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Catamaran for Sale: Finding Your Ideal Vessel with Confidence Catamarans are popular sailing vessels that have become highly sought after in the boating world. These multi-hulled boats, usually with two parallel hulls, offer stability, speed, and space, which are all important factors for anyone looking to purchase a sailing vessel. The popularity and increasing demand for catamarans have led to the availability of a wide range of types and designs of catamarans for sale. Whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced sailor, purchasing a catamaran can be a significant Show More

Catamaran for Sale: Finding Your Ideal Vessel with Confidence

Catamarans are popular sailing vessels that have become highly sought after in the boating world. These multi-hulled boats, usually with two parallel hulls, offer stability, speed, and space, which are all important factors for anyone looking to purchase a sailing vessel. The popularity and increasing demand for catamarans have led to the availability of a wide range of types and designs of catamarans for sale.

Whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced sailor, purchasing a catamaran can be a significant investment, both financially and in terms of time spent on it. To make the most out of your catamaran ownership, it is essential to understand the key factors that contribute to the performance and comfort of the boat. This includes recognizing the different types of catamarans available, their unique benefits, and the essential features to consider when choosing the best catamaran for your needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore the types and benefits of catamarans while considering essential features
  • Assess the cost, pricing, and popular brands before making a purchase
  • Select the right catamaran dealer and be informed about pre-purchase essentials

Understanding Catamaran

Catamarans are popular boats, known for their dual hull design, wide beam, stability, and efficiency. Their unique features make them suitable for a variety of activities such as cruising, racing, and fishing. This section will provide you with basic knowledge to understand catamarans better and explore their differences from other types of boats.

Catamaran vs Trimaran

Catamarans and trimarans are both multihull vessels, but they have significant distinctions. While a catamaran comprises two hulls connected by a platform or structure, a trimaran consists of three hulls – a larger central hull with two smaller outrigger hulls on either side. Catamarans generally have wider beams, which offer increased stability, spacious interiors, and better comfort. On the other hand, trimarans have better performance in rough seas due to their narrower hulls and central main hull.

Different Models of Catamaran

Catamarans come in various models and sizes, catering to different preferences and needs. The two main categories are sail catamarans and power catamarans.

Sail Catamarans: These boats are equipped with sails and rely on wind power for movement. Sail catamarans are popular for their stability and ample living space, making them ideal for long-distance cruising or living aboard. They vary in length – typically ranging from 25 to over 100 feet – and offer different hull types such as displacement and semi-displacement designs.

Power Catamarans: Powered by engines, these vessels can reach faster speeds than sail catamarans and are often chosen for their versatility and fuel efficiency. Power catamarans can come in planing and displacement hull forms, with lengths generally ranging from 30 to 70 feet. Their wide beams allow for spacious interiors, great stability, and shallow draft, which enables them to access shallow waters and anchor closer to shore.

Regardless of model, catamarans share some common features such as their dual hulls, wide beams, and low draft, all of which contribute to the vessel's stability and performance. Understanding the differences between catamaran models and their unique characteristics will help you find the ideal multihull boat for your needs.

Types of Catamarans on Sale

Inboard Catamarans

Inboard catamarans are popular for their efficient use of space and modern yacht designs. They often come equipped with powerful diesel engines, such as those found in the Leopard 45 and Lagoon 420. An inboard catamaran has the potential to offer impressive top speeds and enhanced maneuverability, making them a popular choice among sailors.

Outboard Catamarans

Outboard catamarans typically feature one or more gasoline-powered engines, providing a straightforward and simple power source. Some popular outboard catamaran models include the Gemini and the Seawind. These vessels can be more affordable than their inboard counterparts, making them an attractive option for those wanting a sailing experience without breaking the bank.

Inboard/Outboard Catamarans

Inboard/outboard catamarans combine the best of both worlds, offering the flexibility of both inboard and outboard engine systems. An example of an inboard/outboard catamaran is the Lagoon 450 F. These versatile vessels often provide additional customization options, allowing owners to choose the engine configuration that best fits their needs.

Diesel Catamarans

Diesel catamarans offer fuel efficiency and longer range capabilities. They are commonly found among larger, custom yachts such as the Leopard 46 and Nautitech models. Diesel-powered catamarans are favored for their ability to cover great distances and have the added benefit of lower operating costs compared to gas models.

