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ATX Boats: Your Ultimate Guide to High-Performance Watersports Vessels

ATX Surf Boats is a leading innovator in the wake boat industry, known for its range of exceptional boats designed for water sport enthusiasts. With over three decades of experience, the company is far from a novice in terms of designing and manufacturing boats that cater to diverse needs. Offering an extensive lineup of boats, ATX Surf Boats have made a name for themselves with their unique features and extraordinary performance.

One of the latest additions to the ATX lineup is the 2023 ATX Surf Boats 22 Type-S, a versatile 22-foot boat that has caught the attention of water sports enthusiasts across the globe. This model is packed with advanced features, extensive storage, and offers great value for money. As ATX Surf Boats continues to break the barriers of what a wake boat can be, customers are sure to enjoy endless fun and excitement on the water with these top-of-the-line vessels.

Overview of ATX Boats

History and Background

ATX Surf Boats is a reputable brand in the boating industry, known for creating high-quality wake boats designed with surfers in mind. The company has over 3 decades of experience in the business, enabling them to produce innovative and advanced designs that cater to a new generation of surfers.

The brand was established by the same team that has built the popular Tige Boats brand. ATX Surf Boats' products are meticulously engineered, designed, and crafted, ensuring top-notch performance and an enjoyable experience for their customers. Their lineup boasts various models and sizes, with boats ranging from 20 feet (6.11 m) seating 12 people to 22 feet (6.71 m) accommodating up to 15 passengers.

When it comes to reliability, ATX Surf Boats stands out in the market. The company consistently offers new and used boats for sale without compromising on quality. Interested individuals can find a wide range of ATX Surf Boats listed on Boat Trader, with model years as recent as 2023.

Innovative features are a trademark of ATX Surf Boats, with their models containing state-of-the-art technology to enhance the user experience. If you want a more in-depth look at their lineup, you can find overview videos and virtual experiences presented by ATX Surf Boats Sales Managers.

To summarize, ATX Surf Boats has a rich history and takes pride in crafting top-quality wake boats for surfers of all skill levels. Their extensive experience, combined with a commitment to innovation, sets them apart in the industry.

2022 ATX Boat Models

This year, ATX Surf Boats introduced a compelling new lineup of models, built for versatility and performance. Among the latest offerings are the 20 Type-S, 22 Type-S, and 24 Type-S. These boats are designed for water sports enthusiasts who demand quality, innovative features, and outstanding value.

20 Type-S

The 20 Type-S is a compact yet versatile boat that defies the perception of what a 20-footer can do. Featuring ample space and unique layout, this boat boasts:

  • Remarkable flexibility to take on various water sports
  • An impressive size capable of accommodating boats of any size

Despite its compactness, the 20 Type-S delivers tremendous value, versatility, and fun.

22 Type-S

Designed for those who desire a larger boat than the 20 Type-S, the 22 Type-S offers more space while maintaining the exceptional performance of its smaller counterpart. Key features of the 22 Type-S include:

  • Enhanced wake performance
  • Additional space, perfect for a larger group of friends and family

The 22 Type-S is perfect for those who want to maximize their time on the water without sacrificing performance or comfort.

24 Type-S

The largest of the new 2022 lineup, the 24 Type-S is designed for serious water sports enthusiasts who demand uncompromising features and performance. This boat offers:

  • More spaciousness for group outings and extended trips
  • Top-of-the-line wake-surfing capabilities
  • Advanced technology and performance enhancements

The 24 Type-S caters to those who want the best that ATX Surf Boats has to offer in terms of size, capacity, and features.

ATX Surf Boats' 2022 lineup offers a model for every type of water sports enthusiast, satisfying the needs of those looking for compactness, space, or advanced performance capabilities. With innovative design, unparalleled features, and unmatched attention to detail, the 2022 ATX Boat models ensure memorable experiences on the water for years to come.

Hull Performance and Design

Convex V Hull

ATX boats are well-known for their masterfully engineered and innovative Convex V Hull design. This unique hull design ensures that every boat delivers optimal performance in a variety of water conditions. Each millimeter of the Convex V Hull has been carefully calculated and sculpted, working in harmony with nature and the laws of physics. This results in a boat that maximizes the Coanda Effect – the fluid adherence to curved surfaces, providing an outstanding ride and excellent handling.

The Convex V Hull has been developed through years of meticulous design and testing. It allows ATX boats to generate powerful waves and wakes, providing the perfect platform for water sports enthusiasts, and offering a thrilling experience for all those on board.


Complementing the Convex V Hull design, ATX boats also feature TAPS 3T (Technologically Advanced Performance System) technology. TAPS 3T is a unique system that provides full trim capability for inboard boats, significantly enhancing the craft's overall performance.

