June 19, 2024

Top 10 Used Boats For Sale: Best Picks for Every Budget

Buying a used boat can be a smart decision for boating enthusiasts looking for a more affordable entry into watercraft ownership.

With numerous models available from reputable brands, finding the perfect boat that meets individual needs and budgets is easier than ever.

Whether it's a fishing boat, cruiser, or a high-performance model, the options are vast.

Identifying the best-used boats for sale involves considering factors such as price, condition, and intended use.

Navigating through a wide selection can be challenging, but you need to make informed decisions to get the most value.

Each featured boat has been vetted to ensure it meets high standards of performance and reliability.

1) Bayliner Element E16

The Bayliner Element E16 is a popular choice for boating enthusiasts.

It's a versatile deck vessel that caters to day-cruising, watersports, and freshwater-fishing.

The boat is built with a fiberglass modified-vee hull, which provides a smooth and stable ride on the water.

This model typically comes with an outboard-4s engine and uses gas.

The Bayliner Element E16 offers a practical and comfortable design, making it suitable for a variety of water activities.

The layout is user-friendly, with ample seating and storage.

Used Bayliner Element E16 boats are widely available.

Prices can vary, with starting prices around $16,850, making it an affordable option for many.

Some models might even be found at dealerships like Boatmart.

Whether for a relaxing cruise or an adventurous day on the lake, the Bayliner Element E16 is a reliable and enjoyable choice.

Its versatility and accessible price point make it a standout in the used boat market.

Interested buyers can find available models on platforms like Sea Magazine.

2) Sea Ray SPX 190

The Sea Ray SPX 190 is a popular choice for boating enthusiasts.

This bowrider vessel is designed for various activities such as day-cruising, watersports, and freshwater fishing. It offers a blend of performance and comfort.

The boat features a fiberglass modified-vee hull, which enhances stability and handling.

It typically comes with an inboard-outboard engine and runs on gas. This combination ensures reliable performance on the water.

The interior of the Sea Ray SPX 190 is both comfortable and roomy.

It showcases classic Sea Ray styling, which appeals to many boaters. Optional packages allow buyers to customize the boat to suit their lifestyle and preferences.

Pricing for the Sea Ray SPX 190 varies.

The starting price can be around 31,500 dollars, with the average price about 57,871 dollars.

These boats are available at dealers and brokers, providing a range of options for buyers.

3) Yamaha 242X

The Yamaha 242X is a popular choice for water sports enthusiasts.

With a length of 24 feet, it offers ample space for family and friends. The boat is equipped with a powerful engine and advanced features for a smooth ride.

One standout feature of the Yamaha 242X is its Wakeboard Drive Control. This helps maintain consistent acceleration and speed, making it ideal for wakeboarding.

The 2019 model, for example, offers a reliable and enjoyable experience on the water, as seen in this listing.

Boaters will appreciate the high-quality materials used in the construction of the 242X. The interior and exterior are designed to withstand harsh marine environments.

Some listings, like one from SeaMagazine.com, highlight the excellent condition of the boat even after regular use.

Prices for a used Yamaha 242X vary.

The starting price is around $44,500, with some models reaching up to $88,400. The average price tends to be about $69,250, according to Boat Trader.

Whether for family outings or thrilling water sports, the Yamaha 242X delivers a great balance of performance and comfort.

This boat remains a sought-after choice in the market for used boats.

4) Chaparral 21 SSi

The Chaparral 21 SSi stands out for its sleek design and reliable performance.

It's a favorite among boating enthusiasts due to its balance of style and efficiency.

This model features stainless steel hardware and composite seat bases, ensuring durability and comfort. The cockpit drainage system keeps the boat clean and dry.

Boating fans also appreciate the Extended V-Plane running surface, which offers stability and smoother rides. The molded fiberglass dash features user-friendly controls.

Prices for the Chaparral 21 SSi can range significantly.