Gas Catamarans

Gas catamarans are lighter, providing increased agility and performance on the water. Notable gas-powered models include the Fountaine Pajot and Robertson & Caine catamarans. While they may require more frequent refueling than their diesel counterparts, they make up for it with their spirited performance and more affordable initial purchase prices.

Solar Catamarans

Solar catamarans utilize renewable energy sources, often working in conjunction with electric or hybrid propulsion systems. Examples of solar-powered catamarans include the Lagoon 450 and the Excess 11. These eco-friendly vessels are gaining popularity as more people seek sustainable sailing options that have minimal impact on the environment.

Electric Catamarans

Electric catamarans, such as the TRT 1200 GT, provide a quiet and emission-free experience for sailors. They feature advanced propulsion systems with fewer moving parts, resulting in lower maintenance costs. Electric catamarans will become increasingly available as technology advancements continue to make them more viable and affordable for a wider range of sailing enthusiasts.

Benefits of Sailing Catamarans

Sailing catamarans offer numerous advantages over traditional monohull sailing vessels. Their distinct design provides stability, speed, and space that appeal to a wide range of sailors. In this section, we will explore the benefits of sailing catamarans by looking at day sailing, overnight cruising, and day cruising.

Day Sailing

When it comes to day sailing, catamarans offer unbeatable stability and performance. Their twin-hull design reduces the likelihood of capsizing, providing a safe and enjoyable sailing experience. Additionally, catamarans can reach higher speeds than their monohull counterparts, enabling sailors to cover more distance in a shorter amount of time. With ample deck space and comfortable seating, catamaran sailing vessels are perfect for entertaining friends and family during a day out on the water.

Overnight Cruising

Sailing catamarans are an excellent choice for overnight cruising, as their spacious interiors provide ample room for accommodations and storage. Many catamarans are equipped with multiple private cabins, ensuite bathrooms, and generous living areas, ensuring a comfortable stay for all onboard. The addition of features like solar panels and air conditioning further enhances the comfort of catamaran sailing vessels during overnight trips. The wide beam of a catamaran also allows for the installation of larger water and fuel tanks, making long-distance cruising more feasible.

Day Cruising

For day cruising along coastlines, the shallow draft of sailing catamarans allows these vessels to access areas that may be off-limits to monohull boats. This feature, along with their stable design, means that catamaran sailing vessels can anchor closer to shore and explore secluded beaches that would otherwise be unreachable. The wide deck spaces of catamarans make them an ideal platform for relaxing and enjoying the beautiful scenery while day cruising. Additionally, the fuel efficiency and eco-friendly design of catamarans, such as the use of solar panels, make them a responsible choice for environmentally conscious sailors.

Essential Features to Consider

When looking for a catamaran for sale, there are several essential features to consider that can affect the overall sailing experience. By paying close attention to these features, you can ensure that your new catamaran meets your specific needs and preferences.

One important aspect is the layout of the catamaran. The layout should be spacious and comfortable, with well-designed cabins, ample headroom, and plenty of storage for personal belongings. The galley should be well-equipped and easy to work in, with quality appliances and ample counter space to prepare meals while sailing.

An oven is an important feature, especially for those who plan on cooking meals onboard. Gas or electric ovens, depending on your preference, should be reliable and efficient. A well-built tender is necessary for easy transportation between the catamaran and shore, ensuring smooth docking and undocking processes.

Considering a catamaran's power systems, solar panels and a generator provide much-needed electricity to run essential onboard equipment. Solar panels offer the advantage of renewable, environmentally friendly energy, while a generator can provide additional power when needed. A watermaker is another valuable feature, enabling you to produce fresh water on demand and reducing the need to carry large amounts of fresh water onboard.

For recreational purposes, you may want to look for a catamaran with space for dive tanks if you're an avid scuba diver or snorkeler. The ability to easily store and access dive gear can enhance your experience and make for more enjoyable aquatic adventures.

Lastly, modern conveniences such as electric toilets can significantly improve the comfort and user-friendliness of your catamaran. These types of toilets are generally low-maintenance and require less manual labor than traditional marine toilets.