TAPS 3T's innovative design allows for smooth and quick transitioning between different trim settings. The system employs three hydrofoil-shaped devices that work in conjunction with one another to elevate or lower the boat's hull. This enables precise control of the boat's running attitude, creating the perfect wave or wake for each individual rider's needs.

In summary, ATX boats' Convex V Hull design and TAPS 3T technology combine to deliver exceptional hull performance in various water conditions. These advanced features have been meticulously engineered and perfected through years of research and development, resulting in a boat that provides an exhilarating and enjoyable experience for all on board.

Key Features

Ballast System

ATX Surf Boats are known for their superior wake performance, thanks in part to the advanced Convex V Hull design. This, combined with a customizable ballast system, allows riders to fine-tune the boat's wake for multi-sport versatility. The ballast system provided ensures consistent waves and wakes for an enhanced boating experience.

Reverse Facing Seat

The reverse facing seat is a great addition to ATX Boats. This feature allows passengers to watch the action from the comfort of the boat's seating area. With an ergonomic design, this seat provides a comfortable and enjoyable view of the rider behind the boat, enhancing the overall experience for both riders and passengers.

Walkthrough Upgrade

ATX Boats offer an optional walkthrough upgrade, providing easier access from the bow to the stern of the boat. This upgrade not only enhances the boat's functionality but also adds style and convenience, giving passengers a more comfortable and seamless experience moving through the boat.

Lean Backs

For additional comfort and relaxation, ATX Surf Boats are equipped with lean backs. These comfortable, ergonomically designed lounges allow passengers to lay back and enjoy the ride. Positioned in both the bow and stern areas, lean backs provide passengers with a comfortable spot to relax while on the water.

ATXperience Control Center

The ATXperience Control Center is an advanced and intuitive touchscreen interface that provides effortless control over the boat's many features. From navigation to audio settings, the ATXperience Control Center streamlines the user experience, allowing boaters to focus on what matters most - enjoying their time on the water.

Audio Systems

ATX Surf Boats come equipped with high-quality audio systems, featuring Wet Sounds components that deliver exceptional sound quality. These systems allow boaters to enjoy their favorite tunes while out on the water, creating a fun and vibrant atmosphere for all onboard. Whether cruising the lake or participating in watersports, the impressive audio systems found in ATX Boats enhance the overall experience for everyone on board.

Pricing and Availability

United States

ATX Surf Boats are available for purchase in the United States, providing customers with an assortment of boats suitable for various water activities. With a range of prices, these boats cater to the diverse needs of individuals seeking high-quality watercraft.

Boat Trader

On Boat Trader, ATX Surf Boats for sale are listed at various price points. The most reasonably-priced watercraft start from $71,475, while the largest and most advanced boats can go up to $169,364. This range offers potential buyers the flexibility to choose the ideal boat according to their budget and preferences.

When it comes to available models, YachtWorld has an array of options, such as the popular ATX Surf Boats 22 Type-S, 20 Type-S, 24 Type-S, 24 Type S Phantom, and Tige 24 Type-S. These models are currently listed for sale by specialized yacht brokers, dealers, and brokerages, with listings ranging from 2020 models to the latest 2023 lineup.

In addition, features the ATX Surf Boats 20 Type-S 2023 model, which defies the perception of what a 20-footer can do. With remarkable spaciousness, the 20 Type-S delivers more value, versatility, and fun in a compact package. Potential buyers can request the price of this specific model on the platform.

Finally, OnlyInboards offers a selection of new and used ATX Boats surf boats, with featured boats including the 2021 Nautique G25. With over 3,000 new and used boats available on the platform, buyers have a multitude of choices to find their perfect watercraft.

Technical Specifications

Hull Type

ATX Surf Boats feature a modified vee hull that provides a smooth ride in various water conditions. This type of hull design offers stability while maintaining excellent maneuverability. Modifications for a modified vee hull include adjustments to support the inboard engine configuration and wake-producing capabilities of these performance watercraft.

Engine Type

ATX Boats are built with high-quality inboard engines that ensure efficient power delivery and reliable performance. Inboard engines are favored for their low center of gravity, simplified maintenance, and ability to create a superior wake for water sports enthusiasts. Some popular engine options for ATX Surf Boats include:

  • 6.2L Indmar Raptor
  • Indmar Marine Engines with V-Drive transmission
  • Optional upgrades to increase horsepower and torque


ATX Boats use gasoline as their primary fuel source. Gas-powered inboard engines are chosen for their quick response, easily controlled power delivery, and overall performance. ATX Surf Boats also feature built-in fuel management systems designed to enhance the boat's efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. Some of the fuel specifications include:

  • Fuel capacity: Varies depending on model, ranging from 50 to 80 gallons
  • Fuel type: Regular unleaded gasoline with a minimum octane rating of 89

By incorporating modified vee hulls, inboard engines, and gas-powered fuel systems, ATX Surf Boats focus on delivering the optimal balance of performance and ride quality suited to a wide range of water sport enthusiasts.