The starting price is around $39,900, while more luxurious versions can go up to $80,040.

Available models include the 21 SSi OB, catered to those who prefer outboard motors. Each version maintains Chaparral's high standards for performance and reliability.

For those interested, there are many listings available.

Websites like SeaMagazine.com offer a wide range of options.

5) Boston Whaler 170 Montauk

The Boston Whaler 170 Montauk is a popular choice for boat enthusiasts.

With its classic design and modern features, it offers a reliable and enjoyable boating experience.

The starting price for this model varies.

It can range from $16,111 to $71,760, depending on factors like the year and condition of the boat. The average price hovers around $41,048.

This model is known for its versatility.

Whether you're fishing or just enjoying a day on the water, the 170 Montauk delivers.

It's equipped with a sturdy center console and has plenty of storage for gear and supplies.

The 170 Montauk boasts easy maintenance. Its "hose-and-go" utility makes cleaning a breeze.

This feature is especially helpful for those who use their boat frequently and want to minimize upkeep time.

For those in the market, a wide selection of used Boston Whaler 170 Montauk boats is available.

Buyers can find various models and conditions to suit their needs and budget.

6) Tracker Pro Team 190 TX

The Tracker Pro Team 190 TX is a favorite among anglers for its quality and performance.

It is known for its wide 7' 5" beam, which provides stability and a smooth ride even in choppy waters. This boat is designed for serious fishing with its spacious layout.

Prices for the Tracker Pro Team 190 TX vary.

You can find used models starting at around $14,995, but they can go up to about ​​$32,250 for newer models. The average price is about $30,920.

One standout feature is its 38-square-foot bow deck, which offers plenty of room for casting.

It also comes with dual 7' rod storage with tip tubes, making it perfect for tournament fishing.

The Tracker Pro Team 190 TX is backed by the TRACKER® PROMISE, the best factory warranty in aluminum boats.

This model includes high-quality materials and great attention to detail.

It offers a stable and smooth experience, making it ideal for both professional and amateur anglers.

Many users appreciate its value and performance, making it one of the best options in the used boat market.

7) Lund 1775 Impact

The Lund 1775 Impact is a popular choice among fishing enthusiasts. This model is known for its durability and performance on the water.

Built with an aluminum deep-vee hull, it handles well in both freshwater and saltwater fishing environments. The boat is often equipped with an outboard engine, typically running on gas.

For those looking at used Lund 1775 Impact boats, options can vary. Some models come with additional features like center rod lockers, livewells, and large casting decks.

The 1775 Impact is also available with jump seats and a boarding ladder, making it versatile for family use as well.

One can find a wide selection of used Lund 1775 Impact boats in the United States. These boats are well-suited for anglers who need both function and comfort.

Features like a ski pylon option add to its appeal for those who enjoy recreational activities alongside fishing trips.

With models dating back to 1996 and prices ranging from $16,455 to $69,505, there's a varied market for the 1775 Impact. This range allows for flexibility depending on budget and needed boat features.

8) Bennington 30 R

The Bennington 30 R is a popular choice among boating enthusiasts. Known for its durability and performance, it offers a comfortable and reliable experience on the water.

This model is particularly favored for its spacious layout and high-quality build.

The design of the Bennington 30 R ensures ample seating for passengers. It is great for family outings or hosting friends.

The interior is crafted with premium materials, providing both luxury and practicality.

Performance-wise, the Bennington 30 R is equipped with powerful engines. This ensures smooth sailing and efficient fuel consumption. It is well-suited for both calm lakes and coastal waters alike.

Additionally, the Bennington 30 R comes with various features. These include modern navigation systems, advanced safety components, and customizable options to suit different needs.

Those interested in purchasing one can find several listings available on Sea Magazine.

In terms of price, used models vary, making it accessible for different budgets.

Seamagazine.com can help potential buyers find the best deals and specific details about each boat's condition.

