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Alweld Boats: Models & Specifications Guide for Enthusiasts

Alweld Boats is a well-established company known for its customizable, high-quality aluminum boats. These boats are designed to cater to a wide range of boating enthusiasts, offering various models and specifications to accommodate different preferences and requirements.

Their most popular series, the Marsh Series, comes with several layout configurations and length options ranging from 16 to 18 feet, making it a versatile option for boaters. For those looking for a more specialized boat, the Invader Series is designed specifically with the serious duck hunter in mind. In addition to these series, Alweld offers a variety of models such as the 1652 Jet Boat, the 1756 VV Marsh, and the 1448VV Vee Bottom, just to name a few.

Each Alweld boat boasts well-thought-out features, ensuring both durability and functionality. From construction materials to design innovations, potential buyers can expect top-notch craftsmanship and practicality in every Alweld boat model. If you're considering purchasing a boat, exploring the options within the Alweld lineup is certainly worth your time.

Alweld Boats Overview

Alweld Boats is a reputable manufacturer of heavy-duty, high-quality aluminum boats. Their boats feature a wide range of models with varying designs and specifications, including the SS Series, Jon Boats, and Jet Boats, to cater to different boating needs.

The SS Series is designed for stability and comfort on the water, making it an ideal choice for leisure activities and reaching your favorite fishing spots. With widths of 52"-56", these boats offer excellent stability and quick planing. You can find more information on the SS Series on the Alweld Boats website.

Jon Boats by Alweld are versatile and durable, built to withstand harsh conditions and varied environments. These boats are perfect for freshwater fishing, as they navigate easily through marshes and timber. The flat-bottom design provides stability and smooth tracking, ensuring a pleasant boating experience. Learn more about Alweld's Jon Boats in this Alweld Boats review.

Alweld's Jet Boats, especially the popular JC Jet Series, are designed for speed and performance. Built for serious duck hunters and inshore fishermen, these boats have a sleek design and rugged construction. The Invader Series, another jet boat model, features a 52" bottom for navigating through heavy timber and marsh. More details can be found on the Alweld Boats website and in this Alweld Boats review.

Some key specifications and characteristics of Alweld Boats include:

  • Heavy-duty, .100 gauge aluminum hulls for durability
  • V-hull designs for stability and smooth tracking
  • Various models to suit different boating preferences

Popular Models and Specifications

Alweld Boats offers a range of high-quality aluminum boats designed for various purposes. In this section, we will discuss the specifications of some popular models.

1652 Jet Boat

The 1652 Jet Boat is a versatile model suitable for both fishing and hunting. Some of its specifications and features include:

  • Length: 16 ft
  • Beam: 52 in
  • Flat bottom
  • Outboard-4s compatible

This boat is known for its stability and durability, making it a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

1648 VV Marsh

As part of the Marsh Series, the 1648 VV Marsh is designed with versatility in mind. Some key specifications and features are:

  • Length: 16 ft
  • Beam: 48 in
  • V-shaped bottom
  • Custom layout options available
  • Compatible with outboard-4s motors

This boat is ideal for fishing, hunting, or recreational use.

1656 VV Marsh SC

The 1656 VV Marsh SC is another model in the Marsh Series, designed for those who prefer a side console. Key specifications and features include:

  • Length: 16 ft
  • Beam: 56 in
  • V-shaped bottom
  • Side console
  • Outboard-4s compatible

This model provides added comfort and convenience during fishing and hunting trips.

1752 Custom Jet Boat

The 1752 Custom Jet Boat is a larger model suitable for more demanding activities. Specifications and features of this model are as follows:

  • Length: 17 ft
  • Beam: 52 in
  • Customizable features and layouts
  • Flat bottom
  • Compatible with outboard-4s

The customizable design makes this boat an excellent choice for a variety of uses, such as hunting, fishing, or touring.


Another popular model in Alweld's lineup, the 1960jcvv, offers versatile features coupled with a larger size. The specifications and features are as follows:

  • Length: 19 ft
  • Beam: 60 in
  • V-shaped bottom
  • Customizable features and layouts
  • Outboard-4s compatible

With its larger size and versatility, this model can accommodate various activities, making it a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts.

Features and Options

Hull Design and Construction

Alweld boats are known for their V-hull design, which provides stability and smoothness in the water. This design also offers superior tracking and handling, making it ideal for boating enthusiasts who require stability and maneuverability. Some Alweld models also feature a flat-bottom design, which is perfect for hunting and fishing trips due to its stability in the water. The aluminum construction of Alweld boats ensures durability and long-lasting performance.

