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Albemarle Boats: A Comprehensive Review and Guide

Albemarle Boats is a respected yacht manufacturer with over 40 years of boat building experience, catering to boating enthusiasts with a passion for quality, performance, and attention to detail. Known for their expert craftsmanship, Albemarle's headquarters are located in Edenton, North Carolina, where they produce a wide range of sportfishing vessels designed to handle various water conditions and cater to every angler's needs.

The company offers a diverse lineup of boats, including express, dual console, and flybridge models, which are available both brand new or used from various dealerships and yacht brokers worldwide. The recently debuted 30 Express model, for instance, packs hardcore fishing amenities into a compact yet powerful express package, compatible with the Seakeeper 2 stabilization system to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride.

With a reputation for building sturdy, reliable, and high-quality fishing boats, Albemarle continuously strives to meet the evolving demands of modern boating families. Their innovative designs and commitment to customer satisfaction make them leaders in the industry, as seen in their wide range of well-regarded models on offer, such as the 27 Dual Console which balances luxurious comfort with a deep-v hull and solid fiberglass construction suitable for big open water adventures.

Albemarle Boats History

Albemarle Boats, a reputable and reliable builder of express fishing boats, began its journey in Edenton, North Carolina. The company was founded in 1978 when Scott Harrell Sr. organized Scott Boat Works, which later became incorporated as Albemarle Boats. Mac Privott joined the company soon after its incorporation, solidifying the foundation of this successful venture (source).

The first Albemarle boat model, the Albemarle 24, was designed with a deep-vee hull that had 24 degrees of transom deadrise and an 8-foot beam. This boat featured simple lines and an uncluttered cockpit, making it an ideal choice for fishing enthusiasts who wanted customization to fit their needs. Twin pedestal seats flanked a centerline companionway to the cuddy, adding to its appeal and functionality (source).

Albemarle Boats quickly became synonymous with "fishability," as the boats were built by serious fishermen for serious fishermen. The company understood and catered to the needs of anglers who ventured out to the canyons for tuna or backed down on marlin during the last minutes of a tournament (source).

Design and Construction

Albemarle Boats has a strong reputation for producing high-quality, durable, and rugged fishing boats. The design and construction of these boats play a significant role in their performance and longevity.

Advanced Construction Techniques

Albemarle utilizes advanced construction techniques to ensure the strength and durability of its boats. The hulls of these boats are built on the foundation of the legendary Carolina hull, which boasts a dramatic deadrise and elegant bow flare, ensuring a smooth ride in harsh conditions (Albemarle Boats).

The use of materials such as 24-ounce woven roving overlaid by 12 inches at stress points, chines, and keel, as well as a marine plywood-cored transom, contribute to the solidity and robustness of Albemarle boats (Sport Fishing Mag).

Quality and Durability

Albemarle Boats are known for their high-quality components and materials that ensure long-lasting durability. With more than 40 years of boat building experience, the company focuses on building boats for serious fishermen who require a vessel that can withstand challenging conditions (Albemarle Boats).

The company's commitment to using the best components and materials, in combination with its advanced construction techniques, results in a vessel that can handle heavy seas while maintaining its structural integrity year after year.

Models and Features

Albemarle Boats offers a range of sportfishing boats that are designed to meet the needs of anglers and boating enthusiasts alike. Their models are crafted with special attention to detail and provide a variety of features and amenities that cater to different requirements.

Fishing Amenities

Albemarle sportfishing boats are designed to provide a seamless fishing experience. Their models boast ample cockpit space, making it easy for anglers to maneuver and cast their lines effortlessly. They also feature an array of fishboxes, livewells, and rod holders, ensuring that all the relevant tackle and equipment are adequately stored and accessible during fishing trips.

Rod holders mounted on gunwales cater to multiple rod setups, making it convenient for anglers to switch between different fishing techniques. The boats are also designed with durability and stability in mind, ensuring that they can handle the rough seas that anglers may encounter on their fishing expeditions.

Cabin Comforts

Beyond their fishing functionality, Albemarle Boats also offer comfortable and cozy cabin spaces for passengers. These cabins are designed to provide a relaxing environment for boaters to rest or escape the elements, with options for air conditioning and heating systems to ensure year-round comfort.

Storage is also a key consideration in Albemarle's cabin design, with ample compartments to stow away all necessary gear and personal belongings for a clutter-free, comfortable boating experience. All Albemarle models are built with attention to detail, ensuring that passengers feel right at home while enjoying their time on the water.

Performance and Ride

Albemarle Boats are renowned for offering a superior ride quality among the offshore sportfishing vessels. This can be attributed to the superior hull design and construction focused on providing maximum durability and strength, ensuring the safety and comfort of the anglers and passengers on board.