9) MasterCraft NXT20

The MasterCraft NXT20 is a popular choice among boat enthusiasts. It combines performance with versatility, making it suitable for various water activities.

With a starting price around $49,999, the NXT20 offers great value. It features MasterCraft's signature wakes and waves, providing a thrilling experience for water sports lovers.

This 20-foot boat is easy to store, tow, and maneuver. It has ergonomic seating and convenient hinged-seat storage.

The NXT20 also includes the latest in wireless connectivity, enhancing the overall boating experience.

The NXT20 boats are built with quality materials and craftsmanship. They are equipped with powerful engines like the 373 HP Ilmor 6.0L MPI motor, which ensures smooth and reliable performance on the water.

For further information and to view listings, you can check out the available MasterCraft NXT20 boats for sale on YachtWorld.

10) Ranger RT188P

The Ranger RT188P offers a versatile and efficient design for fishing enthusiasts. With its aluminum build, this boat is both durable and lightweight. It typically includes features like a spacious deck, ample storage, and a high-quality trolling motor.

The starting price for the Ranger RT188P is around $26,572, with prices reaching up to $48,012. The average price for this model is approximately $40,440.

Various places like Boat Trader and boats.com offer listings of the Ranger RT188P. These platforms help you find both new and used boats available across different locations.

For those looking for specific listings, Boat Trader has detailed posts and dealer information. This is useful if you want to find a trusted seller.

The 2023 models are commonly available and often in pristine condition.

The boat's design and performance make it a popular choice among anglers. Its compact size and efficient layout are ideal for both solo fishing trips and outings with friends.

The Ranger RT188P's mix of functionality and reliability makes it a strong contender in the used boat market.

Why Buy a Used Boat?

Used boats offer significant savings, benefit from slower depreciation, and provide a wider selection compared to buying new boats.

Cost Savings

Buying a used boat can save a substantial amount of money. New boats often come with steep price tags due to their brand-new status.

Opting for a used boat can free up funds for other essentials like maintenance, upgrades, or even extra equipment.

These cost savings are especially beneficial for first-time boat owners who may not want to invest a large sum immediately.

Furthermore, buying used means getting more boat for your money. Whereas a new boat might cost a premium, the same amount can often buy a larger or more feature-rich used boat.

This financial flexibility can make boating more accessible for many individuals and families.

Depreciation Benefits

One of the main advantages of buying a used boat is avoiding rapid depreciation. New boats lose value quickly in their first few years.

This depreciation can be substantial, with new boats losing about 20-30% of their value within the first year. When you buy a used boat, someone else has already absorbed this initial depreciation hit.

This makes used boats a smarter investment. The resale value of a used boat stays more stable over time, providing better value retention.

This steadier depreciation rate means less financial loss if you decide to sell the boat later.

Variety of Choices

The market for used boats is vast and diverse. Potential buyers can find options ranging from small runabouts to luxury yachts, fitting various budgets and needs.

Platforms like Sea Magazine offer numerous listings, making it easy to find the perfect match.

Moreover, used boats come with a history. Buyers can access reviews, owner experiences, and detailed information about specific models and years, which aids in making informed decisions.

Additionally, many used boats come equipped with extra accessories and upgrades from previous owners, adding more value for the buyer.

Inspection Tips for Used Boats

When buying a used boat, it's important to look closely at key areas to ensure it's a good investment.

Focus on the hull condition, engine and mechanical systems, and the interior and electronics.

Hull Condition

Start with the hull condition. The hull is the boat's foundation and needs to be solid.

Look for cracks, blisters, and signs of repairs. Small cracks in the gel coat are normal, but large cracks or blisters could mean trouble.

Check the boat’s bottom carefully. Scratches are typical, but be wary of deep gouges or uneven surfaces. They may indicate hidden damage.

Use a moisture meter, if possible, to test for water intrusion, which can weaken the hull over time.

Inspect the transom area, especially where the engine mounts. Any softness here can indicate serious problems.

