March 15, 2024

Sea Doo Switch-2024 Updates: Essential Changes to Know Today

The world of personal watercraft is ever evolving, and Sea-Doo is leading the way with their 2024 updates to the popular Switch model.

As a versatile and innovative pontoon boat, the Sea-Doo Switch boasts an array of new features and changes aimed at making your time on the water even more enjoyable.

From design elements to engine performance, the 2024 model offers something for everyone, while maintaining the ease of use and practicality users have come to expect from Sea-Doo.

The 2024 updates span several areas, including the introduction of the new Cruise Limited model and various improvements to existing models.

Along with these significant changes, the latest Sea-Doo Switch also embraces enhanced technological features, ensuring your water adventures are safe and entertaining.

As you explore the 2024 Sea-Doo Switch lineup, you can expect to find the perfect options for your needs—whether you're a thrill-seeker or a more laid-back water enthusiast.

Key Takeaways

  • The 2024 Sea-Doo Switch lineup offers versatility with innovative updates and new models.
  • Enhanced technological features and engine performance ensure a thrilling yet safe water experience.
  • Ease of use, practicality, and customization options cater to a wide range of user needs.

Overview of 2024 Sea Doo Switch

Key Features and Specs

The 2024 Sea-Doo Switch comes in various configurations, including 13-, 16-, and 19-foot lengths, with the flexibility to accommodate different passenger capacities and preferences.

The compact 13-foot model, for instance, can accommodate up to 5 passengers and is powered by a 130 HP engine.

One of the standout features of the 2024 Sea-Doo Switch is the Rotax 1630 ACE engine, offering a total of 170 HP.

This engine provides a reliable jet propulsion system with easy maneuverability on the water, even for the most inexperienced boaters.

Dimensions of the Sea-Doo Switch models vary according to their lengths:

  • 13-foot model: (estimated) dry weight of 1,678 pounds
  • 16-foot model: dimensions and weight not specified
  • 19-foot model: dimensions and weight not specified

Fuel capacity information is not available in the search results.

What's New in 2024

The 2024 Sea-Doo Switch Cruise Limited comes with a 10.25-inch touchscreen display at the helm that offers excellent visibility of important stats, depth, navigation, and marine charts.

This model also features a Garmin GPS on the starboard side, providing all the necessary information for safe and fun water excursions.

Another notable update for the 2024 model is the BRP premium audio system, boasting 6 speakers for high-quality sound during your time on the water.

The Sea-Doo Switch Cruise Limited is only available in the longest 21-foot configuration, capable of carrying up to 10 passengers with ease, and powered by the impressive 1630 Rotax 230-hp engine.

Design and Style

Updated Aesthetics

The 2024 Sea-Doo Switch brings a fresh approach to the pontoon boat market with its contemporary design.

One of the key features of the new model is its switch modular deck. This innovative design allows for easy customization and versatility in arranging the boat's seating and layout This update enhances the overall style and functionality of the boat, making it stand out among its competitors.

Another striking element of the updated aesthetics is the clear-view side panels.

These transparent panels not only contribute to the modern look of the Sea-Doo Switch, but also enhance the overall boating experience by providing unobstructed views of the surrounding waters BoatingWorld.

Ergonomics and Comfort Enhancements

Alongside its updated aesthetics, the 2024 Sea-Doo Switch boasts several comfort enhancements aimed at making your time on the water more enjoyable.

One notable inclusion is the adjustable table This feature allows passengers to easily reposition the table based on their needs and preferences.

Whether you are sharing a meal, playing cards, or simply enjoying some conversation, the adjustable table ensures a comfortable and convenient setting.

In addition to the adjustable table, the boat also offers ergonomically designed seating options.

These seats accommodate a variety of activities, from lounging and sunbathing to more active pursuits like waterskiing or wakeboarding. The Sea-Doo Switch truly excels in providing an optimal combination of style, comfort, and versatility for its passengers BoatingWorld.

Engine and Performance

Rotax 1630 ACE Engine

The 2024 Sea-Doo Switch comes equipped with the powerful Rotax 1630 ACE engine, which is designed for impressive performance on the water.

This engine is capable of delivering 170 HP, providing smooth and reliable power for various water activities. Along with its power, the Rotax 1630 ACE engine is also fuel-efficient, making it an environmentally friendly option for boating enthusiasts.

Some key features of the Rotax 1630 ACE engine include:

  • Displacement: 1,630 cc
  • Horsepower: 170 HP
  • Fuel Consumption: Efficient to ensure longer rides

Handling and Maneuverability

One of the most notable aspects of the 2024 Sea-Doo Switch is its handling and maneuverability.

The jet propulsion system, powered by the Rotax 1630 ACE engine, offers easy maneuverability on the water, ensuring a pleasant experience for both experienced boaters and newcomers alike.

