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Regal Boats: A Comprehensive Guide to Luxury on the Water

Regal Boats is a family-owned company that has been in the business of building handcrafted boats since 1969. With a focus on the ultimate boating experience, Regal has established a reputation for innovative design, cutting-edge technology, and unmatched craftsmanship. Their dedication to excellence and commitment to customer satisfaction have made Regal a leader in the boating world.

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Regal offers a wide range of models for various water activities and lifestyles.

From sport coupes to express cruisers, Regal Boats provides a diverse line-up of vessels equipped with state-of-the-art features, ensuring both style and functionality.

Whether it's the spacious cabin of the 50 SAV or the largest-in-class shower and head of the 28 Express, Regal Marine Industries strives to deliver an exceptional ownership experience that is unparalleled in the industry.

Regal Boat SeaMag

Key Takeaways

  • Regal Boats is a family-owned company known for innovative design and unmatched craftsmanship.
  • Their line-up includes boats for various water activities, ranging from sport coupes to express cruisers.
  • Regal prioritizes customer satisfaction by incorporating cutting-edge technology and impressive features in every model.

History and Legacy

Founding of Regal Boats

In 1969, Paul and Carol Kuck established Regal Boats with a vision and passion fueled by their determination to create a unique boating experience. Their commitment to innovation and quality established a strong foundation for the company. Despite facing challenges such as the energy crisis in 1973, which cost them most of their original investment, the Kucks persevered and continued to build their legacy.

Evolution of the Regal Brand

Over the years, Regal Boats has grown from a small company to an internationally-recognized symbol of prestige, adventure, and family values. Their dedication to hand-crafted excellence, combined with a focus on enriching lives and creating memories, has secured their place in the industry for more than 50 years.

Regal boats' innovative spirit led to the development of the FasTrac hull design, a unique feature that provides a smoother ride, increased performance, and improved fuel efficiency. This groundbreaking design has kept the company at the forefront of the boating world, setting their products apart from competitors.

Industry Contributions

Regal Boats' commitment to innovation and craftsmanship has earned them a reputation as an industry leader. Contributions to the boating world include:

  1. Consistently pushing the boundaries of luxury and technology in their designs
  2. Introduction of the FasTrac hull design, improving ride quality and fuel efficiency
  3. A focus on family values, demonstrated by maintaining a close bond with customers, dealers, and employees

These accomplishments showcase the vision and dedication that Paul and Carol Kuck instilled in Regal Boats, solidifying their lasting impact on the boating industry.

Model Range Overview

Express Cruisers

Regal offers an impressive line of express cruisers, including the 33 Express with its refined and spacious design.

The 33 Express features a stunning sun lounge and spacious cockpit seating, perfect for both day and overnight trips.

If you're looking for a larger vessel, the Regal 38 Grande Coupe boasts a full-beam hardtop, excellent for entertaining and relaxing in style.


Regal's bowrider models, such as their 28 Express, provide an excellent combination of comfort and high-octane performance.

With a spacious swim platform and plenty of seating for sunbathing or enjoying the water, these versatile boats offer a thrilling escape for water sports enthusiasts.

Outboard Series

The Outboard Series brings even more adaptability to Regal's lineup, featuring models such as the Regal 36 XO and Regal 38 FXO.

These boats are powered by reliable, fuel-efficient outboard engines that allow for easy maintenance and increased performance.

The Regal LX36 features a cutting-edge design and unparalleled versatility, perfect for families or a weekend with friends.


For those seeking a true luxury experience, Regal offers their Yacht range, including the remarkable Regal 42 XO and the Regal 42 Fly.

These yachts feature sophisticated interior designs, generous living spaces, and a wealth of amenities that ensure an exquisite experience on the water.

Design and Technology

Innovative Features

Regal Boats is known for their innovative features and cutting-edge technology.

One remarkable feature is the FasTrac hull design, which incorporates a full-beam step to reduce drag and friction. This patented innovation has garnered acclaim and awards from the industry.

Regal Boats also offers a customizable ultra-premium interior and state-of-the-art technology through their Ultimate Trim Series for an elevated boating experience.

Hull Designs

The hull designs of Regal Boats cater to a variety of boating experiences and preferences. The most prominent hull design is the FasTrac design, delivering increased speed and fuel efficiency.

Other hull designs that Regal Boats offer include:

  • Modified Vee: This design provides a smoother ride, especially in rough waters, due to its deeper V-shape towards the bow.
  • Deep Vee: As the name suggests, this hull design features a deep V-shape that allows for better stability and handling in rough waters.
  • Monohull: A traditional and versatile design, monohulls offer a balance between stability, maneuverability, and performance.

