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Heyday Boats: Revolutionizing the Wake Sports Experience

Heyday boats have carved a niche for themselves in the marine industry, offering wakeboarders, wake surfers, and watersports enthusiasts an affordable yet impressive line of wake sports boats. These boats are designed to create the perfect wake for water sports activities, and they have gained popularity due to their stylish design, advanced technology, and strong performance on the water.

One of the key features of Heyday boats is their customizable nature, allowing customers to tailor their boat to their specific needs and preferences. With various models available, such as the WT-2DC, WTSURF, and H20, Heyday provides options for different levels of water sports enthusiasts and creates an enjoyable experience on the water, regardless of skill level or interest.

Heyday Boats, a brand under Bayliner, continues to innovate and expand its offerings, ensuring water sports enthusiasts have access to top-notch wake sports performance without breaking the bank. Families and individuals looking for a quality wake sports boat will find Heyday to be a great option for creating lasting memories on the water.

Heyday Boats Models

Heyday is a brand known for producing performance-minded, value-oriented wake sports boats. This section will explore some of the popular models that Heyday offers, including the WT-2DC, H20, and H22.


The WT-2DC is a versatile wake sports boat designed to cater to both beginners and experienced riders. It offers a 12-person capacity and is powered by a 5.7L / 320 HP base engine. This model features:

  • 1,800 lbs of ballast
  • 3,550 lbs dry weight
  • Integrated Wake System for consistent wake setup

The WT-2DC creates a tailored wake experience without any complicated add-ons, making it an excellent choice for riders looking to elevate their wake game.


Unfortunately, no information is available regarding the Heyday H20 model. In case you meant the Bayliner H20 model, you can find information on the Bayliner website, as Bayliner and Heyday are sister brands, both providing performance boats for various activities.


The H22 is another wake sports boat from Heyday designed for a higher capacity and more powerful performance. It has a 6.2L Mercruiser engine, and its key features include:

  • 17-person capacity
  • Accent package
  • Stainless steel upgrade package
  • LED light package
  • Bow filler cushion
  • Pro combo ski mirror
  • Bow block off
  • Cockpit table
  • Cockpit heater
  • Surf shaper option
  • Swivel board racks

Additionally, the H22 boasts an upgraded sound system with a transom stereo remote and a sunshade for the tower, providing riders with a more enjoyable and comfortable experience on the water.

Heyday's wake sports boats, such as the WT-2DC and H22, are built with innovative designs and features aimed at delivering a top-notch, consistent wake experience. Their boats cater to all skill levels, making Heyday a go-to brand for wakeboarding and wake surfing enthusiasts.

Performance and Engineering


Heyday boats are designed for watersports enthusiasts in mind, utilizing powerful inboard gas engines to offer exceptional performance on the water. The WT-2DC model comes standard with a 5.7L engine producing 320 horsepower, providing ample power for wakeboarding, wake surfing, and water skiing. The WTSURF model steps up the performance with a larger 6.2L engine, generating an impressive 350 horsepower.

WtSurf System

Heyday's innovative WtSurf System is a key component of their wake boats' ability to create exceptional wakes for all skill levels. The WtSurf System is designed to work in tandem with other design elements, such as hull shape, to create consistent wakes without the need for additional add-ons. This integrated system simplifies the wake setup process and ensures riders experience ideal wake conditions for wakeboarding, wake surfing, or water skiing.

Ballast System

To further enhance the wake's size and quality, Heyday implements a ballast system in their boats. The WT-2DC has an 1,800 lb ballast system, while the WTSURF boasts a larger 2,800 lb system (source). These ballasts work to weigh the boat down, contouring the hull's interaction with the water and producing well-defined wakes.

Heyday boats also offer a range of performance features to further improve the watersports experience:

  • Person Capacity: The WT-2DC comfortably seats up to 12 passengers, while the WTSURF can accommodate up to 17 people.
  • Dry Weight: The dry weight for the WT-2DC is 3,550 lbs, and the WTSURF tips the scales at 4,300 lbs.
  • Fuel Capacity: Both models are designed for extended days on the water, with ample fuel capacities of 35 gallons (WT-2DC) and 45 gallons (WTSURF).

Heyday has managed to create an effective and efficient lineup of wake boats that deliver outstanding performance and exciting experiences for their users. With powerful engines, advanced WtSurf Systems, and versatile ballast options, riders of all skill levels will find a lot to appreciate in Heyday's innovative designs.

Design and Features


Heyday wake boats feature a unique exterior design that prioritizes functionality and aesthetic appeal. The Integrated Wake System ensures an efficient and consistent wake without the need for additional add-ons. Hull color, accent gel color, hull graphic, and platform color are customizable features that give owners the opportunity to personalize the appearance of their boat.


The interior of Heyday boats is designed to provide a comfortable and spacious environment for passengers. With a focus on wake sports, the boats have ample seating space, rear-facing seats, and a sun pad, as seen on the Heyday H22. Upholstery customization options ensure that the interior matches the owner's style preferences. Additionally, the flooring is designed for durability and convenience, suitable for water sports enthusiasts.


The helm of Heyday boats incorporates ergonomic design, easy-to-read controls, and modern technology to ensure a seamless experience for the driver. Audio controls for the boat's Rockford Fosgate 6.5-inch speakers are located at the helm, allowing for easy access and customization of music choices while cruising. Engine options for Heyday wake boats range from 320-409 HP, maximizing performance and ride time.