Additionally, the Sea-Doo Switch features a specially designed hull that enhances stability and allows for effortless turns.

The watercraft also includes the iBR (Intelligent Brake and Reverse) system, which enables the rider to stop quickly and safely.

This technology has helped make the Sea-Doo Switch a popular choice for families and adventure-seekers in search of a versatile and easy-to-operate watercraft.

The Sea-Doo Switch also benefits from the IDF (Intelligent Debris-Free) system, which prevents debris from getting into the impeller, ensuring a smooth ride and reducing the risk of damage to the jet propulsion system.

Technology and Innovation

The Sea-Doo Switch 2024 offers a range of advanced technology features and innovations to elevate your on-water experience. This section will discuss the advanced control systems and digital integration and connectivity that make the Switch stand out among other watercraft.

Advanced Control Systems

The Sea-Doo Switch 2024 comes equipped with an Intelligent Brake & Reverse (iBR) system, offering enhanced maneuverability.

This system allows you to stop up to 160 feet sooner than other watercraft, ensuring safety and increased control in various situations1.

Additionally, the Switch features an Intelligent Debris-Free (iDF) pump system, which helps minimize debris intake, improving performance and reliability on the water2.

The RF D.E.S.S.™ key adds an extra layer of security to your watercraft.

This digitally encoded key system prevents unauthorized use, providing peace of mind when leaving your Switch unattended3.

The advanced handlebar steering contributes to a more intuitive and comfortable riding experience, allowing for better control and responsiveness4.

Digital Integration and Connectivity

A major highlight of the 2024 Sea-Doo Switch is its digital integration, offering seamless access to essential information. The 10.25 inch touchscreen display at the helm provides clear visibility of crucial stats, depth, navigation, and marine charts5.

This premium design enhances your overall on-water experience, ensuring you're always informed and in control.

The Sea-Doo Switch boasts a Starboard Garmin GPS, offering a reliable navigation aid6. To maximize entertainment, the 2024 model features a BRP premium audio system with 6 speakers, ensuring a lively atmosphere while you enjoy your time on the water7.

Practical Features

Storage Solutions

The 2024 Sea-Doo Switch offers a variety of storage solutions to cater to different needs. One of its key features is the spacious anchor storage compartment, which keeps the anchor and rope organized and easily accessible.

Furthermore, there is also a dedicated glove box that provides a dry and secure place for storing valuables, such as wallets, phones, and sunglasses.

For additional storage, the Sea-Doo Switch also features multiple accessories compartments, ensuring enough space to stow away all your essential gear while keeping the deck clutter-free. On the spacious swim platform, you will find a built-in cooler and folding cup holders for added convenience.

Convenience and Safety

When it comes to convenience and safety, the 2024 Sea-Doo Switch does not disappoint. One of the highlights is the retractable boarding ladder, which makes getting on and off the boat safe and easy for all passengers - especially after a swim in the water.

The innovative modular design of the Sea-Doo Switch also contributes to added convenience if you wish to customize it according to your needs. Its spacious deck design offers different configurations, catering to a wide range of activities such as entertaining, fishing, or just relaxing on the water.

Another safety feature you'll find on the 2024 Sea-Doo Switch is the intuitive digital dashboard that provides clear visibility of critical stats, depth, navigation, and marine charts. A Garmin GPS system ensures you are always aware of your surroundings, reducing the risk of accidents.

Maintenance and Care

Routine Maintenance

The 2024 Sea-Doo Switch requires regular maintenance to ensure its performance and longevity. One crucial aspect is the closed-loop cooling system, which prevents corrosion and keeps the engine from overheating.

It is essential to check the coolant levels regularly and replace the coolant as recommended in the owner's manual. Additionally, the Switch's storage capacity allows for easy access to essential maintenance tools, making regular inspections and upkeep an easy task for the owner.

As with any watercraft, the 2024 Sea-Doo Switch also requires periodical engine oil and filter changes, which can be done on your own or by a Sea-Doo authorized dealer.

Maintaining the boat's cleanliness, both externally and internally, is crucial in preventing damages due to debris, algae build-up, and rust.

Winterization and Storage

Preparing your Sea-Doo Switch for winter storage is pivotal in preserving its performance for the next season. Owners should perform a thorough cleaning, paying close attention to the hull, fixtures, and upholstery.

Applying a protective, non-abrasive wax to the exterior of the boat can help prevent weathering during the off-season.

It is necessary to flush and drain the closed-loop cooling system to prevent any freezing damage that may occur during storage. Check your owner's manual for specific instructions on how to flush the system.

Putting a fuel stabilizer into the gas tank and changing the oil and filter before storage is also advisable.