Performance and Efficiency

The performance and efficiency of Regal Boats are greatly enhanced by their innovative technology, such as the FasTrac hull design.

This design reduces drag and friction, enabling the vessels to reach higher speeds while using less fuel.

According to Castaway Marina, Regal Boats earn their reputation for inspiring performance based on the core design of their hulls.

With a focus on innovation in design and technology, Regal Boats continues to produce an impressive lineup of vessels that cater to the discerning boater's needs.

Boating Experiences

Day Yachting

With a Regal boat, day yachting becomes a delightful experience. The LS6 model is one of the best options to enjoy a beautiful day on the water with friends or family.

It boasts a spacious seating area, perfect for gathering and lounging, and its stylish design gives a touch of luxury.

The Regal LS36 is a flagship model tailor-made for an upscale day yachting adventure. Featuring advanced technology and unparalleled luxury, this versatile vessel ensures a comfortable and enjoyable outing.


Not only do Regal boats cater to leisurely boating, they also excel in providing exhilarating watersports experiences.

The Regal LS4 Surf is an excellent option for those looking to carve through the waves and enjoy high-performance water activities.

The innovative design allows for easy maneuvering and agility, making it perfect for waterskiing, wakeboarding, or tubing.

Some features that make Regal boats suitable for watersports:

  • Powerful engines
  • Smooth handling
  • Adequate storage for gear
  • Advanced technology for towing and safety

Saltwater Fishing

For those who love saltwater fishing, Regal offers a range of boats designed with fishing enthusiasts in mind.

The Regal- 33 SAV is a versatile boat that can easily switch from family cruising to a fantastic angling experience.

With its purposeful design, the Regal 33 SAV comes with:

  • Ample fishing rod holders
  • Baitwell station
  • Fish box storage
  • Comfortable seating areas

Propulsion and Performance

Engine Types

Regal boats offer a variety of engine types to suit the needs of different boaters. The most common options are outboard, inboard, and inboard/outboard (sterndrive) engines.

Outboard engines are popular for their accessibility, easy maintenance, and often feature a 4-stroke design, such as the Yamaha engines used on the Regal 38 FXO model.

Inboard engines provide a clean, sleek appearance, and they can be powered by either gas or diesel fuel systems. Inboard/outboard engines combine the best of both worlds, offering the power and maneuverability associated with outboards and the space-saving benefits of inboards.

Engine TypeFuel TypeAdvantages
OutboardGasAccessibility, easy maintenance
InboardGas/DieselClean appearance, space-saving
Inboard/OutboardGas/DieselPower, maneuverability, space-saving

Handling and Maneuverability

When it comes to handling and maneuverability, Regal boats are known to excel in both areas. The company's state-of-the-art propulsion systems and innovative hull designs enable optimal performance on the water.

One example can be found in the LS9 Surf model, which features a transversal propulsion device for superior surf performance.

The Regal 38 FXO is another excellent example, boasting agile turns and well-balanced movements, despite a slightly more elevated running attitude when coming out of the hole at approximately six degrees. Its top speed of 41.7 knots further demonstrates the power and performance one can expect from a Regal boat.

Ownership Experience

Purchasing Options

When it comes to purchasing a Regal boat, potential owners have a swath of prices and options to choose from. Regal Boats offers a diverse range of boat models, each designed to cater to specific boating needs.

Many Regal boat dealers offer both new and pre-owned boats for sale in the United States and internationally.

To get started, buyers can explore the inventory of various Regal boat dealers to find the ideal model and customize it using the boat builder feature.

This tool allows prospective owners to tailor their boat choice to suit their preferences and budget. Whether choosing a new or pre-owned vessel, buyers can expect a well-maintained, high-quality boat.

Cost of Ownership

The total cost of owning a Regal boat encompasses several factors, including the boat's purchase price, financing options, insurance, taxes, and storage fees.

Regal boats' cost can vary based on the model, size, and customization options. However, regardless of the specific boat, owners will experience a luxurious boating atmosphere.

Boat ModelPrice Range ($)
Bowrider35,000 - 150,000
Cuddy Cabin60,000 - 175,000
Express Cruiser200,000 - 500,000
Sport Yacht450,000 - 900,000

Keep in mind that these prices are just approximate ranges and can vary based on factors such as dealer location, inventory, and boat options.

Boat Maintenance

Maintaining a Regal boat is essential to ensure its performance and longevity. Regal's handcrafted boats are known for their exquisite quality and attention to detail, which makes them low-maintenance luxury vessels.

