August 10, 2023

MM-SEAS: Navigating the Future of Maritime Licensing with the Spirit of Adventure

Sea Magazine, my friends, is not just a publication, it's a compass to the heart and soul of the boating industry. It understands the waves, the wind, the passion, and the science that fuels this complex world. It's the rhapsody of the oceans, sung by those who truly understand what it means to be at sea. And now, they've teamed up with MM-Seas to bring you something quite spectacular.

The new Captain licensing tool. Forget about those old, cumbersome ways of proving your sea-legs; this is the future, the fast-track to the helm, a symbol of innovation, embracing the spirit of exploration. If you're a mariner or just a passionate enthusiast, prepare to embark on a new journey with this game-changing tool. Sea Magazine has once again proved it's not just riding the waves – it's steering the ship!

Ah, the Captain's License, that elusive golden ticket to the open sea. 360 sea days might seem like a tall order, but you'd be surprised. Nate Gilman, that intrepid Co-Founder and President of MM-SEAS, he tells me that many an avid boater already has those days in their logbook, accumulated over the last handful of years. The challenge, it seems, wasn't the days at sea, but the tedious paperwork – those damned Coast Guard forms. That's where MM-SEAS comes in with a free tool to craft the perfect form, ready to be digitally signed and stored safely online. No more losing your paperwork in a stiff sea breeze.

You see, it's the tracking of sea service that has long been the mariner's bane – frustrating, complex, error-prone. Now, thanks to MM-SEAS, it's a process as smooth as a fine single malt. Every day away from the pier, over four hours at the helm, counts as a sea service day, starting from the tender age of 16. Your days on the lake, your fishing trips, your family sailing adventures – they all add up.

The US Coast Guard, wise to the ways of the sea, uses these days to gauge your lifetime experience, be it recreational, commercial, or even military. Document it right, and your days on the water stack up, paving the way to dreams of charter fishing captaincy, owning your sunset sail business, or perhaps becoming a professional delivery captain.

MM-SEAS isn't just about bureaucracy; it's about the stories, the adventures, the shared love for the water. From a staggering 71-day trip in the Baltic Sea to family bonding over 20 years on five different vessels, it's all part of the fabric that makes us sailors.

Turning your time on the water into official documentation used to be a chore as arduous as battling a storm. But MM-SEAS has tossed that old model overboard, offering the technology to create and store digital sea service letters. It's a revolution, a liberation of the process, enabling you to focus on what really matters: the call of the sea. With a simple email notification, owners or captains can verify, sign, or even amend those essential CG-719S sea service forms.

In the end, it's not just about licenses and bureaucracy; it's about passion, adventure, and the shared pursuit of something greater. Thanks to MM-SEAS, the horizon has never looked clearer.

So, dear mariners, the sea's calling and you're ready to answer. With MM-SEAS, it's as if you've got a seasoned old sailor by your side, guiding you through the uncharted waters of paperwork. Use it solo, and it won't cost you a doubloon. Need a live expert to help you navigate? That's just $99 a year. And when it's time to present your application, well, MM-SEAS stands ready at the helm. For a flat fee of $299, they'll craft the perfect application, pay the necessary fees, and spar with the USCG to iron out any wrinkles. Or take the wheel yourself and submit on your own. The choice is yours, and the sea awaits.

Now, who's steering this ship? A certain Nate Gilman, a mariner with salt in his veins. He worked his way up to a 200 ton Captain's license and Third Mate Unlimited. Cut his teeth as a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Commissioned Officer, ran tall ship educational programs, commanded pleasure yachts, and even stood tall on large research ships. A man who knows the sea as well as the back of his own hand.

And what's MM-SEAS all about? This isn't just software; it's a lifebuoy for the maritime industry, a compass guiding you through the complex shoals of USCG licensing. MM-SEAS, found sailing the digital seas at, isn't just an application; it's a promise to make life on the water better, to turn the once tangled process into a smooth sail. This cutting-edge platform is the wind in the sails of boaters and vessel owners, a commitment to quality and seamlessness that makes obtaining, maintaining, and renewing your license as pleasurable as a gentle cruise on a calm day. Welcome aboard, mariner, your journey has never looked brighter.

Charlie Hardcastle
Charlie is Editor-in-Chief of Sea Magazine
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