April 17, 2023

Back Cove 34 Outboard: What's New and Exciting in 2023

The Back Cove 34 Outboard (34O) is a notable development in the world of cruising yachts, as it marks the first time that Back Cove Yachts has introduced an outboard-powered vessel. With its sleek design, innovative features, and enhanced performance, the 34O adds a distinctive touch to the traditional Down East aesthetic that the brand is known for.

One of the most significant aspects of this new model is the transition from a single diesel engine to standard twin Yamaha outboard engines. This change not only makes the 34O more affordable, with a base price estimated at $385,000, roughly $60,000 less than its inboard counterpart, but also delivers improved speed and maneuverability, boasting a top-end speed around 10 knots faster than the single diesel version(Bluewater Yacht Sales).

Designed specifically for outboard propulsion, the entirely new hull of the Back Cove 34O is fitted with a standard bow thruster, enabling better handling and control. With a cruise speed of 30 knots and top-end speeds exceeding 40 knots, this model brings new destinations within reach and significantly reduces travel time(Back Cove Yachts).

Back Cove 34 Outboard Overview

The Back Cove 34O is the first outboard-powered model from Back Cove Yachts. As a part of Back Cove's award-winning fleet, the 34O features a revolutionary hull design. This model uses the company's proprietary Trailing Edge Lifting Surface (TRELIS) technology, which allows the yacht to get on plane faster and requires less horsepower compared to traditional hull designs.

One of the significant differences between the Back Cove 34O and its predecessor, the Back Cove 32, is the power source. The 34O comes with standard twin 350-horsepower Yamaha outboards or optional Suzuki outboards, resulting in a top speed approximately 10 knots faster than the diesel-powered 32-footer (PassageMaker). The 34O can achieve a top speed of 37 knots, making it a highly sought-after choice for boating enthusiasts.

The 34O's sleek design comprises a raked bow, strakes, and a unique interior layout. In addition to the remarkable performance advancements, the Back Cove 34O maintains the same level of luxury and craftsmanship as seen in the previous models. Designed with practicality in mind, the yacht offers ample space and modern amenities for comfortable cruising and entertaining.

Debuted at the 2018 Newport International Boat Show, the Back Cove 34O was a highly anticipated release. The outboard propulsion system not only offers increased speed but also contributes to overall improved maneuverability and fuel efficiency, making it a popular choice for boaters seeking both performance and style.

Interiors onboard Back Cove 34' in Portland, Maine.

What's New in the Design

Exterior Features

The Back Cove 34 Outboard (34O) boasts an entirely new hull design, making it the first Back Cove yacht with outboard engines. This new design allows the 34O to achieve top-end speeds of over 40 knots, and a 30-knot cruise speed, providing faster travel and extending your cruising grounds (source).

Additionally, the 34O comes equipped with standard twin Yamaha F300 engines or optional twin Yamaha F350 engines, which contributes to its impressive speeds (source).

Interior Features

The Back Cove 34O's interior is inspired by the popular interior of its predecessor - the Back Cove 32. One significant update is in the yacht's cockpit, which now includes an aft-facing seat that can be converted into additional salon seating, making it ideal for entertaining guests (source).

Although the new 34O has an outboard-focused design, it retains many of the features that made the earlier Back Cove models successful. With a base price estimated at $385,000, the 34O is about $60,000 less expensive than a similarly-equipped inboard diesel-powered 34, providing an affordable option for boating enthusiasts (source).

Performance Improvements

Engine Configuration

The Back Cove 34 Outboard marks a significant change in the company's offerings, as it is their first-ever outboard-powered model. The switch to outboard engines has enabled better performance and easier maintenance for the yacht. According to Back Cove Yachts, the standard power provided by their outboard configuration is twin 350-horsepower Yamahas, with optional Suzukis also available.

Fuel Efficiency

One key advantage of the Back Cove 34 Outboard is its improved fuel efficiency. This can be attributed to the revolutionary hull design that features Back Cove's proprietary Trailing Edge Lifting Surface (TRELIS) Ⓓ, as stated on Back Cove Yachts website. TRELIS technology allows the boat to get on plane faster and require less horsepower than traditional hull designs, which ultimately contributes to better fuel efficiency.


Enhanced speed is another notable improvement of the Back Cove 34 Outboard compared to its predecessor, the Back Cove 32. PassageMaker mentions that the yacht's new engine configuration can achieve a top speed approximately 10 knots faster than its diesel-burning cousin. The increased performance results in a top speed of over 40 knots and a comfortable cruise speed of 30 knots, offering both leisure and functional cruising options for boaters.


Along with the outboard engines providing greater accessibility for maintenance, they also contribute to improved maneuverability. The Back Cove 34 Outboard is designed for agile turns and responsive handling, making it easier to navigate through tight spaces and crowded marinas. This increased maneuverability adds to the overall appeal and usability of the yacht, further distinguishing it from its predecessors.

Comfort Enhancements

Cabin Space

The Back Cove 34O offers a spacious and comfortable cabin area. Despite being an outboard-powered yacht, the designers have ensured that the interior remains roomy and well-equipped for long-range cruising. With its optimized hull design, the 34O provides additional space in comparison to its sibling, the diesel-powered 32-footer.

Large windows allow natural light to flood the cabin area, making it more inviting for passengers. The spacious layout includes a master stateroom, a head with a separate shower, and a convertible dinette. The inviting atmosphere of the cabin is heightened further by the inclusion of essential amenities and ample storage.

Living Amenities

When it comes to living amenities, the Back Cove 34O does not compromise. The salon area is designed for leisure and entertainment, featuring an aft-facing seat that easily converts into additional salon seating, as mentioned on the Back Cove Yachts website.