Heyday's cockpit design ensures effortless wake setup and a spacious area for passengers to enjoy their time on the water. Key features include:

  • 12-17 persons capacity depending on the model, such as the WT-2DC and the WTSURF
  • 1,800-2,800 lbs ballast
  • 3,550-4,300 lbs dry weight
  • 2'8" estimated draft

Additional accessories like board racks and swim platform controls enhance the user experience during watersports activities.

These are some of the key design and feature aspects of Heyday wake boats, illustrating their focus on delivering functionality, style, and enjoyment for watersports enthusiasts.

Customization Options

Heyday wake boats offer a variety of customization options that cater to the specific preferences and needs of boat owners. This section discusses the options available, including color choices, flooring options, and upholstery packages.

Color Choices

Heyday boats provide customers with the ability to choose their preferred colors for both the main body and deck of the boat. Color customization is an essential aspect of personalizing your watercraft to reflect your unique style.

  • Main Color: The main color of the boat is the primary hue that covers the majority of the boat's exterior. Heyday offers a range of eye-catching colors to choose from.
  • Deck Color: The deck color is a secondary hue that complements the main color, covering specific parts of the boat's exterior, such as the swim platform and bow.

These color options ensure that every boat owner can design a Heyday watercraft that matches their personal taste.

Flooring Options

Heyday also offers different flooring options that cater to both aesthetic and functional preferences. One of the available choices is textured flooring, which provides better grip for water sport enthusiasts who want to avoid slipping on a wet surface. This deluxe textured flooring enhances both the appearance and the practicality of the boat's interior.

Upholstery Packages

In addition to color and flooring choices, Heyday boats also feature customizable upholstery packages. These packages cater to specific design and comfort preferences, allowing boat owners to optimize the look and feel of their watercraft's interior. Some of the options available within these packages include:

  • Accent Colors: Adding an accent color can create contrast and add interest to the boat's interior design.
  • Swivel Board Racks: These racks provide convenient storage for watersports equipment while also offering easy access to your gear.
  • Soft-sided Cooler: This cooler offers a practical yet stylish way to keep your beverages cold during a day out on the water.

By offering various customization options, Heyday wake boats ensure that their customers can design a unique and personalized vessel tailored to their needs and preferences.

Accessories and Options

Heyday boats come with a variety of accessories and options to enhance your boating experience. The sections below will detail some of the standout features, such as engine options, floorplan options, canvas options, swivel board racks, and steel wheels.

Engine Options

Heyday offers different engine options to suit your needs:

  • WT-2DC: With a base engine of 5.7L/320 HP, this boat provides enough power for recreational wakeboarding and wake surfing activities.

  • WTSurf: This model has a more powerful 6.2L/350 HP base engine that offers robust performance for advanced wake sports enthusiasts.

Floorplan Options

Two floorplan options are available on Heyday boats, allowing you to choose the best configuration for your preferences:

  1. WT-2DC: This floorplan accommodates up to 12 persons, providing ample seating for passengers and gear.

  2. WTSurf: With a capacity for up to 17 persons, this floorplan caters to larger groups and offers more space for activities on the water.

Canvas Options

Protect your Heyday boat from the elements with various canvas options, including:

  • Mooring cover: Custom-fitted to your boat, it helps shield your craft from sunlight, dust, and rain.
  • Bimini top: Offers shade on sunny days for increased comfort.

Swivel Board Racks

Heyday's swivel board racks are designed to keep wakeboards and other water sports equipment secure and accessible on the boat. These racks can swivel inwards for easy access, making it convenient to grab and store your gear whenever needed.

Steel Wheels

To complement the boat's performance, Heyday offers custom-matched steel wheel options for your boat trailer. These wheels provide durability and an attractive, cohesive appearance for your entire setup.

Value and Pricing


Heyday boats offer a range of models with varying prices, depending on the size, features, and performance. Models such as the H22 can be priced around $110,080, while other models, like the Wake Tractor WT-2 DC, have an MSRP of around $59,520. Pricing can go up to around $127,260 for the most expensive, custom yachts.

Capacity and Storage

Heyday boats provide ample capacity for passengers and storage for equipment. For example, the Heyday H22 can accommodate up to 12 people on board, making it suitable for family outings or hosting a group of friends. Storage-wise, Heyday boats typically feature compartments specifically designed to hold wakeboards, surfboards, and other gear securely.

Trailer Options

When considering a Heyday boat purchase, it is essential to factor in trailer options for transportation and storage. Depending on the model, trailer costs may be included in the boat's overall price or available as an additional purchase. When selecting a trailer, it is crucial to ensure that it is compatible with the boat's dimensions and weight capacity. This will ensure safe towing and proper support for the boat during storage.

In summary, Heyday boats offer a variety of sizes and models with varying price points to accommodate different budgets and needs. The ample capacity for passengers and gear storage make these boats versatile for a range of water activities. When purchasing a Heyday boat, it is essential to consider the appropriate trailer options for transportation and storage.

Audio and Entertainment


Heyday wake boats are equipped with high-quality audio systems to enhance the boating experience. The Heyday H22 model features six Rockford Fosgate 6.5-inch speakers, offering crisp and clear sound for both riders and passengers. These boats are designed to provide a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere, and a premium stereo system plays a significant part in that.

Audio controls are conveniently located at the helm and an optional control can also be installed at the swim platform for $240. This allows users to easily tailor their music preferences no matter where they are on the boat.

Bilge Pump

Heyday wake boats prioritize safety and functionality, and this includes the installation of reliable bilge pumps. A bilge pump is essential in preventing water from accumulating in the bilge, which can lead to unwanted weight and potential safety hazards. While specific bilge pump models may vary depending on the Heyday boat model, their presence ensures boaters can enjoy a worry-free and pleasurable experience on the water. 

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