Nevertheless, adhering to a regular maintenance schedule will keep the boat running smoothly and in prime condition.

Regular maintenance should include:

  • Engine servicing, oil, and filter changes
  • Inspecting and replacing belts and hoses
  • Cleaning and inspecting the hull
  • Checking electrical systems
  • Keeping up with interior and exterior cleaning

By consistently following these maintenance guidelines, Regal boat owners can enjoy a hassle-free and luxurious boating experience. Moreover, Regal offers excellent customer service and support from their knowledgeable team to assist boat owners with any questions or concerns.

Boat Models and Specifications

Popular Models

Regal Boats offer a wide range of models to meet the needs of any boat enthusiast. Some popular models include the Regal 2800 Bowrider, the Regal 29 OBX, and the LS6 Surf.

Each model is designed for a specific purpose, catering to day cruising, overnight cruising, or watersports.

Size and Capacity

Regal boats come in various sizes and capacities, ranging from the compact LX4 at 19 feet to large cruiser models like the previously mentioned Regal 2800 Bowrider.

Boat sizes typically affect capacity, with smaller boats accommodating fewer passengers and larger ones being more spacious. Some models, like the 29 OBX, feature yacht certification, meaning they are built to handle a larger number of passengers than standard boats.

Hull Types and Materials

When it comes to hull types, Regal boats utilize a combination of Deep-V and Modified-V designs. These hull types provide a balance between stability, handling, and performance.

The materials used in the construction of Regal boats are high-quality and selected for their durability and resilience.

Most Regal hulls are made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP), which is lightweight yet strong, providing a smooth, efficient ride on the water.

Activities and Lifestyle

Family and Leisure

Regal Boats is a brand that focuses on providing the ultimate boating experience for families and leisure activities. With a wide range of new models available, there's a perfect option for any family size or desired activity.

Their boats are designed with spacious layouts and thoughtful ergonomics, ensuring comfort and convenience during day cruising or overnight stays.

One of the main focuses of Regal Boats is on family-first values. With nearly 800 talented team members, the company takes pride in individually handcrafting luxury boats that cater to family needs.

Regal Boats possess state-of-the-art facilities for a pleasurable experience on the water, including ample seating and entertainment options for the whole family.

There are a variety of models to choose from, depending on your specific family needs:

  • 2000 ES
  • LS2
  • LS4
  • LS6
  • LS9

For those interested in overnight cruising, Regal Boats also offers a luxurious Yacht series. These boats are large and suitable for extended stays on the water, ensuring you and your family can enjoy quality time together.

Sport and Adventure

Regal Boats doesn't only cater to families and leisure activities; they also provide options for an adventurous lifestyle.

The company's Surf models, such as the LS2 Surf, LS4 Surf, LS6 Surf, and LS9 Surf, are perfect for sports enthusiasts.

These boats are designed to be sports activity vessels, offering ample storage and space for various water sports equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the distinguishing features of Regal Boats?

Regal Boats is a family-run boat manufacturer based in Orlando, Florida, known for its line of bowriders, express cruisers, and small motor yachts. Their boats are well-built and well-appointed, with a focus on luxury and craftsmanship. Each Regal boat is handmade locally by a team of nearly 800 passionate team members.

How do Regal Boats compare to Cobalt in terms of quality and performance?

While it's difficult to provide a direct comparison between Regal Boats and Cobalt, both companies have a strong reputation for quality and performance.

Each brand offers a unique set of features and styles with varying levels of luxury and amenities. It is important for prospective buyers to assess their specific needs and preferences when comparing these two brands.

In what price range do new Regal Boats usually fall?

The price range for new Regal Boats varies depending on the model and features.

It is difficult to provide an average price range, but interested buyers can explore different models and request a personalized quote for a better understanding of the costs involved.

Are there any common issues or concerns reported in Regal Boats reviews?

As with any boat manufacturer, some issues or concerns may be reported in Regal Boats reviews. However, the company is known for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Potential buyers need to conduct thorough research, review owner experiences, and consult with Regal Boats dealers to ensure they are making an informed decision.

What career opportunities are typically available with Regal Boats?

Regal Boats offers a variety of career opportunities, ranging from entry-level boat building to specialized roles within the company. With a strong focus on teamwork and camaraderie, Regal Boats provides its employees with a supportive and growth-oriented work environment.

Does the construction of Regal Boats involve the use of wood materials?

As a company focused on quality and craftsmanship, Regal Boats utilizes various materials in their boat construction process.

It is not clear from the search results whether wood materials play a significant role in the construction of Regal Boats.

Potential buyers or interested parties should contact Regal Boats directly for more information about their construction process and materials used.

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