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Absolute Yachts: A Comprehensive Guide to Luxury Vessels

Absolute Yachts is an esteemed Italian company specializing in the design and construction of luxury yachts. Known for their top-quality materials and uncompromised functionality, each creation from this brand reflects elegant finishes, ergonomic spaces, and painstaking attention to detail. As a relatively young company founded in 2002, Absolute has rapidly gained recognition as one of the fastest-growing brands in North America and beyond.

The company's lineup includes an impressive range of models that cater to various tastes and preferences among yacht enthusiasts. With a portfolio featuring vessels like the Navetta 75, Absolute's flagship model, and the state-of-the-art 52 FLY, every yacht is intricately designed to meet the unique demands of a discerning clientele. Striving for perfection, harmony, and balance, Absolute Yachts consistently delivers exceptional cruising experiences.

In the competitive market of luxury vessels, Absolute Yachts stands out as a force to be reckoned with. Their unwavering commitment to design excellence, innovative technology, and unparalleled customer service make them a reputable choice for yacht buyers everywhere. With a rapidly growing presence across the globe, the brand continues to redefine what it means to enjoy the ultimate yachting experience.

History of Absolute Yachts

Absolute Yachts is a prestigious Italian yacht manufacturer known for its award-winning design capabilities and yacht performance. The company was founded in 2002 by design expert Sergio Maggi and construction specialist Marcello Bè, in the small, picturesque town of Carpaneto in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy (source).

From the beginning, they gathered a team of industry experts and visionaries, ensuring that their boats combined cutting-edge technology with unparalleled attention to detail. Absolute Yachts quickly built a reputation for excellence within the yachting industry.

Their portfolio consists of distinct yacht ranges, such as Navetta, Flybridge, and Coupé, with models reaching up to 73 feet in length (source). Absolute's designs are centered around innovation, maximizing space and comfort while maintaining sleek and elegant lines.

The company continues to expand its global presence through a comprehensive network of dealers, making their high-quality yachts accessible to customers around the world (source).

Throughout their ongoing journey, Absolute Yachts has established a unique heritage, setting new standards in the industry and marking significant milestones in yacht manufacturing and design. Their unwavering commitment to innovation and craftsmanship ensures that the company's yachts remain some of the most sought-after vessels on the market today.

Yacht Models and Range

Flybridge Range

Absolute Yachts offers an exquisite Flybridge range designed for those who appreciate luxury and comfort. With models like the Absolute 52 FLY, this range is truly revolutionary. State-of-the-art design and engineering are incorporated, creating an extraordinary livability in a more compact dimension. The Flybridge models are not only visually appealing but also stand out for their innovative marine architecture.

Navetta Range

The Navetta range by Absolute Yachts is tailored for those who desire versatile and semi-displacement yachts. This range is designed with a focus on stability, fuel efficiency, and innovative onboard features. As part of their commitment to creative independence, Absolute is continuously refining their Navetta models, making them perfect for long-range cruising and offering an unparalleled level of luxury.

Coupe Range

Introduced by Absolute Yachts, the Coupé range is a game-changer in the luxury yacht industry. This range combines a sporty design with an emphasis on comfort and versatility. With intriguing new features and Absolute's signature revolutionary ideas, the Coupé range has been completely reinvented, setting new standards for other yacht manufacturers to follow.

In summary, Absolute Yachts caters to a wide range of boating enthusiasts with its Flybridge, Navetta, and Coupé models. With innovative designs and engineering at the forefront of each range, Absolute Yachts ensures an exceptional yachting experience for its clientele.

Design and Innovation

Absolute Yachts, an Italian company established in 2002, has been consistently pushing the boundaries of design and innovation in the luxury motor yacht industry. With their three primary ranges - Navetta, Flybridge, and Coupé, they have managed to create a unique and luxurious experience for their clients.

One of the key elements in Absolute Yachts' design process is the attention to detail and the use of high-quality materials throughout their yachts. The interiors exhibit a harmonious blend of elegance and functionality, which is a testament to the company's commitment to providing an exceptional experience for yacht owners and their guests.

The Absolute 56 STY showcases their design approach, as it combines luxury, innovation, and exceptional design features. The main deck holds an open space kitchen and a comfortable couch, offering a welcoming salon area that embodies the distinct characteristics of Absolute boats. The master suite on this yacht includes large windows and a seating area, providing an airy and elegant space for relaxation.

Moreover, Absolute Yachts focuses on performance as well as design aesthetics. The company invests in research and development to ensure that their yachts deliver excellent performance and low fuel consumption. The integration of advanced technologies into their designs has helped them to stay ahead of the competition.

Some notable innovations by Absolute Yachts include:

  • User-friendly interfaces on board for seamless control and monitoring,
  • Adoption of Volvo IPS propulsion system for better fuel efficiency and maneuverability,
  • Optimized hull designs for increased stability and comfort during cruising.