Transom and Bracing

Alweld boats offer a variety of transom options to accommodate different motor types and activities. For example, the JC Series is a popular jet boat model that features a jet transom designed specifically for jet motors. Furthermore, Alweld boats are built with strong bracing for extra support, such as knee braces to reinforce the hull and transom, adding resilience and longevity to the boat.

Console and Seating Options

Alweld boats come with multiple console and seating options to suit the needs of various boating activities. A popular choice for anglers is the PF Series, designed with comfort and leisure in mind. This deluxe panfish boat offers rear pod seating with storage and ample space for fishing gear.

For a more versatile option, the MXL Series features an extra wide aluminum floor for easy maneuverability, making it ideal for bass fishermen. In addition to the standard console, Alweld boats can be equipped with a center console for increased visibility and control during navigation.

Some optional features and customization options for Alweld boats include:

  • Tread plate corners for added durability and protection
  • Metallic paint for enhanced appearance
  • Trailer options to accommodate different boat sizes and transportation needs
  • T-Slot rail for securing and organizing gear
  • Floor-only configurations for specific activity requirements

Performance and Power Capabilities

Alweld boats are known for their impressive performance and power capabilities, designed to cater to a variety of boating activities, from fishing to hunting. Most models are built with durable .100 gauge aluminum hulls, ensuring a robust structure and long-lasting use.

These boats can be equipped with a range of motors, depending on the size and intended use of the vessel. For instance, larger Alweld models, like the Alweld 1860 CC, can accommodate outboard motors with higher horsepower to ensure optimal performance and power when needed.

One of the popular choices for Alweld boats is the Mercury 200L V-6 motor, which provides impressive speed, maneuverability, and fuel efficiency, making it a suitable engine for various activities like fishing or water-based recreation. This outboard motor has a horsepower output of 200 HP, allowing the boat to reach decent speeds for most mid-sized vessels.

Furthermore, Alweld boats can be matched with a suitable trailer to accommodate and transport the vessel safely to and from the water. The jet tandem trailer is a popular choice as it offers adequate support for the boat and ensures easy loading and unloading when needed.

Overall, selecting the right combination of motor, horsepower, and trailer is crucial to optimize your Alweld boat's performance and power capabilities. With proper maintenance and care, Alweld boats can serve as reliable companions for various water activities over the years.

Interior and Storage

Alweld boats are designed with interiors that focus on functionality and comfort for their users. One feature that contributes to the comfort onboard is the optional use of carpet flooring. For those who prefer a more durable and low maintenance option, Alweld boats can be equipped with spray-in non-skid surfaces to ensure safety and easy cleanup after a day out on the water.

When it comes to storage, Alweld boats have multiple features designed to maximize the use of space. A key aspect of storage on these boats is the rear deck livewell, which helps keep the catch of the day fresh and easily accessible. Additionally, the front bow storage compartment provides ample room for storing essential gear and equipment, like life jackets, anchors, and more.

Alweld boats come equipped with troller wiring and built-in fuel tanks, ensuring a seamless integration between the boat's various systems. This also contributes to the convenience of having everything in one place and accessible when needed.

For seating options, Alweld boats offer various choices to suit different preferences. A popular choice is the bench seat, which provides ample seating and sometimes includes an integrated storage box for added space. Alweld boats can also be fitted with fishing seats to enhance the overall fishing experience.

Finally, rod storage is an essential aspect of any fishing boat, and Alweld does not disappoint. Many of their models come with the option to include a rod box to keep your fishing rods organized and protected while on the water. This helps to ensure a less cluttered and more efficient fishing experience.

Electronics and Gauges

Alweld boats come equipped with various electronics and gauges to assist boaters in navigating and monitoring their boats' performance. One of the key features is the deluxe switch panel, which allows for easy control of the boat's electrical components, such as running lights, bilge pump, and other accessories.

On the dash, boaters can find essential gauges that provide important information, such as a tachometer and fuel gauge. The tachometer measures the boat's engine speed in revolutions per minute (RPM), while the fuel gauge allows the boater to keep track of the fuel level, thus ensuring a safe and pleasant boating experience.

Another essential feature is the boat's running lights. These are crucial for navigation and safety during nighttime or low light conditions. Running lights can be easily controlled from the deluxe switch panel, ensuring that other boaters can see and identify your vessel.

Bilge pumps are an integral component for maintaining the safety and operational efficiency of Alweld boats. A bilge pump works to remove water that may accumulate in the bilge, preventing it from causing any structural or performance issues. Like other electronic components, bilge pumps can be operated via the deluxe switch panel.