Watersports and Applications

ATX Boats specializes in creating wake boats that cater to various watersports enthusiasts. Some of the popular watersports that can be enjoyed with ATX boats include surfing, wakeboarding, and water skiing.

Surfing is a thrilling sport that involves riding on the face of a wave. In the case of ATX boats, they produce artificial waves using their innovative technology, creating a near-perfect experience for anyone seeking the thrill of surfing without needing natural ocean waves. The ATX 22 Type-S is an example of a surf boat designed for this purpose, boasting excellent performance and customization options.

Wakeboarding is another popular watersport that ATX boats cater to. It involves riding on a short, wide board while being towed by the boat and performing various aerial tricks on the wakes created. ATX boats are designed to generate a large, consistent wake that is ideal for wakeboarders of all skill levels, making them a top choice for this sport.

Water skiing is a classic watersport that has been popular for decades. Skiers are pulled along by the boat and ride on one or two long, narrow skis while maintaining balance and control. ATX boats provide a smooth and steady ride for water skiers with their powerful engines and advanced hull designs.

In addition to these primary watersports, ATX boats are also suitable for:

  • Kneeboarding: Riding on a buoyant, hydrodynamically-shaped board while kneeling and holding onto a tow rope.
  • Tubing: Sitting or lying on a large, inflatable tube while being towed by the boat.
  • Wakeskating: Similar to wakeboarding, but riders use a smaller, finless board, allowing for greater maneuverability and the ability to perform skateboard-inspired tricks.

ATX boats strive to offer versatile, high-quality options for watersports enthusiasts, making them a popular choice among surfers, wakeboarders, and water skiers alike. Their commitment to innovation and performance ensures that those who choose an ATX boat will enjoy an exceptional experience out on the water.

Location and Dealerships

ATX Surf Boats is a well-established brand with a presence in different parts of the world. Dealerships can be found in various locations throughout the United States and internationally.

For those residing in Mesa, Arizona, the following dealership is available at a close distance:

  • Tige Boat AZ
    1320 W. Broadway Rd. Mesa, AZ, 85202

In addition to ATX Surf Boats dealerships, Boat Trader is another source to find ATX Surf Boats for sale, ranging from new vessels to used boats listed by both individuals and professional dealerships.

Here are some of the ATX Surf Boats series to explore:

  • ATX 22-Series
  • ATX 24-Series
  • ATX 25ZX

To get the best deal, ATX Surf Boats occasionally offers promotions, such as the "5K All May" event, where customers can save up to $5,000 on in-stock 2023 ATX models.

For international dealerships, ATX Surf Boats provides a Zip Code Search feature on their website, allowing customers to find the nearest authorized dealer available. ATX Surf Boats also encourages interested buyers to sign up for their mailing list to stay up-to-date with the latest news and promotions on their models.

By having a confident, knowledgeable, and neutral tone of voice throughout the section, ATX Surf Boats maintains the trust and satisfaction of their customers, while providing clear and accurate information regarding their locations and dealership services.

Popular Accessories and Upgrades

ATX Surf Boats offer a range of popular accessories and upgrades to enhance customers' boating experiences. One of the most sought-after additions is the bimini top, which provides sun shade and protection for passengers on hot, sunny days. ATX biminis are designed to seamlessly integrate with the shock tower, ensuring a secure fit and sleek appearance.

In addition to added shade, many ATX boat owners prioritize high-quality audio systems for their water adventures. Wet Sounds audio systems are a popular choice for ATX Surf Boats as they deliver premium sound quality and marine-grade durability. These systems can be easily installed and customized to suit individual preferences and boat layouts.

Furthermore, ATX Surf Boats can be equipped with Zero Off GPS-enabled speed control systems. This advanced technology ensures consistent speed and performance, offering a better overall experience for wakeboarders and wakesurfers riding behind the boat. With precise speed control, users can fine-tune their sessions for optimal results.

As for boat specifications, the length of ATX Surf Boats varies to accommodate different customer needs. Models range from 20 to 24 feet in length, offering a good balance between maneuverability and interior space. The boat's transom is designed with functionality and performance in mind, including smart storage solutions and surf-specific features.

Other popular upgrades for ATX Surf Boats include additional storage compartments, fiberglass swim platforms, and custom color schemes to match personal tastes. These features not only improve the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the boat but also increase the resale value when customers decide to sell or trade in their used boats.

In summary, ATX Surf Boats offer a variety of popular accessories and upgrades to ensure an enjoyable time on the water. From bimini tops and Wet Sounds audio systems to Zero Off GPS speed control and customizable options, customers have plenty of choices to make their ATX Surf Boat the perfect fit for their lifestyle. 

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