A strong, sturdy hull that doesn’t have hidden issues ensures a safer and longer-lasting boat.

Engine and Mechanical Systems

The engine and mechanical systems are critical for a boat’s performance.

Begin with a visual inspection of the engine. Look for leaks, corrosion, and signs of wear.

Hoses and belts should be intact and not frayed. Check the fluid levels, like oil and coolant, for proper levels and cleanliness.

Conduct a compression test on the engine cylinders. Even compression across all cylinders indicates good health.

Ask for maintenance records to see if regular servicing was done.

Running the engine on a sea trial is essential. Listen for any unusual noises and ensure smooth operation without smoke or hesitation.

Inspect other mechanical systems, such as the steering and controls. They should operate smoothly without resistance.

Examine the bilge and pumps for cleanliness and functionality.

Interior and Electronics

The interior and electronics of the boat should also be thoroughly checked.

Start with the interior condition. Look for signs of water damage like mold, mildew, or rotting wood.

Inspect the flooring and upholstery for wear and tear. Ensure that storage areas are dry and free from any dampness.

Appliances and fixtures should all be in working order.

Turn on the lights, pumps, and any other electric devices to confirm they function properly.

Inspect the wiring for any signs of wear, corrosion, or improper repairs. Good electronics are vital for navigation and safety.

Financing and Insurance

When looking to buy a used boat, understanding the financing and insurance options can make a significant difference.

It's important to know what to expect regarding down payments, loan terms, and the types of insurance coverage available for boats.

Financing Options

Buyers should expect to make a down payment of around 10-20% of the boat's purchase price. In some cases, this could be as high as 30%.

The loan term for used boats is typically shorter than for new boats, often ranging from 10 to 15 years. These terms are influenced by the boat's age and condition.

A common loan structure is the 20/20/5 loan, involving a 20-year term with a 20% down payment and 5% interest rate.

Online tools like the Boat Loan Application provided by Boat Trader can simplify the process.

Insurance Considerations

Insurance is crucial for protecting your investment.

Policies vary, but coverage generally includes liability, damage, and theft. Some insurers might offer additional coverage for equipment or weather-related damage.

When shopping for insurance, consider both the premiums and the coverage details.

Boat insurance can differ widely, so using services like Boatzon can help pre-qualify for financing and insurance, making it easier to find the right policy from the comfort of your home.

Proper coverage ensures peace of mind and financial security in case of accidents or unforeseen events.

Frequently Asked Questions

When purchasing a used boat, it's important to check its condition and understand its history. Knowing what brands are reliable and the best times to buy can also help make an informed decision.

What are some tips for purchasing a used boat?

When buying a used boat, always request a maintenance log, title, and proof of ownership.

These documents confirm the history and legal status of the boat. It's also useful to ask if any warranties are left and if they can be transferred to the new owner.

How should one evaluate the condition of a used boat before buying?

Inspect the boat for any damage or repairs. Check the hull, engine, and electrical systems.

If unsure, hire a professional surveyor to conduct a thorough inspection. This can save future repair costs and ensure the boat is in good working condition.

What are the most reliable used boat brands?

Some of the most reliable brands include Bayliner, Sea Ray, Yamaha, Chaparral, and Boston Whaler.

These brands are known for their quality and durability, making them popular choices among buyers looking for dependable used boats.

Which boat types and models tend to retain their value over time?

Brands like Boston Whaler and Chaparral are known to hold their value well.

Models such as the Bayliner Element E16 and the Sea Ray SPX 190 also tend to have good resale value due to their popularity and performance.

What are the best platforms or websites to find used boats for sale?

Websites like Skilled Angler, Enlightio, and Rightboat are good places to start.

They offer listings and valuable tips for buying used boats.

When is the optimal time of year to purchase a used boat?

The best time to buy a used boat is typically in the fall or late summer. Sellers are often more motivated to sell towards the end of the boating season. This can result in better prices.

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