Proper storage of your 2024 Sea-Doo Switch involves placing it on a durable and corrosion-resistant trailer or lift, preferably in a climate-controlled environment or under a protective cover. Ensuring the boat is stored in a dry and ventilated area can minimize the risk of mold, mildew, and rust damage.

Accessories and Customizations

Modular Deck Options

The 2024 Sea-Doo Switch offers a unique feature – a modular deck design that allows owners to easily customize and rearrange their pontoon boat layout.

This innovative system provides the freedom to configure the boat to suit personal preferences and quickly adapt to different activities or changing needs. The modular deck design is a valuable feature for those seeking versatility and adaptability on the water.

Personalization and Upgrades

BRP Premium Audio System

The 2024 Sea-Doo Switch introduces an available BRP premium audio system to enhance your on-water experience. This powerful audio system includes a Bluetooth-compatible receiver and strategically placed speakers throughout the boat. These speakers deliver crisp, clear sound for a dynamic listening experience on the water.


Sea-Doo offers an extensive selection of accessories to further customize and enhance the Switch. One of these accessories is the ski tow eye, which facilitates water sports and activities. Another notable accessory is the USB port, perfect for charging devices on board. It adds an extra layer of convenience to your journey.

Ski Tow Eye

The optional ski tow eye allows Switch owners to engage in water sports like water skiing, wakeboarding, and tubing. It provides a strong and secure attachment point for tow ropes. This makes it an excellent addition for those looking to make the most out of their time on the water.

USB Port

To keep devices charged and ready for use on board, the Sea-Doo Switch offers a USB port among its optional accessories. This addition ensures passengers stay connected, entertained, and capture memories while enjoying their time on the water.

Towing and Transport

Trailer Integration

The ease of transport is an essential aspect of owning a 2024 Sea-Doo Switch, and a suitable trailer is crucial for this purpose. A galvanized trailer is highly recommended for its durability and resistance to corrosion1. In many cases, the trailer is included in the purchase of a 2024 Sea-Doo Switch1, making it convenient for owners.

When selecting a trailer, ensure that it matches the vehicle's length and width to provide adequate support and stability during transportation.

Sea-Doo Switch Portability

The compact design of the 2024 Sea-Doo Switch contributes to its portability. The base model starts at 13 feet in length, with configurations also available at 16 and 19 feet2. The 13-foot model, specifically, has an estimated dry weight of only 1,678 pounds2, making it easy to tow with a variety of vehicles.

Additionally, the Sea-Doo Switch offers convenient storage options due to its size, making it ideal for those with limited space.

Buying and Ownership

Pricing and Value

The 2024 Sea-Doo Switch comes in a variety of models, with different lengths, engine sizes, and options. Base models start at 13 feet and go up to 21 feet, with prices ranging from around $24,000 to $33,000. The top-tier Switch Cruise Limited is available in the longest 21-foot length and hosts the largest engine, a 1630 Rotax 230-hp, accommodating up to 10 passengers.

Sea-Doo Switch models are not only stylish but also highly functional. They feature the reliable Rotax 1630 ACE engine, which has a power output between 130 HP and 230 HP, depending on the model. The compact 13-foot model is equipped with a 130 HP engine and can carry 5 passengers. With a dry weight of only 1,678 pounds, it's the lightest Sea-Doo Switch, making it ideal for those who are more conscious about the performance and fuel consumption.

The Switch models run on regular unleaded gasoline and are known for their remarkable performance and easy maneuverability on the water. This, combined with their innovative designs and features, makes them a valuable option for buyers looking for a small pontoon boat.

Warranty and Support

When buying a Sea-Doo Switch boat, make sure to consider the warranty and support offered by the manufacturer. Although specific warranty details may vary depending on the model and the purchase location, Sea-Doo typically provides a limited-time offer for new buyers. This offer includes a rebate on certain Switch models and discounts on accessories.

An attractive warranty and support package not only gives the buyer added peace of mind but also cushions the overall owning costs by minimizing expenses related to maintenance and repair. Prioritizing a customer-oriented after-sales service is essential, and Sea-Doo has garnered a reputation for offering excellent customer support across its entire lineup.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the new features for the 2024 Sea-Doo Switch?

The 2024 Sea-Doo Switch has a variety of updated features, including a 10.25-inch touchscreen display at the helm that provides seamless visibility of stats, depth, navigation, and marine charts. The model also boasts a premium audio system with six speakers for optimal entertainment.

How does the pricing of the 2024 Sea-Doo Switch compare to previous models?

The base 2024 Sea-Doo Switch models range in length from 13 to 21 feet and have prices between $24,000 and $33,000 depending on their length, engine size, and options. This offers consumers a variety of price points to choose from.

Can the 2024 Sea-Doo Switch accommodate water-skiing activities?

