May 18, 2023

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Today, we embark on a voyage down memory lane to explore the magnificent Aquila yachts, once bestowed upon the legendary Hollywood couple, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. Join me as we delve into the opulence, grandeur, and unfortunate demise of these extraordinary vessels. Brace yourselves for a tale of romance, luxury, and the heart-wrenching sight of these majestic yachts now languishing in neglect.

The Aquila Fleet:

The Aquila fleet, consisting of two exceptional vessels, the Aquila 92 and the Aquila 110, represented the epitome of extravagance during their heyday. Commissioned in the early 1980s as a symbol of the deep bond between Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, these yachts were crafted with meticulous attention to detail, exuding timeless elegance and unmatched splendor.

Aquila 92: A Floating Palace

Let us first cast our gaze upon the Aquila 92, a 92-foot motor yacht that embodied the essence of sophistication. This masterpiece boasted three spacious decks, allowing for a harmonious blend of privacy and social engagement. Adorned with teak wood accents and luxurious furnishings, the Aquila 92 enveloped its occupants in an aura of refinement.

Beneath the deck, the Aquila 92 housed an assortment of opulent amenities. An exquisite master suite offered resplendent views of the ocean, accompanied by a private en-suite bathroom replete with marble finishes. Additional guest cabins, each thoughtfully designed and lavishly decorated, ensured that the Aquila 92 could accommodate friends and loved ones with utmost comfort.

The main salon, an oasis of sophistication, welcomed guests with plush seating and panoramic views. A well-appointed dining area set the stage for lavish soirées, while a fully-equipped galley provided the means for culinary delights. A highlight of the Aquila 92 was its expansive flybridge, a perfect haven for sun worshippers, complete with a jacuzzi and ample space for lounging and entertainment.

Aquila 110: A Monument to Luxury

Moving on to the pièce de résistance, the Aquila 110 took opulence to new heights. This 110-foot mega-yacht epitomized extravagance, combining classic design elements with modern innovations. A floating palace in every sense, the Aquila 110 was tailored to cater to the desires of the most discerning guests.

Sprawling across four sumptuously appointed decks, the Aquila 110 offered a level of luxury seldom witnessed. The interior spaces showcased exquisite craftsmanship, featuring the finest materials and finishes. The owner's suite, a sanctuary fit for royalty, boasted an en-suite bathroom adorned with precious marble and a private study for moments of seclusion.

Guest cabins, each an oasis of comfort and refinement, were thoughtfully arranged throughout the yacht, ensuring privacy and relaxation for all aboard. The main salon, with its opulent seating areas and an elegant dining space, provided a setting that transcended the boundaries between land and sea.

The exterior of the Aquila 110 was equally awe-inspiring. A sundeck, complete with a refreshing pool and an open-air bar, invited guests to revel in the beauty of their surroundings. The yacht also featured a tender garage, housing a collection of water toys and equipment for endless aquatic adventures.

A Tragic Decline:

Now, with a heavy heart, we must confront the unfortunate fate that has befallen these magnificent vessels. Following Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor's tumultuous relationship, their shared passion for yachting waned, and the Aquila yachts gradually slipped into obscurity. Neglected and un

loved, these once-glorious Aquila yachts now suffer the sad fate of decay and neglect.

Today, as we gaze upon the Aquila fleet, it is a somber sight. Time and the unforgiving elements have taken their toll, leaving these majestic vessels in a state of disrepair. The once-lustrous exteriors, adorned with gleaming finishes and polished surfaces, now bear the scars of neglect and weathering. The rich teakwood decks, once a testament to fine craftsmanship, now show signs of rot and deterioration.

The interiors, once resplendent with luxury and grandeur, have fallen victim to the passage of time. The opulent furnishings that once adorned the yachts now lie tattered and worn. The fine fabrics that once draped the furniture have faded and lost their vibrancy. The marble finishes that once exuded elegance are now marred by cracks and stains.

It is heartbreaking to witness the gradual decline of these magnificent vessels. Their former glory, a testament to the lavish lifestyle enjoyed by Burton and Taylor, now fades into the annals of history. The Aquila yachts, once a symbol of their enduring love and shared adventures, now stand as a poignant reminder of the transient nature of fame and fortune.

The Value of Heritage:

As boat enthusiasts and preservationists, it is our duty to raise awareness about the importance of preserving our nautical heritage. The Aquila yachts, with their rich history and iconic status, deserve better than to rot away in obscurity. They serve as a testament to an era of glamour and luxury, and their restoration would not only honor the memory of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor but also preserve a piece of maritime history.

Efforts to Restore and Revive:

While the current state of the Aquila yachts is disheartening, there is always hope for a revival. Organizations dedicated to preserving maritime heritage and passionate individuals can rally together to save these vessels from further deterioration. Through meticulous restoration and expert craftsmanship, the Aquila yachts could once again grace the seas, evoking the grandeur and allure of their heyday.


As we conclude our journey through the forgotten tale of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor's Aquila yachts, we are left with a bittersweet realization. These magnificent vessels, once symbols of opulence and romance, now languish in a state of decay. It is our duty as boat lovers and custodians of maritime heritage to remember their significance and advocate for their preservation.

Let us hope that the Aquila yachts find their champions, individuals who will breathe new life into their weathered frames and restore them to their former glory. For the story of the Aquila yachts is not only about the lavish lifestyles of Hollywood legends, but also a reminder of the impermanence of fame and the importance of cherishing our nautical heritage for generations to come.

Charlie Hardcastle
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