In summary, Alweld boats come equipped with numerous electronics and gauges, such as the deluxe switch panel, tachometer, fuel gauge, running lights, and bilge pump, which provide boaters with a safe, convenient, and informed boating experience.

Alweld Boats on Boat Trader

Boat Trader offers various Alweld boats for sale to suit different preferences and requirements. At present, there are 48 Alweld boats listed for sale, which includes 37 new vessels and 11 used boats. These options are offered by both individuals and professional dealers across the United States, with boat models ranging from 2009 to the latest 2023 models (source).

Among the popular Alweld models featured on Boat Trader, are the Alweld 1648 VV Marsh, Alweld 1652 Jet Boat, Alweld 1656 VV Marsh SC, and Alweld 1752 Custom Jet Boat. These boats are known for their all-aluminum, all-welded construction, ensuring durability and longevity. The Alweld Marsh Series is particularly popular among buyers, offering 5 different layout configurations and length options ranging from 16 to 18 feet (source).

Other examples of Alweld boats include those with custom features and modifications. One such example is a 2014 Alweld 24' x 70" Modified Vee Aluminum boat, equipped with a standard aluminum front deck, center console, seats, a stainless steel T-TOP, a 40-gallon gas tank, a battery, and a bilge pump. This particular boat is powered by a recently-serviced 2014 Suzuki 175 HP 4-stroke outboard motor and is transported on a Magnum galvanized tandem axle (source).

When browsing for an Alweld boat on Boat Trader, buyers can explore a wide range of options to find the perfect boat to fit their needs. With several models, customizations, and both new and used boats on offer, there is an Alweld boat to suit various applications and preferences.

Trailer Options and Accessories

When purchasing an Alweld boat, it's essential to consider the various trailer options and accessories available to enhance its functionality and protection. Options such as HD tandem axle, frame trailers, and deluxe fenders offer additional support and protection for your boat during transport.

An HD tandem axle trailer provides increased stability and weight distribution, making it suitable for larger Alweld boats. It is a popular choice among boat owners who want to ensure their vessel is safe and secure while being towed. Frame trailers have a sturdy construction, providing a solid foundation for your boat to rest on while in transit.

Deluxe fenders are designed to protect your boat from debris and potential damage during transportation. They come in various styles, adding a touch of sophistication to your setup. Accessories such as oil-filled vault hubs, three-post side guides, and LED lights are critical for ensuring your trailer performs well and remains in excellent condition.

Oil-filled vault hubs offer better protection against water and dust exposure, extending hub lifespan and reducing the need for maintenance. Three-post side guides help guide your boat onto the trailer, ensuring it stays aligned and centered during the loading process. LED lights are essential for visibility and safety during nighttime towing, making them a valuable addition to any boat trailer.

Other popular Alweld trailer accessories include polished tread plates, swing tongues, aluminum wheels, and matching spare tires. Polished tread plates not only enhance the trailer's appearance but also provide extra grip when walking on the trailer. Swing tongues enable you to store the trailer more compactly, as it allows the tongue to fold back. Aluminum wheels are lightweight and corrosion-resistant, ensuring both style and durability for your trailer. Finally, a matching spare tire is critical for those unexpected moments when you may need a tire replacement while on the road.

In summary, Alweld offers a wide variety of trailer options and accessories that improve functionality, protection, and style for your boat during transportation. By selecting the appropriate combination of these accessories, you can create a custom setup that suits your needs and preferences.

Color and Finish Options

Alweld boats offer a variety of color and finish options for their models. They provide standard colors in a flat finish, which are available on all boats. For those who prefer a non-painted option, it is also available. Some key features and paint options for the boat's interior and exterior are discussed below.

The CJ series and STK series of Alweld boats offer standard color options in a flat finish, such as brown. Additionally, non-skid upgrade colors can also be chosen from the standard colors available.

For those looking to customize their boat further, additional color options like white gloss paint can be considered. White gloss paint not only provides an elegant appearance, but it also helps to reflect sunlight, ultimately keeping the boat cooler.

When it comes to the interior finishes of Alweld boats, gray carpet is a popular option for certain models. The gray carpet enhances the appearance and provides added comfort, especially for boating activities like fishing.

Alweld boats can also come equipped with two fishing seats, offering anglers a comfortable and convenient space to fish. These seats can be placed in various locations on the boat, depending on the specific model and the angler's preferences.

Lastly, Alweld boats are powered by gas engines, supplying the necessary power and performance demanded by boaters. The fuel capacity, such as a 40-gallon gas tank, varies across different models to accommodate the range and usage requirements. 

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