In conclusion, when searching for a catamaran for sale, it's crucial to keep these essential features in mind to ensure you find the perfect vessel for your needs. By being knowledgeable and clear about your requirements, you can confidently invest in a catamaran that will provide endless enjoyment on the open water.

Cost and Pricing of Catamarans

When considering purchasing a catamaran, one of the main factors to take into account is its cost. In this section, we will discuss the various factors that can affect the price of a catamaran and the differences in pricing between new and used vessels.

New vs Used Catamaran Pricing

Buying a new catamaran offers the chance to customize the vessel according to personal preferences and tastes. Additionally, new catamarans usually come with the latest features and technologies, as well as a manufacturer's warranty. However, new catamarans can be significantly more expensive than their used counterparts. Prices vary widely depending on factors such as size, brand, and features, but a new catamaran can be expected to cost anywhere from a few hundred thousand dollars to millions for a luxury model.

On the other hand, used catamarans are often available at a considerably lower price point. The cost of a used catamaran is influenced by factors such as age, condition, and how well the vessel has been maintained. Prices can range from just over $14,000 for a small, older model to well over a million dollars for a high-end, custom-designed vessel1. However, it's essential to carefully inspect a used catamaran, ideally with the help of a marine surveyor, before finalizing a purchase, as repair and maintenance costs can quickly add up if the vessel is in poor condition.

In conclusion, catamaran pricing is highly variable and depends on factors such as the age, condition, size, and features of the vessel. Buyers should consider their preferences, needs, and budget when deciding between a new and used catamaran.


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Selecting the Right Catamaran Dealer

When looking for a catamaran, it's essential to find a reliable dealer with expertise in the field. A specialized yacht broker will guide you through the process of buying the perfect catamaran that suits your needs and budget. This section will outline some of the top catamaran dealers in various countries, including the United States, Spain, Greece, and France.

Catamaran Dealers in the United States

The United States has various reputable catamaran dealers and brokerages that offer a wide selection of new and used catamarans. The Catamaran Company in Florida is the world's largest retailer of new and used catamarans, featuring brands like Lagoon, Sunreef, Nautitech, and Gemini. The Multihull Company is another established dealer that provides new and used catamarans, including Voyage Yachts' latest model, the Voyage 590.

Catamaran Dealers in Spain

When searching for catamaran dealers in Spain, it's crucial to find ones that are knowledgeable about local regulations and have access to a wide range of options. While there are numerous dealers across the country, doing thorough research and getting referrals from previous clients can help identify reliable and customer-oriented dealers.

Catamaran Dealers in Greece

Greece is known for its beautiful islands and sailing destinations, making it an ideal spot for buying a catamaran. There are various yacht brokers and dealers specialized in catamarans in Greece, allowing you to explore a range of top-quality options. When selecting a dealer, consider their expertise, inventory, and whether they provide after-sales support and services.

Catamaran Dealers in France

France has long been considered one of the premier destinations for catamaran enthusiasts, with Fountaine Pajot being a notable French catamaran manufacturer. Many reputable dealers and specialized yacht brokers can be found across the country, providing access to both new and used catamarans. Make sure to select a dealer with a solid reputation and track record in assisting clients during the entire purchasing process.

In summary, choosing the right catamaran dealer is key to finding the perfect vessel for your needs. Make sure to conduct thorough research, seek recommendations, and select a dealer with expertise in catamaran sales, who can guide you through the entire process.

Most Popular Catamaran Brands

When considering purchasing a catamaran, it's crucial to select a brand that is reputable and well-established. Here are some of the most popular catamaran brands in the market today.

Selecting the Right Catamaran Model

Fountaine Pajot: This brand is known for its innovative designs and high-quality construction. With a wide range of models available, Fountaine Pajot catamarans are suited to various sailing needs and preferences.

Lagoon: As a French boatbuilder and part of Groupe Beneteau, Lagoon is a world-leading catamaran brand. They have been in the market since 1984, offering a diverse selection of models that balance comfort, safety, and performance.

Bali: Bali's catamarans boast innovative designs featuring low-density materials, excellent buoyancy, and protective covering that ensure their long-term durability. These boats have become quite popular among catamaran enthusiasts.

