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Monte Carlo Boats: A Comprehensive Guide to Luxury Yachting

Monte Carlo boats represent the pinnacle of luxury yacht manufacturing, encapsulating elegance, class, and superior quality. Established in 2013 by the renowned French boatbuilding company BENETEAU, the premium line has attracted discerning boaters from around the globe. The Monte Carlo Yachts philosophy revolves around timeless design, meaning that their yachts are built to not only withstand the test of time but to remain stylish and attractive even as trends and fads change.

At the heart of Monte Carlo boats lies innovation and expert craftsmanship. With a range of yachts varying in size and length from 24 feet to 106 feet, Monte Carlo has something to suit every taste and preference. Their crowning achievement, the Monte Carlo 6, has won numerous awards, including Boat of the Year in the 'Flybridge up to 60ft' category at the 'Motor Boat Awards'. This outstanding vessel epitomizes the brand's commitment to style, exceptional services, and top-quality build.

As luxury yachts, Monte Carlo models offer unparalleled sophistication and comfort in the world of boating. From exquisite interiors to state-of-the-art amenities, these yachts ensure that each voyage is a memorable and enjoyable experience for their owners and guests. With their uncompromised quality and remarkable design, Monte Carlo boats truly set new standards in the luxury boat market.

History of Monte Carlo Boats

Monte Carlo Boats is a product line created by the well-established French boat manufacturer, Beneteau Power. The Monte Carlo line was launched to fill the gap between Beneteau's Gran Turismo designs and Monte Carlo Yachts, offering customers a range of luxurious and stylish boats between 45 and 60 feet in length.

Beneteau Power, founded in France, has a long history of producing high-quality motor yachts for a global audience. With production facilities in France, Italy, and the United States, the company has made a significant impact in the boating industry. The Monte Carlo line is a testament to Beneteau's commitment to innovative design and exceptional craftsmanship.

To maintain its competitive edge in the luxury yacht market, Beneteau Power employed the renowned Italian design studio Nuvolari Lenard to style the exterior and interior of the Monte Carlo line. With their signature Italian flair, Nuvolari Lenard has successfully merged contemporary design elements with timeless elegance, resulting in a unique and sophisticated look for the Monte Carlo Boats.

Over the years, Monte Carlo Boats has successfully expanded its range, featuring several iconic models. One such example is the Monte Carlo 52, which is praised for its outstanding quality, efficiency, and luxurious design. A motor boat review of the Monte Carlo 52 showcases the exceptional performance and stunning aesthetics that have become synonymous with the brand.

The impact of the Monte Carlo line is not only limited to Europe but has also reached the United States, where boat enthusiasts appreciate the combination of European craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. With top-of-the-line materials and continuous innovation, Monte Carlo Boats has established itself as a prestigious brand in the global luxury motor yacht market.

Monte Carlo Models

Monte Carlo, a luxury yacht brand, offers a range of motor yachts and flybridge models to suit various boating preferences. In this section, we will cover some of the key models in their lineup, including the MC5, MC6, MCY 70, MCY 86, Monte Carlo 4, and the Gran Turismo series.


The Monte Carlo MC5 is a versatile and stylish motor yacht designed for comfortable cruising. This model features an innovative flybridge that provides ample outdoor entertainment and relaxation space. Interior highlights of the MC5 include a spacious salon, well-appointed galley, and comfortable cabins. The MC5 also boasts cutting-edge navigation and propulsion technology to ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride.


The MC6 is a luxurious motor yacht that combines performance, style, and comfort. At 60 feet, this yacht offers plenty of space for onboard living and offers a flybridge for outdoor enjoyment. The MC6 features elegant interior design, a spacious cockpit area for outdoor entertaining, and a well-equipped galley for long cruising trips.

MCY 70

The MCY 70 is a stunning motor yacht that combines sophistication, luxury, and practicality. Its spacious interiors, state-of-the-art technology, and high-quality finishes make it an excellent choice for those seeking the ultimate in on-water elegance. The generous flybridge offers superb views, a customizable layout, and comfortable seating for relaxation.

