Bocilla Island Club Marina

(239) 283-5005
8115 Main St
Bokeelia, FL 33922-1636

Berth Capacity

  • 50


Minimum Approach Depth
  • 0.0 Meters
Minimum Channel Depth
  • 0.0 Meters
Mean Low Water Dock Depth
  • 0.0 Meters
Mean High Water Clearance
  • 0.0 Meters


Max. Vessel LOA
  • 0.0 Meters
Max. Slip Length
  • 0.0 Meters
Max. Slip Width
  • 0.0 Meters


- mph

Bocilla Island Club Marina Pineland: Your Ultimate Boating Destination

Bocilla Island Club Marina is a premier condominium complex situated on Pine Island, at the north end of Bokeelia, Florida. With its tropical and lush surroundings, the marina offers a picturesque view of award-winning gardens and meticulous landscaping that attract visitors from far and wide. Bocilla Island Club Marina serves as the perfect getaway for those seeking a unique island experience characterized by its unspoiled natural beauty, making it the "Jewel" of Pine Island.

The marina, characterized by its top-notch facilities, accommodates residents and guests looking for excellent amenities and services. The marina's Ship Store provides marine fuel, bait, refreshments, and fishing tackle for purchase, catering to all of their boating and angling needs. Additionally, the Useppa Island Club's shoreport Bocilla Marina is conveniently located in Bokeelia, providing easy access to Useppa Island.


In close proximity to the marina, visitors can explore Bokeelia Island and discover the peaceful and charming atmosphere, where dolphins play in the bay, and osprey can be heard from the screened lanais. Bocilla Island Club Marina is not only a prime destination for boat enthusiasts but also the perfect retreat for nature lovers looking to experience a magical part of Florida hidden from the bustling tourist spots.

Bocilla Island Club Marina

Located in the beautiful Bokeelia, Florida, the Bocilla Island Club Marina is a tropical paradise for boat enthusiasts and vacationers alike. Situated on Pine Island, at the north end of Bokeelia, this premier condominium complex offers stunning views of award-winning gardens and meticulous landscaping.

Bocilla Marina is part of the Useppa Island Club's Shoreport and can be found in the Lee County of Southwest Florida. Serving as an ideal spot for boating, fishing, and relaxation on Florida's Gulf Coast, the marina is conveniently accessible for guests arriving by boat.

At the marina, guests can find various amenities, including marine fuel, bait, refreshments, fishing tackle, and a Ship's Store. Additionally, parking pass options are available at a nominal fee. This well-maintained facility offers a comfortable environment for boaters and vacationers to enjoy the beauty of Southwest Florida.

Each condominium unit within the Bocilla Island Club complex overlooks the picturesque gardens, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the tranquil island atmosphere. With its convenient location and beautiful surroundings, the Bocilla Island Club Marina is truly a hidden gem among marinas in Florida.

Location and Access

Pine Island and Surroundings

Bocilla Island Club Marina is situated on the north end of Pine Island, in Bokeelia, Florida. This premier condominium complex is well-known for its lush, tropical scenery and award-winning gardens. Pine Island itself is surrounded by various preserves like the Calusa Island Preserve, which offers walking trails and picnic spots for visitors.

Useppa Entry Channel

Navigating to Bocilla Island Club Marina by sea is quite straightforward. To access the marina, you will need to enter the Useppa Entry Channel. This channel is located between Intra-coastal Waterway markers 64 and 65[^1^]. The marina can accommodate boats drafting 10 feet or less at low tide, and up to 110 feet in length[^2^].

Intra-Coastal Waterway

The Intra-Coastal Waterway plays an essential role in connecting Bocilla Island Club Marina with other nearby points of interest. By following the Intra-Coastal Waterway, you can easily explore nearby locations like Jug Creek, Charlotte Harbor, and the Calusa Island Preserve[^3^]. Just remember to follow the markers and abide by local maritime regulations to ensure a safe and enjoyable adventure.

[^1^]Getting Here [^2^]Useppa Island Marina [^3^]Boating Destinations

Boating and Marina Services

Bocilla Island Club Marina is a premier marina located in Bokeelia, Florida, on the north end of Pine Island. The marina offers a range of services and facilities for boat owners and guests, making it a go-to destination for boating enthusiasts, fishermen, and those seeking a peaceful retreat in a beautiful setting.

