Salt Creek Marina

107 15th Ave SE
St Petersburg, FL 33701

Berth Capacity

  • 13


Minimum Approach Depth
  • 0.0 Meters
Minimum Channel Depth
  • 0.0 Feet
Mean Low Water Dock Depth
  • 0.0 Meters
Mean High Water Clearance
  • 0.0 Feet


Maintenance Facility
Max. Vessel LOA
  • 0.0 Feet
Max. Slip Length
  • 0.0 Meters
Max. Slip Width
  • 0.0 Meters


- mph

Salt Creek Marina Saint Petersburg: Your All-In-One Guide to Services and Activities

Nestled in the heart of St. Petersburg, Florida, Salt Creek Marina is a historic destination for boating enthusiasts. Originally founded by the Dye family three generations ago, the marina has stood the test of time as a beacon of excellence in the boating world. Today, it is proudly run by Captain Joel Dye, a skilled boat builder and yachtsman who has been crafting vessels since the 1970s.

Salt Creek Marina is situated at 107 15th Avenue SE and offers outstanding amenities to its guests. With its strategic location, the marina presents boaters with an opportunity to dock at a serene, luxurious, and convenient spot. Open daily from 8 AM to 4:30 PM, the marina is staffed by helpful dockmaster Donna Allen and Tom Hall, who ensure that boaters experience high-quality services tailored to their individual needs.

Accessible by land or sea, Salt Creek Marina is more than a mere docking more...

spot for your vessel. As a premier boating destination, it provides a relaxing and welcoming environment for visitors to unwind and experience Florida's coastal charm. With nearby attractions, such as restaurants like The Big Catch at Salt Creek and shops in the vicinity, marina guests can enjoy the best of St. Petersburg's vibrant waterfront scene.

Location and Contact

Salt Creek Marina is situated in the beautiful city of St. Petersburg, Florida. Located at 107 15th Avenue SE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701, the marina offers a convenient location for boat owners and visitors to enjoy the surrounding area. Its coordinates are N 27° 45.367' / W 082° 38.004'.

The marina provides numerous services and amenities, including maintenance facilities, making it a popular spot for local and visiting boaters. To get in touch with the marina for inquiries or reservations, you can reach out to their knowledgeable staff. The contact person at Salt Creek Marina is Tom Hall, and the dockmaster's name is Donna Allen. They can be reached via phone at +1 (727) 895-4481 or through email at [email protected]

Salt Creek Marina operates from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, ensuring that visitors and boat owners have access to the marina's facilities and services throughout the day. The marina, located in the zipcode area of 33701, is easily accessible from various parts of St. Petersburg and offers a convenient spot for boaters to dock their vessels.

In summary, Salt Creek Marina is a well-equipped marina offering various amenities and services for boat owners in the heart of St. Petersburg, Florida. Its convenient location and excellent customer service make it an ideal spot for enjoying the city's waterfront and boating culture.

Services and Amenities

Dry Storage

Salt Creek Marina in St. Petersburg, Florida, provides a safe, reliable, and convenient dry storage solution for boats. The marina's dry storage facility allows for efficient launching and retrieval of your boat while also ensuring protection from the elements when not in use.


At Salt Creek Marina, you'll find a variety of slips available for boats of different sizes. With a dedicated dockmaster and well-maintained facilities, the marina makes it easy for boat owners to access and store their vessels. The marina's location offers smooth access to the nearby waterfront areas, ensuring a pleasant boating experience for everyone.

Boat Repair and Service

Boaters can rely on Salt Creek Marina for professional boat repair and service needs. Staffed with skilled technicians, the marina offers a range of services such as hull repairs, engine maintenance, and other general boat maintenance. At Salt Creek Marina, boat owners can expect speedy and efficient service to ensure their vessels are always in top condition.

Fabrication and Rigging

In addition to standard maintenance services, Salt Creek Marina also offers fabrication and rigging services. These services include custom metal works, fiberglass repairs, and rigging adjustments catered specifically to your boat's requirements. The experienced team at the marina ensures that any fabrication or rigging work is done to the highest standards, giving boat owners peace of mind when it comes to their vessel's performance and safety.

Harborage Marina Comparison

Salt Creek Marina in St. Petersburg is a well-known facility, offering various amenities for boating enthusiasts. It is an excellent choice for those looking for a convenient location with access to local attractions. In comparison, Harborage Marina is another nearby marina worth considering for its unique offerings.