An L-shaped settee, foldable table, and functional galley ensure that occupants can relax in comfort and style during their journey. The galley is particularly well-equipped, containing a fridge, a sink, a cooktop, and ample counter space.

On deck, the wide-open cockpit provides plenty of space for socializing and enjoying the view. The cockpit design is mindful of both its functionality and the passengers' comfort. With these features combined, the Back Cove 34O strikes a perfect balance between speed, performance, and unparalleled comfort for its occupants.

Technology Advancements

Navigation Systems

The Back Cove 34 Outboard is equipped with advanced navigation systems that provide a seamless cruising experience for both novice and experienced boaters. These systems are designed to increase the accuracy and efficiency of navigation, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey in various weather conditions and water conditions.

Some of the key features of the Back Cove 34 Outboard's navigation system include:

  • High-resolution touchscreen displays
  • GPS chartplotter integration
  • Radar sensors for enhanced situational awareness
  • Depth sounders for accurate water depth readings
  • Autopilot functionality for effortless steering and route planning

Entertainment Systems

The Back Cove 34 Outboard cruiser is more than just a vessel designed for speed and efficiency. It also offers a range of entertainment options to keep passengers entertained while onboard. The intuitive entertainment system provides enjoyment and relaxation for both short and long trips.

A few highlights of the Back Cove 34 Outboard's entertainment systems include:

  • State-of-the-art sound system with speakers strategically placed throughout the boat
  • Bluetooth connectivity for wireless streaming from personal devices
  • Smart TV integration for viewing movies and shows during downtime
  • USB charging ports to keep devices fully charged and operational

With these advanced technology features, the Back Cove 34 Outboard ensures a comfortable and enjoyable boating experience for all passengers, combining high-performance capabilities with top-tier entertainment and navigation systems.

Safety Features

The Back Cove 34O is designed to put safety at the forefront when it comes to its construction and features. While specific safety features aren't explicitly stated in the provided search results, there are several aspects of this yacht that can broaden our perspective on its safety characteristics.

For instance, the yacht is equipped with standard twin Yamaha F300 power, offering impressive performance and handling abilities. These engines contribute to the boat's impressive cruising speed of 30 to 35 knots and a top speed of 40 knots (source). This capability allows the 34O to navigate through various marine environments with confidence and ease.

Another safety aspect of the Back Cove 34O is its robust construction. The yacht's core material is designed to be lighter than previous models without sacrificing strength or durability (source). A lighter weight not only contributes to improved fuel efficiency but also enhances overall stability and maneuverability, both crucial factors when it comes to safety on the water.

Moreover, the Back Cove 34O has a spacious cockpit designed for entertaining, which contributes to the overall safety by providing a comfortable environment for passengers (source). Additionally, it features a standard bow thruster and Seastar steering system, ensuring smooth and precise control for the helmsman (source).

LENGTH OVERALL38′ 11″ (11.86 M)

HULL LENGTH35′ 0″ (10.67 M)

BEAM11′ 10” (3.61 M)

DRAFT3′ 0″ (0.91M)

FUEL(GAS) 242 US Gallons (916 L)

WATER60 US Gallons (227 L)

HOLDING40 US Gallons (151 L)

AIR DRAFT (W/MAST)11′ 4″ (3.45M)

FUEL (DIESEL)25 US Gallons (95 L)

Designed to ABYC, NMMA, USCG and CE Category B standards

Pricing and Availability

The Back Cove 34O outboard model has been gaining attention in the boating world for its innovative design and performance. This section will provide information on its pricing and availability.

The base price for the Back Cove 34O is estimated at $385,000, which is around $60,000 less than a similarly equipped inboard diesel-powered 34 model (Bluewater Yacht Sales). Standard power for this model comes from twin Yamaha F300 engines, with an option to upgrade to twin Yamaha F350 engines for increased performance.

For those interested in purchasing a Back Cove 34O, there are a variety of options available on the market. Websites such as YachtWorld and Bellingham Yachts offer listings for this model, with prices ranging from $420,000 to $479,000 depending on factors like the year of manufacture and additional features.

In terms of availability, new models can be found at authorized Back Cove Yachts dealers (Back Cove Yachts). The release of the 34O has generated excitement in the boating community, with its debut taking place at the Newport International Boat Show in September (Bluewater Yacht Sales).

As buyers explore the market for the Back Cove 34O, they can expect a combination of exceptional performance, innovation, and value in this outboard-powered model.


The Back Cove 34 Outboard is an innovative and award-winning model that offers exceptional performance, design, and comfort. The outboard-powered design is a significant departure from the traditional inboard models, showcasing Back Cove's commitment to staying ahead in the boat manufacturing industry.

With the introduction of their proprietary Trailing Edge Lifting Surface (TRELIS), Back Cove has ensured that the 34 outboard gets on plane faster and requires less horsepower for optimal performance (Back Cove Yachts). The all-new hull design has been specifically optimized for outboard propulsion, and as a result, the finished product is a lighter and faster boat than its single-diesel predecessors (PassageMaker).

Customers who choose the Back Cove 34 Outboard can expect a comfortable and well-appointed interior that remains popular among boat owners. The transition to outboard engines has not compromised the interior layout, as Back Cove has made necessary adjustments to maintain their high standards (Power & Motoryacht).

In summary, the Back Cove 34 Outboard model is an excellent choice for boating enthusiasts seeking performance, efficiency, and style. This model represents a significant evolution in marine engineering and a promising direction for the future of boating.

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