Seawind: Well-regarded for their emphasis on performance and structural integrity, Seawind catamarans are reliable, long-lasting options for sailors. Their 2023 Seawind 1370 is a favorite among catamaran fans.

Gemini: Gemini catamarans have gained a strong reputation for their maneuverability, shallow draft, and innovative designs. Ideal for both casual and serious sailors, Gemini has a range of models to cater to various needs.

Nautitech: As a brand owned by Bavaria Yachts, Nautitech is known for its sleek design and innovative solutions. These catamarans offer a balance between performance, luxury, and comfort, making them an excellent choice for sailors.

Robertson & Caine: In partnership with Leopard Catamarans, Robertson & Caine produces high-quality multihulls designed for blue water cruising. With superb durability, spacious layouts, and exceptional comfort features, they are a top choice for sailors.

Leopard: Founded in South Africa, Leopard Catamarans produces well-equipped and stylish multihulls. The collaboration with Robertson & Caine has resulted in a range of models to choose from, including the highly regarded Leopard 42.

Catana: Emphasizing both performance and comfort, Catana catamarans feature cutting-edge design, high-quality construction, and aerodynamics that cater to blue water sailing and long-distance cruising enthusiasts.

Each catamaran brand brings something unique to the table, so it's important to research and weigh the benefits of each before making a decision. By carefully considering the features and reputations of these popular brands, buyers can confidently select the best catamaran for their needs.

What to Know Before Purchase

When considering the purchase of a catamaran, it is important to evaluate various factors to ensure the vessel meets your needs and preferences. Start by checking the inventory of available catamarans, both newly built and used ones. Make a list of the model yachts that catch your attention, focusing on their features, capabilities, and price range.

One essential aspect to review is the catamaran's capacity to accommodate passengers and fulfill your sailing requirements. Determine the number of people you plan to have on board, keeping in mind that catamarans come in various sizes and average lengths. A larger catamaran offers greater space for passengers and additional amenities but may require more skill to navigate.

Another critical factor is the vessel's sail area. A larger sail area will provide better performance in lighter wind conditions, while a smaller sail area can be advantageous in stronger winds or when maneuvering in tight spaces. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the sail area of the various models of catamarans to find the right balance for your intended sailing adventures.

Moreover, examining the different fuel systems is crucial, as catamarans differ in their fuel consumption and efficiency. Some catamarans use gas, while others use diesel. Opt for a fuel system suitable for your navigational routes and availability of fuel sources at your destinations.

Lastly, when shopping for a catamaran, it is wise to consult with experienced professionals to guide you through the purchase process. They can help you assess the market, evaluate potential options, and ensure you make an informed decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best catamaran brands to consider?

There are several reputable catamaran brands to consider when looking to buy. Some of the top brands include Leopard, Lagoon, Fountaine Pajot, and Bali. Each brand offers various models with unique features and designs, catering to different preferences and sailing requirements.

What factors affect catamaran pricing?

Catamaran pricing can be influenced by various factors such as the brand, age, size, condition, and features of the boat. Additionally, the location of the catamaran and the presence (or absence) of a broker's fee can also impact the price.

Where can inexpensive used catamarans be found?

Inexpensive used catamarans can be found through online marketplaces, local listings, and auctions. Some catamaran owners may also choose to list their boats for sale by owner, potentially leading to lower prices without a broker's commission.

What regions offer the largest selection of catamarans?

Regions like the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Southeast Asia offer a large selection of catamarans due to their popularity as sailing destinations. Additionally, these areas have high concentrations of boatyards and marinas, making it easier to browse and compare available boats.

Are there any repossessed or abandoned catamarans available for purchase?

Repossessed or abandoned catamarans may be available through auctions or sales held by banks and other financial institutions. However, these catamarans might require significant maintenance, repairs, or upgrades before they are ready for use.

What is the cost range for different sizes of catamarans?

The cost of a catamaran can vary significantly depending on its size, age, brand, and other factors. For example, a used Leopard 48 may be priced around $450,000, while a larger, newer, or more luxurious model could cost over a million dollars. It's essential to research and compare different catamarans to understand the price range for the desired size and features.



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