Harborage Marina distinguishes itself as the only full-service mega yacht port on Florida's west coast. It features a 1000-foot protective fixed breakwater and full-length floating concrete docks, ensuring security and convenience for visiting boaters. Not only does this marina offer deep draft access, but it is also situated in downtown St. Petersburg, making it easy to explore the city and surrounding attractions.

When comparing amenities, Harborage Marina offers ample parking and well-maintained facilities. Customers frequently praise its clean restrooms, washing machines, and captain's lounge according to Yelp reviews. Additionally, the Bayboro Cafe located on the property is a popular spot for visitors to enjoy delicious meals overlooking the marina.

Both Salt Creek Marina and Harborage Marina provide excellent docking options, but Harborage Marina is especially suited for mega yachts and larger vessels. For visitors with larger boats or who prefer full-service amenities, Harborage Marina may be the better choice.

Convenience is another significant factor when choosing a marina, and Harborage Marina offers a strategic location near downtown St. Petersburg. This provides boaters with easy access to a wide variety of attractions, including shopping, dining, and entertainment options throughout the city. In comparison, while Salt Creek Marina is also located in St. Petersburg, it might not offer the same level of accessibility to downtown attractions.

Both marinas have their distinct advantages, and the choice between them will depend on individual needs and preferences. Harborage Marina's full-service facilities, mega yacht accommodations, and downtown location make it a popular choice for many boaters visiting the St. Petersburg area.

Entertainment and Dining

At The Big Catch at Salt Creek, Harborage Marina in St. Petersburg, FL offers a fantastic dining experience for both casual and upscale meals. The restaurant specializes in seafood, but also serves American dishes and caters to a variety of different tastes. Open for lunch and dinner, the establishment operates from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on weekdays, ensuring patrons have ample time to grab a delicious bite. On weekends, the restaurant opens earlier for brunch, starting at 8:00 a.m., giving visitors the chance to enjoy a relaxing morning meal by the marina.

Besides great food, The Big Catch at Salt Creek provides a variety of entertainment options to enhance your dining experience. You can enjoy Trivia Nation on Mondays from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., which offers a fun and engaging way to test your knowledge. For those interested in showcasing their talent, Open Mic Wednesdays take place from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Additionally, live music is available five days a week, setting a vibrant atmosphere for dining and socializing.

Visitors often commend The Big Catch at Salt Creek for its picturesque location on the waterfront. The outdoor seating area allows guests to enjoy their meals while taking in the stunning views of the marina. Moreover, the Harborage Marina extends its services beyond dining and entertainment, boasting itself as the only full-service mega yacht port on Florida's west coast. With 1000' of protective fixed breakwater and full-length floating concrete docks, the Harborage Marina truly caters to all your needs.

So whether you're seeking tasty seafood, engaging entertainment, or simply a serene location to relax and dine, The Big Catch at Salt Creek in St. Petersburg offers it all in a confident, knowledgeable, and neutral setting. Enjoy your visit to this vibrant marina and make memories worth cherishing.

Fishing Activities

Fishing in Salt Creek Marina, St. Petersburg, offers a variety of opportunities for anglers of all skill levels. Located near the Tampa Bay area, this marina provides easy access to an abundance of fish species and breathtaking views of the water.

One of the most popular choices for fishing enthusiasts are the charter fishing services available at the marina. These expert-guided trips cater to both beginners and experienced anglers, taking you to prime fishing locations where you can target diverse species such as Tarpon, Snook, Redfish, and Spotted Seatrout.

Many visitors choose to rent a yacht or a fishing boat and venture out independently to explore the waters. There are plenty of docks and moorings for rent at Salt Creek Marina, making it convenient for boating enthusiasts. In addition, the marina is equipped with essential facilities such as fuel docks, boat ramps, and repair services.

While fishing in Tampa Bay and its surrounding waters, it is essential to adhere to the local regulations, such as obtaining a valid fishing license, following size and bag limits for various fish species, and practicing ethical angling. Furthermore, as part of the St. Petersburg fishing community's commitment to conservation, many anglers support catch-and-release initiatives to maintain and protect our marine resources.

After a day of fishing, you can unwind at The Big Catch at Salt Creek, a waterfront restaurant located within the marina. Savor delicious seafood alongside a beautiful view of the docks and boats. The restaurant also offers ample outdoor seating, allowing you to relax and enjoy the Florida breeze while you dine.