The Albemarle 28 Express, for example, boasts a solid and heavy construction with a combination of 24-ounce woven roving and marine plywood-cored transom overlaid by 12 inches at all stress points, chines, and keel. This heavy-built construction contributes to the boat's ability to smoothly and confidently navigate through rough water and heavy seas.

The Albemarle 31 DC features a 24-degree deadrise and a hand-laid solid fiberglass hull for smooth and comfortable rides even in unfavorable weather conditions. The one-piece construction ensures safe and reliable handling, making it a go-to choice for both fishing and cruising enthusiasts.

Regardless of the model, Albemarle Boats prioritize performance to ensure a pleasurable experience on the water. Key performance features of the Albemarle 30 Express include:

  • Triple Yamaha F300s for reliable power output
  • Yamaha Saltwater Series II polished stainless steel propellers
  • 200-gallon fuel capacity for extended range

These features combined with Albemarle Boats' superior build quality, ensure that the anglers and passengers experience a smooth and satisfying ride on the water, irrespective of the conditions.

Fishability and Application

Albemarle Boats are designed to provide exceptional fishability and cater to a variety of applications. These boats are built by serious fishermen, for serious fishermen. Taking into account the needs of anglers targeting various species, Albemarle boats are equipped with several features that make fishing more efficient and enjoyable.

Chasing after species like tuna and marlin often requires covering vast distances and enduring rough sea conditions. The hull construction and overall design of Albemarle boats ensure a dry and comfortable ride, enabling anglers to reach their target fishing spots with ease. The uncluttered and well-laid-out cockpit spaces found on models like the Albemarle 31 DC make maneuvering around the boat and handling equipment a breeze.

Understanding the diverse applications of their boats, Albemarle has designed models that cater to both family-oriented activities and hardcore offshore fishing. The Albemarle 31 DC, for example, is a versatile boat, offering anglers and their families the necessary amenities for an enjoyable day on the water.

Key fishing features found on Albemarle boats include:

  • Spacious, uncluttered cockpits for ease of movement and gear handling
  • Dry and comfortable rides, even in rough seas
  • Ample storage for tackle, ice, and other equipment
  • Strategically placed rod holders for effective and organized trolling

Albemarle Boats are designed to address the needs of today's serious fishermen and ensure a high level of fishability across their entire line of products. Whether targeting tuna, marlin, or other offshore species, anglers can trust Albemarle boats to deliver a memorable and successful fishing experience.

Tournament Success

Albemarle Boats are well-known for their fishability and excellent performance in competitive fishing tournaments. Designed by serious fishermen, these boats are equipped with features that cater to the needs of anglers during high-stakes tournaments.

One of the factors contributing to Albemarle's success in tournaments is the boat's sharp entry at the forefront, providing a smooth ride to and from the fishing grounds. This design transitions to a modest 16-degree deadrise at the transom, which results in less draft, a cleaner wake, and a stable trolling platform, as highlighted by Ted Haigler, director of sales and marketing for Albemarle.

Competitors in fishing tournaments often find themselves in the last minutes of the event, backing down on a marlin, and Albemarle understands this pressure. Their boats are built to withstand the challenging conditions and tight timeframes that come with tournament fishing, providing both speed and agility.

Albemarle's success in tournaments is also a testament to their continuous innovation and partnerships within the boating industry. For example, they have recently announced a collaboration with Spencer Yachts, resulting in a new semi-custom 53-foot Carolina-style sport fisher called the Albemarle 53 Spencer Edition. This boat is designed to further elevate Albemarle's reputation in the world of competitive fishing.

In conclusion, the combination of cutting-edge design, strong partnerships, and a commitment to understanding the needs of serious fishermen has led Albemarle Boats to be a top choice for anglers in fishing tournaments.

Docking and Storage

Albemarle Boats are designed for both fishing adventures and spending quality time with friends at the dock. The company, located in Edenton, North Carolina, ensures that their boats provide ample storage for all your tackle and equipment, making it convenient for boaters to find storage solutions on board.

When it comes to docking, boaters can consider facilities such as the Edenton Marina. The Albemarle Sound region offers excellent year-round boating opportunities thanks to its location on the largest freshwater sound in North America. At the marina, boaters can find everything they need for comfortable anchorage, including access to the sound, intercoastal waterway, nearby towns, and water skiing.

For off-season storage, boat owners can explore various boat storage facilities in the Albemarle area. These facilities provide affordable and secure options to store your boat when not in use. A great resource for finding options is, which allows you to compare prices and reviews of nearby boat storage units.

Maintenance services for Albemarle Boats can be found through providers like J & J Marine, which offers custom installation of electronics, hydraulic steering and jackplate installation, battery and charging system installation, and repairs for bilge pumps and livewells. They can also handle necessary trailer repairs like lighting, brakes, hydraulics, bearings, bunks, and axles, ensuring that your boat is ready for the next season. 

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