MCY 86

The MCY 86 is a flagship model in the Monte Carlo range, showcasing the brand's commitment to quality, design, and innovation. This motor yacht offers spacious living quarters, top-of-the-line amenities, and advanced marine technology. It has an inviting flybridge that allows guests to soak in the sun and sea, while the luxurious interior creates a home-away-from-home experience.

Monte Carlo 4

The Monte Carlo 4 is a stylish motor yacht designed for the boater who values both aesthetics and functionality. With its sleek lines and comfortable interior, the Monte Carlo 4 delivers an enjoyable boating experience. This model does not feature a flybridge, but its streamlined design and luxurious finishes make it a popular choice among discerning boaters.

Gran Turismo

The Gran Turismo series offers a range of sporty motor yachts that combine performance, comfort, and style. These models are designed for speedy cruising and easy maneuverability. Although most Gran Turismo models do not include a flybridge, their sleek design and impressive performance have made them popular among boating enthusiasts.

In summary, Monte Carlo offers a variety of motor yacht and flybridge models to suit different preferences and cruising lifestyles. Each model in their lineup boasts unique features that combine luxury, performance, and innovation, making them premier choices for discerning boaters.

Boat Features and Specifications

Boat Hull Types

Monte Carlo boats offer a variety of hull types to accommodate different boating needs and preferences. The most common types of hulls used in Monte Carlo boats include:

  • Monohull: A single hull design that provides a stable and comfortable ride, suitable for both coastal and offshore cruising.
  • Deep Vee: This hull type is known for cutting through waves smoothly and providing excellent handling in rough sea conditions, making it ideal for high-speed cruising and water sports.
  • Modified Vee: A combination of the deep vee and flat-bottom hull types, the modified vee offers improved stability and handling compared to a deep vee while maintaining the comfort of a flat-bottomed hull.

Propulsion Systems

Monte Carlo boats are equipped with various propulsion systems to suit the performance needs of each model. Options include:

  • Inboard engines: Inboard engines are mounted within the hull of the boat and offer the advantage of being protected from the elements. They are often powered by diesel or gasoline.

    • Diesel engines - Known for their reliability, fuel efficiency, and long-life span, diesel engines provide strong torque for larger Monte Carlo boat models.
    • Gasoline engines - Offering quick acceleration and high speeds, gasoline engines are suitable for smaller and more agile Monte Carlo boats.
  • Outboard engines: Outboard engines are mounted on the transom of the boat and offer easier maintenance and better access to shallow waters due to their ability to tilt up when not in use.

The choice of propulsion system depends on the specific requirements and preferences of the boat owner, taking into consideration factors such as hull type, boat size, performance, and fuel efficiency.

For instance, the Monte Carlo 52 has a length overall of 53'7'' and a beam overall of 15'2''. Its draft max is 3'11'' and features a water capacity of 2 x 53 US Gal, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a deeper-depth draft and wide beam.

Popular Activities and Uses

Boating in Monte Carlo offers a diverse range of activities for enthusiasts to experience the picturesque Mediterranean coastline. One of the most popular activities is overnight cruising, which allows travelers to explore the stunning French Riviera in luxury and comfort. Many yacht charters provide well-appointed accommodations for overnight stays, ensuring a memorable maritime vacation.

Another favorite pastime is day cruising, enabling boating enthusiasts to experience the breathtaking views along the coast, visit quaint coastal towns, and soak in the Mediterranean sun. These day cruises can vary in duration and may include stops at nearby destinations like Cap d'Ail, Eze, or Villefranche.

Entertaining guests aboard Monte Carlo boats is a popular choice for business events, family outings, or celebrating special occasions. Boat charters often offer amenities such as ample seating, catering services, and professional crew members to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Tripadvisor's traveler favorites offer a comprehensive guide of the best boat rides, tours, and water sports available in Monte Carlo. These curated lists include photos and reviews to help prospective boaters make an informed decision when selecting their ideal boating adventure.

In addition to cruising and entertaining, Monte Carlo boats provide a variety of thrilling water sports and activities for thrill-seekers, such as windsurfing, water skiing, and jet skiing. Parasailing and wakeboarding are also popular choices, allowing guests to enjoy the azure waters from a unique, adrenaline-fueled perspective.