While there isn't specific information regarding water-skiing capabilities for the 2024 Sea-Doo Switch, its Rotax 1630 ACE engine provides 170 horsepower. This should allow for sufficient power to engage in various water sports, including water-skiing.

What improvements have been made to the stability of the 2024 Sea-Doo Switch?

Exact stability improvements for the 2024 Sea-Doo Switch have not been mentioned in the provided search results. However, it is reasonable to assume that Sea-Doo continuously works on refining their products for better performance and stability.

What are the specifications of the 2024 Sea-Doo Switch Cruise model?

The 2024 Sea-Doo Switch Cruise Limited is a 21-foot pontoon with a maximum passenger capacity of 10 people. It features the largest engine, a 1630 Rotax 230-horsepower engine, providing ample power for diverse water activities.

Are there any additional accessories available for the 2024 Sea-Doo Switch?

Yes, the 2024 Sea-Doo Switch has a variety of accessories available, including options for customization.

Currently, consumers can take advantage of a $1,000 discount on accessory purchases totaling $5,000 or more for the entire 2023 lineup.

SeaDoo Switch Club

An In-Depth Look at the 2024 Sea-Doo Switch with Sea Magazine and the Sea-Doo Switch Club

Charlie (Sea Magazine): Good afternoon, everyone. I'm here today with three avid members of the Sea-Doo Switch Club - Alex, Jordan, and Taylor. We're diving into the innovations and experiences that the 2024 Sea-Doo Switch has to offer. Let's start with your initial impressions. Alex?

Alex: Thanks, Charlie. The 2024 Sea-Doo Switch truly redefines what we expect from pontoon boats. Its innovative tile system not only adds to the onboard layout flexibility but also ensures confident stability on water. The Switch Sport, in particular, has impressed me with its nimble performance and the BRP audio system which is perfect for creating a personalized entertainment zone.

Charlie: That sounds fantastic. Jordan, could you expand on the jet propulsion system and its benefits?

SeaDoo Switch Club

Jordan: Absolutely. The jet propulsion system is a game changer. It simplifies docking significantly and, combined with the unique handlebar controls, it offers unparalleled adaptability. This system, along with the reverse system, provides perfect power for a high thrill ride while ensuring safety and ease of use.

Charlie: I've heard a lot about the design and construction of these switch boats. Taylor, can you shed some light on the switch tri hull design and the materials used?

Taylor: Sure, Charlie. The switch tri hull design, supported by an aluminum frame and high-grade marine canvas, offers essential protection and adds to the boat's confident stability. The outer pontoons are a testament to the design’s success, providing a smooth ride. Moreover, the deck storage compartment and quick attach inflatable holder are practical features that enhance the Sea-Doo life. Sit back under the sturdy bimini top for some cool shade or enjoy the full swim platform - it's all about the experience.

Charlie: What about the practicalities of owning a Switch, like storage and maintenance?

Alex: Well, the 2024 models come with a galvanized trailer finish, which alongside the painted trailer, ensures durability and longevity. Plus, the deck storage compartment and the availability of a ski mode and sun pads, all contribute to the Sea-Doo Switch being an ultra-efficient, fun, and functional choice for families and enthusiasts alike.

Charlie: It seems like BRP has packed a lot of features into the Sea-Doo Switch family. Jordan, any final thoughts on the features that stand out to you?

Jordan: For me, it’s the small details that make a big difference. The courtesy light, navigation lights, and even the rearview mirror enhance safety and convenience. And let's not forget about the switch bimini and the quick attach inflatable holder that offer both protection and fun. Plus, running on regular unleaded gasoline, it's an economic yet high-performance option.

Charlie: As we wrap up, any advice for potential Switch owners?

SeaDoo Switch Club

Taylor: Dive into the different switch packages available. Each one is designed to cater to a wide array of preferences, whether you're looking for sprawling floor space to soak up the sun or a more adrenaline-fueled setup with high thrill power. And with the Sea-Doo Switch pontoon’s simplified docking and ultra-efficient use of floor space, you'll get on the water and enjoy the boat sooner than you think.

Charlie: Thank you, Alex, Jordan, and Taylor, for sharing your insights. It’s clear that the 2024 Sea-Doo Switch is set to provide unparalleled experiences on the water, blending innovation with fun and functionality. Whether it's the switch tri hull design, the innovative tile system, or the myriad of user-focused features, the Sea-Doo Switch family seems ready to make a splash.

Alex, Jordan, Taylor: Our pleasure, Charlie. See you on the water!

Charlie (Sea Magazine): To our readers, stay tuned to Sea Magazine for more updates on the Sea-Doo life and the latest in marine innovation. Whether it’s for the thrill, the chill, or the sheer joy of being on the water, the Sea-Doo Switch family awaits.

Charlie Hardcastle
Charlie is Editor-in-Chief of Sea Magazine
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