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Leopard Catamarans: Exploring Performance, Comfort, and Innovation

Leopard Catamarans is a renowned company in the catamaran industry, known for pushing the boundaries of catamaran design. With over 50 years of customer feedback, they have partnered with builders Robertson and Caine to create a range of spacious, robust, and performance-driven blue water cruising catamarans for sailing enthusiasts worldwide. (source)

Their catamaran models are popular for their exceptional stability, increased living space, and efficient performance. In addition to sail catamarans, Leopard Catamarans also offer power catamarans designed for versatility, making them an ideal choice for both leisure and long-range cruising. (source)

Buyers interested in acquiring used Leopard Catamarans can explore the dedicated Leopard Catamarans Brokerage website, which exclusively lists pre-owned units equipped with various features and customizations. The platform serves as an essential resource for sailing enthusiasts and private Leopard Catamaran owners around the world. (source)

History and Overview

Leopard Catamarans has its roots in the collaboration between two key entities: the catamaran manufacturing experts at Robertson and Caine, and the global charter company, The Moorings. The partnership began with a mission to design and produce catamarans specifically for charter purposes.

Robertson and Caine Partnership

With the experience of designing and building numerous high-performing sailing and power catamarans, Robertson and Caine emerged as the prime choice for The Moorings. After six years of catering to the charter business, the company decided to venture into the private catamaran market. In 2000, the Leopard brand was introduced, and since then, they have built a solid reputation for delivering performance-driven blue water cruising catamarans around the world.

The South African boat builder's notable efforts over the years led to multiple awards, including Boat of the Year in 1995, 1998, 2005, 2007, 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2017. These achievements further established the brand, making Leopard Catamarans the number one selling catamaran brand in North America.

Worldwide Distribution

In addition to the partnership with Robertson and Caine, one of the key factors contributing to the growth and success of Leopard Catamarans has been their worldwide distribution network. As of early 2012, the 1,000th Leopard catamaran was launched, and to date, more than 2,500 Leopard catamarans have been delivered globally, making the company a major player in the catamaran market.

Leopard Catamarans establishes their strong presence in various strategic locations, including the United States, France, and the British Virgin Islands. With headquarters in Road Town, Leopard is perfectly positioned to serve customers in this highly sought-after sailing destination.

Leopard Catamaran Models

Leopard Catamarans is a leading catamaran brand that has been pushing the boundaries of catamaran design for many years. They evolved from 50 years of customer feedback, and their expertise has been pooled with builders Robertson and Caine to design today's Leopard range: spacious, robust, performance-driven blue water cruising catamarans.

Leopard 45

The Leopard 45 is an exceptional model known for its comfort and stability. This catamaran features a large open bridge and a spacious aft cockpit, which provides a seamless indoor to outdoor living experience. The design includes the following features:

  • Overall length: 45 feet (13.72 meters)
  • Beam: 24 feet (7.35 meters)
  • Draft: 5 feet (1.55 meters)
  • Sail area: 1,328 square feet (123.4 square meters)


Leopard Catamarans also offers a range of power catamarans, known for their efficient and reliable performance. Among the popular models is the Leopard 51 Powercat, designed to provide a comfortable and high-performance cruising experience. The Powercat line features:

  • A modern interior design with an emphasis on indoor-outdoor living spaces
  • Efficient fuel consumption
  • Powerful and reliable engines

The Leopard 43 Powercat, for example, has unmatched performance with a total engine power of 320hp and a year of 2018 in this specific engine model. This particular power catamaran has already accumulated 1,897 engine hours, a testament to its reliability.

Performance and Design Features

Blue Water Cruising

Leopard Catamarans are renowned for their performance-driven design, making them ideal for blue water cruising. These catamarans are a product of the collaboration between Leopard Catamarans, Robertson and Caine, and Naval Architects Simonis Voogd, ensuring that each model is engineered to be spacious, robust, and capable of tackling long voyages.

The key to their performance is the innovative catamaran design, which emphasizes stability, maneuverability, and efficiency. This is achieved through the integration of cutting-edge equipment and technologies, ensuring that all Leopard Catamaran models are blue-water ready.

Some of the noteworthy models in the Leopard range, such as the Leopard 48 and Leopard 45, offer optimal balance and speed, enabling them to handle challenging weather conditions and sail up to 250 miles per day.

One of the primary design features that sets Leopard Catamarans apart is their focus on optimizing interior spaces. Their catamarans come equipped with various amenities and features that enhance the cruising experience, such as spacious cabins, ample storage, and user-friendly navigation systems.

In conclusion, the performance-driven nature and innovative catamaran design of Leopard Catamarans make them a top choice for blue water cruising enthusiasts. Their models offer a combination of speed, stability, and well-thought-out living spaces to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable journey at sea.

Customer Feedback and Influence

Leopard Catamarans has a long history of incorporating customer feedback into their catamaran designs. This focus on customer feedback has played a crucial role in the development of their modern, performance-driven cruising catamarans. The company has been successful in creating catamarans that cater to the needs and preferences of a diverse clientele by collaborating with builders Robertson and Caine and Naval Architects Simonis Voogd.

Customers appreciate the spacious and robust aspects of Leopard Catamarans(Leopard Catamarans Identity). Their catamarans offer efficient and functional layouts that make them ideal for various sailing conditions, long-distance cruising or living aboard(Leopard 39: Owner Reviews). Many owners report satisfaction with the overall sailing characteristics, livability, and value of their Leopard Catamarans, which set them apart from their competitors in the market.

In addition to incorporating customer feedback into their designs, Leopard Catamarans has also benefited from this feedback by building a strong reputation among sailing enthusiasts. As a result, they have established themselves as a brand synonymous with innovation and quality(Lagoon vs Leopard: Which is a Better Catamaran).

Production Process and Milestones

Leopard Catamarans has established itself as a leader in the industry, known for its quality and reliable catamarans. The company has grown rapidly over the past decade, delivering over 2,500 Leopard cats worldwide for private and charter fleets (Leopard Catamarans). A key factor contributing to their success is the collaboration between designers, builders, and suppliers.

South African boat builders Robertson and Caine are responsible for constructing these state-of-the-art vessels. They have continually evolved their manufacturing processes to meet the demands of the ever-growing market in the United States and other countries.

During the production process, a material known as GRP isophthalic polyester balsa sandwich is used for the construction of the hulls. This unique material and process contribute to the solid build and sea-worthy nature of Leopard Catamarans (Leopard Catamarans Blog). The manual contact and vacuum bagging methods ensure a strong and durable final product.

Leopard Catamarans’ partnership with performance catamaran designers like Simonis-Voogd and Gino Morelli has led to the creation of innovative and reliable models. For example, the Leopard 51 Powercat stands out as a significant milestone in the company's history, being the first Leopard Powercat designed by Simonis-Voogd (Leopard Catamarans Blog). Its large flybridge and comfortable design make it a favorite among delivery skippers.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Leopard Catamarans, Robertson and Caine, and prominent designers has elevated the brand to be an industry leader. By maintaining a focus on quality materials, skilled craftsmanship, and innovative designs, Leopard Catamarans will continue to deliver exceptional catamarans to customers around the world. 

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