Monte Carlo's boating scene offers countless options for creating unforgettable experiences on the water. With a wide range of charters, tours, and activities available, there is truly something for everyone to enjoy.

Pricing and Dealers

Monte Carlo boats come in a range of prices, offering choices for various budgets. The costs can be as low as $48,996 for the lower-cost segment and go up to $10,544,748 for the more luxurious yachts. The established brand often features luxurious yachts, with popular models like the MC5, MC6, MCY 65, and MCY 70.

There are many reliable dealers offering Monte Carlo boats for sale, catering to customers seeking quality as well as value. For instance, Boat Trader lists several boats with prices ranging from $2,995 to $12,650,000. Additionally, Top Boats showcases options, such as the Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 66 Fly at $2,595,000.

When purchasing a Monte Carlo boat, it is essential to check listings for the latest deals and reviews. Websites like offer valuable information about available boats, including the 2017 Monte Carlo 4 by Beneteau and the 2014 Monte Carlo MC5.

In summary, Monte Carlo boats cater to a wide spectrum of budgets and preferences, with options for both luxury seekers and value-oriented customers. Interested buyers can consult various listings and consult dealers to make an informed decision on their next Monte Carlo yacht purchase.

Buying and Selling Monte Carlo Boats

When looking to buy or sell Monte Carlo boats, it is essential to consider the type of vessel, whether new or used, and the location of the transaction.

New Monte Carlo boats are available for those seeking the latest models, with features and innovations offered by the brand. You can find new vessels listed by various individual owners, professional yacht brokers, and dealerships at Boat Trader, which has 16 Monte Carlo boats for sale.

Used Monte Carlo boats are a popular choice for those who want to reduce costs while still benefiting from the high quality that Monte Carlo has to offer. YachtWorld features Monte Carlo boats for sale with prices ranging from $48,996 up to $10,544,748. These price variations cater to different budget requirements and offer plenty of options to choose from. It is also essential to verify the condition of used yachts before purchasing.

Yacht brokers can help facilitate the buying and selling process, providing expert advice and handling negotiations. Some specialized yacht brokers deal specifically with Monte Carlo boats, offering a wealth of knowledge and experience in buying, selling, and managing these vessels. Brokerages around the world, including those in Turkey and Hong Kong, can help navigate the local yacht markets and provide tailored services to suit buyers and sellers.

In summary, purchasing or selling Monte Carlo boats requires considering various factors, including the type of vessel, location of the transaction, and assistance from yacht brokers or specialized brokerages. Utilizing reputable resources like Boat Trader and YachtWorld can help prospective buyers and sellers make informed decisions when looking for their perfect Monte Carlo yacht.

Beneteau Influence and Partnership

Beneteau, a reputable boat manufacturing company, has had a lasting impact on the creation and design of Monte Carlo boats. With their expertise in boat building, Beneteau has played a pivotal role in developing and improving the Monte Carlo line of luxury motor yachts.

One of the exceptional models in this line is the Monte Carlo 5, which draws inspiration from the Mediterranean lifestyle. Designed as a spacious living space, this motor yacht features a large Flybridge, serving as the driving station, sunbathing area, exterior galley, and a comfortable saloon for wholesome cruising experiences.

Moreover, the partnership between Beneteau and Monte Carlo has led to the creation of the Monte Carlo 6, a premium motor yacht that has won the hearts of the most discerning boaters worldwide. Elected Boat of the Year in the 'Flybridge up to 60ft' category, the MC6 showcases stellar style, top-notch services, and a high-quality build. The vessel demonstrates the characteristics of a megayacht, thanks to the joint efforts of Beneteau and Monte Carlo.

In addition, the collaboration between the two entities has led to the development of the Monte Carlo 52, a sleek and spacious luxury yacht. Design-wise, it sports a more contemporary profile than its predecessor, the Monte Carlo 5. A partnership with MICAD resulted in an advanced V-hull architecture, granting the Monte Carlo 52 enhanced performance and stability.

In summary, the collaboration between Beneteau and Monte Carlo has been instrumental in producing luxurious motor yachts, offering unique cruising experiences and refined details. Combining the expertise of a renowned boat manufacturer and the design prowess of Monte Carlo, this partnership has successfully delivered elegant and high-performing vessels to the boating world. 

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