In summary, Absolute Yachts has built a reputation as a luxury yacht manufacturer that strives for innovation and exquisite design. They continuously push the boundaries of what is possible within the industry while maintaining a focus on customer experience and performance. Their commitment to excellence is evident in the impressive range of yachts they have produced over the years, and their continued pursuit of innovation makes Absolute Yachts a leader in the luxury motor yacht market.

Construction Process

Absolute Yachts, an Italian yacht manufacturer, is known for its unique approach to building luxury yachts. Founded by designer Sergio Maggi and construction guru Marcello Bé in 2002, the company has quickly gained a reputation for manufacturing high-quality, award-winning yachts with a focus on innovative design and technological advancements.

One of the key parts of the Absolute Yachts construction process is their Integrated Structural System (ISS). This system departs from traditional shipyard methods, allowing Absolute to create sturdier and more durable yachts. The ISS is centered around an innovative process of integrated construction, which has impressed the industry, leading to Absolute Yachts winning the Boat Builder Awards in 2018.

Absolute Yachts aims to provide a "comfortable luxury" experience with each of their yachts. Their construction process is built on the shipyard's vision, which focuses on making every detail perfect. This includes using top-notch materials, ergonomic spaces, and elegant finishes throughout their yachts.

In summary, the construction process of Absolute Yachts is centered around the ISS for creating durable and sturdy yachts, while maintaining a focus on providing a luxurious and comfortable experience for yacht owners. This combination of innovation, attention to detail, and dedication to quality makes Absolute Yachts a leading player in the yacht manufacturing industry.

Performance and Efficiency

Absolute Yachts, a world-renowned Italian yachting brand known for their awards in design, performance, and efficiency, offers an unforgettable cruising experience in their powerboats and superyachts 1. One significant contributing factor to their reputation is the Volvo IPS propulsion system, which they pioneered, providing optimal performance and efficiency while reducing noise and vibration 2.

The Navetta series represents Absolute's commitment to efficient luxury yachts, balancing elegant design with practical use. The Navetta 52, for example, exudes efficiency and refinement in every detail, optimizing space utilization 3. This series has received accolades, such as the Navetta 73 winning the Best Innovation Award in 2017 for its advancements 4.

Some Absolute yachts to provide both high-performance and efficiency are:

  • Beneteau First 36: Recognized as the best performance yacht for 2023, this model delivers an excellence in sailing experience 5.
  • Grand Soleil 40: A delight to sail and an archetypal Med cruiser-racer, showcasing the exquisite design and efficiency traits of Absolute Yachts 5.

In summary, Absolute Yachts offers exceptional performance and efficiency in their luxury yacht models, demonstrated by their commitment to innovation and fine craftsmanship.


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Interior and Amenities

The Absolute 52 Fly is a luxurious and innovative yacht that boasts multiple attractive features. Its state-of-the-art design and technology ensure that passengers enjoy an exceptional cruising experience.

One of the most notable aspects of the Absolute 52 Fly's interior is the spacious salon. Its large windows provide an abundance of natural light, making the space feel even larger and more inviting. The yacht has an open floor plan that seamlessly connects the salon to the galley, allowing for easy socialization and movement between these areas.

The galley is fully equipped with top-of-the-line appliances and ample storage space to cater to the culinary needs of those on board. Its modern design and functionality make it a pleasure to prepare meals while enjoying the yacht's luxurious surroundings.

The Absolute 52 Fly features three cabins, comfortably accommodating up to six passengers. Each cabin boasts tasteful décor and comfortable furnishings. The master suite offers its own ensuite bathroom, complete with a generous shower and high-quality fixtures. The guest cabins are well-appointed and designed to maximize space, ensuring a comfortable stay for everyone on board.

In addition to the indoor amenities, the yacht offers numerous exterior spaces for relaxation and entertainment. The spacious flybridge is equipped with seating areas, a wet bar, and a large sun pad. This makes for an ideal spot for passengers to soak up the sun while enjoying breathtaking views. The aft deck provides another comfortable seating area for alfresco dining or evening cocktails, while the foredeck brings yet another sunbathing option with its comfortable sunbed.

Overall, the Absolute 52 Fly combines luxury with functionality to offer its passengers an unforgettable cruising experience from every angle. With its high-quality interiors, advanced technology, and eye for detail, the yacht is a true testament to Absolute's dedication to innovation and comfort.

Safety Features

Absolute yachts prioritize safety as a key feature, ensuring the best possible boating experience. One way this is achieved is through excellent steering visibility, thanks to the minimization of pillars in the windshield, which in some cases may even completely disappear (source). This clear line of sight allows the captain to navigate with confidence and precision in all conditions.

In addition, several safety inspection areas and crucial equipment complement the overall safety of Absolute yachts. For example, these yachts often come with state-of-the-art navigation and communication systems to ensure seamless connectivity during voyages. Emergency and safety equipment, such as life rafts, life jackets, fire extinguishers, and EPIRBs, are also standard installations on these luxury yachts.

