April 17, 2023

Jl Audio's Newest Offering for Boating Sound Systems: Revolutionizing Marine Audio

JL Audio, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality marine audio solutions, has recently introduced its latest offering for boating sound systems. The new products in their lineup aim to elevate the music experience for boating enthusiasts, combining superb sound quality with durability and versatility.

Boaters can choose between two series of marine speaker systems from JL Audio: the M3 and M6. The M3 series is designed to outperform conventional marine speakers and can be installed as a direct replacement for factory-installed units. On the other hand, the M6 series raises the bar even higher with increased power handling, larger tweeters, and greater output capability for those seeking a maximum-performance, no-holds-barred speaker system on their boat.

In addition to their exceptional sound quality, JL Audio's marine speakers are known for their rigorous environmental longevity standards. Manufactured and assembled in their Miramar, Florida facility, these products are designed to withstand harsh marine conditions, providing boaters with consistent performance for years to come.

JL Audio's Newest Offering

Product Overview

JL Audio, a leading manufacturer of high-end marine audio solutions, has recently announced its new line of premium marine loudspeakers, the M6 series. These speakers are specifically designed for luxury pontoon boats and are now standard on all 2022 model year Harris pontoon boats, including the redesigned Grand Mariner.

Key Features

The M6 series offers superior sound quality and performance for boating enthusiasts. Some of the key features include:

  • High-performance marine loudspeakers with premium materials and components
  • Engineered, environmental tested, and assembled in JL Audio's Miramar, Florida facility, ensuring consistent process control and part quality
  • Longevity standards that far exceed industry norms to ensure consistent performance in any boating environment

With these advanced features and JL Audio's reputation for quality and innovation, the M6 series is poised to set new standards in marine audio, providing boating enthusiasts with the ultimate on-water listening experience.

Boat Integration

JL Audio offers marine audio systems designed for seamless functionality, outstanding sound quality, and complete boat integration. In this section, we discuss compatibility and installation aspects for JL Audio's latest marine sound systems.


JL Audio's newest offerings are designed to work with most boat brands and models, ensuring ease of integration with existing audio control solutions. They offer a wide range of speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers that can be combined to create the ideal audio system for each boat. For example, JL Audio's Marine Stereo Package offers a complete audio solution with M6 7.7" White Sport 6 Speaker system plus subwoofers and marine amps.

Moreover, JL Audio's audio connections are specifically engineered to withstand the challenges of real marine installations. These quality interconnect cables use tinned OFC copper conductors with polyethylene dielectrics for optimal performance in marine environments.


Installing JL Audio's marine sound systems is a straightforward process. Marine audio professionals can easily retrofit JL Audio products into most boats without major modifications. For a detailed installation explanation, JL Audio's MM100 ultimate boat system video showcases the process, highlighting the new M6 LED speaker system and the JL Audio Media Master controller.

Proper installation ensures optimal performance and longevity of the audio system. Factors to consider during installation include speaker and subwoofer placement, correct wiring and use of marine-grade wiring kits, and appropriate mounting hardware to secure JL Audio components in the boat. By following these guidelines, boat owners can enjoy the best possible audio experience on the water with JL Audio marine sound systems.

Sound Quality

Speaker Performance

The JL Audio marine speaker systems are designed to deliver exceptional sound quality in the challenging environment of open-air boating.

They offer two series of marine speakers: M3 and M6. The M3 series outperforms conventional marine speakers and serves as a direct replacement option, while the M6 series provides maximum performance with higher power handling, a larger tweeter, and greater output capabilities.

One popular model in the M6 series, the JL Audio M6-650X, features a 2-Way Coaxial Marine Speaker with a power range of 70-150 Watts (RMS/Peak), a frequency response of 55-25,000 Hz, and a sensitivity rating of 89.5 dB.

Audio Enhancements

JL Audio's marine speaker technology goes beyond pure power and performance. They focus on precise audio enhancements to ensure balanced, lifelike sound at all listening levels.

Advanced materials, such as UV-resistant polymers and corrosion-resistant components, are used to withstand harsh marine conditions. Additionally, efforts are made to optimize audio specifically for open-air boating environments, taking into account factors like ambient noise, wind, and engine sounds.

These improvements result in a marine sound system that provides crisp, clear audio with minimal distortion.

JL Audio's dedication to creating high-quality marine audio solutions allows boaters to experience exceptional sound quality, making their time on the water even more enjoyable.

Durability and Reliability

In the realm of boating sound systems, durability and reliability are crucial factors to consider. With JL Audio's newest offering, these aspects have been emphasized in the design of their marine audio products.

Weather Resistance

Understanding the importance of weather resistance in a boating environment, JL Audio has ensured that their marine speakers are protected against harsh marine elements. The WakeSub™ subwoofer technology, for instance, is designed to withstand exposure to water, sun, and salt while still delivering optimal performance.

Additionally, the M6 and M3 series of JL Audio marine speakers are built to resist damage from UV rays, corrosion, and moisture. These features ensure that the sound system will provide consistent performance even under harsh weather conditions.

Build Quality

Boating sound systems need to be durable, and the build quality of JL Audio's speakers is top-notch. The marine speakers use high-quality materials engineered specifically for use in marine environments. The M6 and M3 series speakers, for example, incorporate advanced materials like long-lasting neoprene cone surrounds, marine-grade polymer baskets, and UV-ray-resistant grill materials.

JL Audio also pays close attention to fine craftsmanship, incorporating meticulous design processes to ensure the longevity and stability of their marine audio products. This commitment to build quality allows boaters to enjoy their sound system, knowing it has been designed with marine use in mind.

Pricing and Availability

JL Audio's marine audio offerings consist of a range of products designed to cater to varying preferences and budgets. Their lineup includes subwoofers, amplifiers, and speaker systems to provide high-quality audio on boats.

One popular offering from JL Audio is the M6-10IB-S-GmTi-i-4 10-inch Marine Subwoofer Driver with Transflective™ LED Lighting, Gray Metallic Trim Ring, Titanium Sport Grille, and 4 Ω impedance. This subwoofer is available for $476.99, offering a $53.00 discount from its original price of $529.99.

For those interested in a more comprehensive audio solution, JL Audio also offers the MV700/5i 5-Channel Class D Marine System Amplifier with Integrated DSP, providing 700 watts of power at a price of $1,124.99.

JL Audio has partnered with Harris, a leading pontoon boats manufacturer, to provide their marine audio solutions as a standard feature on all 2022 model year Harris pontoon boats, including the redesigned Grand Mariner. This collaboration reflects the quality and performance of JL Audio marine sound systems.

To purchase JL Audio marine audio products, customers can visit their official website or authorized dealers, such as Marine Tech Miami. Availability may vary, so it is advisable to check with local dealers or retailers for the most up-to-date information on pricing and stock.

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