May 16, 2024

Aquila 50 Yacht Power Catamaran- Your Ticket To Exploration

Get ready for a yachting experience that’s not just elevated—it’s transcendent. Coming this fall, the Aquila 50 Yacht Power Catamaran is your ticket to the future of exploration. Imagine an "Explorer" aesthetic so commanding it turns heads even before it hits the water. With its striking high freeboard, this beauty isn’t just another yacht; it's a statement.

Aquila 50 Powercat Saloon

Inside, you'll find accommodations that are the perfect blend of sophistication and functionality. Picture yourself in a 3-cabin, 3-head layout with a master cabin that spans the full beam, offering refined finishes and panoramic windows that flood the space with light and endless views.

Aquila 50 Powercat Floor Plans

And the flybridge—oh, the flybridge. It's expansive, designed for those who love to entertain under the open sky. With an optional retractable sunshade, you can bask in the sun or cool off in the shade with ease.

The Aquila 50 isn’t just a yacht; it’s a new era of sophistication and style. Set sail and explore limitless possibilities. The Aquila 50 Yacht Power Catamaran is waiting for you.

Aquila 50 Powercat Master Cabin

Where does the Aquila 50 Yacht fit into the lineup?

The Aquila 50 Yacht steps in as the successor to the now-retired Aquila 48, positioned between the Aquila 44 Yacht and the Aquila 54 Yacht. Built on insights gathered from extensive research and owner feedback, this model maintains the distinctive innovative yacht styling of the Aquila brand, as exemplified by the most recent Aquila 42 Yacht, while uniquely incorporating elements of a more exploratory-type aesthetic.

When and where can I see this model in person?

The Aquila 50 Yacht will make its first public appearance at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in Fall 2024.

Aquila 50 Catamaran Guest Cabin

When will pricing and standard specifications be available?

Get ready for the scoop—pricing details and standard specifications for the Aquila 50 Yacht will drop in late summer or early fall of 2024. But if you can't wait to dive in, you can lock in your build slots and place deposits right now. Need a sneak peek? Preliminary specs are available for your perusal here.

Does this model incorporate eco-friendly or solar capabilities?

Absolutely. The Aquila 50 Yacht isn’t just about luxury; it’s about sustainability too. The hardtop design is primed for seamless solar panel integration. Plus, the engine rooms are versatile, accommodating either standard combustion engines or a greener hybrid engine package.

Aquila 50 Laundry Room

Is the Aquila Hydro Glide Foil System™ (AHG) an option for this model?

You bet. The Aquila 50 Yacht offers the cutting-edge Aquila Hydro Glide Foil System™ (AHG) as an optional feature. It pairs beautifully with the Yanmar 550HP engine package, taking your yachting experience to a whole new level.

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