Marina Parking

A crucial aspect of Bocilla Island Club Marina is the provision of parking facilities for both boaters and their guests. Guests must check in at the marina before parking to acquire a parking pass for a nominal fee. This parking pass ensures access to the designated parking spaces available in the marina area, providing convenience and hassle-free access to the marina.

The marina can accommodate a variety of boats, with varying draft and length requirements. Its location offers protection from strong currents and winds, making it ideal for docking and mooring your boat. The Bocilla Island Club Marina is situated on the Jug Creek side of the island, providing access to several boating destinations in the area.

Apart from parking, the marina offers additional services such as marine fuel, bait, refreshments, and fishing tackle available for purchase from the Ship's Store. This allows boat owners to stock up on essential supplies when visiting Bocilla Island Club Marina.

In summary, Bocilla Island Club Marina provides a range of boating and marina services, including an efficient parking system and various facilities for boat owners and guests. Its strategic location and well-maintained infrastructure make it an appealing destination for boaters in the region.


Bocilla Island Club Marina, located in Bokeelia on Pine Island, offers various opportunities for both experienced anglers and novices alike to partake in enjoyable fishing experiences. Equipped with a well-maintained fishing pier, it is a great spot to spend the day fishing.

The area is known for its abundance of tarpon, snook, and other fish species. Tarpon, often referred to as the "silver king," is a highly sought-after game fish due to its impressive size and strength. These powerful swimmers can be found in the region throughout the year and provide anglers with an exhilarating experience.

Snook is another popular target for anglers in the area. Known for their elusive nature, snook offers a rewarding challenge for those fishing in the Bocilla Island Marina. These skilled predators can be found in various habitats, including mangroves and seagrass beds, making the location an ideal spot to test your skills.

A variety of fishing guides are available to help you navigate the local waters and increase your chances of success. According to the Bocilla Island Club website, many BIC owners have used these fishing guides, and more can be found in the area as well.

For convenience and to enhance your fishing experience, the marina's Ship's Store offers marine fuel, bait, refreshments, and fishing tackle for purchase, ensuring you are well-equipped for your day on the water. Furthermore, the fishing pier is open daily, and there's no need for a fishing license, making it an accessible destination for every angling enthusiast.

Whether you are a seasoned fisherman or simply looking to enjoy a leisurely day on the water, Bocilla Island Club Marina's fishing opportunities cater to a wide range of skill levels and preferences. Now it's time to grab your gear, head to the marina, and immerse yourself in the excitement of fishing for tarpon, snook, and other species thriving in the Pine Island region.

Accommodations and Rentals

Bocilla Island Club Marina, located in Pineland, offers a range of accommodations and rental options. With its house rentals and condos, guests can choose the perfect place to stay based on their needs. Prices start at $150 per night, ensuring there's an option for various budget preferences.

The accommodations come in the form of beautiful, spacious, and well-maintained 2-bedroom condos, featuring 2.5 bathrooms. Lodgings are available with dock usage for boats up to 36 feet, ideal for guests looking to bring their own watercrafts.

Rentals at Bocilla Island Club Marina are known for their stylish and modern design, which blends well with the natural surroundings. The properties come equipped with necessary amenities such as free WiFi, air conditioning, and laundry facilities. Moreover, visitors can enjoy beautiful views of the award-winning gardens and meticulous landscaping that the resort is known for.

On-site facilities for guests to indulge in include two large heated pools, clubhouses, tennis courts, and shuffleboard areas. Bocilla Island Club Marina prides itself on its combination of comfort, style, and recreational opportunities. Availability may vary depending on the season and booking trends, so it's always a good idea to reserve accommodations as early as possible.

Overall, Bocilla Island Club Marina in Pineland offers an array of accommodations and rental options, catering to a wide range of preferences and requirements. With its diverse selection of rentals and rich on-site facilities, guests can expect a pleasant, unforgettable stay in this tropical island paradise.

Amenities and Facilities

Pools and Swimming

At the Bocilla Island Club Marina, guests can enjoy the luxury of two heated pools. The North Pool is situated at the north end of the marina, providing a refreshing and relaxing spot for swimmers to unwind. Both pools are surrounded by the award-winning gardens and landscaping that make BIC a tropical paradise. Remember to follow the posted rules and refrain from bringing glass items within the pool fence area.

Dining Options

Although there might not be dining options directly located on the Bocilla Island Club Marina property, staying at BIC provides access to an array of Island Eats in Bokeelia and Pine Island. These local restaurants offer a variety of delicious meals to satisfy your cravings and make your stay even more enjoyable.


