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Convertible Boats For Sale: Top Models and Buying Tips

Convertible boats have become a popular choice for those interested in offshore and deep-sea fishing. These versatile vessels are designed to provide the perfect combination of comfort and functionality for anglers, while still offering enough space and amenities for a leisurely time out on the water.

When it comes to purchasing a convertible boat, potential buyers have a wide range of options to choose from. Prices can start as low as $14,900 for more classic models and go up to $9,081,560 for bespoke yachts, depending on the desired level of luxury and customization. There are various factors to consider, such as the overall condition, length, and year of the boat, to ensure the best choice for the intended purpose and budget.

Interested buyers can find an extensive selection of convertible boats in different locations, either through private sales or by browsing online listings on platforms such as Boat Trader and YachtWorld. Careful research and comparison can lead to finding the perfect vessel to suit specific needs and preferences.

Types of Convertible Boats

Convertible boats come in various designs and sizes, offering different features and functionality to suit boaters' preferences and needs. Some popular convertible boat types include bowriders, center consoles, and cruisers.


Bowriders are popular recreational boats, designed with an open seating area in the bow. These boats offer a comfortable and spacious layout, perfect for socializing and enjoying various water activities with friends and family. Typically ranging in size from 16 to 30 feet, bowrider convertible boats provide ample space for seating and storage.

Some notable features of bowrider convertible boats are their sporty appearance, easy maneuverability, and versatility. They are suitable for water skiing, wakeboarding, and other tow sports, as well as leisurely cruising and day trips.

Center Consoles

Center console convertible boats are versatile vessels primarily used for fishing, cruising, and water sports. These boats feature an open layout with the helm and center console positioned in the middle of the boat, providing 360-degree access to the water.

Center console boats generally range from 18 to 45 feet in length and often come with rod holders, live wells, and other fishing-specific features. These boats are known for their stability, durability, and excellent performance in various water conditions. In addition to fishing trips, their spacious layout makes them suitable for entertaining and cruising.


Cruisers are larger convertible boats designed for extended trips and comfortable living on the water. These boats typically range in size from 30 to 60 feet and offer amenities such as cabins, galleys, and dining areas for a luxurious experience.

Convertible cruisers are known for their elegant styling, spacious interiors, and well-appointed amenities. They provide a smooth and stable ride in diverse weather conditions, making them ideal for coastal cruising, weekend getaways, and longer sea journeys. With their versatility and comfort, cruisers cater to a range of boating preferences and lifestyles.

Key Features to Look For

Design and Layout

When considering a convertible boat for sale, it's important to pay close attention to its design and layout. This includes the cockpit size, cabin configuration, and storage options. A spacious cockpit allows for comfortable movement when fishing or socializing, while a well-designed cabin ensures a pleasant experience during overnight stays.

Convertible boats often come with various cabin layouts to choose from. Some popular configurations include multiple staterooms, a galley and a saloon. Depending on your needs, you might prefer additional sleeping areas or extra space for entertaining guests. Look for boats offering flexible layout options, so you can customize the interior to your liking.

Engine and Performance

Convertible boats can be powered by either inboard or high-horsepower outboard engines. The choice of engine depends on the size of the boat and your intended usage. Inboard engines are generally more fuel-efficient, quieter and require less maintenance, while outboard engines offer better maneuverability and easy access for servicing.

When looking at performance, consider factors such as maximum speed, cruising speed, and range. These factors can greatly impact your experience on the water, especially if you plan on participating in offshore or deep-sea fishing. Be sure to research and compare different boat models to find one that meets your performance expectations. states that the average price of a convertible boat is $440,000, with a length range of 25 - 80 feet. Keep your budget in mind when considering engine and performance options, as some of the more powerful engines can significantly increase the overall cost of the boat.

Electronics and Navigation

Modern convertible boats come equipped with advanced electronics and navigation systems, making fishing and cruising more convenient and safe. Essential equipment includes GPS, fishfinder, VHF radio and autopilot. Quality electronics can significantly improve your boating experiences, especially in challenging sea conditions or when fishing in unfamiliar waters.

When shopping for a convertible boat, take a close look at the navigation system, ensuring it is user-friendly and offers accurate chart plotting. Additionally, consider aftermarket upgrades if the current electronics don't meet your needs. It's essential to have a reliable and efficient navigation system to enhance your fishing adventures and ensure safe travels.

Popular Brands and Models

When looking for convertible boats, it is essential to consider some of the most popular and reputable brands and models within the boating industry.

