October 15, 2023

H&M Landing: Premier Deep-Sea Fishing Destination

Established in 1935, H&M Landing is the West Coast's oldest and most experienced sportfishing company, representing San Diego's finest passenger fleet. Offering a range of thrilling fishing and sea-going adventures, H&M Landing caters to both open party ticket and private charter excursions. Their boats and crew are equipped with the necessary experience and expertise to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Located in San Diego, California, H&M Landing is known not only for its sportfishing adventures but also for their whale watching trips. They offer marine enthusiasts an opportunity to witness a variety of marine life in their natural habitat, making it an exciting and educational journey. Furthermore, their fleet also ventures into Baja California waters, opening up more fishing options for enthusiasts.

Key Takeaways

  • H&M Landing is a well-established sportfishing company with a diverse passenger fleet in San Diego
  • They offer both fishing expeditions and whale watching experiences to enthusiasts
  • Adventures extend to Baja California waters, allowing for more diverse fishing opportunities

Fishing Adventures

One Day and Overnight Trips

H&M Landing offers a variety of one day and overnight fishing trips that cater to anglers of all skill levels. You can enjoy a day of fishing around San Diego's coastline or head out to the Coronado Islands for a unique and memorable adventure. On these trips, you may catch species such as Yellowtail, Dorado, and even tuna.

Multi-Day Trips

For those looking to fully immerse themselves in the world of sportfishing, H&M Landing also offers multi-day trips that range from 1.5 to 3.5 days in length. These longer adventures provide more opportunities to explore different fishing grounds and experience deep sea fishing firsthand. Many multi-day trips target larger species like bluefin and yellowfin tuna, as evidenced by the 155 lb tuna recently caught on the Ranger 85.

Trips by Length

H&M Landing organizes trips by their length to make it easy for you to find the perfect adventure. From half-day trips for those with limited time to 3.5-day excursions for seasoned anglers looking to test their skills, you can choose the experience that best suits your schedule and goals.

Specialty Charters

In addition to their standard fishing trips, H&M Landing offers specialty charters designed for specific events and occasions. Corporate charters are perfect for team-building events, while bachelor party charters ensure a fun and memorable pre-wedding celebration. Family sportfishing trips are also available for those looking to bond over a day on the water.

6 Passenger Yachts

For a more exclusive and personalized fishing experience, H&M Landing has a fleet of 6 passenger yachts available for private charters. These intimate vessels are perfect for open party trips or small group adventures. With knowledgeable captains and crews, you can enjoy a customized itinerary and the opportunity to fish for a variety of species in comfort and style.


Charter Fleet

H&M Landing boasts an impressive charter fleet, accommodating groups of various sizes. Among their fleet, you can find renowned event vessels such as the Producer, Top Gun 80, Excalibur, Ranger 85, Legend, Sea Adventure 80, and the Poseidon. With these vessels at their disposal, H&M Landing can provide a wide range of open party trips and customized charter itineraries.

The experienced staff and crew aboard the H&M charter fleet ensure that guests have a memorable and enjoyable experience. Their knowledgeable personnel are dedicated to catering to the needs of the guests while maintaining a confident and clear tone onboard.

Fleet Fish Count

Keeping track of the fleet's fish count is essential when it comes to evaluating the success of fishing trips. The Fleet Fish Count reflects the efforts of the skilled crew and staff. It serves as a testament to the fruitful fishing experiences provided at H&M Landing.

To summarize, the H&M Landing charter fleet accommodates various group sizes and is equipped with top-quality event vessels helmed by an experienced and knowledgeable crew. The fish count serves as a measure of success for the fishing trips provided by H&M Landing.

Whale Watching

Whale Watching Adventures

H&M Landing has been a pioneer in West Coast whale watching since 1953. They offer a variety of whale watching adventures where you can observe majestic creatures such as gray whales, blue whales, and dolphins in their natural habitat. Whether you're a marine life enthusiast or simply looking for a unique experience, H&M Landing's whale watching tours provide an unforgettable adventure.