Here are some safety features specific to Absolute yachts:

  • Optimized steering visibility
  • Advanced navigation and communication systems
  • Comprehensive safety gear and equipment

The safety of passengers and crew is further enhanced by the ergonomic design of Absolute yachts. Spaces are thoughtfully crafted with user safety and comfort in mind, using top-notch materials and elegant finishes (source).

Overall, the safety features of Absolute yachts not only contribute to a secure and enjoyable journey but also showcase the brand's commitment to the well-being and satisfaction of its clients.

Awards and Recognition

Absolute Yachts has received numerous awards and accolades for their exceptional yacht designs and performance. One notable achievement is their placement in the Export Champions Ranking, where they ranked 36th in 2023. This recognition highlights the successful strategy implemented by Absolute Yachts in recent years, which has led to continued growth.

One of their award-winning yacht models is the Absolute 58 Fly. It has been named the "Best Flybridge Yacht above 55ft to 80ft" at the prestigious Motor Boat Awards. This model has also won the Slovenian Boat of the Year in 2018 in the Flybridge over 18 meters category.

Another standout model is the Absolute Navetta 64. Launched in 2020, this luxurious yacht has already garnered multiple awards, including:

  • "Best For Travel" at the Best of Boats Awards 2020
  • "Best Innovation" at the World Yacht Trophies
  • European Powerboat of the Year in 2021, for yachts over 20 meters (65 feet) length

These awards and recognitions serve to demonstrate the superior quality, design, and innovation found in Absolute Yachts. These Italian-made vessels continue to receive praise from industry experts, solidifying the company's reputation as a premier yacht manufacturer.

Ownership and Maintenance

Owning an Absolute yacht is a luxurious experience, but it also comes with certain responsibilities and costs. Regular maintenance is key to ensuring the longevity and performance of the yacht.

Absolute Yachts are known for their innovative design and Italian craftsmanship. They offer luxury yachts in the Navetta, Flybridge, and Coupé ranges, ranging from 47 up to 73 feet. To ensure a smooth ownership experience, it's essential to consider maintenance and management services.

There are several aspects of yacht maintenance to consider:

  • Technical management: This includes dry-docking, vessel inspections, lay-up, and reactivation. Companies like Exmar Yachting provide services for these maintenance tasks, ensuring the yacht remains in top condition.

  • Repairs and refits: Regular wear and tear may necessitate repairs or upgrades. Professional maintenance services can help identify any issues and provide solutions to keep the yacht functioning optimally.

  • Crewing: Depending on the size of the yacht, it might be necessary to hire full-time crew members to help with its operation and maintenance. YachtWorld mentions that many yacht owners prefer having a crew on board to ensure daily tasks are completed efficiently.

When estimating the costs of ownership and maintenance, it's important to keep in mind that factors such as usage, brand, and the type of yacht can influence these expenses. 26 North Yachts states that annual maintenance costs can range anywhere from 5% to 30% of a yacht's purchase price.

Moreover, trading in your current boat towards the purchase of a new Absolute yacht or exploring financing options can be facilitated by companies like OneWater Yacht Group. They can also assist with routine maintenance and the installation of after-market equipment.

By staying on top of maintenance and working with professionals in the yachting industry, yacht owners can enjoy a hassle-free experience with their Absolute yacht.

Absolute Yachts Community

Absolute Yachts, an Italian company, specializes in the design and construction of luxury yachts. Founded in 2002, this family-owned business has become widely recognized for its excellent build quality and creative independence. Its presence in the yachting industry has grown rapidly, with an increasing market share in North America.

The Absolute Yachts Community consists of yacht owners, enthusiasts, and professionals who appreciate the refined beauty, versatility, and uncompromised functionality of these Italian-designed vessels. This community fosters a strong sense of camaraderie and appreciation for the yachting lifestyle, with members often sharing experiences, advice, and information with one another.

One way the community stays connected is through Facebook, where Absolute Yachts America engages with followers and shares updates about new models, events, and boat shows. This platform allows users to keep up with the latest news while connecting with other yacht owners and aficionados.

The Absolute Yachts Community also benefits from detailed reviews and editorial coverage in reputable yachting magazines like Yachting Mag. These write-ups showcase the latest models, providing insightful information for potential buyers or current owners looking to learn more about their yachts' features and capabilities.

For those interested in purchasing an Absolute yacht, numerous listings can be discovered on platforms like YachtWorld, which offers an extensive range of new and used yachts for sale. This allows potential buyers to browse various models and find the perfect yacht to fit their preferences and needs.

In summary, the Absolute Yachts Community brings together luxury yacht owners, enthusiasts, and industry professionals who share a passion for Italian craftsmanship and the yachting lifestyle. Through online platforms and industry coverage, members can engage, connect, and learn more about these stunning vessels. 

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