed by experienced yacht brokers and boat dealerships in various countries, mainly in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom1.

When considering purchasing an Antaris boat, customers can rely on specialized yacht brokers to help them navigate all available options. The specialized yacht brokers have a deep knowledge of the brand and can guide potential buyers through a wide range of available models.

Buyers have flexibility in terms of the type of vessels they can purchase. Antaris boats listed for sale include new vessels as well as used yachts1. This variety in offerings helps cater to different budgets and preferences of customers, ensuring that they can find the perfect boat for their needs.

As patrons explore Antaris boats for sale, they will come across yacht brokerages and boat dealerships that are the main points of contact for purchasing these exquisite vessels1. These dealerships and brokerages are experienced in the industry, and they can provide valuable advice on choosing the right Antaris boat.

To summarize, the search for an Antaris boat can be made easier by seeking the assistance of specialized yacht brokers, reputable brokerages, and trusted boat dealerships. With their wide selection of new vessels and used yachts, Antaris ensures that each customer can find their ideal boat and embark on an unforgettable boating experience.


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Antaris boats are known for their quality and versatility, catering to a wide range of budgets. Prices of Antaris boats can vary from the more modest and affordable options to the more exclusive, luxurious yachts.

For instance, on YachtWorld, Antaris boats are listed with prices ranging from $13,082 up to $106,641, depending on the model and features. This accommodates potential buyers with different financial capacities.

One of the popular models offered by Antaris is the Fifty5. This boat is the epitome of what a sloop can offer and has attracted many water enthusiasts. Additional information about this model, including the brochure and price list, can be found on the Antaris official website.

Another well-known model in the Antaris family is the Antares series by BENETEAU. One of its flagship models, the Antares 11, focuses on comfort, space, and safety. For more details on this weekender cruiser, visit the BENETEAU Antares 11 official page.

The Antares 9 by BENETEAU is another popular option and is often referred to as the ultimate weekender. Starting at US$ 142,600 (excluding taxes), the Antares 9 model provides both luxury and functionality. Visit the Antares 9 official page to learn more about its features and specifications.

In summary, Antaris boats offer various price points, allowing potential buyers the opportunity to choose a boat that best fits their needs and budget. Additional information about Antaris boats, including specifications and dealer contacts, can be found by visiting the appropriate websites provided throughout this section.

Antaris Boats and the Antares Yacht Brand

Antaris boats are a luxury sloop and cabin boat brand, known for their exceptional craftsmanship and high-quality vessels. Built primarily at their own shipyard, Antaris offers a range of boats measuring from 5 to 11 meters, designed for functionality, comfort, and style.

The Antares yacht brand, on the other hand, is a separate entity and specializes in creating cruisers and weekenders. Available for sale through YachtWorld, Antares yachts are frequently listed by experienced yacht brokers and dealerships in various countries, including the United States, Argentina, and France. The models currently on YachtWorld range in size from 23 feet to 44 feet.

As one of the flagship models of the Antares yacht lineup, the BENETEAU Antares 11 is a versatile weekend cruiser designed with safety, innovation, and comfort in mind. Measuring at over 36 feet, this boat offers ample space and accommodations for longer trips and expanded leisure activities on the water.

Key features of the Antares yacht brand include:

  • Optimized use of space for enhanced comfort and enjoyment
  • Focus on safety and seaworthiness for secure cruising experiences
  • Innovative design and modern technologies to accommodate the needs of today's boaters
  • A reliable outboard motorboat system to ensure power and performance

The Antares 7 is another popular model from the brand, known for its family-friendly nature and enhanced comfort features. With upgraded fittings and equipment, this weekender model is set to provide memorable experiences during leisurely outings.

Whether you are interested in Antaris luxury sloops and cabin boats or the Antares yacht brand for spacious cruisers, each choice offers a unique boating experience with their own set of features, innovations, and design focus, catering to different needs and preferences of the boating community.  

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