Availability and Booking

Whale Watching Adventures at H&M Landing are available throughout the year, catering to various preferences with flexible schedules. They offer daily departures at 10am, allowing you to choose the most suitable date for a thrilling experience.

Booking a whale watching tour is easy and convenient through their website. Prices range from $30 to $55 per adult fare, making whale watching a relatively affordable adventure.

Month Overviews

H&M Landing's whale watching tours offer different experiences throughout the year, providing unique encounters with marine life. Here's a brief overview of what you can expect each month:

  • January to February: Gray whales make their southbound migration, providing an excellent opportunity to observe these beautiful giants.
  • March to April: Gray whale migration continues northward, along with sightings of dolphins and sea lions.
  • May to June: Blue whale season begins, giving you the chance to witness the largest animals on Earth.
  • July to August: Blue whale sightings continue, with added opportunities to spot common dolphins, sea lions, and more.
  • September to October: With fewer blue whales than the summer months, guests can still enjoy sightings of dolphins, sea lions, and other marine life.
  • November to December: Gray whale migration season begins again, providing visitors with another chance to observe these magnificent creatures.

With H&M Landing's extensive experience and dedication to providing unforgettable whale watching adventures, you can trust that you'll have a truly rewarding experience in the waters off San Diego.

Baja California

Baja Fishing

Baja California is recognized as one of the most pristine and exciting destinations for fishing enthusiasts. The waters of Baja California offer a rich diversity of marine life, making it the perfect place to embark on a fishing adventure. Fishermen can expect to find species such as bluefin tuna that provide an unparalleled challenge and excitement.

The region's unique ecosystem provides an ideal environment for various species to thrive. Baja's mix of warm and cool currents, combined with its productive coastal areas, make it a top destination for anglers seeking a truly memorable experience.

Vendetta II

One of the best ways to experience Baja California's incredible fishing opportunities is onboard the Vendetta II, a premier vessel in the H&M Landing fleet. The Vendetta II is a well-equipped boat with experienced staff, ensuring that passengers have a comfortable and enjoyable trip. This vessel offers first-class meals and top-notch amenities, making it the perfect choice for your fishing excursion.

The Vendetta II frequently embarks on natural history excursions, which not only provide exceptional fishing adventures but also the chance to witness Baja California's pristine wildlife. By choosing the Vendetta II for your Baja California fishing trip, you can be confident in having a knowledgeable and professional crew guiding you through this extraordinary experience.

Shop and Services

Shop Online

H&M Landing offers a convenient way to shop for fishing gear, apparel, and more through their online store. Customers can find essential items for their fishing adventure, such as clothing, live bait, tackle, and souvenirs. The online shopping experience is user-friendly, making it easy for both beginners and experienced anglers to find what they need.

Meal Services

H&M Landing understands the importance of providing quality meal services to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable fishing experience. They offer on-board galleys in their fleet, serving delicious and freshly-prepared meals to customers during their trip. The experienced staff is dedicated to providing exceptional service while accommodating dietary restrictions as necessary.

Fish Processing

After a successful day of fishing, H&M Landing takes care of the fish processing for their clients. Their team of professionals ensures the fish are cleaned, filleted, and packaged to the customers' satisfaction, making it easy for them to take home their catch and enjoy sharing their adventure with friends and family.

Newsletter Sign-Up

Staying informed about upcoming events, promotions, and fishing reports is essential for any fishing enthusiast. H&M Landing offers a newsletter sign-up option, allowing interested customers to receive important updates related to their services and offerings. Subscribers can benefit from exclusive deals, insider tips, and the latest news on their favorite sportfishing company.

Personal Service

The experienced staff at H&M Landing is dedicated to providing personal service for each customer. From the initial booking process to the end of a fishing trip, the team is there to answer questions, provide guidance, and ensure a memorable experience for everyone on board. With their knowledge, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction, clients can expect a high level of service throughout their fishing adventure.