While staying at the Bocilla Island Club Marina, guests have access to nearby shopping options on Pine Island. There are charming local shops offering unique treasures and souvenirs to remember your visit to this beautiful island.


The Bocilla Island Club offers various activities to enjoy during your stay, such as fishing and boating. The marina is protected and faces the Jug Creek side of the island, making it an ideal starting point for your boating adventures. The location also provides easy access to local activities available in Bokeelia and Pine Island, ensuring an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Natural Beauty and Legacy

Bocilla Island Club is a prestigious condominium complex situated on the lush and tropical Pine Island in Florida. The club is well-known for its award-winning gardens and meticulous landscaping, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and tourists alike.

The natural beauty of Bocilla Island Club Marina embraces the surrounding marine and terrestrial landscapes. Guests relish the pristine waters, vibrant mangroves, and rich wildlife of the area. The marina itself is conveniently located at the north end of Bokeelia, providing easy access for those seeking to explore the nearby islands and water activities.

A prominent feature of Bocilla Island Club is its commitment to preserving the environment. The Useppa Island Marina, part of the Island Club, offers guests an environment-friendly experience with a range of services such as marine fuel, bait, refreshments, and fishing tackle. The marina serves not only as a gateway for visitors but also as a caretaker of the area's ecological legacy.

Not only is the club renowned for its lush gardens and natural beauty, but it also holds a rich history, giving it a powerful legacy within the Pine Island community. Since its establishment, the Bocilla Island Club has continued to evolve and grow while maintaining its commitment to the environment and staying true to its original charm. With its picturesque landscape and unique history, the Bocilla Island Club remains a jewel of Pine Island for generations to appreciate and enjoy.

Events and Calendar

Bocilla Island Club Marina, located in Pineland, offers a variety of events and activities for guests and visitors to enjoy throughout the year. The events calendar is designed to provide a range of options for guests to experience at Bocilla Island Club and the surrounding area.

One of the highlights in the events calendar is the Island Entertainment scene. Many local establishments, including restaurants and bars, offer live music on a weekly basis. Participating venues provide diverse entertainment options, catering to different tastes and preferences. This is especially prominent during the winter season when the island is bustling with visitors.

Seasonal events, such as BIC and Island Events, are also part of the calendar. Some occasions, like holiday celebrations, boat parades, and community gatherings, create a sense of community on the island and offer unique experiences for visitors. These events provide opportunities for guests to mingle, make new acquaintances, and create timeless memories.

Our events calendar also includes announcements and updates related to the club facilities and services, ensuring guests are well-informed and can plan their activities accordingly. Bocilla Island Club Marina's calendar aims to provide a comprehensive view of what's happening on the island, helping you maximize your time and enjoyment during your stay.

It is essential to keep an eye on the official website for the latest updates on events and the calendar, as some activities may change or be added throughout the year to better accommodate our guests. Stay engaged with the Bocilla Island Club Marina community for the most memorable and enjoyable experience on Pine Island.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rates at Bocilla Island Club Marina?

The rates at Bocilla Island Club Marina may vary depending on the time of year, the length, and the type of boat. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on their rates, it's best to contact the marina directly.

Are there any properties for sale?

Bocilla Island Club is a premier condominium complex located on Pine Island in Bokeelia, Florida. While properties might be available for sale in the area from time to time, you would need to check with local real estate agents or online real estate platforms to find any current listings.

What do reviews say about the marina?

Reviews can provide insight into the experiences of other boaters who have used the Bocilla Island Club Marina. It's recommended to check marina review websites or online platforms for the most recent and comprehensive feedback from boaters who have visited the marina.

Which rental options are available?

Bocilla Island Club offers condominiums for rent to visitors looking for a tropical and lush environment during their stay on Pine Island. You can visit their website for more information on available rental options, rates, and properties.

Has the island experienced hurricane damage?

While Pine Island, including Bocilla Island Club and its surrounding areas, may have experienced hurricanes and tropical storms in the past, it's important to keep in mind that weather events can vary in severity and damage. It's recommended to check local news sources and weather services for updates on any recent hurricane activity or damage.

How much does Useppa Island membership cost?

Useppa Island is a private island located near Pine Island and Bocilla Island Club. For information on membership fees and any required dues, it would be best to consult the Useppa Island Club website or contact them directly.

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