Pricing and Hours

Salt Creek Marina in Saint Petersburg, FL offers a variety of boat rental services and facilities for its customers. Although specific prices are not provided in the available search results, you can contact them directly for pricing options and information. This marina is known for providing boat and yacht docks, slips, and moorings for rent.

The marina's usual operating hours are from Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, according to their Yellow Pages listing. This schedule allows boaters to access storage, maintenance, and repair services during standard business hours.

In addition to their boat renting services, Salt Creek Marina also offers boat storage, marina dry storage, boat repair, and boat servicing for local and visiting boat owners. This ensures a comprehensive set of services for the boating community in St. Petersburg, Florida.

To learn more about the marina's facilities and services, it is recommended to call their Dockmaster, Donna Allen, at +1 (727) 895-4481, or email them at [email protected]. Their knowledgeable staff can provide any additional information you may need about their offerings, pricing, and hours.

Reviews and Testimonials

Salt Creek Marina in St. Petersburg, FL has garnered a range of reviews from boating enthusiasts and customers. The marina offers boat and yacht docks, slips, and moorings for rent, making it a popular spot for those looking for convenient docking solutions. Customers have shared their experiences with the marina on several platforms such as Tripadvisor and Waterway Guide.

A common sentiment in many of the reviews is the appreciation for the marina's picturesque location. Visitors speak highly of the views of the surrounding waters, making the marina an attractive destination for boating enthusiasts.

In addition to the marina itself, there is an on-site restaurant called The Big Catch at Salt Creek. This restaurant has received mixed reviews, with some previous customers sharing positive dining experiences and praising the staff and menu options. In contrast, other Tripadvisor reviews expressed disappointment, citing the quality of food and service as areas where the restaurant could improve.

For those seeking boat repair and yacht sales, the Better Business Bureau platform shows customer reviews of Salt Creek Marina & Yacht Sales. Although not many reviews are available on this platform, customers are encouraged to share their experiences for a more comprehensive understanding of the services offered by the company.

Apart from these reviews, the marina's official website provides additional information on the amenities and services they offer, catering to diverse boating needs.

Transportation Options

Salt Creek Marina is conveniently located at 107 15th Avenue SE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701. Accessing the marina is easy, thanks to its proximity to major roads and highways in the area.

By car: The marina is just a short drive from Interstate 275, providing easy access from all areas of the Tampa Bay region. There's plenty of on-site parking available for marina patrons. To make the most of your visit, it's best to use a GPS or mapping application to find the best route to the marina.

In the nearby vicinity of the marina, there are various services such as restaurants, shops, and attractions, which visitors can easily reach by car. Additionally, you might find public transportation options like buses within the vicinity, although it is recommended to confirm with the marina for the most updated information on public transit.

For boat owners docking at Salt Creek Marina, they can enjoy a range of services and amenities such as maintenance facilities, making it convenient for individuals who arrive by car and need boat servicing.

In summary, Salt Creek Marina in St. Petersburg offers easy access, ample parking, and a variety of services and facilities for those who choose to visit by car. Remember to plan your route, make the most of nearby amenities, and enjoy your time at the marina.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the services offered at Salt Creek Marina?

Salt Creek Marina offers various services, including boat and yacht docks, slips, and moorings for rent. They also provide helpful resources and information for boaters. For more details, you can visit their official website or contact them at +1 (727) 895-4481.

How do I get to the marina from downtown Saint Petersburg?

Salt Creek Marina is conveniently located in historic downtown Saint Petersburg, Florida. The exact address is 107 15th Avenue SE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701. You can use popular mapping services or GPS devices to find directions to the marina.

What are the hours of operation for Salt Creek Marina?

For information about the hours of operation, it is best to call Salt Creek Marina directly at +1 (727) 895-4481 or visit their website for the most up-to-date information.

Are there any boat storage options available?

Yes, Salt Creek Marina provides boat storage options. To find out more about the available storage facilities and pricing, we recommend contacting the marina directly at +1 (727) 895-4481 or sending an email to their provided email address.

What types of boats are available at Salt Creek Marina?

The marina caters to a variety of boats. Captain Joel Dye, who has been building boats since the early 1970s, founded Salt Creek Marine and has been operating vessels up to 150ft in length.

Are there any nearby attractions or dining options?

Salt Creek Marina is situated in the heart of downtown St. Petersburg, which means it is within walking distance to several attractions and dining options. There are numerous restaurants, shops, and waterfront parks in the area, as well as cultural attractions, such as museums and art galleries.

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