The Crew

H&M Landing boasts a team of experienced and dedicated staff, committed to providing top-notch personal service to their customers. The crew, comprising seasoned captains, deckhands, and on-shore personnel, work tirelessly to ensure guests embark on unforgettable adventures. Their extensive knowledge about the West Coast sportfishing scene guarantees anglers make the most of their fishing trips.

Fleet Vessels

H&M Landing's fleet consists of an impressive lineup of vessels designed to cater to a range of preferences and fishing experiences. The event vessels include the flagship Producer, a 65-foot sportfisher, and the top-of-the-line Top Gun 80, a liveaboard with luxurious accommodations for extended trips. Other notable vessels include Excalibur, Vendetta II, Ranger 85, and Legend, all equipped for comfort and excellence in angling. For smaller group outings, the fleet also features Sea Adventure 80, Poseidon, and fishing yacht Alicia.

San Diego Location

Operating from their strategic San Diego location, H&M Landing offers proximity to some of the best fishing grounds on the West Coast. Situated near Point Loma, the landing serves as a gateway to the rich marine life and sportfishing opportunities offshore. Anglers who set off from H&M Landing can expect a memorable experience, courtesy of the expert crew, impeccable fleet of vessels, and prime fishing waters.

Frequently Asked Queries

About Booking

H&M Landing offers a variety of booking options for those interested in sportfishing and other sea adventures. Customers can book their trips online through the H&M Landing website or by contacting them at 619-222-1144. Availability and daily departures may vary depending on the season and trip options.

About the Charters

H&M Landing provides various charter options, suitable for different group sizes and occasions. They offer corporate charters for team-building activities, bachelor party charters for recreational fishing, and family sportfishing experiences for all ages. In particular, their 6-passenger yachts provide a more intimate setting for small groups seeking a personalized experience.

About Fishing Trips

Fishing trips at H&M Landing target a diverse range of fish species, including bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, dorado, and yellowtail. Their vessel, Grande, has been known to catch impressive fish such as a 155 lb tuna. Passengers can enjoy deep sea fishing adventures and benefit from H&M Landing's longstanding reputation for expertise and professionalism in the sportfishing industry. Trips typically depart at 5:30am, and passports are not required. Keep in mind that return times might be later than expected, and there are currently no fuel surcharges.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does H&M Landing offer for sportfishing?

H&M Landing is a reputable sportfishing company with a wide range of trips available, catering to different skill levels and target species. The H&M Landing tackle store offers all the tackle you might need for your trip, and if you don't have your own gear, rental tackle is available for all types of trips. The staff at H&M Landing can also advise on the most effective terminal tackle based on the season and target species.

How does H&M Landing compare to Seaforth Sportfishing?

Both H&M Landing and Seaforth Sportfishing are well-known sportfishing companies in San Diego, each with its unique characteristics and offerings. It is important to research both companies and read customer reviews to determine which one suits your specific needs and preferences better. Factors to consider may include fleet size, targeted fish species, trip duration, and overall customer experiences.

Are there any discounts or coupon codes available for H&M Landing?

H&M Landing may occasionally offer discounts or promotions for their sportfishing trips. It is advisable to check their official website or follow their social media channels for any current deals and updates. Additionally, you might want to contact their customer service directly to inquire about any available discounts or special offers.

What is the fleet size at H&M Landing?

H&M Landing boasts San Diego's finest passenger fleet, representing the West Coast's oldest and most experienced sportfishing company. You can visit their website to find more information on their fleet, including different vessel sizes and specifications.

How do H&M Landing reviews rate their services?

H&M Landing generally receives positive reviews from customers, with a 4.3-rating out of over 1,200 reviews on Birdeye. Customers often praise their friendly and knowledgeable crew, well-maintained boats, and successful fishing experiences. As with all businesses, it is important to read a variety of reviews to get a well-rounded understanding of what to expect.

Does H&M Landing provide whale watching excursions?

While the information provided in the search results does not explicitly mention whale watching excursions, it is worth checking the H&M Landing website or contacting their customer service to inquire about such services.

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