Sea Ray

Sea Ray is known for its innovative and stylish boat designs. Although they don't specialize in convertible boats, some of their models can be considered for the same purpose. For example, the Sea Ray Express Cruiser series offers various sizes of boats that incorporate a cabin, making them convertible in nature. Some popular models available for sale can be found on websites like and Boat Trader.


Bayliner is another popular brand in the boating world, with a wide range of boats suitable for various activities. They offer several models of convertible boats, including the Bayliner Ciera and the Bayliner Trophy. These boats can often be found at competitive prices and are known for their reliability and quality. Available models can be checked on sites like BoatCrazy.


Regal is a respected brand in the boating industry, known for its luxurious boats and yachts. Although they don't have a specific line of convertible boats, some of their models, such as the Regal Express Cruiser series, can be considered as such due to their cabin feature. You can find Regal boats for sale on platforms like YachtWorld.

Four Winns

Four Winns is a brand that specializes in sporty and versatile boats. Some of their models, such as the Four Winns Vista series, can be considered convertible boats due to their cabin and cockpit layout. These boats are not only stylish but also known for their performance and quality. Prospective buyers can explore available options on sites like

Buying Tips

New vs. Used

When purchasing a convertible boat, one important decision is whether to buy a new or a used vessel. New boats come with a manufacturer's warranty and are fully customizable but may come at a higher cost. On the other hand, used boats can be more affordable, but buyers should be cautious about potential maintenance and repair costs.

Setting a Budget

Establishing a budget is a crucial step before starting the boat search process. Keep in mind that the purchase price is only part of the overall cost of ownership. Additional expenses may include taxes, insurance, maintenance, and storage fees. Convertible boats are available at a variety of price points; the lower end starts from $12,532, while more luxurious models can cost up to $9,081,560.

Boat Inspection

Before finalizing the purchase, it is essential to perform a thorough inspection of the convertible boat. Buyers should conduct a walkaround, a sea trial, and, if possible, involve a marine surveyor to assess the vessel's condition.

Considerations during the inspection:

  • Hull: Check for cracks or signs of repair, blisters, and any structural concerns.
  • Propulsion: Inspect the engine, transmission, and propeller for wear and tear, leaks, or any potential issues.
  • Electrical systems: Test the batteries, wiring, electronic equipment, and other electrical components.
  • Interiors: Evaluate the overall condition and cleanliness of the interior, including checking for moisture and mildew.

By following these tips, buyers can make an informed decision and find the ideal convertible boat to meet their needs and preferences.

Ownership and Maintenance

When it comes to owning a convertible boat, proper care and maintenance are of the utmost importance. This section will provide practical tips and guidelines to ensure your prized watercraft stays in top shape.

Storage Options

Having adequate storage for your boat is essential in order to protect it from environmental damage and theft. Some common storage options include:

  • Outdoor Storage: This is the most affordable option, but doesn’t provide the most protection. Using a high-quality cover is essential if storing your boat outside.
  • Indoor Rack Storage: Known as "dry stack," this type of storage keeps your boat safe in a covered facility, without the need for a trailer.
  • In-Water Storage: For larger boats, this is often the most convenient option. However, it may require regular hull cleanings to prevent growth and corrosion.

Research local facilities and their prices to find the best option for your needs and budget.


Preparing your convertible boat for the winter season requires careful planning and attention to detail. Winterization is crucial to protect your boat from freezing temperatures and potential damage. Key steps to winterizing a convertible boat include:

  1. Performing a thorough cleaning of the boat, both inside and out.
  2. Removing and fully draining all water systems on board.
  3. Protecting the engine with a proper antifreeze and fuel stabilizer.
  4. Applying a moisture-absorbing product to the boat’s interior to prevent mildew.
  5. Properly covering the boat to shield it from adverse weather conditions.

Consider hiring a professional to winterize your boat if you’re unsure about the process.

Regular Upkeep

Maintaining a convertible boat requires regular upkeep to ensure it remains in pristine condition. Some key tips and recommendations for proper maintenance include:

  • Performing regular engine checks and preventative maintenance, such as changing oil and filters.
  • Inspecting and replacing any worn, damaged, or corroded parts.
  • Cleaning and maintaining the boat’s exterior, including the hull, deck, and windows.
  • Keeping the interior clean and well-ventilated to prevent mold and mildew growth.
  • Checking and maintaining electrical systems and safety equipment periodically.

Staying diligent with your maintenance regimen will not only prolong the life of your convertible boat but also enhance its resale value and enjoyment on the water. 

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