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ATX Boats: Your Comprehensive Guide to Performance and Style

ATX Surf Boats, a renowned boat builder in the marine industry, offers a range of boats designed for both beginners and experienced surfers. With three decades of experience, the company has established itself as an expert in crafting high-quality watercrafts that push the boundaries for wake, surf, and all-around fun.

The ATX Surf Boats line features different models, including the popular 20 Type-S, 22 Type-S, and 24 Type-S, which cater to different needs and preferences. These boats have gained recognition for their functional layouts, comfortable seating arrangements, and ingenious design, suitable for individuals and families alike. In addition to their innovative design, ATX Surf Boats also offer excellent value for money by equipping their boats with a variety of standard features that surpass many competitors in the market.

As more boating enthusiasts recognize the advantages of investing in an ATX Surf Boat, the company continues to evolve its products and services to meet the growing demand. Whether it's a day of surfing, cruising, or entertaining friends and family on the water, ATX Surf Boats are designed to make every experience memorable and enjoyable.

ATX Surf Boats Overview

ATX Surf Boats is a company dedicated to creating high-quality surf boats for water enthusiasts. With a focus on independence and innovation, ATX is driven to provide an exceptional experience for their customers. Not only do these boats combine great performance with cutting-edge design, but they also come at an impressive price point.

The ATX Surf Boats lineup includes a variety of models that cater to the needs of different boaters. These boats are designed for people who enjoy spending time on the water, whether for leisure or sports activities. In this section, we will discuss the features of the 22 Type-S, 24 Type-S, and 20 Type-S models.

22 Type-S

The 22 Type-S is a versatile and spacious surf boat that can comfortably accommodate a large group of people. This model features the following:

  • Room for up to 14 passengers
  • Expandable seating options
  • High-performance capabilities for various water sports
  • Hull design that produces a customizable wave for surfing

24 Type-S

Larger than the 22 Type-S, the 24 Type-S offers even more onboard space, making it suitable for those who like to bring along more friends and family members. Key features of this boat include:

  • Accommodating up to 18 passengers
  • Impressive storage space for gear and belongings
  • Enhanced performance for water sports enthusiasts
  • Smooth rides thanks to the advanced hull design

20 Type-S

The smallest of the three, the 20 Type-S is a compact yet powerful surf boat perfect for those who prefer a more nimble and agile ride on the water. Features of the 20 Type-S include:

  • Seating for up to 11 passengers
  • Optimized storage solutions for limited space
  • High-performance capabilities for water sports activities
  • Ideal for those with smaller storage facilities or docks

Key Features

TAPS 3T System

ATX boats come equipped with the revolutionary TAPS 3T System, designed specifically for surf, wakeboard, and ski enthusiasts. This innovative technology enables users to create the perfect wave for their chosen sport with ease and precision. The TAPS 3T system utilizes advanced software and hardware to control ballast settings, allowing for effortless wave customization and performance optimization.

Patented Convex V Hull

The ATX boats feature a patented Convex V Hull design, engineered for optimal performance and efficiency. This innovative hull shape generates a clean, smooth wake and enables the boat to achieve greater speeds with less resistance, making it a bold and capable choice for water sports enthusiasts. The Convex V Hull allows for comfortable and thrilling rides, delivering impressive power and acceleration, along with sizable barrels for surfers to carve through.

Transom Design

The transom of the ATX boats are expertly designed to deliver both style and utility. The striking, bold stance of the boats is complemented by a comfortable and spacious transom seating area, providing a perfect space for relaxation and enjoyment on the water. Moreover, the functional transom design incorporates essential features that contribute to the boat's impeccable performance and adaptability in various water sports activities.

In conclusion, ATX boats offer a comprehensive range of key features catering to surf, wakeboard, and ski enthusiasts alike. The TAPS 3T System, Patented Convex V Hull, and well-designed transom provide a comfortable, capable, and enjoyable experience on the water, making these boats an unrivaled choice for those seeking exceptional performance out on the waves.

Interior and Comfort

ATX boats are designed with attention to detail in interior and comfort, ensuring a great experience for everyone on board. This section will discuss some of the key features that contribute to this emphasis on comfort, including the cockpit, sunpad seatbacks, reverse facing seat, and walkthrough upgrade.


The cockpit in ATX boats, such as the ATX 22 Type-S and ATX 24 Type-S, is designed with ample seating and spaciousness, allowing for comfortable lounging and socializing among passengers. The use of high-quality materials ensures durability and a luxurious feel.

Sunpad Seatbacks

Sunpad seatbacks on ATX boats provide additional comfort and functionality for passengers. These adjustable seatbacks allow for a flexible and customizable lounging experience in the sun, while also ensuring passengers have a comfortable and secure spot to relax while the boat is in motion.

Reverse Facing Seat

The reverse facing seat found in ATX boats is another innovation to enhance comfort and enjoyment. This seat is designed to face the rear of the boat, providing an excellent vantage point for passengers to watch the action occurring behind the boat, such as wakeboarding or wakesurfing. Additionally, the reverse facing seat can be folded down to create a larger lounging area when not in use.

Walkthrough Upgrade

ATX boats also offer a walkthrough upgrade, which provides improved accessibility between the bow and stern of the boat. This feature is particularly useful for families with young children, as it allows for easier movement throughout the boat while promoting safety.

With the combination of these interior and comfort features, ATX boats such as the ATX 22 Type-S and ATX 24 Type-S aim to provide an enjoyable and relaxing experience for all passengers on board.

Performance and Versatility

Hull Performance

ATX Surf Boats are known for their patented Convex V Hull design that emphasizes performance and efficiency. This design allows the boat to run at lower RPMs, resulting in up to a 33% increase in fuel economy, less noise, smoother cruising, less maintenance, and a wider range of prop selection.

Wakes and Waves

ATX boats are designed with versatility as a core feature, allowing users to enjoy wakes for various watersports activities. The boats are equipped with a TAPS 3T system and more than 3,500 lbs of ballast for creating perfect wakes and waves. This makes them suitable for both ocean-worthy waves and rampy wakes required for different watersports.

Slalom Set

In addition to providing impressive wakes and waves, ATX boats also cater to slalom ski enthusiasts. With just the push of a button, users can set the boat to produce ideal conditions for a slalom set, converting the powerful wakes and waves into a smooth, consistent path for skiers.

Go System

The Go System on ATX boats allows for quick and easy adjustments of the wakes, waves, and slalom sets, making it an incredibly versatile option for a range of watersports. The boats' compact package, which can seat up to 12 people in the 20 Type-S 2023 model, means you don't have to compromise on performance, even in a smaller vessel. This level of adaptability ensures that ATX boats cater to everyone's watersport preferences and requirements, all in one efficient and stylish package.

Storage and Functional Layouts

The ATX boats have been designed with a focus on providing ample storage and functional layouts. These boats offer a perfect balance of convenience and utilitarian design, ensuring that everything you need for a day on the water is within reach. One such model exemplifying these features is the ATX 22 Type-S.

Storage is a crucial aspect of any boat, and the ATX 22 Type-S comes with abundant storage options. The large compartments in the bow and stern allow for easy stowing of gear, life jackets, and other essential items. The boat also features a dedicated cooler storage area, helping you keep your refreshments cool and organized throughout the day.

When it comes to functional layouts, ATX boats take an ingenious approach. For instance, the ATX 20 Type-S comes with a standard reverse-facing seat that provides a comfortable vantage point to enjoy the water. Additionally, the boat can be upgraded with a walkthrough transom, further enhancing its usability and accessibility. These design choices ensure a comfortable and convenient experience for everyone on board.

ATX boats aim to offer a "next level" experience, as evident in their focus on maximizing storage and optimizing the boat layout. The combination of these factors ensures a pleasurable boating experience for all passengers, reflecting the dedication of ATX to provide exceptional watercraft that meet the needs of today's boating enthusiasts.

Pricing and Buying Options

Boat Trader

One of the main platforms to find ATX boats for sale is Boat Trader. It offers a wide range of ATX Surf Boats, including new and used models. The platform has more than 360 ATX Surf Boats listed, with most of them being new vessels. The boats available range from contemporary models built in 2020 to the latest 2023 models.

When searching for the ideal ATX Surf Boat, potential buyers can expect a variety of options regarding size and seating capacity. Some examples include the ATX 20 Type-S 2023, which is 20 feet long and seats up to 12 people, and the ATX 22 Type-S 2023, measuring 22 feet and accommodating up to 15 passengers.

In addition to the model selection, Boat Trader provides various filtering options for the buyer's convenience. Buyers can filter results based on location, price range, year, and other relevant criteria. This optimizes the purchasing process by helping buyers find boats that best suit their preferences and budget.

Regarding pricing, the value of ATX Surf Boats may differ due to factors such as model, age, condition, and additional features included. By browsing the Boat Trader listings, potential buyers can gain a better understanding of the range of prices available for both new and used ATX boats. 

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